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Actually the caller is energy provider Eon (or their engineers Morrisons), usually chasing up installation of smart meters. If you don't want a smart meter, simply don't answer. Event reminder
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This is a follow up scam number from a follow up scam email. They are pretending you need a smart meter and scaring people in to getting one saying it is contractual. Avoid at all costs. Ripping off the vulnerable as per usual scamsters. Scam suspicion
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Previously reported this number. Have been called every day this week,picked up for the first time today as fed up with it and the line went dead. Will now block the number on Call Guardian but annoying for people who haven't got this feature.
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This caller rang yesterday and again this morning. Very annoying. Didn’t answer, they seem to get past Call Guardian by saying message left but there is no message left.
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I have Call Guardian but call registered as announced call. I didn’t pick up as I only answer calls that in my calls list. I’m glad I didn’t after seeing comments .
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I had this phone number phone my landline,luckally I was out and had answer machine on and they didnt leave a message.
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5 silent calls from this number in the lady few days. Very annoying.
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Genuine? Genuine callers with nothing to hide do not use automated computer dialling so all one has when one answers is a silent call. This one that people on here are saying is a genuine company needs to get it's act together. Have had at last 5 silent calls from this number since the weekend. Should they actually turn out to be fitting smart meters for my energy supplier I shall refuse to allow them entry and change suppliers to one who uses a proper contracting firm.
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Caller immediately hung up.
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This is a genuine call from Morrison utility who are working on behalf of eon and are involved in the goverments nationwide meter changing programme. All old gas and electricity meters are being phased out and replaced with a smart meter free of will receive a letter from your gas/electricity supplier. If your not sure give your supplier a ring for confirmation
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This is Morrison Utility Services, it is not a scam, it's a genuine company installing smart meters for e-on.
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A lady left a message which I could hardly hear. I thought she said it was a banking enquiry so I deleted the message and reported the number.
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I rang them. Spoke to 'Lewis' He asked me to confirm name address and post code. Then started enquiring about personal details unrelated to teh fitting of a meter and I refused to provide answers so he terminated the conversation. Sounds fishy to me.
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Keep calling even after number blocked
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Still call daily even after blocking number
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Still calling even after blocking number
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Left a silent message. I am none the wiser. But looking at previous comments I am an ex e.on energy customer. And they have contacted me regarding smart meters by post. So could have been them .
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no idea, inever answer unless i recognise name or number
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Caller did not identify themselves and wanted to know who I was! Seemed random as Eon don't know my phone number. I hung up.
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Morrison utilities on behalf of E-on, wanting to arrange a time to install a smart meter. Correct surname but we've recently closed our E-on account due to a house move. Said he'd remove us from their list. Odd.
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The caller sounded authentic but surely eON should contact us before this time if it is their intention to have our meter changed. Apart from which, is it absolutely necessary if I am quite happy to leave things as they are?
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Morrison Utilities on behalf of E-on wanting to swap existing meter. Did have a letter about it in the post which had the same number on it. Apparently they want to swap to a smart meter. They are a nuisance in the number of times they call, but otherwise harmless.
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Utility Wearhouse....
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This is a surge in electricity companies contacting people to have a smart meter installed. Be aware that Canada has had this forced upon them in recent years and the feedback concerning their new service and costs is very negative, 80% of customers in Toronto are seeing an increase in their bills. Is this worth it just so you don't have to provide a meter reading anymore. Definitely not!
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The man called and asked to speak to Mr. Me (exact name, amazing !) and said he was calling on behalf of eOn, regarding electricity meter change at the property as they have had a team working on meters change in the area until July. He also asked if I have received a letter from them about meter change, but when I replied:"not to my attention" he cut off immediately. How come ? What does he actually want to do ? Who is he? Very strange. I think these people don't call with good intention. Let's be careful.
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Morrison Utilities (Eon)
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Not sure why they called but when I called it back the guy said he was from EON but I just hung up.
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Terrible telephony. When challenged, she said she was calling to tell me I needed a change of electric smartmeter. Mentioned I was house sitting and had no idea what she was talking about!
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Been called twice from this number and it’s been silent for seconds before the call ended. I have asked for a smart meter to be installed when they are available in my area. They are either working with a broken telephony system for trying to fudge their stats I’d say.
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Just installed Viber on my phone and this number calls me. hangs up after I answered.
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Morrisons on behalf of EOn, in regards to fitting a smart meter reader that I requested.
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A silent call this morning. I assume from this thread it's Morrisons, - what a coincidence - I received a letter this morning telling me I had to have a smart meter. Phoning the company, they eventually admitted I can opt out. Let's see if the contact stops.....
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I received two calls Thurs 12/4/18 at 18.22 then again on Fri 13/4/18 at 13.11. Silent calls no answer so looks like being dialled from a computer. If this is Morrison Utility on behalf of an energy utility company as some other posts are indicating and is very likely correct, this amounts to some sort of harrassment. Energy companies are desperate to reach government targets by installing Smart meters so are what amounts to harrassing customers by letter, phone etc etc to get them installed. Don't bother! Ignore letters - no-one has to have these things fixed and they are not saving much on bills anyway. Smart meters are purely for the convenience of energy companies. Report these tel calls to Ofcom and the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) as well.
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0800 121 8149 called and then hangs up. The indication on other websites indicate it "may belong to legal and general2 which might be true because 2 days before I cancelled a direct debit to legal and general. I have blocked the number now so ill ... read more
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Calls from this number every day, but never anyone when I answer. Really annoying
This is nationwide building society.
03451120123 Event reminder 36
Actually the caller is energy provider Eon (or their engineers Morrisons), usually chasing up installation of smart meters. If you don't want a smart meter, simply don't answer.
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It's Leicester N0nce Kamran Qayyum chasing children in Spinney Hill Park with his N0b hanging out.
Go Fedex pay duty and taxes
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It's a bloke named Benny Harvey