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Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 07860022148. Phone 07860022148 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. This number has 30 user reports. Phone number has been searched 972 times. All reports are written by real visitors of this website.
Phone number formats: 07860022148, 07860 022148, +447860022148, +44 7860 022148, tel:+44-7860-022148
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Text saying all schools in my area are reopening in September? COVID-19 thing Scam suspicion
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Text to say scheduling test at 10am did you get it? Scam suspicion
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Text message We are working round the clock right now due to the hot weather and we pumped an extra two million bathtubs of water yesterday into our network to avoid those in the Ashford area experiencing low pressure. It is due to rain tomorrow so put your feet up today and leave nature to water the garden. Thank you for saving water and helping us meet demand in these unprecedented times. Other
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Number texted twice this morning 18/9/16 stating they were having problems sending or receiving e-mails and to text 'YES' - I ignored the two texts.
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Text saying that our company is having issues with the servers. Respond YES to confirm you understand. What a loads of rubbish!!!
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Number text me saying "Test Message - This is a test message from GNM's emergency alerting system. To confirm: reply with YES and send." NO WAY IM BUYING THAT SHIT TATA
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Claims to be jp morgan call tree test. Avoid.
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Claiming to be from Barclay's in numerous texts but im not convinced.
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Mass corporate fishing scam from this number. Answer with caution
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Used by Everbridge for Alerts. Our company is signed up to receive these.
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Emergency snow school closure Hertfordshire County Council alert.Genuine.
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My work use Everbridge to confirm that they can reach their staff in the event of an emergency. Safe number used by many companies.
0 0
Safe is everbridge an alert system you would have previously signed up to for alerts such as no school due to snow
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Was an automated message from school saying due to snow, they will not be opening in the morning
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I'm actually testing the BCP Everbridge system and sent myself a notification,This is a legitimate number used by Everbridge which is a large corporate organization specializing in sending mass notifications in the event of an incident,
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I use Everbridge for work. This is their number, if you are being contact and do not know what about it is likely that someone has miss input your number into the system. Feel free to ignore it but the system is designed to be persistent so it will continue to call/text you until it gets a response. a Any response should end the calls, they already have your number an it is not a premium line. If this is a regular problem contact free phone 0800 035 0081 and threaten them with legal action under GDPR for holding your personal details without your knowledge or consent.
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I received a text message from this number saying "S: Customer Services Emergency Test We are testing Everbridge's mass notification tool. Please reply with YES to confirm you have received this message. Thank you Reply with YES to confirm Must be a scam as this is of no familiarity to me!
1 0
Claimed to be a security BCP test which we are currently having in the office and I stupidly replied YES!!!!
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Many firms/businesses use this service to reach employees with urgent information (emergencies).
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I didn't respond no way my work company went out this text they are scammers trying to get details and money
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Left text saying it's the Birmingham emerging traffic alert. Have had 4 calls a day plus texts from them for last few days. Sheer volume of calls and messages makes me believe it's a scam.
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banking on the terrorist attack in london and sent a text yesterday asking to reply YES to have access to the Westminster area. really well penned, looked official from police, please arrest this company and FINE THEM, it is a disgrace!
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Just had a text message from this number relating to the current situation in Westminster, that none of my colleagues have received: S: Security incident London UK Security incident in Westminster please avoid the area, see news feeds for details Reply with YES to confirm. What am I meant to be confirming? That I've received the text? That I'm following the news feeds? Ignore!
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From what I have gathered, this is a communications service provider for companies and schools such as JP Morgan Chase, Barclay's, GNM and many others. I have confirmed with my employer (JP Morgan Chase) that this is a safe number; they use it to contact me and my fellow employees to inform us of office closures, natural disasters, etc. This is a legitimate service and I trust it.
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Text message received claimed to be a test of the Kennedys [sic] Emergency Communication platform. Asked me to reply with YES
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This is the Hertfordshire county council, you may have singed up to receiving notification on the school closures due to weather conditions
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cold calling a pain, this is not a school number, but how do you stop it
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A primary school in Royston, Hertfordshire, claiming to be my child's school which it is not. Now receiving up to 3 calls a day, Just hang up but a pain
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Claimed to be Lloyds Register
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Sorry, who is this? my phone was in charger while you were calling. Please can you call me now. Thanks.
888-811-2323 Scam suspicion 12
Banking credit card fraud Ask to verify personal ID and banking details.
This is 111 return call number not spam but an important call to take if you are waiting..
This is a text message from trust deed Scotland network. About my protected trust deed
Called 0872737000 which is customer service number for Studio. I was placing an order, for which I was charged £10.75 from my phone provider, as it was stated as a 3rd party service and included an access and service charge. I WINT BE USING IT ... read more
07517082493 Scam suspicion 13
Same as the other comments. Someone called Rosie messaging ‘accidentally’ and trying to keep the conversation going. Blocked the number.
To all those worried about not getting through on this number - If this number is from Hospital etc then you will probably not be able to ring back as it will be outgoing calls only.
01202800136 Telemarketer 5
'renewable energy' sales pitch
01922720189 Prank 4
people solutions - some rude guy named mike lancaster
03300165109 Telemarketer 5
Audi marketing call, be aware they are 300-400% the cost of other garages offering the same services £364 to plug in diagnostics Which takes less time to fill a kettle.
07927644025 Scam suspicion 5
dating service abusing
07927644025 Scam suspicion 5
an attempt to steal money through dating service, ask you to ldelete account, chat through wats app, google hangouts..
03303335526 Scam suspicion 5
Texts claim that an incident involving my vehicle under policy xxxxx and a claim has been set up. This number is not a number associated with my insurance company AFAIK. Followed by another similar text half and hour later. The policy quoted is ... read more
I don't know who they are they called my neighbor, they are looking for me.
01784817684 Scam suspicion 7
They arranged a visit to our house and wanted both house owners to be present for an energy check. They will provide certification for free!! They wanted to know about windows, cavity and loft insulation.
08003285644 Scam suspicion 6
Had call saying HMRC after me for tax fraud and if I didnt stay on line they would issue warrant !!
01492579000 Telemarketer 5
Invalid number. Presume telesales
07486485125 Unknow 10
found this number on my 10 year old sons phone. put the number in to whatsapp and a picture of a middle aged man is the profile. called the number, he answered asked him why he was calling a 10 year old boy late at night. he responded in a London ... read more
It's the nurse and it is important. Usually after having a blood test.
Amazon delivery driver rerouted number