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Reports 08000285085

Weird fake by caller
Fake BT trying to scam over cancelled direct debit
It's BT and you can call them back but that won't help much because then you'll just receive an automated response that tey tried to call you and they'll call again later. with a cellphone there will be a charge and that's it. It is kind of annoying to not be able to call them back.
Just got a call from a patronising tosser from this number. Claimed to be BT but suspect not, if it were then BT should be ashamed, and also I'll migrate all my remaining BT lines elsewhere.
4 calls from this number within 10 minutes - I haven't answered but wondered if it was a marketing call?
2 calls from this number pm 28 Dec. I did not answer as unknown to me. They did not leave message on ansafone
Call all hours and due to bt charging fir caller display never know who it is so don't answer. But 1471 gave me this number
Had a few calls from this number in the last few days, they leave voicemails claiming to be from BT. However, I am not calling back or answering this as I have no BT phonelines/products so I don't really think it can be BT!
Received a call from this number confirming an engineer visit appointment from BT. The information they had confirms that this must be BT and it isn't a scam of any kind. It was just a reminder call and nothing else was asked of me.
Woman calls me from this number and the asks me for my BT account number. As this is something I didn't have to hand straight away I asked her to give me one minute to look for it on and old bill. By the time I got back (30 secs later) she had hang up. What a stupid question to ask at 8pm at night, why not my date of birth my bank account number or my password? It's a well known fact that BT offers the worst customer service and have even won wooden spoon awards for it. Now I know why!
This number rang 4-times within an hour. No message left. Appears to be bunch of idiot scammers. If B.T. should be ashamed of themselves. Have transferred all services to Plusnet from B.T. recently.That may the cause of calls from these morons.
Rang my mobile phone at 11:45 at night not happy!!
This was from Bt, I gad ordered infinity and it was to confirm i had received the new modem and that an engineer will be calling on the arranged date
Called me 4 times this morning They hung up 3 times when we picked up and on the 4th a recorded message saying they are BT and must speak to account holder SO why contact me with a recorded message
I've been called by this number about twice a day. I usually ignore it but decided to pick up this time. The Indian lady said she was from BT and there was a query with my direct debit. She asked me to confirm my address which I refused to do and asked her to be more specific about why she was calling. She said she couldn't tell me without me confirming my details. I still refused so she said to call BT on 150. So I did. And they said they have nothing on my record that BT are trying to get hold of me and my direct debit is fine. I can only assume this is a scam.
It is a genuine BT number. I had reported a infinity fibre broadband problem to them ( as usual ) and this is the usual number that they call back on. I have experienced this many times and can say for certain that it is genuine.
This number has been calling me on my mobile EE 4-5 times a day for the last 3 weeks with out fail ! refuse to take me of the call list, They said its a auto dial machine but it just happens to phone me non stop !! and they refuse to tell me why they are calling i don't even have BT phone line or broadband or O2 contract and have not for the last 6 years ! ! !
Didn't answer this call on my mobile but they rang the office - BT engineer booking a visit to install our Superfast fibre connection
BT engineer calling to check on an open broadband issue we had. Following up to see if everything was sorted
08000285085 Its from B.T. not an urgent call its a recorded message from B.T to say if we need to contact you we will call you again. So its not a debt agency.
I got a call from this number when at work and as I wasn't sure who it was from, I googled found this. From reading the above about telesales and scams glad I ignored it. Found this helpful. Thanks to previous posters.
Bt .... Usually follow up calls
I told them not to call and get in touch in email....
Lady called from the Philippines, was insistent that she was from BT,wanted to know who had paid my bill and if it had been paid by direct debit or debit card. Knew my name, but asked me to confirm my address. Very strange! Kept saying it was a courtesy call.
I received a call just 10 mins after I had online Live Chat with BT re: login issue. A voicemail was left, just 5seconds of background office sound. Like an error. Too much of a coincidence not to be BT. Live Chat solved issue so there was no requirement of follow up call.
this is bt chasing up a fault on our line. keeping us informed on the situation
calling to confirm the cancellation of my phone line
I received a genuine call from BT Customer Services in response to an email query I had sent the. All resolved satisfactorily.
This is from BT. I spoke to someone online regarding my contract end date, and as soon as i terminated the chat, I got a call from this number. My conversation on chat was very minimal, and I think they wanted me to commit to another contract .. which is not what i want. Hence the call to "convince" me to stay with BT.. :)
Called asking for a large sum of money, when confronted about it i could hear laughing I'm the background then they put me on hold, rung back and got a modem dialup sound... Blatant scam
This was genuinely BT. Their callback service from their queue buster system uses this number too.
Say there from BT direct debit team but BT don't know when you ring BT number from BT site if BT Don't Know the number Be careful they ask for confirmation of personal details like address landline number ect before they will discuse anything with you
Called with regards to a BT complaint, provided information only a genuine caller would have. This is a genuine BT number so ignore other troll comments trying to make you worried. If in doubt, ask questions before preceding.
ring back from BT customer service agent who was trying to find out why my b/b transfer to BT was being 'cocked-up' with failure to send new router twice! so far - regards richard
This IS BT. They just called to let me know when the engineers were booked in to fix my fault.
