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TESHOME 2020-09-25 442039449990468
Sorry, who is this? my phone was in charger while you were calling. Please can you call me now. Thanks. Other
Aus 2020-09-25 888-811-23231519
Banking credit card fraud Ask to verify personal ID and banking details. Scam suspicion
Stuart marritt 2020-09-24 01912297480250
This is 111 return call number not spam but an important call to take if you are waiting.. Other
Ken Barlow 2020-09-24 0741834261923
This is a text message from trust deed Scotland network. About my protected trust deed Other
M. Gee 2020-09-24 08727370000150
Called 0872737000 which is customer service number for Studio. I was placing an order, for which I was charged £10.75 from my phone provider, as it was stated as a 3rd party service and included an access and service charge. I WINT BE USING IT AGAIN!!! BEWARE Other
Anon 2020-09-23 07517082493627
Same as the other comments. Someone called Rosie messaging ‘accidentally’ and trying to keep the conversation going. Blocked the number. Scam suspicion
Madeleine 2020-09-23 016237818851120
To all those worried about not getting through on this number - If this number is from Hospital etc then you will probably not be able to ring back as it will be outgoing calls only. Other
Phixer 2020-09-23 0120280013695
'renewable energy' sales pitch Telemarketer
karma 2020-09-22 01922720189709
people solutions - some rude guy named mike lancaster Prank
Brian Happy 2020-09-22 03300165109405
Audi marketing call, be aware they are 300-400% the cost of other garages offering the same services £364 to plug in diagnostics Which takes less time to fill a kettle. Telemarketer
userpl 2020-09-21 07927644025215
dating service abusing Scam suspicion
R G. 2020-09-21 07927644025215
an attempt to steal money through dating service, ask you to ldelete account, chat through wats app, google hangouts.. Scam suspicion
Kaiama 2020-09-21 0330333552688
Texts claim that an incident involving my vehicle under policy xxxxx and a claim has been set up. This number is not a number associated with my insurance company AFAIK. Followed by another similar text half and hour later. The policy quoted is not a policy number I recognise i.e. it is not a policy I paid for. It all smells very fishy. Trouble is my Android phone has grouped these texts in the same thread as my genuine insurance texts so a bit confusing. I am going to copy them keep them and delete them from my insurance threads. Scam suspicion
Slungile 2020-09-20 011-656-1160120
I don't know who they are they called my neighbor, they are looking for me. Other
David 2020-09-18 01784817684202
They arranged a visit to our house and wanted both house owners to be present for an energy check. They will provide certification for free!! They wanted to know about windows, cavity and loft insulation. Scam suspicion
anonymous 2020-09-18 08003285644171
Had call saying HMRC after me for tax fraud and if I didnt stay on line they would issue warrant !! Scam suspicion
CWilson 2020-09-17 01492579000762
Invalid number. Presume telesales Telemarketer
concerned parent 2020-09-17 07486485125746
found this number on my 10 year old sons phone. put the number in to whatsapp and a picture of a middle aged man is the profile. called the number, he answered asked him why he was calling a 10 year old boy late at night. he responded in a London accent saying he was a 40 year old man and to F*** O** and then put the phone down. going to police station tonight to report this. Unknow
Emma 2020-09-16 01384361025459
It's the nurse and it is important. Usually after having a blood test. Other
Sam 2020-09-16 020332223052955
Amazon delivery driver rerouted number Other
Mon 2020-09-16 03004225117137
Gloucester Hospital Other
Rose 2020-09-16 50017629
I did not use to see any message if when I get they will say text love message to chat but if I text the message no reply instead they will bring another name Other
User 2020-09-16 01794378015652
spam caller Other
Shannon 2020-09-15 041-996-0798152
Legitimate SMS service, not owned by an individual. this number is safe. Other
DJR 2020-09-15 07783283369341
Scammer wanted to buy an iPhone and tried to get me to send money over bank transfer (using depop app which uses buyer protection) then block me. Scam suspicion
Jeff 2020-09-14 01539448636149
Okeachday Other
John Harrison 2020-09-14 01784817685202
01784817685 rang me--didn't get to it in time. When I rang it back it clicked off straight away. Other
Paul Brock 2020-09-13 765-652-999139
I was assigned this number and it's fake Unknow
Nhs call back 2020-09-13 01306267100181
rerurn call from NHS Other
Carmen lumley 2020-09-12 0203389822956
Have now went stop 3 times to this Number still taking money out of my account it's lotto social even had a message to say I'm unsubscribed Other