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Reports 01335248005

Paki asking for Paul Allen. Said you've got the wrong number. He replies, "good afternoon Mr Allen, this is your last chance to make a reclaim on your unclaimed PPI." Very loud and intimidating. I put the phone down
yet another ppi company, when will they give up and take the hint
2 PPI calls to my mobile in 2 days.
These people should just fall down a hole
called about ppi, which i`ve never had. nuisance, very persistant
Blocking this number. Some People I know don't have my mobile number I must of slipped up somewhere to keep getting nuisance calls
left 2 messages in space of 5 hours
Rang back and an automated message gave the name "Media Match" informing the call was not important.....Not important! Then STOP CALLING ME Grrrrrr.
calls 2-3 times daily yet another PPI claims company that should not have my phone number. don't answer or if you do don't reveal any information to them
PPI call, just blocked this number on my iphone, these people are such a pain.
Usual PPI / car accident / similar sort of claim cold call. Blocked number. These people must be utterly shameless. I couldn't sit at a desk with a headset on being told to get lost (or worse) 100's of times a day. Still, it's a job I suppose but I'd rather be unemployed than lower myself to this sort of thing!
Phones me several times a day, nearly every day
Asian woman called yesterday saying I had been misold PPI. I've never had PPI.
I don't answer number's I don't recognise. 01335 248005 been calling my mobile daily for a week. Rang back from a landline today to be told it was "Media Match and the call wasn't important". Have now blocked the number on my mobile but, no doubt, others will pick up where these sods leave off.
This PPI company have called me several times, among many others. I've decided to play a game called keep them on the phone for as long as possible. This time though the oriental/Asian woman got angry and accused me "ME" of wasting her time hahaha
Obviously a call centre(knew all of my personal details!) Offered an insurance policy mis-selling review. Became persistent when I said not interested but eventually gave up.
Told the Asian pig to go and stick your head where the sun doesn't shine
Keep calling several times a day. Rang back and was told Media Match call not important will ring again. Real pain. Companies like this should be prosecuted for harassment.
A few days ago, a female caller with oriental accent called about PPI claims. Told her not to call again. At the time, I inadvertently reported this as an 01325 number.
Same rubbish, PPI
Never answer numbers I don't recognise, but these people have called several times already and don't seem to take the hint!
lots of missed calls in April 2016. When i finally answered one, it was a gent who struggled to speak English and was from a obviously bogus company called CLAIMS DIRECT.
this number always calling several times a day never answer it and other numbers all of which are a pain in the ass definately harrassing .
Left no message!
this 01335248005 fu3king number, keep call me over 10 times in a day! i told them not to call again, but they are still calling, and finishing my phone battery! even i before i use it, if i dont need a phone, i will not use it at all because of this mtf ?
Pain Ppi Claim or blame Scamcall
This number is really starting to annoy
Thanks for comments. BLOCKING CALLS - If you have an iPhone, go to the missed calls section, tap the 'i' icon next to the phone number, scroll down to 'Block this Caller' and tap on 'Block etc' again (there's no save function, that's all you need to do), then go back to missed calls section and delete number. Just keep doing that and the calls will eventually reduce, so no need to dump your phones! MAK
Clearly a call centre wanting to talk about a miss sold insurance policy. Told them to go away.
Several times a day. Very annoying.
Twice today blocking now
Same as everyone else fed up to the back teeth with these morons and all the others it is time something was done about this any one got any ideas?
Phone my private land line when u pick up up lines dead other end or no one talking.
Some credit card stuff fro 2009 that never happened.
They frighten me I'm old and theses things worry me. They call and I say hello but it just goes dead. I have blocked the number number. I can't understand why they do it, it makes no sense
They call and then hang up once I answer
Never answered.Blocked it.
Asked for me by my Christian name which really infuriates me. Asked if I had had an accident. Said no and hung up.
Some woman with an Indian accent asking for me by name from a claims company. Please don't give these people any of your information, just block the number.
No idea but it's incessant
2 or 3 times per day.
Total pain in the arse, if I could get down the phone line a rip their heads off I would, they are constantly ringing, them and others like them. My mobile is bombarded with this crap.