I had a call today from 0800 028 5085 I had missed it but I signed up with BT just last night I got told BT do not call us on mobiles they will send email instead but I thought to check in case I should anser or not so still not sure what to think about this number maybe it us BT refusing me a package or wanting upfront payment but when I did application it said all was fine and I'd get email so confused of this number
BT technical support - faults
Genuine call from BT as I had contacted them to cancel my Sport HD pack. However I had specifically requested an email response, which they sent afterwards. All now fully resolved.
BT - nothing to worry about. Please answer
My partner just had a call from an Asian woman stating she was from bt direct debits and could he confirm his address which he was not willing to do. She then said to contact bt and speak to them. We then got bts number off the internet and contacted them and they stated they have never heard of the number and it has been passed to his manager to get investigated further. DO NOT TRUST THE NUMBER THAT RINGS YOU AND IF THEY DO CONTACT BT AND INFORM THEM AS THE MORE PEOPLE THAT REPORT IT THE MORE CHANCE THE ISSUE WILL GET LOOKED INTO.
this is a BT number calling to see if your problem has been resolved
This is BT, technical issues dept, calling to check our broadband working well following engineers visit to fix.
Was definately bt. I had an issue with my infinity and i ignored this number at first but answered second time. It was a bt employer informing me of a problem they had found and told me the date engineers would come out to handle it. Then sent me a text with the details in as well.
Keeps calling claiming I've contacted them re a fault. Several calls over the weekend despite each being told I've not been a BT customer for 7+ years. Either BT is incompetent (likely) or scam. Take care
Seemed legit called to say my phone line was up for renewal, told her I didn't believe so she explained they wouldn't need any bank details as they already have them, she also gave me her employee number and email. This eased my mind a bit
Requested cancellation of an order I placed with BT, and this number called back to confirm the order cancellation. Asked if there was anything they could help me with before finalizing the cancellation. Expected call, definitely BT or someone operating on their behalf.
BT calling regarding a fault i reported earlier that day. He knew my name, and the fault, thus trusted.
Lady proclaimed to be from BT chasing an outstanding phone bill for a number that is not mine or for my address. She was quite polite but I had to end the call as she waffled on about holding the bill till maybe she finds the correct person to call.
Confirmed order from
This number called me a few times in a row, when i answered is was confirming my order. Think are part of BT.
Call today at 16:15hrs. Don't recognise number so, didn't answer. They left a 2min long voicemail, no talking just typing and call centre noise. Maybe they were just leaving their line busy to check facebook before dialling out again?! Reading other comments here I have to say BT don't have this number and if anyone did ring from "BT" I'd tell them I'll ring the customer care number I have saved in my other phone, after getting off the phone to them. I'm ditching this number soon anyway, had it for 8yrs but fed up with 80% of incoming calls not genuine.
It is BT, we have just moved house and ordered BT line for Broadband and TV but there has been a problem with our order. There is a fault on the line which they are trying to remedy. I received the call, ignored as I don't know the number, they then sent me a text message to say they would be in touch when rectified. Genuine call.
Called by to verify the number. They are not aware of it..... BEWARE!
SCAM Asian man pretending to be from BT calling about missed direct debit. I am not with BT! Asked for my details (which I did not provide) and when told my wife sorts the telephone (through a different company) he muttered tp call a number but kept the line open so it was still connected to him. Do not give them any information!
As per another comment on this number calling, BT do not have the number they rang me on. The one they do have for me is blissfully excluded from this badgering. I recognised the number so didn't answer. Strangely ironic, usually if I recognise a number it's when I pick up! There are other comments which seem to confirm that this is a genuine BT number/ call. The only thing I can think of is the scammers are somehow able to hijack or piggyback off the network, so it appears to be BT calling, when really it's a very sophisticated well-funded (from proceeds of other crime like drug-dealing), and highly organized crime racket. In this day and age we are all best off to regard any unsolicited call as potentially sinister. NEVER GIVE YOUR BANKING DETAILS!! If you simply say "well mate/ darlin' if you're genuine, you already know my name and address, so feel free to send me a paper bill that I can pay over a post office counter", chances are they'll hang up.
This number called me today saying that i have not paid my bill(i did pay it and a day early) they told me that i set up a d/d with them which i didn't and now they are going to cut my phone line and switch off my broadband if i do not pay my bill. it was an Asian man that called. Total SCAM stay away
Bt calling me back as expected
BT will call you on this number to follow up a technical fault or billing problem.
It was BT calling to deal with a complaint I had made. After I didn't answer the landline they texted my mobile to let me know they were about to call so I knew it was legit.
Repeated calls every second day or so, claims to be from BT but BT have no knowledge. Has been told explicitly to stop contacting me but continues to do so. Refuses to tell me who they want to actually speak to, want me to give them personal information first.
