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Sean 2021-10-21 0334543900789
Just received a call from this number claiming my Scottish Power account needed to be reviewed. They then immediately asked for my full name, address and post code + date of birth. When asked what the issue with my account was, I was just told that I needed to provide these details to load up my account. Considering that I have a payment plan arranged and have had no notice of a call, I refused to give further details. The call was also made at 7:24pm, which seemed unusual. Scam suspicion
Sam L 2021-10-19 0203307610318
Cold call from an overseas call centre, hung up after I said they have the wrong number Other
Anne 2021-10-19 01793596931522
Liars / scammers / Almost every day an Indian woman calls & tells me I have an internet problem. Irritating & harassing. Just put the phone down on them. Scam suspicion
Alex 2021-10-19 0740406036131
Random message on WhatsApp - picture of attractive girl - likely a scam Scam suspicion
Noddy 2021-10-14 0163398686575
Loft insulation. Noisy office, sounds Asian Scam suspicion
Shane 2021-10-14 0774163912269
Beware - We also had the same guy asking for the Transport Manager and asking if we have any vans for sale. The person who deals with our vans was out of the office so I asked him to email the relevant person or ring back next week. He said he doesn't do emails and then became very rude. I wouldn't even sell a matchbox van to this chap. Other
amanda ford 2021-10-14 0797013774538
who are ring today ask dad draught complant should who are ok dad ill ok you course stess ok Other
Glenn 2021-10-13 02031295671100
Apparently this number is from a phone server, can be used by random callers / company to cover their own number. My caller claimed to be employer of JetCapitals, brokers. Very annoying this way of using a random number. They never speak into your voicemail, so better don't pick up. By the way, i live in Holland, so this activities is not restricted to GB only. Scam suspicion
Didi 2021-10-13 0203829655575
Unsafe the called me in Holland and spoke Dutch but the caller ID was from Londen. The are scammers do not pick up. Scam suspicion
Anonymous 2021-10-13 02895810626951
This seems to be a scam. Just received a call through Skype which then forwarded to my phone. I am in Tokyo. It came up as a UK number from Belfast, but I don't know anyone nor have any reason to hear from someone from the UK. Scam suspicion
Karen 2021-10-12 888-811-23235209
Scam call for hell of a deal from Telus, including a free iPhone13. Wanted my SIN number, tipoff as scam. Scam suspicion
Rick 2021-10-07 07786202181947
This number texted me from a vodaphone network to tell me about power cuts from SP energy company. Included in the txt was a pdf file. 1. Im not with that energy network. 2. The pdf file is suspicious. 3. Why would an energy company text me from a mobile number. Dont click on the pdf attachment as it could be a virus, or a tool for the scammers in your phone or device. Never click on links if you see any in txts. Scam suspicion
ASR 2021-10-06 554-777-802276
Me llamaron de este numero diciendo que era apoyo por la pandemia de instituciones bancarias. Me parecio fraude. Scam suspicion
June 2021-10-06 07786202181947
Used to send out service messages on behalf of SP Energy Networks - the local electricity network operator in Scotland, Merseyside and North Wales. Link in SMS was to a harmless PDF document on the genuine SP Energy Networks website. Unsolicited information, but legitimate and not a scam. Other
Shandy 2021-10-05 037-959-1888741
Received this sms from 66600. Stated my credit card last 4 digits number, with past due amount. Credit card last 4 digits number is correct, but the past due amount is incorrect. Where the hell they got my card info from? Double-check the phone number from credit card statement, cannot find this phone number. Scam suspicion
John Jorsta 2021-10-05 0756359049965
We are a legitimate pest control company approved by the B.P.C.A. and Trading Standards Other
Frank S 2021-10-04 0772351467637
Hangs up. Possible autodialer. Other
ht.. 2021-10-04 03334432241275
Phoned claiming he was reveiwing my legal and general insurance policy, he knew my name and started to ask details such a date of birth, etc, i said i dont give any personal details to anyone over the phone, he hung up. SCAMMER cold calling, another number added to my blocked list. dont trust any one calling cold calling offering me a great deal, its a scam. tel 0333 443 2241 Other
empress 2021-10-01 01253484004242
this is a scam acting they calling from Carphonewhere house Other
scam broker 2021-10-01 0173264402652
scam! Scam suspicion
Mago da Chapa 2021-10-01 02138205100216
Com certeza é uma cilada, eles tentaram se passar por uma atendente da Operadora Oi, mas tenham certeza que não são, ainda mais porque agências de telecomunicações não ligam por meio de números comuns, se receberem ligações desse número, simplesmente não atendam e bloqueiem-no para não receber mais ligações, é acima de tudo não respondam com seus nomes, ou dêem qualquer informação pessoal, e se possível resgistre o número em sites desse tipo para ajudar outros a identificar fraudes. Tenham um bom dia! Scam suspicion
Eve 2021-09-30 888-811-23235209
Scammers pretending to be TELUS. Do not answer and do not give any personal info. Scam suspicion
JSD 2021-09-29 01462815891114
Cold calling from a Will writing company, I didn't engage in conversation just said no thank you & hung up. Telemarketer
Andy H 2021-09-27 080-050-02881048
This number originates from both a text and email sent to me stating it is from BT trying to close my account. I think this is definitely a scam as my account is live and well and have no intention to close it. Scam suspicion
ronald 2021-09-23 02039849692406
ass holes Other
AMB 2021-09-22 00185533086531715
Microsoft authenticator Other
Ron Moore 2021-09-22 01904205016136
this phone number 01904 205016 rang me, i told them to go forth and multiply, then 01904 205029 rang, then 01904 205024 rang just deleted numbers. Other
M J 2021-09-20 0751964540267
automated voice call pretending to be from NIN office that my NIN will be blocked and that I should dial one to speak to an officer Scam suspicion
Kamal 2021-09-19 016-797-503876
A call saying they from LHDN about unpaid tax. They immediately end the call & disappear when i said i already talk to my lawyer. Scam suspicion
Mia 2021-09-19 013-454-650584
I got call from this number 0134546505 on September 2021, it start with machine voice telling them from LHDN. I immediately end the call. Because I know there is a lot of scam call report like this. And I know my 3rd number/hp is never registered with LHDN or anything official matter. Scam suspicion