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Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 03303530243. Phone 03303530243 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. This number has 16 user reports. Phone number has been searched 735 times. All reports are written by real visitors of this website.
Phone number formats: 03303530243, 0330 353 0243, +443303530243, +44 330 353 0243, tel:+44-330-353-0243
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Peter Townsend (Rob) loved every inute of obtaining your details and selling them on, the best part is he will scam anyone with dimeenture twice because they forgot the first time, He enjoyed taking your cash monies twice ! Telemarketer
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I heard they have an informant within their organisation for action fraud (Thank God) - how are they still in business with this scam. Scam suspicion
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 Owner: Yes Consumer Solutions
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I just bought a bt phone with a truecall built in cos my nan is dim and gives bank details out to anyone, hopefully it will block ALL numbers except her contacts list. Lost £80 to this scum company
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I'm rob sturgess. I scammed you all and loved it you cant stop me
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Scam the uk the safe call way
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Oh dear, This is one of the oldest scams going around Brighton, the irony of bombarding you with cold calls after buying and selling your disabled/elderly relitives data then tricking you to pay for it to stop, a serivce which is free in TPS, those so called blockers are £5 tat boxes you have to programe yourself and they sell for close to £200 and their payment platform partner listed on their website is under investegation for financial fraud for pymid schemes, known scams etc.
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Green posts are obviously posted by the scammer. Who else would come on to a dodgy phone number website to extol the virtues of an outfit without even mentioning a phone call ? BTW its DEFINITELY not 'DEFIANTLY'( post 22 May). Idiot.
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My wife had a call from this number earlier this afternoon 0330 3530243. Unfortunately she has Altziemers and was asked for a password which she gave them, am very worried, how can I stop these call?
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defiantly NOT a scam, iv been with them 3 years and just updated mine to last a lifetime, you get the device with it worth every penny, services providers do a similar one but no where near as good.
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scam phone filtering
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Offering call blocking service at over the top prices. You do NOT need a 'device' to block calls - THIS IS 2018 - YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER CAN DO THIS REMOTELY. AVOID.
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I'm so happy to say that I'm free from cold call thanks to yes consumer solutions.
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best thing since sliced bread!! so happy worth double the amount you pay!!
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Very helpful, received my call filter device quicker than expected and works like a dream
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Txt message said it was PayPal asking me to check an issue with my account by clicking on a link in the message
Call me back
Sorry, who is this? my phone was in charger while you were calling. Please can you call me now. Thanks.
888-811-2323 Scam suspicion 12
Banking credit card fraud Ask to verify personal ID and banking details.
This is 111 return call number not spam but an important call to take if you are waiting..
This is a text message from trust deed Scotland network. About my protected trust deed
Called 0872737000 which is customer service number for Studio. I was placing an order, for which I was charged £10.75 from my phone provider, as it was stated as a 3rd party service and included an access and service charge. I WINT BE USING IT ... read more
07517082493 Scam suspicion 13
Same as the other comments. Someone called Rosie messaging ‘accidentally’ and trying to keep the conversation going. Blocked the number.
To all those worried about not getting through on this number - If this number is from Hospital etc then you will probably not be able to ring back as it will be outgoing calls only.
01202800136 Telemarketer 5
'renewable energy' sales pitch
01922720189 Prank 4
people solutions - some rude guy named mike lancaster
03300165109 Telemarketer 5
Audi marketing call, be aware they are 300-400% the cost of other garages offering the same services £364 to plug in diagnostics Which takes less time to fill a kettle.
07927644025 Scam suspicion 5
dating service abusing
07927644025 Scam suspicion 5
an attempt to steal money through dating service, ask you to ldelete account, chat through wats app, google hangouts..
03303335526 Scam suspicion 5
Texts claim that an incident involving my vehicle under policy xxxxx and a claim has been set up. This number is not a number associated with my insurance company AFAIK. Followed by another similar text half and hour later. The policy quoted is ... read more
I don't know who they are they called my neighbor, they are looking for me.
01784817684 Scam suspicion 7
They arranged a visit to our house and wanted both house owners to be present for an energy check. They will provide certification for free!! They wanted to know about windows, cavity and loft insulation.
08003285644 Scam suspicion 6
Had call saying HMRC after me for tax fraud and if I didnt stay on line they would issue warrant !!
01492579000 Telemarketer 5
Invalid number. Presume telesales
07486485125 Unknow 10
found this number on my 10 year old sons phone. put the number in to whatsapp and a picture of a middle aged man is the profile. called the number, he answered asked him why he was calling a 10 year old boy late at night. he responded in a London ... read more