Calling to let me know I was successful in my job application
I had called BT 150 to notify of an intermittent fault on my line,and was put through to an ASIAN call centre, they tested my line and called back minutes later using this number. A day later they called me using this number again to test the line and to advise of the date when it would be fixed. The call was expected. They also left a text on my mobile to advise of the same. Those who have been asked for credit card datails of course should never give this out over the phone. You've no idea whether there is a rogue employee using the same telephone line.
Had a missed call. Answer phone message had a hissing sound for over 2 minutes before the caller hung up.
Return call from BT to my mobile while they were testing my landline
claimed to be from Bt - stated could not progress my new contract without a £150 deposit. I do not think it was BT!
Unsolicited calls to my tablet. I do not use my tablet for calls, therefore this number is most definitely 100% a scam.
It was BT Shop asking to confirm some details before dispatching my order. I ignored the call thinking it was a marketing call. But they left a voicemail asking for me to call them straight back. Genuine BT *Shop* call.
BT following up a complaint I made about not receiving a form for BT Basic. I gave no information, they had all the details, they didn't request any information, they knew all the details of my complaint and requests, and transferred me to the correct department who sorted out my problems and offered to backdate the service. They also emailed our email address which they had on the system without me disclosing any information. It is not a scam.
Caller claimed to be from BT, trying to chase outstanding bill. Asked for the password to my bt account. SCAM. Please avoid.
Scam. Trying to get money off of me for a bt account I no longer have and owe no money on. Foreign women every time they call same person. Wanting card details address date of birth all sorts. Scam scam avoid!!!!!!
This number rang my mobile on this Bank Holiday Easter Monday at 10:22hrs. I am still seething about their waking me up. Again, BT do not have this number. Again, if I am not sure about a number I won't answer, this time I didn't "recognise" it, on principle if I'm woken they can swivel. I'm not sure exactly what they're about, but I'm up to date on my bills and have made no complaint, (I could do, my broadband bill is ridiculous, sticks in my craw how much new customers pay in their deals!), nor am I awaiting a new/ different service. My deduction is it's untrustworthy, I've now saved it in my phone as "Scam" and in future I think I might answer it, especially if they wake me up, just so I can play silly bu**ers with them. They last rang me just before 4pm on 23rd Feb 2016.
get repeated calls from this number asking for my bank details to set up a direct debit, foreign woman i spoke to was very rude and aggressive, wish they would piss off calling, just paid my bill of £73 3 days ago fgs
called my mobile number repeatedly,after reading reviews here I answered and was requested to verify my BT account details which I refused to do as BT do not have my mobile number, this is quite obviously a scam do not give these scammers your details.
Read all your comments but it is definately a genuine BT number. If your not happy ie. Its an Indian call centre asking for card details then just hang up and ring BT on the 0800 number.
Rings but does not talk, just no way to know who it is. Blocked on my iPhone, has not called my home number as yet.
No problem here contacted BT Sport online to cancel Subs phone call was from them confirming my request.
Appears to be a genuine number, I received a call I was expecting, from British Telecom.
Called at 9pm today tried to call back said number not recognised an I tried to dial back via 1471 do not trust
This was a BT engineer (from a UK technical support centre) who was returning my call regarding a line fault. I do not understand some of the other reports. It may be because the BT caller was from an Indian call centre and there was a communication breakdown but this is an official BT number unless the crooks are spoofing callerID (even if that can be done?).
Lady said I spoke to your partner this morning about an outstanding bill - I said you did not and hung up.
Call from this number at 4.13pm but I let it ring to go to answer phone but when that kicked in the caller did not leave a message, how odd, could be a scam by my reckoning as this afternoon when I had returned from shopping I got a call from an Indian woman claiming to be from BT wanting to verify who I was and said I had an outstanding balance of £11 on my account, in no uncertain terms I told her that until I know what the amount actually refers to I will not pay and she wanted to know when I will pay it, all she kept saying was for my account, also told her that BT keep coming up with figures out the blue when they don't actually explain the reason that led to the alleged amount they claim I owe and in the end slammed the phone down on her. I am not handing over my card details over the phone to anyone claiming to be from BT. Any payments to BT I do directly from by bank account direct into theirs as I know then the money goes into the correct account number and sort code.
2 messages left , asian accents from alledged BT direct debit department advising me to call them with my account details. Not had BT for 6mths and the account is clear, in fact they refunded me money...scam
Asian male apparently calling to chase BT bill and asked for card payment. I told him I would pay in my own good time and cut him off.
ignore the silly comments on here. it's just bt
this is defo o2 customer services had a fault on my phone they've called a few times on this number. Not fraudulent and trustworthy
Caller stated he was from bt. This number is not within their website. Wanted to verify details of subscriber so as to report and rectify a fault. I told caller IF he was a bt employee to get on with the job ! Caller male with Asian accent
Recieved a call from this number today (11 Sept 2015). The caller was from BT and was prgressing my BT order as promised. The call was expected.