Calling daily. No message. Occasionally goes to my voicemail with call centre noise in background & no message left by caller. Blocked then now as had enough.
This number rang twice in 2 days. When I rang back the answer phone message states that the company name is Media March and say the call was not important and it cuts off. It's a nuisance call. I think these nuisance callers should be fined heavily.
Utterly sick of this number. I can't answer it to tell them as I am not allowed to use my phone in work time,! Not on!!!!
They have rang me every day for 3 weeks always while at work. I work in a contact centre and there are rules about how many times you can call someone!!! 15 calls over 15 working days = harassment!!!
No idea. I blocked this call. They keep on trying!
These arseholes have phoned twice in two days - Blocked Now. These bastards should be heavily fined & given a good kicking.
i was called by this number 3 times yesterday
I have taken the advice of previous comments and blocked this number
never stop ringing
daily calls, extremely annoying
Asked to take off database. Operator was extremely rude and when I asked to be put through to that person's manager they hung up.
Unknown Left no message.
Chris the Indian who couldn't speak English. Talking about claims and needed to send urgent paperwork to sign.
Indian lady calling regarding the Financial situation before 2009 and claiming... - they had my previous address - ABSOLUTE SCAM - Be aware
Daily nuisance calls .
This company calls over and over again - as others have commented where do they get all this personal information from? Staffed by a load of foreigners who cant speak English. I guess at least they don't withhold their number but they refused to provide me with a Company name so obviously not legit. Have reported to TPS but as usual they will do absolutely nothing - another useless government quango!
found 3 missed calls from this number - no idea who the hell it is!!
Call every day until blocked!
Called multiples times a day for a few days.
8 missed calls in the last 10 days. Out of curiosity I called the number back this evening: "you were called today by Media Match. The call was not important and we will call you later".
Have been receiving daily calls from this number for weeks, having read the remarks I have now blocked the number. It is harassment pure and simple.
Received a call from them today (05/05/2016)...when I dialled the number to see who had called me the recorded message said "You have been called by Media Match. The call was not important; we will call you again". Having just read the other messages on this notice board - I shall block the number immediately. Thanks Johanna
I've blocked this number because they are ppi people who will not take no for an answer. They've already had too much of my time that I'll never get back.
harassment calls, this number keep calling despite my attempts to block or report!!
At least once a week I get a call from them.I answered one months ago it was a PPI claim company, I said that I had made a successful claim, they were sorry to have wasted my time........and still the calls continue!!! Annoying but I always check before I answer my phone now.
Claiming I was due money back from policies I had taken out for loans! Blocked
These guys call every day and are a complete waste of time. I've blocked their number, but an independent authority should be doing something about this.
Called a number of times. Finally got fed up and answered. Asked for a Mr Kerr. When I said I never heard of that name asked again for a Mr Kerr - tings (curtains). Think someone is playing a joke on them.,
Called me today and after reading the comments below blocked caller immediately - thanks for helping decide on blocking this caller.
Called earlier, didn't answer. Blocked.
Cold callers I have blocked this number.
Very persistent PPI scum - I ignored the call for about 2 weeks but they attempted to call EVERY DAY. I eventually answered and they knew my name, I asked to be removed from their database, they continued to ask questions about PPI despite this, so I hung up and blocked them. They don't go away if you ignore them, so block them if you can. At least they don't hide their number, i suppose.
I answered and got an automated message saying "This number tried to call you, it is not important but they will try again later" Looked them up on here and added them to my reject list
A guy who called himself Christopher from Claim Insurance said I'm missing out on money as I have been involved in a car accident. He then gave out my full name and address before I'd confirmed my identity. For all he knows, he could have had the wrong number which makes me more vulnerable to fraud. Major breach of the date Protection Act - and when I told him that's what he's just done he told me it's OK because he's trying to help me! Madness! I'm going to look into this further.
I've just called the Citizens Advice Bureau - they advised to register on Telephone Preference Service. This means your number isn't as publicly available and it's an offence for a company to make a phishing call to the number you've registered.
