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Hannk 2019-08-22 518-217-418070
trying to sell me medication tell them constantly not interested they call back different numbers
DoubleGoat 2019-08-22 0161274057538
They spoke said the were some company never heard of. I said the landlady and landlord are out as the rang a business. Then he started laughing and hung up. Something needs to be done about these scam numbers
daniela 2019-08-22 3903095463627
One of many calls I get from a series of Italian numbers repeatedly for days. I block them, another number calls. Then nothing for days, then they start again with different numbers.
lovinenid 2019-08-22 76800049625067
unknown number didn't answer - Russian number
Nectarinepen 2019-08-22 0131288486624
Automated call purporting to be from BT about internet
sugae 2019-08-22 3491197530141
No paren de trucar telèfons amb el prefix +34 911 97 53. Els 2 números restants del telèfon varien del 0 al 99 i al contestar ningú diu res i les trucades perdudes no contenen cap missatge.
kathyfff 2019-08-22 01246704463103
Caller claims to be from TalkTalk
mztosa 2019-08-22 0300555029310
Have had numerous texts asking for payment of tv licence fee. We have a licence in my wife’s name for our household. This is obviously a scam targeting elderly people as this began after I turned 70. It’s time the government took this seriously as other more elderly and vulnerable people may be frightened into paying into this garbage. It’s not good enough to just say delete it. Legislate now.
lawcyn 2019-08-22 020305654659
O2 Upgrade. Not pushy and has a lot of patience.
heleni 2019-08-22 01141518817148
Probably genuine, but glad I checked. I really appreciate these sites.Thanks.
Horchate 2019-08-22 006198
I have now received 8 calls today from 0061 numbers each number is different and they vary in timing between 3 minutes and 1 hour between calls. This is getting beyond a joke! None of the calls have been answered as my phone has blocked them all.
DJKaiba 2019-08-22 27889500911118
I consider this call as harassment that I hope to stop.
zbees 2019-08-22 0120673885062
Bt scam call, said we are disconnecting you, i just blocked them.
sammorxman 2019-08-22 0145312578781
Has rung several times but never leaves a message
motorfingers 2019-08-22 0113859076315
4 calls on consecutive days. Not answered. Number not known to me.
DickN 2019-08-22 071-283-2671142
Answered the phone nobody there.
MaLarky 2019-08-22 0050093
I have been contacted three times saying that there is a payment being progresses on my Visa card of £600 and saying that I should press 1 to speak to an adviser if I have not authorised such a payment. Each time I have hung up, but I have just been rung again and 1471 came up with a number beginning 00500 which I am now reporting.
kely 2019-08-22 03332004455402
Rang several times yesterday and then again today, they just hang up when I answer.
Phufe 2019-08-22 0277427292184
They rang I didn't answer the phone tho as I dont answer calls I dont know just fort someone else would have had an idea
Madiba 2019-08-22 0843547618815
Annoying rings once and rings off.
snapfish 2019-08-22 020379581099150
Call from this number purporting to be from BT and suggesting a problem with broadband. In effect the caller (from India) wanted access to my computer - beware this is a scam.
jimtiredoffax 2019-08-22 01131923000149
Cartão de crédito banco Santander
MsCanada 2019-08-22 01133204464147
Asking about ppi Block this number
arenita 2019-08-22 0203870683819
Love Holidays - not spam
BillMandela 2019-08-22 03002001868105
Got a call from this number, claiming to be HMRC Investigating department, saying an arrest warrant will be issued if I don't respond to the fraud charges.
yllek 2019-08-22 02455213606124
They said £600 drawn on my bank accountfewminutes ago.
DEEJCanada 2019-08-22 0141600338656
Gobby female asked if I was mrs watson I said no then she asked to speak to the owner of such and such and address I hung up these idiots need to find a proper job
imahaint 2019-08-22 03300434137127
Received call from someone claiming that husband (and gave his name) had spoken with them in the spring and agreed to sponsor a book on anti-bullying and asked which school we wanted it to go into. Said we knew nothing about and they insisted our name would go in the book. Told them it WAS NOT as we hadn't authorised (can see the way this is going - agreed and they'd want money). Asked them what they had down as our local school & it wasn't our local school! THey weren't entirely stupid though & got a relatively local one. When refused to let them put name in they said they'd ring back with the recording of the phone converstaion with my husband !!!
bibliotec 2019-08-22 447860054507105
Genuine number asking me to confirm that I will be attending hospital appointment
ammali 2019-08-22 032-020-160273
I want to know who is this