This number is call back number from BT telephone technicians that do follow up calls to make sure everything is fine with your line to or Internet after the problem has hopefully been rectified. If you acknowledge the call they will text your mobile with a message so that if you have any further problems you only have to message them and they will contact you.
Some Indian guy (claimed to be BT) wanted me to handover my debit card number otherwise he would visit me and take my car - WTF?!?
Caller claimed to be from BT, trying to chase outstanding bill for a number at the other end of the country. SCAM. Please avoid.
BT Account Technical Support
I had an Indian chap say he was calling from BT about a complaint I had made. Which I had. He asked me to confirm my name and said is it ok to answer for the account holder as the name was different. I said I am the account holder and that he must have dialled the wrong number. 2 seconds later he rings again but no one on the other end. My complaint was sorted yesterday. When will BT stop all these bogus calls, it's getting on my nerves now. Now blocked
Woman (possibly of Indian origin) called twice claiming to be calling from BT to follow up on report of a fault with my email service made by me earlier in the day. Given that I had not reported a fault I asked the caller to give me some of my customer details, incl. my name, to verify that she was indeed calling on behalf of BT. She steadfastly refused, presumably because she didn't have them and wasn't from BT.
08000 285085 was BT Customer Service following up to see if my earlier query had been satisfactorily dealt with. Not a scam.
Indian woman called my mobile advising me she was from BT asked me to reset my DD . As i dont have a BT acct i knew inmediately this was a scammer. Said she would transfer me to billing dept which did bot happen then call ended. THIS IS A SCAM NUMBER.
Indian woman called with my name asking for me to validate my account with BT. Asked for my first name and address. Hung up
Philippino / Indian lady called asking about Direct Debit and asked to verify my account. When i said, I don't have an account she replied "What's an account?" Been called twice today, both times not given ANY details. Be very warned. Aggressive lady, threatened she will call again.
Just had a call from this number. It was calling as I cut off a live chat by accident. Thought this was excellent customer service. Those marking this as dangerous please make sure in future you know what you are talking about before you do any more damage to any other genuine companies - it is not helpful at all to this type of forum
Scam don't answer. Now blocked
Had several calls on my home landline, say they are BT calling about outstanding invoices for a local business I know of but have no involvement with. Everytime I have explained this is a private residence and nothing to do with the business in question please remove my number as I've no idea how they have it. Despite this they still continue to call me and today had 2 calls within 10 minutes. Then they ask me if I have a phone number for the business. Surely if they are billing them for a landline they have the phone number!!!
Beware! 08000285085 is a valid BT number BUT it is being spoofed. I'm getting calls daily, if there is anyone there they have near-unintelligible Indian accents and don't have information that BT have about my account. I'd recommend that you treat it as a potentially dangerous scam unless you can find good reason to believe them. (Such as - you really haven't been paying your BT bills for example...)
Genuine BT callback
Genuine BT customer service callback.
After cancelling a fraudulent direct debit with my bank this company contacted me pretending to be BT. I phoned BT direct and they informed me that I had no outstanding payment due. An Indian woman with bad English every time.
Indian sounding female. Wanted to speak with my wife or other person 'authorised' to speak about our BT account. Said that she was from a 'collections department'. Pointed out that we're not with BT anymore and that when we cancelled BT they actually sent ME money as I'd overpaid them. Hiopefully they'll bugger off and not bother us again. Given that they purport to be from a 'collections department', classified 'dangerous'.
Had several calls from this number and was suspicious due to way they were talking, they claim to be from BT and try to get account details to 'confirm' identity - as i was unsure i hung up and later contacted BT who confirmed this was a scam attempt and that they HAD NOT been trying to contact me
Genuine BT customer services. They sent a text 15 mins before to let me know they were going to call.
They call every day and because I don't answer they put a high pitched noise on my answer machine. Extremely, annoying and definitely a scam. I have added their number to call block but for some reason it gets through.
BT engineer (from a UK technical support centre) who was returning my call regarding a line fault. I do not understand some of the other reports. It may be because the BT caller was from an Indian call centre and there was a communication breakdown but this is an official BT number unless the crooks are spoofing callerID
BT calling (left a voice mail) to follow up on a legitimate business broadband fault.
they just called me and when I picked the phone up there was no one there. Scammer then.
Have come back from work and on at least 5 separate occasions found lengthy high pitched fax machine like noises taking up loads of answer phone time. Not only frustrating that no actual human message is left but potentially could prevent genuine callers from leaving any message at busy times. NOT AT ALL CLEVER!
They call daily, 3-4 times lately, leaving a hideous racket on my answering machine. You cannot call this number back as it is 'unrecognised'. VERY annoying
Do not answer the call and block the number!
Told me there was a problem with a BT direct debit payment although I have not set one up! When I said this she hung up on me... if it is BT they have crap customer service!
Getting calls every day about an account I have never heard of. Get it blocked.
BT calling regarding a legitimate fault on a landline reported, calling to say they had fixed and to check with me that all was working ok again.
Legitimate call from BT regarding a bill query.