Been receiving calls from this number a few times a week.. I eventually answered today. A man told me he was from some company regarding PPI.. I told him to take my number off their calling lists. He asked me was I still living at this address. I said no ( it was an address I lived in over 6 years ago) and I hung up and blocked the number
Similar to other site users I was called by this number today. I did pick up, and the man was SO rude. I make an effort to be polite on the phone, even to nuisance callers as I guess it is somebody's unlucky job, but this guy was the worst. When I explained that I wasn't interested, he started shouting at me. When I very kindly asked him to stop shouting, he needless to say continued. I then informed him that his customer service skills left a lot to be desired and hung up. They asked for a 'Gabriella' as well, which is a name I have used on voucher sites with my spam email to avoid nuisance like this!
Another one on my blocked list.. I don't understand why anyone would answer an unknown number. If it's genuine or an emergency they'd leave a message. Unfortunately, you can only report cold callers who withhold their number when making an unsolicited call. These callers can be fined up to £2.5 million A small step in the right direction, thanks to a 'Which' campaign.
Why won't these bastards leave the public alone
Asian voice talking about PPI.
Something along the lines of Debt management. Quite a polite lady who asked to speak to Norman, my father, who has been dead 3 years. She apologised quite profusely when I told her as much.
Persistently calling me everyday, have now blocked the number.
PPI Call
rang daily - answered the call - my work number - wouldn't listed to NO - ppi call - I told them send me the info by post I don't do phone call scams - we'll see if I get anything posted to me - I doubt I'll return the docs so at least I've cost them postage of some sorts for my pain :-)
harrassing now blocked
Scam call. They ring me twice ever day even though I have answered them once by accident, and told them I'm not interested, remove me from mailing list!
Keeps ringing me all the time
PPI call.
Constant harrasment
Called and they even left a voice mail which will cost me to answer.... 01335 numbers are ringing me every day now. sod off.
Calling on a daily basis since 16th May at different times of day. I answered once but promptly hung up once I realised it was PPI scam.
Cold calling and constantly ringing.
Constantly ringing me. Varying the time of day. Being very persistent and a nuisance
Don't know who this is but shows Ashboure area??
stop calling call everyday without fail at different times
Call centre asking for personal info - I just hung up and blocked number !
I asked to have my name removed from the register. The man replied with a firm "no we can't" but yes they have to. Then he hung up.
01335248005 calling every day...Asian person. Never answer anymore. Once was enough!! They never leave a message. Becoming a real pain in the butt!!!
Call me everyday and they never leave a message, clearly no one I know.
Said they were claims inclusive.. Told them i have moved and gave them their own address. Tried to get my DOB to confirm who i was . I told here i doubt they have my DOB and to look up the definition of "confirm", she then hung up ... Job Done :)
01335 248005 same old rubbish. Some asian ringing from down a well. Just say "yes" to every single thing they say. They soon hang up. They are now blocked !
Calls every day, Asian guy/girl, complete harassment, reporting them to Ofcom.
can someone just shoot this person. valuable time with my family and you have to deal with this nonsense.
so annoying 3 times every day
i have call display and just dont answer but very annoying when they ring
Gentleman but a complete Pratt, needs reporting as I am sick to death of the phone ringing 5+ times per day. I bought a whistle and blew it when they called...stopped for a while but now back with a vengeance.
This number called twice last week and again today. I called back the first time as it registered as a missed call and I thought it might be a family member calling. Got "Media Match" The last time the caller asked for Andrew Cox. I just said wrong number and hung up. Why oh why aren't the penalties heavier for this sort of thing?
Another pain in the arse call
Claims Inclusive - Spam call
peeed off with this s added a reject list
Phone call 3 times in the past 3 hours and decided to answer the last time...Asian woman called saying I've got the wrong insurance..
They keep ringing my work mobile asking to speak to Mrs Perry. Been doing that since the start of this year, each time I tell them they have the wrong number and to take me off the records, but do they listen!!
Keep calling 3 times today and yesterday pain in the butt now blocked the number but they just call back on another one!!!
Found this missed call, glad I checked them out through this site. Will block them.
Some d*ck head got my name wrong, then got arsy with me when I asked him what the call was regarding. Absolute prick.
