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DoctorMark 2019-10-22 0127243696781
Answered this call it was silent so hung up, believe it to be scam
AnnonH 2019-10-22 0127298056678
Did not answer call, no message left on answer machine. Did 1572 and put it on blacklist.
Mike Buck 2019-10-22 07711337295201
Worked with him city avoid...... Other
tranis 2019-10-22 020351474363
Geroje 2019-10-22 020351474363
Left me voicemail with music.. sound like they were having a rave lol
sarahk 2019-10-22 01902213702112
Hang up on answer
UserK 2019-10-22 0306722549753
this number disturb me alot I dnt know who is this but he trying to talking n making alot calls im so worried
Anonumous 2019-10-22 01273805792162
Robo call.
Gayleen 2019-10-22 01413099253154
Scottish power apparently
MRNB 2019-10-22 028383968004
Got a call from this number i did have car serviced by them a week ago,but dont need any follow up calls,my business is finished with this company and i dont want calls from them
JBZ 2019-10-22 01514386571102
Called by a very moronic male (perhaps) who sounded uneducated. He called me by name and asked what I'd eaten for breakfast and proceeded to hang up. I do hope his employers are not paying more than minimum wage for this top class service.
Rangers 2019-10-22 07711337295201
Know him from Football !!!!!!!!!!!!! Other
wrestlephoto 2019-10-22 0142007182749
No one answered me when I said hello.
ColdAndClear 2019-10-22 0300200925628
Said they were inland revenue and it was fraud to press 1 immediately and if I didn't i would be arrested
lilmisskay 2019-10-22 0800041811923
I received three calls from this number and I answered the phone twice. The man asked for me by name and said he wanted to talk "techy" stuff. I said no thankyou and hung up.
Ruby 2019-10-22 0008946629925
i have been charged for 5 text messages at £4.50 each!!... never subscribed or consented to anything. Tesco mobile could not help me further but have barred premium rate text messages on my account Other
Notjennifer 2019-10-22 0800041811923
i received three calls from this number
breakie 2019-10-22 01313625155130
recorded message left on our answer machine advising that a transaction of £600 had come out of bank account 15 minutes ago. only partial message - obviously an intended scam.
sch 2019-10-22 0152507737514
Unknown number - cold call
msvivian 2019-10-22 442036953129103
Calls me every single day for the past few months
BLUECOZE 2019-10-22 0122379074967
Claiming to be solar panel company offering funding
Chickynik 2019-10-22 08000803242151
Asked me to do a survey about my recent visit to my local branch, I said I hadn’t made one and he said do I not visit Friday. I said no I didn’t he said no worries okay bye. DO NOT GIVE THESE INFORMATION! Fakes
lizzzz 2019-10-22 0139297194077
Her script tried to make it sound like she represented my insurer. Claimed to be from the 'Review Department'. They are not from your insurer. They are actually called Knightsbridge Insurance Services or some crap.... you don;t have a contract with these people... DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY PERSONAL DETAILS.
thomsac 2019-10-22 0774587895258
Spam/fraud wine voucher. wanting to confirm details
rottiesteve 2019-10-22 07770618394123
Asked about experiences in financial market
KIMPTON 2019-10-22 02039668128142
Apparently I’m a euro millions winner!
Barbiedoll 2019-10-22 03454541111270
This is virgin media customer services - not spam or anything, genuine number.
Mail 2019-10-22 08435040266124
Fake UPS number
Darlinva 2019-10-22 01226128805115
About a accident call
Taphne 2019-10-22 0300200742477
It's a scam HMRC Call saying that you owe tax don't fall for it