BT Scam callers.
not a genuine bt call after checking with bt they said its a scam call do not give them any details
Actual BT call centre advising us about our ongoing query.
I have spent a few minutes on BT CHAT during which they checked this number. The UK based operator assured me that this number is from BT, and was pertaining to an unpaid 'phone bill. She was able to give me dates, amounts etc and enabled the situation to be resolved
Guess OK , from BT legitimate.
Rang Bt for call back within an hour , got a call from an Indian man asking who I was so I said you called me he said no madam I didn't call very strange
Called my workplace number this evening. Scamming a***holes.
Keep asking personal details without providing any reason.
just spoke to BT about this and its definatly a scam
This was BT Call Centre. They rang me when was in the middle of a BT Web Chat and had looked away from the screen. HOWEVER, as I was on another phone line when they rang, they left a message and it was absolutely unintelligible because of a strong indian accent......As I was still connected to the Web Chat, I could check that they had phoned me and it WAS BT!
This number called my wife's mobile at about 1330 today. Rang off before she could answer. Obviously still at it!
This number is BT Customer Service.
Don't ring long enough for pick-up, and we don't do call back. So far at least twice a day for a week.
Claim to be BT they actually scam your bank account via direct debit taking £5 each calendar month. hoping you will not notice. Believed they got details from past X employees of BT. Call Centre is in India Beware check your bank statement, Do not confirm any details including postcodes, name or be fooled into any of their devious chat.
Genuine BT call center
Genuine BT call back
Lady (Indian) called and said she was from BT calling about my direct debit. She asked me to confirm my address, I asked again who she was and again told BT. She again told me to confirm my address before she would discuss anything with me, I told her she had called therefore I didn’t have to confirm anything, she said fine call BT yourself and hung up.
When I spoke to a helpful lady at BT she said no one from BT had callwd and when she tried the number it said not known.
This number has called my home phone a few times & not left a message. I am not with BT so they shouldn't be calling me - if it really is BT calling!
Scottish lady. Said she was from BT and asked how our broadband had been working. Funnily enough it had been dropping in and out and she said she could see that and would I like to do some test with her. I was too busy to do this and she said she would call back. Seemed genuine enough but who can tell?!?!?!
I have been in a panic all morning after 08000285085 called me regarding a fix to my BT cloud, this was after live chatting to them. I listened to some of the comments here and convinced myself that I had been scammed. I let them remotely access my laptop and they fixed my cloud issue. But when I checked the number on line it came up with all the warnings that it was a scam. I've spent hours changing passwords to protect my bank etc and it was all a waste of time. THIS NUMBER IS NOT A SCAM, IT'S A BT NUMBER AND CONNECTS YOU WITH A BT TECHNICAL PERSON.
indian lady wanting to discuss our bt direct setup and bill its a scam as called us 3 times today as soon as i said id report to police she said would not call anymore and put phone down when have you heard bt do that ,oh and said were bt
Everyone is saying this number is from BT. IT IS!! I had this number call today asking for info to pass the data protection but I always refuse to give info because the data protection act fails if someone rings me as I cant verify where the call has come from. Anyway, I rang BT myself and they had been trying to contact me. This number is not a threat and truly is BT so stop panicking people!!
this just called my land line and its 8.40pm . sorry way too late to have a conversation with BT. yes i do owe money on my bill, but ring at sensible hour
Called throughout the day and at 8.55pm on a Friday. No one on other end.
Called 4 times recently, last at 1300 today on wife's mobile but rang off as soon as anwered. Do BT work on Saturdays? Anyway,since it's unclear from these comments as to whether or not it's genuine,will not be calling back!
Called again on landline late on Saturday afternoon. I'm inclined to think this is a genuine BT number but opinion in these comments seems about 50/50 as to whether it is or not, so until I see some convincing proof it will remain blocked.
this does not appear to be BT. Don't give out any personal info.
STAY AWAY!!!! Make sure to answer your phone only if you have a number saved on your phone. If someone really needs to get a hold of you they will almost always leave a genuine message to phone back (friends, family, doctor etc) These scammer Idi*ts are getting on everyone's nerve.
Having been in direct contact with BT over another matter, I am now happy that this is a genuine BT number belonging to their Customer Services Dept. - unless, of course, some low-life has hijacked it for nefarious purposes! I have now unblocked it. I can always block it again if necessary.
Sure this is a scam as the cant confirm any details with me and saying my bill is outstanding when it isn't... i recon all the green comments are from the scammers themselves!!!!!!!
I had actually ignored this number for the last two days as I presumed it was another sales call or something, now ever after chasing BT following ordering one of their internet packaged it turns out that this was a legitimate BT call.
No answer
Rang BT today. BT will not chase phone bills by phonebut always by letter. They claim to be BT chasing outstanding bill. They are scammers. BT and police are on to it!!
BT confirmed, these phonecalls must be ignored, as they are scam,
ignored caller twice. calls made in quick succession. left a voice mail. difficult to understand voice,not of English descent .