Calls at least twice a day on house & mobile really annoying nuisances
01335 248005 called my work mobile and said they were calling from "Claims Inclusive".
They stayed on the line for 9 seconds of me accepting the call & putting the phone down for them to speak to silence
Constantly calls my number despite never picking up
Nuisance number, have blocked them on my iphone as they shouted abuse
Called at least once a day for past week. Blocked them but never answered the calls.
They just don't say anything. Every night at the same time.
Keep ringing me constantly
I just missed a call from this number and rang it back. Automated message said - you were called today by Media Match, the call was not important, we will try again later. I think not - blocked.
PPI seller ringing from South Africa! Nice conversation about the beaches out there!!
3 calls in 20 minutes
01335 248005 called my personal mobile, asked for me by name, claimed they are from "Claims Inclusive". Rang off quickly when i said he wasnt here. Rang them to hear automated message (Your were called today by Media Match the call was not important we will try again later). I think not (blocked !!)
01335248005 from Ashbourne England, call about 4 times a week, if I dont know who they are I dont answer, over 4 weeks now
Claims inclusive. A very rude and pushy woman - I told her I had requested my details be deleted I am not interested in claiming ppi - not going to explain to her why. She kept calling me by my christian name, would not let me talk, she raised her voice and was abusive to me that I must listen to her etc etc....... then when I tried to speak she slammed the phone down on me! I have had more calls from weirdos since registereing at the job centre for work............ and I answer these odd numbers thinking its a prospective job.
Scam tried saying he was calling about people owing money had poor English and sounded rude!
Asked to speak to my husband. Always calling me. Bloody scammers!!
Abusive and exhibiting lack of understanding. Which part of NO do you not understand?
I have been called about 20 times now which is harassment. How do companies get away with this. I have blocked the number now!
Got multiple call from 01335248005 did not know the number so not picked up.
Keeps ringing and texting my number, so annoying.
Been ringing me for weeks. Eventually answered the call and they asked for me by name. When I knew call was for ppi I said i wasn't interested and asked for my details to be taken off their list. The man constantly talked over me and was very rude. Should not be allowed to harass people like this
Unbelievably rude, actually shouted at me down the phone.....cold calling for PPI cover refunds. Despite saying I had no interest, and me asking how they obtained my number and noting that cold calls I am not obligated to respond to ..`Lola` demanded she continue as she has the right to free speech. DO NOT ANSWER - BLOCK THEIR NUMBER
PPI. They call me every week and sometimes give a quick missed call so I'll call them back!
One call a day for last 4 days, will be blocking now
Phoned 7 times in last week, blocked now after looking the number up 7 reading comments
Spamming bastards trying to "pitch and close" for PPI. The couldn't close a toilet lid.
Has called my mobile number several times over the last week - I don't answer calls that I do not recognise
Dont answer calls i dont know..if its that important whoever it is will leave a message anyway...but they never do ! They call me everyday, same time, so ive just blocked it now
I work night shift this number phones me at 9am ever morning as I'm trying to get to sleep !!!
They call my land line about three times a day very rude -how do I block them
Keeps ringing and leaving voicemails of a noisy call centre.
Calls me several times a day, but I don't know the number so I don't answer
called for PPI and wanted me to confirm my address (I didn't) - were very rude and I ended up hanging up on them to end the call.
Don't answer calls from unknown numbers, especially when checked it is a scam for PPI that i have never even had.
They call three times a day. I don't pick up. They don't leave message. How do I block it?
Keep calling my mobile. I dont pick up calls i dont know
They ring about 4 times a week.
PPI claims don't answer
This phone no belongs to Media Match. Also about PPI claims. They are really a nuisance.
I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognise and I have blocked this number on my mobile. They have called 4 times since last Wednesday. Phoned the number from my land line. Says it belongs to API Telecom and gives an 0845 number for more information about them. Have not tried that one.
Wont tell me who they are. Want to Know who I am. Explained as they are ringing me they should announce themselves.
They call me 2 times a day everyday so I finally answered and it was a stupid PPI company! Don't answer!!!!
