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Lisa 2021-04-16 0145264508347
I received a call from someone who I thought was affiliated with another company I was working with and told me I didn't need to give my credit card details or anything as it would come off and he would send me details etc. I have never received anything and have realised it has nothing to do with the company I thought it had. But I can't work out how they will scam me. Very worried Scam suspicion
E.F. 2021-04-15 0737987508310
I got a text message about an unpaid Royal Mail shipping fee with a link to a scam website. Scam suspicion
Karen Whittaker 2021-04-15 447458333222766
Received a text saying "Sorry I can't talk right now" and a voicemail from the same number. Made me suspicious and not responded to either Scam suspicion
Joe Harris 2021-04-15 666642010
yeah this dude called me claiming to be 69 and he was gonna give me free robux i obviously accepted and got my credit card stolen but at least I got my 420 bobux B) Scam suspicion
Mmm 2021-04-14 03457606060478
Sounds like fraud. A guy with a thick accent called, claiming to be from HSBC, knew the name of my business and that we had a bounce back loan. Told him I didn't have the time to talk and he should call again later. Scam suspicion
Gregory 2021-04-02 00339749628478
This number keeps calling every 3 days and then puts the phone down, like there waiting for me to call back. Scam suspicion
Jason F. 2021-04-01 855-294-1814757
1 855 294 1814 off my caller ID. Just got this call I never answered on Mar 31/2021. A scam robo call claiming to be surveys Canada. Looked up on internet and all claimed this number is scammers robo call. To anyone. Please don’t fall for these scammers. Just hang up and block number. Please remove this number so scammers can’t use it. Thanks 😊 Scam suspicion
Dev 2021-04-01 647-700-1778147
I haven't used my phone whatsoever. I'm checking my usage in my bills and somehow I've called this number three times when my phone is packed away in a suitcase for over three months and TURNED OFF. Freedom Mobile FTW Other
yam sunwar 2021-03-31 02033898229188
stop my account Other
Sanusi 2021-03-30 479-991-09011680
Keep messages me to update my internet banking Duit Now id from a bank that I don't have any account Scam suspicion
Men 2021-03-29 0785263365397
annoying Other
Unknown 2021-03-26 07771 256
07771 861 284 – automated call claiming to be National Insurance emergency fraud alert. Scam suspicion
A WARNING 2021-03-18 01904949129148
Team of scammers, appearing to originate from Yorkshire, trying to impersonate "Aviva Life and Pensions" selling pretend investments. Scam suspicion
A WARNING 2021-03-09 01904949119191
Team of scammers, appearing to originate from Yorkshire, trying to impersonate Aviva selling pretend investments. Scam suspicion
Kamran Qayyum Leicester 2021-03-02 013-236-4422220
Leicester K¡ddy F¡ddler Kamran Qayyum $ex Pe$t from Spinney Hill Park. Scam suspicion
Mart 2021-02-21 07479638098894
TSB fraud attemp, phishing text message Scam suspicion
Ranch 2021-02-16 02037578935257
Law legal Other
Stewart Davidson 2021-02-04 080-028-18011884
Caller claimed to be from Nationwide dealing with investments but it sounded suspicious. I hung up on the caller after they tried to gain personal details over the phone! Scam suspicion
Paul Clothier 2021-02-03 011891291311003
5 calls per day-no voicemails ever. Unknow
Angel 2021-02-03 07398450711348
SCAMMER! Sweet talker. Ladies beware!! After I'd rejected his so called gift, went MIA and blocked me. Scam suspicion
Ozz 2021-02-01 00441793596931553
Elderly mum took a call from “BT Openreach” wanting to check the router. Luckily air was there to take over the call. Asian guy said he was calling from BT Head Office in London and that the speed had been monitored and due to unnecessary files being downloaded when she used the internet he needed to access the router. Told him to give me a number and I would call back as I wanted to verify the call, gave me this number. Tried to keep me on the phone asking for router and device details so I hung up. Dirty scum yet again trying another scam 🤬 Scam suspicion
Shanica 2021-02-01 027-795-89001317
I want to know who calls me since I can't text this number. Unknow
James 2021-01-31 911955736
I got a call from this number on 30/01/2021 I didn't picked it up, please tell me that how do they got my mobile number aand how to avoid these numbers Unknow
brian 2021-01-28 08444825555408
called twice15/01/21 cost 2.81pounds called 29/12/20cost 0.92pence never ever called this number as called me been billed £3.83 please rectify who r they ? Unknow
Mark Woods 2021-01-27 07926377257266
Parcel scam requesting small value money for import - then they have your details - DO NOT REPSOND TO THEM Scam suspicion
muali 2021-01-27 0014029357733786
It is an automated phonecall from Paypal, and part of a secure 2-Step Verification in order to login into your paypal account. Legit call. Other
Anonymous 2021-01-27 888-811-23233283
Called me 8 times in the past year or so and didnt say anything Unknow
Cloughie 2021-01-22 01777907421282
Probable scam Scam suspicion
SJM 2021-01-20 01863304238286
Scam call posing as HMRC in respect of tax fraud Scam suspicion
Ryan 2021-01-20 888-811-23233283
Scam call Scam suspicion