It's BT - I was on online chat with them and the guy called me from this number
TOTAL SCAM!!! B.T. collections dept. (my bill is paid in full every month) Asking for my private info by way of security questions, I asked them why would they be asking if you're calling for a late bill and have all my information, she became quite agitated. Called B.T., they said they don't call, they just send a bill in the mail. Number now blocked.
Rang me this afternoon missed call then rang again at gone 20.30 at night saying they are calling regarding my direct debt saying my name and asking for details when I asked her why she asked for my details i said why again then she put phone down
I say scam. It's callled at the same time on two days. First I got message saying it was bt tryng to ring me. I rang back and recorded voice was a very dodgy Scottish accent . Second left no message but when I rang back it was a different accent.
Although some of the calls are obviously genuine, some are certainly NOT. BT informed my partner after he had foolishly been fooled by these vile scammers,that BT do not ask for personal bank details or to take over your lap top, plus they know your account number etc. There is a scam company that some how know you have a fault on your internet, say they are phoning to repair it, but actually take over your lap top/iPad and steal all of your information from it. If you shop on line etc they can steal your bank and card details,saved photographs and track everything you have viewed in your history. The police and Bt are both looking in to this as it is a massive problem,as is identity theft.x
Claimed to be from BT but didn't know my name phone number etc. Claimed to be following up a complaint that phone wasn t working wanted account holders details.I just played dumb. His English was very poor and seemed to be reading from a script.
about 5 calls both on land line and mobile saying it was BT and had my fault been fixed - yes I did have Open Reach to my home as fault on line so goodness knows how this number followed it up. its worrying.
No need to SHOUT.
08000285085 I contacted bt and this IS A not give them any details
I phoned BT with a complaint last night Got a return call (from India) to promise to sort the problem out ( from this number ) They Did sort it out and phoned back again to confirm it was sorted Well pleased HOWEVER They did say if a BT Engineer had to call out and the problem didn't lay with them they would charge me £ 129 I Understand why they said it ... thats business ... But would have threatened to transfer to SKY if they did ... Guess they would have backed down
A missed call this morning, so thought I'd check here. I'm glad I did - now blocked.
Scam call. Claiming to be from BT collections about an unpaid invoice for broadband - asked for my name which I didn't give. We don't have broadband with BT and my name isn't on the bill for this business line.
BT asking why I had cancelled my direct debit. Which I had as we’re changing provider. He gave me a number for the accounts department if I had trouble with my account.
I will never answer a call from a number I don't know. For what I've read sounds like it's a scam to draw you in.
the spirit of bob hoskins, offering me timeshare on the moon
I have had this number call me at least 3 times today, wish they would go away. They are getting very annoying.
Had a call from this number on my residential house line asking for payment for my business account seemed strange very pushy to get me to pay over the phone when I always pay on paper bill i asked if I could ring them back myself they refused I suspect its a scam , could be hacking into bt's system
My wife was trying to activate a BT SIM I had ordered for her, but because the account is in my name they needed to confirm my address, as I knew my wife was actively doing this it was fine, otherwise I would have thought SCAM.
Called today claimed to be from BT. They wanted personal details my answer was to say that if they knew who I was and had a BT account they would have that information so why should I repeat it. I did not recognise this number and they would not explain who they really were. I certainly sounded like a scam to me.
This is actually BT, I got a follow up email which was a reply to my query.
caller claimed to be from BT!!!!
This is actually from BT as I have had discussions with them over the issues with my account and have helped sort things out for at Executive level.
This is definitely BT, though I would mark the number as safe, it is definitely harrassing. I have been receiving calls from this number daily (sometimes 2-3 times per day) for at least 3 weeks. The caller has been telling me it is BT Credit Control, and is this XX company. We are not that company, and I have told them this repeatedly, and even given them the company's real phone number, but the calls have not stopped, becoming more aggressive in fact, to the point that I have hung up mid sentence a few times. I have today chatted with BT about it who has confirmed that the calls are genuine - there is an outstanding bill from the company in question who used to use my phone number. I have given them the feedback that their credit control team needs to act more professionally.
Definitely BT - reaction to a cut-off internet conversation on a Chat Helpline so was a good piece of customer service to follow-up by calling me, albeit the technician was unable to resolve my issue; however genuine BT caller.
I have just received a call on an iPhone with SIM card that has never been used. I have never put money on this card. (I do not know the phone number for this card.) When I answered the line was quiet. This strongly suggests that trawling is going on! NOT ACCEPTABLE.
Keep getting called from this number but only when I have spoken to BT and made an actual order/complaint. They claim to be BT, but the real BT have no record. Someone is definitely bent in BT and is selling phone numbers on!
It is BT they were calling to follow up a Broadband problem I had
I got a call from this number and checked on here first. I have just ended my contract with BT and moved to John Lewis for broadband. I also cancelled my direct debit as did another poster. If this number is a scammer then perhaps they are getting customer details via the account or direct debit cancellation process.I will definitely block this number. Those saying this number is safe might potentially be the scammers themselves. If you answer the call please do not give out any personal details and be highly suspicious. Better to call BT yourself from a different number.
