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Wim van de Pol 18.06.2019 +44739107570043
this is not correct ask for money Prank
Mike Wallis 12.04.2019 01257453323383
offering MOT on car , make and model wrong but number plate close. could be genuine but number list for a photographer. not previous comment about crossed lines? Scam suspicion
Fia 08.04.2019 +447565393819174
Please ignore them. This +44 7565 393819 is scammer. Scam suspicion
FIONA 08.03.2019 01614646562248
Dodgy car accident company, phising for information, kept passing me from person to person Scam suspicion
Código de verificación de una red. 08.03.2019 +447829780068127
What's number fix city and country? Other
Chris Broom 13.02.2019 01257453323383
Keeps calling...Called back and he claims its a crossed line ...Been going on for weeks. Scam suspicion
jimmy 13.02.2019 +447521751825100
international scam probably Scam suspicion
Raghubeer Nautiyal 07.02.2019 0203800031489
Hi good evening Couldn't receive your call. Please call Other
Tom 11.01.2019 08004643136280
This is not a scam. I called back from my mobile, said 'Welcome top Nationwide' and then tied my caller ID to my name. Automated system advising me that I am over my limit. That's all.Nothing dodgy as far as I an tell. Other
AJW 02.01.2019 01212853909339
Selling something and asking for someone else (not me). Telemarketer
Busola 18.12.2018 08008620183550
I booked my ticket with to Accra, after the payment they stopped taking my calls but they did send me my ticket and my trip went fine. Telemarketer
John 18.12.2018 08008620183550
I beg to differ they gave me a hotel and a flight to Lisbon and I'm very well satisfied with them. I did refer them a few of my friends and they are good as well. Telemarketer
Ken 11.12.2018 0203372472469
These guys use different names and scam you with no shame. Totally dishonest. How They get bank accounts opened up. ? Banks can’t be carrying out proper due diligence. If you have been caught keep calling and if they don’t answer leave long answer phone messages. What actionfraud can’t act more quickly I don’t understand Scam suspicion
Ken Hart 11.12.2018 0203371816780
These guys are totally a scam. They are based in Manor Row Bradford. Complete dishonest. How they get bank accounts open amazes me. Banks can’t possibly be taking up proper money laundering checks. We ought to get a joint action. Police seem to slow unfortunately Scam suspicion
Eric 11.12.2018 08008620183550
They are a travel agency called Cheap Flight Expert.. they try to take money from you buy calling your number and asking for flight details... by then they will give you the lowest fare which if your smart enough to ask other agency too.. unfortunately the FLIGHT DETAILS WAS REAL BUT THE FARE THEY GAVE ME WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.. so when they ask me to pay a down payment of £406... i told them ill be sending but instead I ring another travel agency and book the same flight details which (cheapflightexepert) gave me and found out that the FARE was MORE than the value that cheapflight gave me... by curiosity i seach the no. of Cheapflight Expert and found all of the negative and scam this company was doing... am so greatfull that I have not given a single penny to them (CHEAP FLIGHT EXPERT)... SO BE AWARE THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY WITHOUT ANY FLIGHT TICKET FOR YOU....DONT GIVE ANYTHING...08008620183 was the contact no. from them.. Scam suspicion
Dios 06.12.2018 08008620183550
they r fake travel agency using this cheap flight expert ,the rip me off .bad Asian peoples.. from India accent. Scam suspicion
Sheezy 06.12.2018 0746018041991
Texted me with just my address in the text. Ive just moved in a month ago, and haven't given my number out to anyone lately. Creepy! I might call the number and when I do, will update here. Unknow
Doug 27.11.2018 01542280173248
This is my local wine consultants phone number. He organises my home wine tastings Other
Dragos 19.11.2018 01518080297468
Accident insurance claim Other
Irine 14.11.2018 02088458594126
They claim they are calling from IRS and they lie they you owe IRS money. Other
Mr kay 03.11.2018 01214108393175
They said it was regarding my pension that I'm due to recive Unknow
chocolatekittykatt 02.11.2018 01163180497130
Silver shine services about an accident i've had Its an auto voice - female I'm on telephone preference agency... i shall be reporting them Other
