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Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 07786203121. Phone 07786203121 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. This number has 21 user reports. Phone number has been searched 24 times. All reports are written by real visitors of this website.
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Received a text from this number advising I was being billed for parking. Checked my Ringo account and there was a live parking session in London even though my car was 100 miles away from London. Not sure how these people got my number, booked the parking and made Ringo bill me.
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I have just been text from at 8.30am about a £5 charge for parking, time from 8.18 am to today, weird when I got woke up with this text and I am disabled and don't drive, Just hope this crap with telephones scam is not starting on mobiles now as it is bad enough with a telephone line, I would like to know how they get the numbers as to me it must be it can only be from your provider passing on your details, Come on some geek stop this before it gets out of control.
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The other users are incorrect, this is not a scam. The number is for the app 'Ringgo', which lets you pay for parking electronically. If you receive a strange text it's because a user has your phone number linked to their account for whatever reason, maybe a typo. You pay for the parking on your Ringgo account, it does not charge your phone. If you do not own the car (or the app) you will NOT be charged. Just ignore the text.
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They seem to have my phone number associated with someone elses car registration . When I text them back they say "sorry cant park your car". Cant see why I should pay to call them to point out their error as they will probably ignore my call as well, Just have to put up with their nuisance calls for evermore
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Just got a text at 12:29 saying I have been charged £2.80 for parking from 12:29 to 16:29 hrs in Bexley They must be psychic to see into the future! The reg no is not mine and I have not been in London for years. Checked their website and they clain they have awards for their service. They should be awarded a prison sentence.
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Keeps calling, I see from above it’s about car parking. I DON’T OWN A CAR!!
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This is the RingGo Parking app sending a text message confirmation. This gives details of the vehicle, location and expiry time of my parking. I use it almost every day and It is a genuine app.
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Total scam received text of car I don't own whilst in royal glam hospital and have been for 3 days!!!!!
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Text about car i don't own to say I owe parking fine.
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Text me with car reg I don't own, parked at a day and time when I am out of the country bunch of scammers.
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Text me with car reg I don't own, parked at a day and time when I am out of the country bunch of scammers.
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Not a scam. This is a mobile parking agency called RingGo. Texts from this number are either confirmations that a car connected to your phone number has been parked and paid for, or reminder texts that a connected car parking term is about to expire. You can set up accounts online, where you provide a phone number for SMS confirmations, so most likely someone has registered with the wrong phone number if you received an SMS without ever using the service - seems a bit harsh to jump to the conclusion of "SCAMMER!!1!!!1!1!1!!!!1!" if you haven't bothered to ring the company helpline. They have a number to ring if you received a message from them that you don't recognise - 0203 046 0200. Be aware this is charged at the normal network rate.
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My wife has just received 13 texts from this number concerning a car we do not own being parked at the same time at 13 different locations and when I ring RingGo I get a message telling me they are not open until Monday.
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My wife just had a text for a car she doesn't own or drive. Seems there is. Company call Ringo or my Ringo. Either this is a scam or the people working there are incompetent when texting people to remind them re parking expiry details.
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Have texted me twice about a registration number for a car I don't own (I don't drive).
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This is definitely Ringo, I use them all the time. They send you a message once you have parked your car, and another 10 mins before your parking runs out.
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total scammers wont stop texting with car registrations we dont own
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It's definitely Ringo, I used it today for the first time. It sends a text when you have ten minutes parking left. I'm not sure why the person below got a call if they don't have a car, can only think the car owner has given a wrong digit in the phone number.
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07786 203 121 Had the same text saying about expiry of parking and i dont even have a driving licence or a car, number plate Y18 DEG. YES I WOULD SAY ITS A SCAM
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07786 203121 is the number the Ringo pay by phone app uses to text confirmation of the commencement and expiry of your parking. I also believe you can text to it for their 'Text to Park' option.
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This phone number 07786203121 is a d*ck HEAD PLANNING A SCAM DONT GIVE THEM THE TIME OF DAY
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