Yes this number was for PPI claims! should have check this on the web before picking it up as this number been calling me since last week and the caller is so persistent even I told her I'm not interested and dont have a time for this call!
blocked call as kept playing music for about a 30 seconds then hanged up. Call now blocked
PPI Call - keeps calling but now goes to voice mail. Still, wastes their time now not mine.
Just had missed call from this number. They've called me before - cold calling. Usual PPI / car accident / some other claim they think I could or should be entitled to. These people who call must have completely given up on life if they think they are doing something worthwhile and contributing to society in a positive way. I couldn't sit at a desk with a headset on being told to get lost (or worse) 100's of times a day! Demeaning, shameless and an utterly worthless waste of a life.
They always call and won't tell me who they are!!
PPI call. And asked the man to stop calling and he said they would keep calling until we asked them to check for PPI claims. Cut the call and blocked him.
Keep calling 2-3 times a day
Kept calling each day but not at the weekend. Answered today and a woman replied looking for Daniel!!!
Called twice today.....assuming it is a sales call
just called, didn't answer and checked here. seems like ppi.
Someone saying I could be owed money, told them to remove my number and details as I am under 18 and they rudely hung up the phone.
Phones me daily!
PPI company!!!!!!
keep getting calls from this number... Very annoying
Called me twice each day.. 1st, 4th and 5th. I rarely answer unknown numbers. I did today though.. yes PPI related. Hung up on them.
Started getting these calls after getting quotes for pet insurance 4-5 times daily, didn't answer, number now blocked
This number has called me every day, I answered one call, nobody on the line. I have since blocked this number!
PPI company .
Calls me every day!
calls me at least twice a day, for past week. Don't answer unknown numbers.
"we believe that you are one of the people who have been mis-sold insurance..." hang up and block!
Calls everyday sometimes twice a day pests block the number trying to sell insurance!!
Got a missed call from this number. From the comments it seems to be a call centre gathering leads for a PPI company. Not like I need PPI looking into ? I work in an admin job for a PPI company. I would have also been too young to have a loan/credit card etc when the mis selling was rife.
Calls me at least once, sometimes twice, every day!!! I answered today and it was a woman with my name and address saying I'm entitled to a claim. Explained that I'm under 18 and they shouldn't have my details so if I get another call they'll be in trouble.
keeps calling me constantly
This number keeps calling me. on my mobile. I eventually answered and when they asked for me, I said I was a friend and could I pass on a message. They would not even tell me who they were and said they would try again later. I said it wouldn't be answered, but now I see all these other complaints about it, I am going to be very rude to them!
Woman keeps calling me asking for sex. Told her I am busy making omelettes. Hung up
Rings my mobile everyday!
Called on my mobile so rang them on my number withheld landline. Firm called Media Match, recorded message saying their call was not important, but they would try again later. Suggest blocking this number
Women called me said my name and postcode and then a lot of noise start up of shouting both male and female I couldn't make out what she was saying and told her to tell them others to shut up so I could hear what she was saying. She shout at me she would call later when I had turned my music off. Then hung up.
Don't answer after reading comments on here but rings me at least twice a week.
They used to call me a couple of times a week now its a couple of times a day. They said they wanted to speak to my husband (used his name) about financial matters. Its a company called media match but they are now BLOCKED !
After reading these reviews I'm happy I didn't pick the call up. If some hot chick is calling for a s*x I'm not interested - I have better things to do!
They call me a few times a week and I never answer. I'm recently applying for jobs so it has made it more complicated to just ignore every number i don't know.
Woman called asking if I liked S&M. I thought she meant sausage and mash. Hung up.
Have no clue just a pest
They ring me every single day. I've never answered cos I blocked them immediately but I still get a text saying that I missed a call.
Ring my mobile everyday! Who are they?!
They have been ringing me everyday.
s*x call seriously ffs
After reading this I have added the number to my contacts as spam.
Never answer again grrrrrrr, PPI claims company. Call 4 times a day on mobile...BLOCK
Keep calling everyday, just blocked the number
Called me 5 times in past 36 hours. I have not answered and have blocked. Reading these comments I was right to do so. What a pity that I have to take these measures to escape this nuisance.
literally had this number call me about a claim.
