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Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 07928900787. Phone 07928900787 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. This number has 14 user reports. Phone number has been searched 1110 times. All reports are written by real visitors of this website.
Phone number formats: 07928900787, 07928 900787, +447928900787, +44 7928 900787, tel:+44-7928-900787
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Reports 07928900787

This Emma on number +44 7928 900787 is not real she claimed she had fallen and is now in hospital and requested me to call her I don't trust it because as you can see in the other comments it's more or less the same story Scam suspicion
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Poor "Emma" has stupidly fallen again and is in hospital with a broken leg and needs a quick text from me if possible. Scam suspicion
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This person sent me a message posing as a friend. She claimed she is in hospital and needs me to do a favour. When I asked for clarification of who she is, response was Emma T. Must be a scam cos I called the only Emma I know and she was safely at home. Other
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Message : Its Emma. I dont knowif you will get this message cos signal bad in hospital.I had a bad fall this morning & need op. Can you text me if possible x from +447928900787 Scam suspicion
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This is a scam and they ask for a phone voucher under the name of “Emma” Scam suspicion
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Scam, be carefull. Other
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Such a scam. Similar as below. Asking to text, fell and now in hospital. Named emma. Scam suspicion
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Received a text basically asking me to call ‘Emma’ as she was in hospital after a fall and needed an op. Other
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This is the messsge: Its Emma. I don't know if you will get this message cos signal bad in hospital. I had a bad fall this morning & need op. Can you text me if possible. Obviously trying to scam Scam suspicion
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A text from a person called Sarah asking for a phone pay as you go top up of £20 as she says she’s in hospital and fallen down some steps
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I got the same. Clearly a scam
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TXT MSG - Came up as 'Maybe: Sarah' as a name - asking me if I was free and that she was in the hospital as she fell down some steps... asked if I could help her with something' obviously a scam as I don't know anyone called Sarah.
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Text message from Sarah saying she was in hospital and could I do something for her. I asked Sarah who? Replied Sarah t. I answered '???????' and no further texts. Guessing it's a scam coz I don't know any Sarahs!
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It's a scam people going through Facebook or other ways to get your number then pretending to be someone's you know asking you to buy them a phone voucher and send them the code very clearly it was really well done I just got suspicious when they said it was a 02 voucher and as 02 does not work in the village and I know this person he's a contract phone So be careful people
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08000803242 Survey 37
They called me yesterday i did some digging i see the comments here and on other similar sites. Mostly saying its a scam caller so i thought id do some investigating. Im ex police so i played along today and its actually genuine. They are registered ... read more
02070237956 Telemarketer 5
this is go daddy customer services
This number is it a scammers, I received call few days a ago he sayed that is it calling from Barklays annd made transfer my money.... 0800400100 was duplicated
01277355668 Scam suspicion 53
Noodle Arms Kamran Qayyum from Leicester called me and demanded the long number on my Credit Card to pay for a virus scan on my computer. It's a SCAM.
Quick Quid. American company.
07860022148 Scam suspicion 30
Text to say scheduling test at 10am did you get it?
I think this number are scammer . Just call in a few seconds .
03453511692 Scam suspicion 34
This is legitimate, it’s TSB calling to alert you to suspicious activity on your account. I was so worried after looking at this page I rang them back the next day (using the fraud team number on their webpage) to double check it was really the ... read more
07485787854 Scam suspicion 3
I had the number 07480046415 ring me today about PPI, said she was from the National Refund Dept, she got my date of birth, name she knew already. I asked her to send a cheque, her answer was that due to Corvid virus it wasn’t possible, it’s ... read more
410200502 Scam suspicion 4
Just text( this format) FRM:.... MSG:.... And a link DONT CLICK THAT BLOCK IT That’s all you can do unfortunately
02080775564 Scam suspicion 11
Called me just before 6pm. An Indian man pretending to be from car phone warehouse and was offering me an amazing deal to get it and wanted all my personal details. Was too good to be true and I just knew it was a scam and called them out on it and ... read more
07782000808 Scam suspicion 7
Got a SMS / text from UK-PayPal re unusual activity resulting in my account and services being restricted, with a link to a resolution centre. I have reported it to my provider as spam by forwarding it to 7726 (spells "spam" on your keypad). You ... read more
07860028560 Scam suspicion 3
Send from Halifax but it was not
01793317571 Scam suspicion 8
Called every day this week. I’ve answered once and nobody there. Must be a spam caller
Home insurance brokers who saved me money
Lloyds Bank (local branch) telling me someone had handed my bank card in to them . Genuine call - I had dropped my card outside my local shop.
Amazon delivery driver
02039232158 Unknow 13
Yes this nymber called me but i didnt answer
This is a 100% legitimate auto-generated security call from Royal Bank. The call sounded fishy and unprofessional with no caller-id. Instead, I called RBC's number on the back of the card and spoke with an agent that confirmed my credit card was ... read more
02080775564 Scam suspicion 11
said they were carphone warehouse but the awful call connection and strong accent combined with the unsolicated nature makes it seem like a scam