Nightgaunt 01.11.2018 019224364124
Asian man asked for my wife by name then cut call when told not in. Fcuking scammers no doubt. Scam suspicion
Joseph Adeleke Agunsoye 22.10.2018 08008620183550
Scam scam do not give them your money, £469 was paid to them and now they don't pick my calls again Scam suspicion
Antony Ward 19.10.2018 033004147772169
None stop texts telling me time is running out for a smart meter Telemarketer
An old victim 18.10.2018 08009247365609
I will not leave my name as I have been scammed already and do not want to be scammed a second time. Thss has nothing to do with Barcalys Bank. Also the Bank do NOT call you on the telephone. Other
Bill Jones 18.10.2018 07738105235400
Scammer Other
Elias 17.10.2018 08008620183550
I bought ticket for this company the called cheapflightexpert my consat called Scott i pay my ticket 400 after i pay the guy he block my number when i called different number he answer and cut off my phone so please don’t buy ticket for this company they thief the keep used different number to call people 02080049596 and 08458621326 and 01274062192 and this one 08008620183 please don’t send money to them their thieves their from India their not English their online thief the used this address 2 manor. Row Bradford BD1 4Nl their webside cheapflightexpert . com their really thief’s please don’t buy ticket from them Scam suspicion
John 17.10.2018 08008620183550
This number 08008620183 is fraud travel agent when the called you the pretend their Are travel agent is not true this company is fake don’t ever buy a ticket from them thi company the got about three different number 08458621326 and 02080049596 and 01274062192 please don’t buy ticket from them their fake Scam suspicion
NotHappening 15.10.2018 033004147772169
Smartmeter - no thanks Other
Valeri 10.10.2018 02037693375435
Keeps calling me from different 0207 numbers, asking for a different name and when corrected they try selling me phone contracts. Annoying. Scam suspicion
Her 10.10.2018 +447565393819174
Scammer Other
Freda 04.10.2018 01213680356173
Apple property solutions somehow got my landline phone no from a google search Telemarketer
Colin 04.10.2018 02030267210137
New number same message about my accident. Scam suspicion
John 03.10.2018 02037693375435
Rang through my mobile on quiet mode. Just to say in a southern Asian accent that he was called John. I said no thanks and rang off. Other
Mike 03.10.2018 0208063179995
Angela 02.10.2018 02080732532120
Claiming you have been involved in an accident Other
Girish 02.10.2018 02080731678110
Accident insurance claims call Telemarketer
Mac 02.10.2018 956-443-362281
Thompson cigars sales call. Telemarketer
Sutton 29.09.2018 01618508991356
Caller claimed to be from HMRC and referred the threatened lawsuit Scam suspicion
David Powell 29.09.2018 01618508991356
Have had this before. I never take any notice of this type of call. Scam suspicion
Egg 28.09.2018 02080957471145
Called twice, never said anything then hung up both times Unknow
Mimi 28.09.2018 0208095615398
This person called and did not say a word. I said Hello twice and they hung up?! Unknow
Eilish 28.09.2018 01618508991356
Caller claimed to be from HMRC and referred the threatened lawsuit. Scammers! Other
Reginald 27.09.2018 01618508991356
Definite scam. Please report it on the Action Fraud website. The more it is reported, the greater the chance of tracing these criminals. Scam suspicion
Anon 27.09.2018 02037693375435
They tried to sell me a new phone contract, I believe it was £25 for an iPhone X and £30 for a Samsung Galaxy S9 plus. I said I new they were a scammer and she vehemently denied it, even though my phone tells me when someone is a suspected spam caller. Scam suspicion
Harry 27.09.2018 01172541044806
Silent... so I hung up Unknow
JMW 26.09.2018 01829740656219
Robotic voice telling me from BT and my internet will be terminated today due to compromise from California- please press buttons 1 or 2. Suspect it will connect to high cost service if I do. Scam suspicion
Clarity 25.09.2018 01744351004218
I made an online enquiry to help me with my finances, Clarity called me up and were really helpful. Would 100% recommend their services Other
Anonymous 25.09.2018 07860020317119
Txt asking for name, and email address but quoted my account number so made it sound legit. I have sent them my name, full address and email. What can thy do with this info? Scam suspicion
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