PPI call to previous owner of number, Blocked
Ppi claim
They never stop called all week
Total scammers and won't take no for an andwer
Called me I didn't know number so didn't answer then I had a text saying you've missed a call from 02
Called several times in last couple of days, when I answer I hear some background noise but no one speaking, then call ends.
This number calls me on an almost daily basis but I don't answer. Am blocking it having seen the comments posted here.
4 times a day
Frequent annoying daily calls, no message ever left.
01335248005 - no idea who as don't leave message.
I answered then there was a delay with call centre background noise before they said hello. I just hung up and checked this site. Thanks for the feedback as I will now block.
Spoke earlier, she knew my post code and address. When I asked what the call was regarding she said well have you had a mortgage, loan or credit card. So i played dumb and reminded her that she called me and surely she would know if I have had any of them as she knew all my other details. Number has now been blocked with many otherd!
Everyday!!! Should be against the law. Blocking.
Been ringing when I have been in work about 3/4 times a day. Absolute nightmare... No idea who they were so checked this site. Seems like a bogus number. Really frustrating. :(
I kept them talking for nearly rwenty minutes asking for their details. Eventually they hung up.
25times and counting
Persistent PPI call
Calls three times a day,
Was abit bored so I answered, when a foreigner asked for me by name I couldn't help myself so put on an accent ( not too sure what it was lol) and said no you can't, when he asked why I said cause she dosent live here, and he hung up will be doing again and again until they leave me alone
Didn't pick up but keep calling my mobile
Curry Niggers!
Nuisance PPI caller - phones regularlly
Calling 4 times a day don't answer becoming a nuisence
Called 3 times today. Didn't answer. No messages left.
01335 248005
01335 248005 Ashbourne, England Called 6 times today I answered and the he hung up when I asked if I could have his mobile number to call him all day n see how he likes it BLOCKED!!
called again ppi blocking
I called them back and you can easily remove your number. so no more calls :)
Ashbourne PPI blocked
Pain bin the backside, call at least 4 times a day 7 days a week
Calling every day but not leaving messages. Blocking number - when I work out how to :) Until then just won't answer.
Didn't answer as I didn't recognise number. thank you all for your comments on here, have blocked
Comes up as a business called media match, haven't answered but they ring at least twice a day! Blocking number.
Massive c*nts ring continuously then hang up when you challenge. Block.
Has phoned more than twice a day for the last month. Blocked back at the start but I still get a message to say i've missed the call
Pain in the @@@@
Called me about 3 times a day for at least a month. Don't answer!!
If you answer they don't speak, play music, have blocked them.
01335 248005 has called several times didn't answer as didn't recognize the number no messages left .
thank you for this advice(other entries previous)now I know not worth answering.
Continously calls arseholes
01335 248005 pain in the bum cold caller!!!
01335248005 a call every day....sometimes twice a day,I don't answer but have sent a " f*** off " txt back a couple of times.! Blocked it now using 7726.
Constant calls all hours day/night
pretend to be from O2!!
Apparently they are rob and Daniel they are convicted pedophiles so be very careful.
Rung me twice today and about 5 times yesterday. Didn't answer. Have blocked.
continous callingg 5 times a day!
Unknown nuisance several times a day
sick to death of getting several calls a day from this number
Called three times a day for last week blocked number fed up
don't know who they were, got wrong name- hung up.
Pain in my arse
Been making harassing phone calls all day today to my girlfriend hoping to track the number to a company be warned
Annoying PPI. Blocked
they keep calling for Nigel Allen, told them wrong no, keep calling my no asking for him! blocked the no now.
Has rung me a few times no message left, suppose they hang up before it costs them!! Thanks for the feedback now blocked.... my blocked list is getting longer and longer lol
Did not answer read reviews and blocked.
Such a pain asking me to submit a claim. I asked him to remove my number and he started to shout at me.
Claimed to be Chloe. Kept asking me to confirm who I was. When asked who they were insisted it was "confidential" and they HAD to confirm who I was before they would tell me. I hung up!
Since I blocked the number it has called me 20 times! On average once a day.