This is a scam. I got a call from this number wanting me to pay a bill over the phone i had already paid.
Ask me for my name, I asked why as you’re calling me, she said because of security, I told her I would not answer her security questions as she called me.. it’s definitely a scam as I’ve not been in any contact with bt so do not need a follow up call etc!
Constant calls! 3 times a day! Never answer, blocking number!
Just had this number call claiming to be BT and wanting too much information, refused all questions, must be a scammer, as for few positive claims, what's to stop scammers saying its a genuine but number ??????
This is definitely BT. They called with reference to an appointment with the Engineer that I had arranged.
Definitely a scam call, I've had 3 today, I checked with BT and no one from BT had phoned my number. The security is now on to it. I've now blocked this number.
These are scam callers - I am an ex BT Employee_ At present (2018)they are working on people with 'slow BT broadband speeds'. Strongly suggest block this number. Always ring BT themselves if you doubt any number, better safe than sorry.
Claimed to be bt. I hung up and called bt and no one from the company has tried to contact me since Friday. It is now monday.
Rang me at nearly 9 at night.Not Happy
Scam now blocked
This is BT who were calling about a complaint I made (someone attempting fraud against my phone number). So it was a genuine useful call.
Had a call, ignored it they left a voicemail regarding a complaint I had made? funny thing is I don't have a BT line!!
claiming to be from BT Collections
BT calling me to follow up on a broadband issue I had reported. I didn't answer the call, but they left a voicemail, and then sent a text from a different number saying the problem should now be fixed. Looks legitimate to me.
it is bt about a billing issue i had just a follow up call
Pretending to be BT. They are not.
But engineer re ongoing fault
claiming to be BT but wanted too much information. kept on phoning.
I have a complaint with BT rang me at 9.40pm
This is a genuine BT number. They called me today (23/01/2018) but I was dubious about answering the call as there are so many scam, spam callers and the like. I then "Googled" the number which brought me here. I then dialled the number from my landline prefixing it with 141 to withhold my number. The call was answered with a recorded message confirming that BT had tried to call me but could not get a reply. This was then followed up with an e-mail from BT explaining the nature of their call which is linked to an ongoing issue I (and many other BT customers) are having with downloading e-mail from BT webmail (BT/Yahoo) to our computers using e-mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook. They will now call me later this week so I have added the number as a safe caller.
It is entirely legitimate, it is a BT corporate number However, caller ID can be made to show any number it is set to show, so I guess it could be spoofed ;P
I received a call from this number today "claiming" to be from BT about the telephone line and our BT modem...... if this call is as genuine as some people have reported on this website then I fail to see why they'd call me as we have not had a BT line or any equipment or services from them in over 20years!! That and the fact that when we moved house we took our telephone number which we have had for over 10yrs (non BT line)..... THIS IS A DEFINITE SCAM/FRAUDULENT number and someone is obviously selling or dialling random numbers to con you out of your hard earned money. I have reported this number to my telecommunications provider.
It's BT. Nothing malicious.
Suppisedly a BT service number but I don’t have BT so it must be a spam as the lousy bleep claims I owe BT £248.22 so spam number now blocked numer is 08000285058
Had a phone call from this number a few times after answer they claimed to be from bt wishing to speak to account holder when asked what it was regarding the lady said about a fault with our line when I told her we haven’t had a fault she quickly said goodbye and hanged up
7 calls today, only time I answered they said it was about my bt landline (just moved house and have no landline) then asked me to confirm my name to verify my account. I’m sure if someone calls you they should know your name
BT - called me why I cancelled my direct debit. Looks like billing dept. is outsourced somewhere in Asia.
Claimed to be from BT. When I queried it, I was told, “I told you I was from BT” When I said I needed more than that she claimed she must have rung the wrong number and hung up
Had a call today from 08000285085 they asked for information regarding my account, I hung up. I rang BT and they told me was a SPAM call. Beware. do not give any information.
I got a call from this lady at around 20:00 hours which is when their genuine debit payments offices, I believe, are closed. Moreover, that particular lady that was on the call with me just sounded too robotic ... no background noise at all ( this a call centre ) and her replies just .. written lines. Better hang up and call BT during their working hours and just ask if all good.
This is not a genuine BT number. I have written confirmation via an online chat with BT.
Have had repeated calls from this number. Have asked them to provide the name on the account they think they are calling about, which they refuse to give. They have said they have a report of a problem with our e-mail account, which we don't. They have given various dates for the day the so called fault was logged. On the last call, they said they recognised my voice, so they knew who they were talking to. They keep asking my name. I think these people are scammers. If they are not, BT needs to sort out their protocols.
It is BT & I was expecting their call as recently upgraded my contract & service package with them; they've also emailed and texted confirmations, EXACTLY as they said they would. That's not to say that everyone else with a negative impression is wrong, I understand that it is possible to spoof the appearance of a number on caller display so if you're NOT with BT and not expecting a call, still pays to beware with so many "genuine" (ha, ha!) spammers out there.
