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KeriLyn 2019-07-17 0190390515622
This is subcontractors to the nhs they get paid to do what your doctor should be doing Wrong , just wrong Plus it's cold calling which is supposed to be illegal ???
Stenny 2019-07-17 01772280024103
Ellfin 2019-07-17 0120232658980
Scam caller claimed to be from BT, said our computer had downloaded a virus. When we said we didnt have a computer or the internet he told us his records showed otherwise. He must secretly know I use the library computers but unsure how he thinks phoning me will get him anywhere. When i told him not to phone again or Id report for harrassment and that all my calls are recorded. He there becqme threatening and abusive saying he would come round and pay us a visit. Definately not to the standards of BT.
JLew 2019-07-17 0123478124915
Payment on Visa card, if unauthorised press 1
Suzanne 2019-07-17 0778644053859
Wanted to ask 3 household questions and it would only take up 1 minute of my time. Told them no they hung up.
calmarn 2019-07-17 00156482677974
Same as the other reports at 10.19 today
LaCie 2019-07-17 0192574186544
Insurance scam very rude. I have added to my blacklist.
Harresed 2019-07-17 0125445214354
1012: Landline. Did not pick up. Left no message. Five 012 numbers called yesterday. Did not answer any of them.
zamantusi 2019-07-17 02039363588111
Its a callcentre, I used to remove myself from their database that they have access to. Would recommend doing the same thing If I was you!
Sismama 2019-07-17 01616268245114
Leilani 2019-07-17 0124602007037
Missed call, number not recognised when dialled. Suspicious.
dessabelle 2019-07-17 0190390515622
Sick to death of calls like this - must be about 6 I have received in last 2 days - now blocked
cyclist 2019-07-17 01772280024103
if this is esure it is proper i insure my car with them
ieljdo 2019-07-17 0184021227271
Picked up the call but no one answered and line went dead afters about 5 seconds
ButteB 2019-07-17 0120232658980
Yup: BT scam - we don't even have a BT line!! Phoned 3 times today, several times in last few weeks.
VLesh 2019-07-17 0123478124915
also using 001234781249 called 3 times today using both numbers, silence when answer machine cuts-in.Numbers now blocked.
findlaw 2019-07-17 0778644053859
Asked if they were speaking with the owner of the number they just called (my number). when I asked who they were before I answered their question they hung up.
varangia 2019-07-17 00156482677974
same as rest and £600. shame can't zap their phone system
asasdi 2019-07-17 02039368917124
Lady asking/talking about gas and electricity supplies.
Ljpersin 2019-07-17 0192532095371
sdafsdfdafd 2019-07-17 016176852964
whinner 2019-07-17 0330010231747
Text Claimed to be from NatWest bank saying I had a pending transaction for nearly £800 & to call this number
tsheds 2019-07-17 0192574186544
Direct response asking about car accident scammers blocked
xflygirl 2019-07-17 0113320388649
Didn't answer looked on here and now blocked. Scammers yet again
ARamirez 2019-07-17 08451321597136
Halifax asking me to verify card payment 2965.00 i do not have a Halifax card
libertad 2019-07-17 0190390515622
No idea who called, didn't leave a message so now blocked
taimmy 2019-07-17 01772280024103
Its a callcentre, I used to remove myself from their database that they have access to. Would recommend doing the same thing If I was you!
tachito 2019-07-17 0184021227271
An Asian male voice who said his name was Harry asked if he could ask me survey questions I said no and hung up
jjorhrn 2019-07-17 0120232658980
caller claimed to be from talk talk and they had a report stating there was something wrong with my inertnet, I told him I was the master of the universe and did not need any help. He still continued, and wanted me to access my computer. I called him a puny human and asked him if he was studip, he replied by calling me a stupid alien. This went on for a minute or two until I reminded him it was his call and his money he was wasting, then he put the phone down.
Seine 2019-07-17 0127426688095
No message left.