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V Smith 2020-01-17 0155376330615
I answered and caller hung up. Before I even said anything. Scam suspicion
Elliott Ableson 2020-01-17 0199252222125
This is our Number - 01992 522221 MAC Container Company Ltd - but has been used by Scammers, apparently asking if you've had an accident in last 200 years, and if so, they can help you. Please realise it is NOT us, as we are a highly reputable Container Homes Manufacturing Company. BT have now stopped these calls, and we can only apologise to anyone who has been inconvenienced. If you have any queries, please feel to (safely) call us. Unknow
chibbed 2020-01-17 0791341726967
just been ripped off by MILLIE, im coming for you ya pri*k Scam suspicion
MrsFroo 2020-01-17 03309952077255
SCAM - Lead generators pretending to be calling from charitable money advice organisations (StepChange, Money Advice Service and Citizen's advice) to con you into applying for an IVA. BLOCK IMMEDIATELY! Scam suspicion
arthur jones 2020-01-17 02039723701212
they phone and do not leave message Other
Josip 2020-01-17 442038076963180
I got a call but I don't answer. I am also from Croatia. Unknow
J.hng 2020-01-17 479-991-0901150
it sent me the verification code for my Apple id and google verification code. A spam!!! Other
Pam 2020-01-16 07378903130265
07378903130 sent texts to my mobile twice recently. Scam suspicion
Steve 2020-01-16 07984356561412
Scam . Hi Steve If you are SELF EMPLOYED you QUALIFY for Unlimited Mins and Text & MASSIVE 72GB of Data!! ONLY £13.97 Reply YES if you are interested. Scam suspicion
jack 2020-01-16 09011190907363
dont ever recall using this number or hanging up called supposedly within 17 days ago had to call to make sure who i called you know being 6 pounds to talk to a robot welpp now ive jst payed 12 and dont think i called them on this number they need hounded for this. Other
Andrew 2020-01-15 02081444467120
Attention, scammers! Telemarketer
Lynne Fitzgerald 2020-01-15 03330164282233
This number called me twice but didn’t leave a message, I have now blocked the number Unknow
James 2020-01-15 07984356561412
I was sent this text message from this number +44 7984 356561 Hi James If you are SELF EMPLOYED you QUALIFY for Unlimited Mins and Text & MASSIVE 72GB of Data!! ONLY £13.97 Reply YES if you are interested. Scam suspicion
Malky 2020-01-15 0125223632639
Same as all the other reports from gumtree same cancer story but contacted via email not phone gave details but suspected a scam so cancelled the deal Scam suspicion
Jon Stephens 2020-01-15 0120670222225
Bespoke software for business Other
Michelle 2020-01-15 01512271299370
Got called from Liverpool about a school initiative for anti bullying in my area which is Worthing Sussex but don’t worry they don’t need any money from me! Asked why someone in Liverpool would be dealing with something apparently intended for Worthing, got told fine you’re boring!! SCAM Scam suspicion
Anne 2020-01-15 02039723702144
Says they’re windows internet support and I have a problem with my pc Scam suspicion
Tony S 2020-01-14 0207048485966
GREAT Scammer....asked for a phone number of a 'C' level exec stating he was a co-worker from an over seas office who was traveling and his phone was dead and needed their number. Had a valid name of someone I have spoken to, the accent, and knew which office I was in....DAMN....he got me Scam suspicion
Anon 2020-01-14 01315070396197
I received a call from this number on my mobile, I called the number back from a work landline and without saying anything I was transferred to a male who claimed to be from a company calling themselves "AMG". Again, without me saying my name or giving any details he immediately thanked me for calling back and said that it was in relation to an accident that I was involved in. This is clearly a scam operator and you should block this number and any others that they might use. Scam suspicion
Anon 2020-01-14 01315070396197
Received a call from this number, asking about a road accident that I was involved in. Clearly a cam call as I have not been involved in any motor vehicle accidents in years. Other
Anna 2020-01-14 0744703910541
Forex and online trading. Scam suspicion
J P 2020-01-14 323-165-2893162
Women call from this number.. She is very rude and told me if the way I answer the call was correct, I told her " you call me, I didn't call you" I hang up and she call too many times. Other
J winter 2020-01-13 01273977458292
Says they are SKY and the insurance on my SKY products is running out,reduction on renewal if take out three year Insurance. I terminated all abruptly telling them I did not think they were SKY as I do not pay insurance on my sky and do not call me again.They did however have my XDNC phone number (obviously cos they phoned me)! And my post code and house name. I checked this site and others on their number given 01273 977458 and found that they are annotated *dangerous* Scam suspicion
Ryan 2020-01-13 07786202300230
Careers Wales Other
Northern soul 2020-01-12 07520615222366
Rang saying I’d hit his car, considering I don’t drive and don’t own car, I blocked the number Scam suspicion
prakash 2020-01-12 0091265619080027
Think it is a fraud call, asking to change mobile netbanking mobile number. Scam suspicion
Mcraw 2020-01-12 0098919745960430
He called me just now saying something about his mom. I just hung up the phone. Other
Norman Forester 2020-01-11 0844811666644
Published on 13/12/2013 Following consultation with business associations and consumer bodies, the government will put an end to expensive premium, 084 and 087 numbers for customers calling airlines, train operators, and major high street and online retailers. Whilst many firms already offer freephone or basic rate numbers, consumers can find that some traders provide an 0800 or free phone number for pre-contract calls to lure people in, but then only offer expensive premium rate numbers when the customer has paid for a product or service. Everyday examples, such as a security company offering a freephone number for new enquiries yet expecting existing customers to call an 0844 number to report a fault, would be stopped under the measures. The government believes it is inappropriate for callers to pay high call charges for accessing vital public services and the Cabinet Office will be publishing guidance for departments’ use of number prefixes shortly. Finally, the Financial Conduct Authority is also committed to considering whether it could introduce similar measures for those calling banks, insurance companies and investment brokers. WELL, Barclays (better known as BOCC (bank of cr88ks and cri88inals) aren't interested obviously! If you want to complain, close your account with them! If we all did it they would soon take action. Unknow
Not being scammed 2020-01-11 0913124070175
he number they called me on was 01227145361 according to 1471 but it wasn't recognised. A man called Peter gave me a reference number and said they had posted documents on 22nd December (if they had we would have recycled the information) and told me they were a company helping people recover over charged bank charges. He gave me a this phone number 09131240701 to which I enquired how much would it cost me to ring, he didn't reply and I said I knew this was a premium rate call charge and I didn't ring premium rate numbers. So I said as politely as possible I was not interested and thanked him for his time. He knew my name and postcode from where I don't know. #bank Scam suspicion
Isa 2020-01-11 447378905544230
Do not use this scammers I got to them via Talk Talk and they ruined my home phone and wanted me to press on some 2 links (which I didn’t) on my mobile phone.I Am going to report them to Talk Talk as I believe there have been many complaints with this number. Other