Call on average 3 times a day starting bang on 9am and as late as 7pm. Pain in the backside. They ask for me and I say 'what is it concerning?' and they say "oh hello Mrs so-and-so it's abut your PPI claim". I say I don't need to claim and ask them to stop calling...2 hours later..another call.
Called but left no message now blocked the number
didn't answer but checked this website. thank you all, have now blocked
They have tried to call several times over the last few days. Said I was entitled to a claim. Left them talking to themselves before they hung up. Have blocked the number.
Called a couple of time over the weekend and today. Automated machine "You have been contacted by media match..." then it rung-off. Have blocked the number.
Called several times a day for the past few days, I did not answer and they left no message. Now blocked.
calling almost every day have just ignored it now trying to block it
Called me every day for the last 3 weeks. Never leaves a VM. Now blocked.
Keeps calling, absolutely terrible. I don't pick up an have blocked them they are very annoying!
Didn't answer. Getting a lot of calls from similar to this. checked and thank you all for your input! Auto blocked
Louise caliing but would say from what company, asked 3 times for company and then said she wouldn't say who she's calling from - got told to go away ! then blocked :)
insurance policy claim
This company needs to be stopped from using this practice!! otherwise they should not be granted a licence to operate. blocked now!
keep calling despite being registered with TPS
Constantly being called at home an on my mobile. Never had a car accident, so no claim to make !!!! Have asked repeatedly for them to stop calling me. Told they would remove my number, but never do. This is harassment and this marketing should not be allowed.
everyday for the week so today I answered and it was all about a claim I could make - told them to lose my number and the fellow got quite angry so hung up and now blocked the number
Keeps calling my mobile then hanging up!?
insurance policy bs claim
They are called Claims Direct at 136-144 Old Shoreham Way, East Sussex. I told them this number was the Ministry of Defence for the UK and they needed to remove it from their systems otherwise one of our security teams would have to visit them. I got an apology and they even said sorry.
The scammers are the big companies, like British Gas, EDF, HSBC, etc. They create a corrupted legal organization. Do not bother with Wills or Power of Attorney. They are also scammed documents. Do not have any asset with only one person's name on it because if you loose capacity, you will not even be able to spend your own money for your own benefit and the benefit of the people you care about.
Have called everyday at various times. I never answer as I don't recognise the number. Thanks for everyone's information. Can carry on ignoring it
They've rung my mobile number both yesterday and today asking for my husband. I've explained it is not his number and all they say is they'll ring him back ...& hang up.. Stopped answering.
Called twice over the past 2 days. but they hang up before I answer - really f**king annoying. all your info is really handy guys thanks - next time they try ill have a not so friendly threat to hand. cheers.
PPI; but will hang up as soon as you say you're not interested.
call me every other day i just keep them talking then tell them to fek off, they must love being feked off as they keep coming back for more. love wasting their time.
just let the phone ring if i am near it switch it off just a big pain in the you know where needs stopping sick and tied of not only this no but others also GET THEM STOPPED . 013350248005
I keep getting calls from this number which I don't answer after reading the comments here. Number now blocked.
After reading the comments posted blocked.
Thanks for this info,have just had them call me but didn't answer it,will block it now,glad i found this site!! x
PPI - block the number and don't bother being polite with them as they hang up the moment you express disinterest.
they rang me i asked who they were didnt tell me can someone hrlp me
Called me twice in the past week. I don't answer numbers I don't know but after seeing comments here I'm glad I didn't answer anyway.
5 times in 2 days sick off telling them to stop ringing me
Had a few missed calls from this number, eventually answered as the number comes up as Ashbourne and I have family in that area. Knew my name and said it was a company called claims direct, at which point I put the phone down, if you call the number back however you get the voicemail of a different company. I just blocked them.
Keep ringing my mobile, not answering whilst at work, sick of cold callers constantly ringing. Have now blocked as becoming a nuisance.
Have I been missold insurance ... PPI did not catch name of company could not understand person on other end. Heavy accent south african at a guess
Unsolicited call.
