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Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 03457606060. Phone 03457606060 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. This number has 15 user reports. Phone number has been searched 500 times. All reports are written by real visitors of this website.
Phone number formats: 03457606060, 0345 760 6060, +443457606060, +44 345 760 6060, tel:+44-345-760-6060
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Sounds like fraud. A guy with a thick accent called, claiming to be from HSBC, knew the name of my business and that we had a bounce back loan. Told him I didn't have the time to talk and he should call again later. Scam suspicion
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Received 2 text messages which showed up as being from "HSBC". Looked like scam to me. First was saying i had missed their call and would i call them back on the 606060 number. I only had 50k in the bank and not requested any payment and fraud had not tried calling me which they normally do. Two days later the second text asked me to contact their fraud department on another number (not the 606060) about a 90k payment. I did not have any missed calls so i know that was incorrect. I only had 40k in the bank and couldnt even want to make a 90k paymeny even if i wanted to. HSBC would have phoned which they have in the past. Getting texts only raised the alarm too. I ignored the texts and deleted them. If HSBC have a problem they will phone me until i do respond anyway. The only spooky thing is how the scammer knew on the same day that i have accessed a bank account which probably only gets accessed a couple of times a year......time to scan my pc again!
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Do not have any contact with this guy, fraudster. Claims to be calling from HSBC asking for verbal authorisation of a payment to India. BEWARE
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Yup, Scottish guy, just called me didn't know my name said he was from Visa and 150000 had come out of my acc from Flying Design . I called him out, total scam.
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I had a call from a guy with a Scottish accent claiming to be with HSBC business banking and was calling regarding a blocked payment to a Mr Singh. I said I didn't know anyone by that name and asked him what account number he was talking about. He then said that for data protection purposes he would need to ask me a few questions at which point I said it sounded like a scam and hung up
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I had a Scottish guy calling himself Adrian contact myself claiming he was from the Fraud team at HSBC. He informed me that someone has tried to access my HSBC Business account using a Mobile device. . I told him l was ringing HSBC to check, which he was more than happy for me to do, then l never heard from him again infact, he couldn't get of the phone quick enough. He tried to convince me he was ringing from a HSBC number, which appeared to be correct. When l told him l have looked online and he has tried to scam other people, he said these were disgruntled customers who didn't understand he was trying to help them. Well unlucky ADRIAN, but l smelt a RAT a mile off!!!!
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Just had a call, the number is very close to the HSBC customer services number but this is not the bank. Scam - do not call and do not give any information over to them.
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A man rang claiming to be from Barclays Business. He wouldn't give me him name or phone number and eventually said p#ss off before hanging up.
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is a scam making out they are from HSBC no such thing once he was aware the foul language started had a second private number call pretending to be his manager yea ok
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Caller pretended to be from my bank - saying that he had blocked a payment to HMRC - when I told him it was news to me he hung up - do not give them ANY information !!
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Answer phone and it goes dead
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For business banking customers, you are required to contact HSBC business complaint service on 03457 606060 or +44 1226 260 878.
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Telephone HSBC Banking (Business)
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HSBC Banking Call Centre
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0018264419989 Scam suspicion 2
Being bombarded with various numbers lately . Didn't pick up. How can we stop these calls? I do block each new number as it appears but they must have an infinite number of different phone numbers.
01277355668 Scam suspicion 59
Coward, Pu$$y, N●bhead, Benefit Begger, Fraudster from Leicester Kamran Qayyum P!gface Mor●N, Scammer, Noodle Arms, Twiglet, Liar, A$$hole, Waster Kamran Qayyum Leicester, B!tchboy Bumm€r.
07903589671 Scam suspicion 2
Unknow number. Left Text 'Tue 4 May 2021'
855-294-1814 Scam suspicion 6
i had a call from this number as soon as I had answer they hang up
866-229-0827 Scam suspicion 8
Really look like a really good scam. Take care, don't give any personal information
08082800767 Scam suspicion 9
Had a call from 08082800767 urgent call from Santander please press any number to continue .....
07440 Scam suspicion 4
Sounded like a call centre. Said nothing then hung up
03301000222 Scam suspicion 8
I was called this morning from a witheld number by an asian sounding person who said he needed to verify my meter supply number. He was unable to confirm my electricity supplier and provided 0330 1000 222 as his phone number when pressed. When I ... read more
scam call
02022 Scam suspicion 3
LED advised 02022 794758 rang at 2.07pm. No N/K to me so PUPD phone. But 1471 advised 02033 707796. Pleased I acted as I did. SCAM.
00182 Scam suspicion 4
Recorded call from female purporting to be from Amazon thanking me for my order for £399.99 and with instructions to confirm or otherwise. One of many similar from different numbers, same voice! Over recent weeks Suspected scam call from ... read more
00441793596931 Scam suspicion 6
Had phone call today from Indian sounding woman saying they where someone from "BT Openreach" and they needed to access my computer as someone was trying to get onto my computer. I told her I thought it was a scam she said no it wasn't. I said I ... read more
01452645083 Scam suspicion 2
I received a call from someone who I thought was affiliated with another company I was working with and told me I didn't need to give my credit card details or anything as it would come off and he would send me details etc. I have never received ... read more
07379875083 Scam suspicion 2
I got a text message about an unpaid Royal Mail shipping fee with a link to a scam website.
447458333222 Scam suspicion 15
Received a text saying "Sorry I can't talk right now" and a voicemail from the same number. Made me suspicious and not responded to either
6666420 Scam suspicion 2
yeah this dude called me claiming to be 69 and he was gonna give me free robux i obviously accepted and got my credit card stolen but at least I got my 420 bobux B)
03457606060 Scam suspicion 16
Sounds like fraud. A guy with a thick accent called, claiming to be from HSBC, knew the name of my business and that we had a bounce back loan. Told him I didn't have the time to talk and he should call again later.
003397496284 Scam suspicion 2
This number keeps calling every 3 days and then puts the phone down, like there waiting for me to call back.
855-294-1814 Scam suspicion 6
1 855 294 1814 off my caller ID. Just got this call I never answered on Mar 31/2021. A scam robo call claiming to be surveys Canada. Looked up on internet and all claimed this number is scammers robo call. To anyone. Please don’t fall for these ... read more
I haven't used my phone whatsoever. I'm checking my usage in my bills and somehow I've called this number three times when my phone is packed away in a suitcase for over three months and TURNED OFF. Freedom Mobile FTW