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Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 02035141765. Phone 02035141765 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. This number has 9 user reports. Phone number has been searched 159 times. All reports are written by real visitors of this website.
Phone number formats: 02035141765, 020 3514 1765, +442035141765, +44 20 3514 1765, tel:+44-20-3514-1765
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Lottery scam asks for your sort code then asks for your personal bank id number ie your account number when i refused he said ill get my manager the manager says the same i said ive checked your company on trustpilot she hung up
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Nearly believed some of the spiel.. phoned saying I had won ten lines for lotto this Friday. Asked my numbers he had my name, address and mobile number. He said I would be entered in with another 150 people and if we won then money would be spilt evenly. He then asked for my sort code saying he would only need that to know my bank. Then asked for my account number. I knew at that point it was a scam. He supervisor came on the phone immediately and started to speak to me like I was silly for questioning it. I let her chat whilst I googled and found the comments above. Thank you. I then swiftly said I wasn’t interested and hung up.
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It rang up and said iv won the lottery even though I don't play the lottery ?
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When called back their automated voice system says it’s Lotto direct then the woman said it was about a competition I entered and that they would email me? Either way dodgy! BEWARE!‭
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I don't answer unknown no's I look them up & if it's a genuine call I ring them , otherwise I just delete it
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As said in previous comments....apparently from lines for this Friday.....then 300 lines for the price of ? Not an English accent. Wanted to know my bank name. Waffled on in a very charming way about security etc and wanted my sort code. Spoke to me as if I was dense explaining that they could do nothing with my details and I was paying no money today. When I wouldn't oblige he prattled on about being able to take money from a charity if this was not secure. When I stated I couldn't acres my bank details he tried to encourage me .......I knew his game at the was quite amusing to lead him on a bit. In the end I said I would have to call back with the info and he hung up on me. A very charming approach!!!! would be very easy to fall into the trap.....Huge scam.
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Something about lottery, I blocked the number but they still call me numerous times a day.
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Had call after call from various 020 numbers i never answer just block em getting sick of it now!!
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Phoned over several days. When I did answer told me i'd done lottery online and won free entries but after all the spiel said I would get full refund. I asked refund for what. What would I be paying for? Also I stated I had never done lottery on line so why was he calling and how did he get my number. I advised I thought he was a scam. Then he tried again. When I said very politely "Thankyou but no Thankyou i'd rather leave it" His tone changed and he said he would not waste any more time on me as he could be calling others who would appreciate it. A reputable company would not speak like that. He spoke with what I would describe as a possible Nigeria or Ghana accent. Something like that.
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0031103003126 Unknow 3
Called me and said noting. I quickly hung up.
03306781390 Debt collector 5
Robinson way are a bunch of stroke pullers, they lie to you, promise they can help you and work out a payment plan you can afford. The spill they give you must have been written by a top Hollywood screen writer. As soon as you give them your debit ... read more
Sovereign International cold call - asks for accounts payable
0037167058047 Unknow 3
silence. moved to blocklist
223-204-2150 Scam suspicion 3
Text me asking if I was me but by my maiden name and I asked who it was and no response.
No idea I won't pick up as I think it's someone selling crap
06857210901 Unknow 3
Belde om 3 uur. Telefoon lag in keuken aan oplader. Na 3x overgaan hield het op. Toen ik nummer terug wilde bellen, kreeg ik bandje dat ik een buitenlands nummer belde. Meteen opgehangen.
Received a text basically asking me to call ‘Emma’ as she was in hospital after a fall and needed an op.
038707000 Prank 5
these number is unsafe
01214391003 Debt collector 8
This is Vanquish Bank, debt collection department
479-991-0901 Scam suspicion 16
This number contact me and inform that i have received Iphone 11. And it urgently want me to give my personal information to ship the phone.
006768992407 Unknow 27
Just calling 1 sekond
08003896655 Debt collector 10
447507319812 Scam suspicion 6
I got this scam message: Important: Your direct debit has failed and we would like to help you correct it. Please call 0333 023 0105 to make arrangements on your account. Thank you. Green Star Energy Team. I have no account with Green Star.
Online car registration plate buyer and seller
01915437411 Debt collector 4
Wanted to speak to the business owner. Reported to ICO. Have been registered ith TPS for donkeys years. When she realised there was not business she hung up.
08002585736 Unknow 4
Aked for a named director but wouldn't leave a message or any info. Said would e-mail.
001865589392 Scam suspicion 6
Claimed to be from County Court of London, in regards to an application made for the investigation into PPI. I have never instigated an investigation or had PPI. Number blocked.
01604954976 Telemarketer 3
painful daily calls never give up, even query we are telling truth when person not available need to get a life
Call about government funded Loft Insulation