Yes keeps ringing - won't take a hike - as it's not my iphone number can't ban it so have to put the phone on silent. No - no errors I am not a robot but a 64 Scottish granny
They have called me three times today. I haven't answered because I'm at work and my phone is away and silent. Wish I knew where they got number from.
Called me 3 times within the past 5 days, I don't answer unknown numbers, I always say, if it's important they'll leave a voicemail. A friend said to google the number, so I'm glad I did after seeing the comments on here
Not yet answered the phone and don't plan to! Constantly ringing and getting sick of it!
Did not answer phone. No message left. Called two days running.
Has called me every day during office hours for the past fortnight. No mobile reception in our office so it is always a missed call.
Rang 5 times in last 2days. Just pressed answer button and put phone down. Thought it might stop them but no such chance. Blocked the number but they just get back from a different number. Real pain.
keeps calling why dont they f*ck off
01335 248005 keeps calling doing my head in...
Keep calling me. Never answer them. Nuisance, 2-3 times /day.
PPI Harassing calls. Getting them all the time. Keep telling them I'm 15!
Answered the phone stupidly - was a claims company. Just put the phone to one side and let them talk to themselves. Number has now been blocked although I'm not sure how effective this will be
Harassing calls and they don't take no for an answer
Knew my name, and a company called claims direct. Trying to catch you out if had any accident's in the past. Denied my name and put phone down.
Harassing. Called 3 times in one day.
Persistent nuisance calls from this number. Grrrr.
Persistent nuisance calls from this number. Grrrr.
Exceptionally persistent despite me being exceptionally rude to them if I bother to answer - had 5 calls in one day.
Wouldn't bother. PPI related.
Some claims company about an accident that I have supposedly had. I have been exceptionally rude as I have never had an accident but the still keep calling. I have blocked the number but they must change it because they still get through.
media match hang up
same as above
Non stop harassment
Said they're calling from home claims. Hung up.
* asking for P. A. Said you've got the wrong number. He replies, "good afternoon Mr A*, this is your last chance to make a reclaim on your unclaimed PPI." Very loud and intimidating. I put the phone down
ramg 4 times
ppi insurans
do not answer
just block them
scum nuisance call
I keep getting pestered with this number calling my mobile, sometimes 2 or 3 times in the one day. I do not answer them. This company needs to be stopped from using this practice, otherwise they should not be granted a licence to operate.
will not stop calling
computer ppi caller
blocked because of reviews
Didn't answer
ppi chaser
insurance policy claim
Do not answer this annoying number
Don't pick up
*, don't answer
constantly ringing to sell products
don't answer
pain in the *
dam pests.
pain in the neck
leave computerised message
calls every day
constant calling several times a day nothing on line
yet another cold caller
Nuisence call
constantly rings!!
rubbish call
nightmare callers
pain in the but
unwanted nuisance call
silent caller... eff off!!
I wish they would just stop
Automated call. If you don't speak, and I don't as they rang me !, then the machine just says goodbye... if you do speak the automatic message will stat !
dodgy call
Media match is the company
Every single bloomin day! This even leaves a voicemail which is automated! Annoying AS!!!
marketer cold call
Media match
Ppi claims rings constantly 3/4 times a day
phones umpteen times a day
My husband called the mumber back, claimed to be media match, load of rubbish, I smell a scam. Dnt answer anymore.
go away plz
accident claim
"my pension"
PPI sales
Ppi/loans claims company
This call is mostly concerning the PPI claims, pensions, insurance marketing - sometimes in connection with the Media match company. Just another telemarketing.
do not pick up. ppi call
dont answer
selling ppi
leave me alone
pain in the backside
do not pick up
unlit my Wyo
rings nearly every day
nuisance call
Calls everyday. Very annoying.
do not answer ppi
Yet another good for nothing ppi scammer
ringing 2 or 3 times every other day
time waster
Hav had several calls from this number after answering to silence first time I do not answer anymore. I did block no. but still get thru.
Claims Inclusive - calling in regards to PPI
Keep calling w*rs
blocked with app
ppi scammers
Constant offender
keeps calling
PPI Scam Call
insurance claim payback for mortgages or credit cards of which I don't have
bloody idiots
unwanted unknown caller