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Gloria h 2020-04-03 0800161533052
Just rang barclaycard scam scam number!!! Scam suspicion
Gloria h 2020-04-03 0800161533052
Just rang baarclaycard scam scam number!!! Scam suspicion
Fred 2020-04-03 020332223051062
Amazon delivery Other
M S 2020-04-03 01512226702170
It's fraud, I've reported this to fraud crimes and was advised that it's identity theft Debt collector
Liz 2020-04-03 08003683261177
Rang twice - I didn’t answer Scam suspicion
CHR 2020-04-02 0034951120911673
Don't answer, you get billed its a scam Scam suspicion
StopCalling 2020-04-02 443-214-3288127
Now it's a guy looking to help with tax issues. Sure not Michael Lewis this time. Got ignorant when I told him.....DO NOT CALL list. Scam suspicion
Rose Clark 2020-04-02 07391545122346
Protect line, I have blocked 2 of there other numbers over the past 2 days and now blocked this one. They ring every few minutes. Scam suspicion
FrizzyLizzy 2020-04-02 07928900787493
Message : Its Emma. I dont knowif you will get this message cos signal bad in hospital.I had a bad fall this morning & need op. Can you text me if possible x from +447928900787 Scam suspicion
Peter 2020-04-01 09011121
Fraudulent number you get charged £6.95 for answering it. Scam suspicion
Scam 2020-04-01 07984356561775
+44 7984 356561Spam Other
Jamie Campins 2020-04-01 0345724242494
Frausters pretending to be RBS fraud team. Do as I did and tell them to fck off! Scam suspicion
Sam 2020-04-01 07378903141458
Why is this phone number still around it has been costing people for some time now? I received three texts from them my phone informed me they are spam asking me to report them to Google which I done then asked me to block them, again I done this but I still ended up having to pay £4.50 I adjusted my phone settings so hopefully it shouldn't happen again Scam suspicion
Steve C 2020-04-01 02080220024835
Got incomplete message on answer machine - it seems to just start even while the outgoing message is playing. Other
Nese 2020-04-01 001307200408040
I answered but there was no one speaking on the line. It seems it’s from Jackson WY in America. I wonder how they got my number in the UK. I wish someone had talked when they called and then I know what they want. Scam suspicion
LexiM 2020-03-31 01492579000273
Called back and said incorrect so presume a cold caller Telemarketer
Fort1 2020-03-31 0141465486484
AO after sales warranty. Telemarketer
Mr S Cambuster 2020-03-31 0162546445829
Number is a scam. Not associated with any legitimate organisation and call persistently day and night. Scam suspicion
Anonymous 2020-03-31 042-786-4354201
Has called a few times leaves a text message call Shaun urgently. Never answer and never return call Scam suspicion
A S 2020-03-30 08700400443530
Phone calls from this number are related to Hospital appointments. Not a scam. Other
Constantin Ghita 2020-03-30 +4432284
It called me for a short while Unknow
Cookie4u 2020-03-30 07378903141458
I got 2 messages from this number giving me their pin to log in. I didn’t ask for it or need it. Just worried that it might be a scam. Scam suspicion
Dave 2020-03-30 03453666271105
Received a letter claiming to be from Direct Line regarding an accident and to call 03453 666 271. The PO POX address isn't one of Direct Lines, neither is the number. Furthermore, incorrect punctuation on my name and titled to Mr/Ms. The logo on the letter head also looks like it has been printed on a home printer on low quality paper rather than what you'd expect from Direct Line. What was interesting was the date of the accident and my address were correct. It was claiming my insurance hadn't settled the incident and I had 14 days to pay up £2800 before court proceedings began. I rang my insurance company who said to dispose of it. The claim has been settled and to ignore it. I suspect the occupants of the other vehicle have passed on the details to an accident claims handler after Direct Line refused the case for whiplash and this is their way of trying to get cash out of people. Scam suspicion
Steven 2020-03-29 07984356561775
SCAM ? This was my message. HI Steven LIMITED OFFER Unlimited Mins Unlimited text and A MASSIVE 60GB Data at ONLY £10.97 on O2 If you are interested Reply YES to apply Scam suspicion
Wrong Number 2020-03-29 0757080944711
Man had wrong number but we had a laugh and he hung up Other
Ali K 2020-03-29 07984356561775
scam - phone contract deals. apparently O2 Scam suspicion
Watching 📺 and 2020-03-29 0937298642411075
Ercbhzm Other
Bruce Dine 2020-03-28 647-383-2365175
My voice mail goes there Unknow
Humera 2020-03-28 07903187016129
Name is Kashif Altaf regional director at NU Move E6. 40 year old married man who harrassesyoung girls Scam suspicion
Cam 2020-03-27 07517349549172
The name has changed to Emma , says she’s in hospital signal is bad and could I txt her Scam suspicion