They have called me twice a day everyday for ages and Left the same auto mates voicemails(s) going between an Asian sounding lady and a Scottish lady and then even left a voicemail with somebody SINGING before going to the same recorded voicemail. Not BT!!
I have also been having calls from this number. It is probably BT or a company acting for BT. However I have noticed a pattern with the callls from this number and that is when you have say just arrived home and you have logged onto the internet then about 10 mins after this low and behold guess what. Your phone will ring. Give it a go and see.
Its definitely BT. The man rang me to update a complaint I made on BT website regarding a missing reward gift card. Only BT knew I did this, so is definitely a genuine BT number (unless scammers can read minds!)
There was a call from this number shortly after I sent an email to BT that specifically asked them to reply by email NOT phone. The call would have gone to my answerphone but they did not leave a message. If it is scammers, they must have hacked my email to BT! - worrying!
I work for BT Fleet, I have just missed a call from this number, and know this number is GENUINELY BT as I was then contacted via my in-house work systems to confirm I have a BT phone line, as I have requested BT internet at home
Had 2 calls off this number today. 08000285085. Saying from Bt. I phoned BT and they said there was no calls made from them and that this was a scam do not give information or any details out
Note that 08000 (i.e. 3 zeros) 285085 is a genuine BT number, but I understand that 0800 (i.e. 2 zeros) 285085 is being used by scammers.
Spam caller, trying to fish new victim - be careful
IT IS BT the lady from BT Broadband complaints just called me back off this number while i was on the phone to her from a land line.
This number called our house and then 10 minutes later my mobile, we then rang BT and they told us that no one from BT have called us.
Seems to be a genuine BT call
This is a genuine BT line. They called me concerning a fault with one of my E mail accounts that I initiated.
your momma
Just called me. Asked for my first name for verification I lied but he said "ok all good"..wanted to know if I wanted to set up direct debit..spoke to bt on Mon regarding incorrect bill....just be careful
This is NOT BT!!! I was called with a message saying my broadband was being terminated. I called BT right away but there was a delay and not usual BT options. They asked the usual account questions but then started asking for personal details I know BT would not ask for! I hung up and he called me back on this number!! I hung up again then waited a few minutes and called BT. I managed to get through to the real BT and they said this number is DEFINITELY a scam and that no one had tried to call. The man was very helpful and offered to put the TPS on my line which is free and also an option to send strange numbers on caller ID straight to a “dump” message blacklisting the number
This is NOT BT!!! I was called with a message saying my broadband was being terminated. I called BT right away but there was a delay and not usual BT options. They asked the usual account questions but then started asking for personal details I know BT would not ask for! I hung up and he called me back on this number!! I hung up again then waited a few minutes and called BT. I managed to get through to the real BT and they said this number is DEFINITELY a scam and that no one had tried to call. The man was very helpful and offered to put the TPS on my line which is free and also an option to send strange numbers on caller ID straight to a “dump” message blacklisting the number
criminal scum
Messages left by this number for 3 mornings now just lots of loud static on each one think this maybe a ploy to solicit a call back from a spoofed BT number .
just had. A call from a lady with Aforeigh accent telling y86 year old mother she hadent payed her bill she’s just had a stroke so I payed the bill for her I personally what to meat the arrogant bit that rang her and I do think Bt Should Protect it’s loyal costumers more from this abuse
Genuine BT call from BT mobile helping me activate a new sim card. Can't understand all the people saying it's not BT. I rang BT back to make sure and was put through to the same person who'm I'd asked for by name.
Spam BT number do not give out any details
They calling every day, at least twice a day. I answered today, but no one spoke ! If it was a genuine call, then they should talk !
BT didn't know whether or not it was their phone number. I then spoke to their security dept. They thought it was not BY but they phoned it and it was BT! Their advice was "if you are not sure ring the number back and ask them"!! So much for BT security.
Genuine BT number.
IT IS BT - called me today to let me know I had not paid my bill - which was correct as I'd changed bank - all polite done and dusted - no idea why all the stupid its not BT its Spam references - its BT end of
Contacted BT who advised this was NOT their number. And that they hadn't tried to contact me. They said it sounds like a spam call trying to access my account. Number now blocked.
This is not BT at all, I have had phone calls to my landline mobile and received texts say my services are going to be cut off for none payment of bill. I would think not either I'm with virgin media have been for at least 12 years.
Called my mobile and said that they were BT. HOWEVER, BT have never been given my mobile number. Whenever they call it’s on my landline. But dogs started barking and the foreign woman hung up! So never found out what scam they were attempting to pull.
BT. My bill was overdue.
Called, then hung up and left a message on my voicemail, sounded as if they were travelling on the back of a motorbike doing 120mph. No speaking. When will these companies realize that the majority of us need to speak to people who can 1 Speak our English 2. Understand how important it is to have correct telephone manners and procedure Personally I feel the bigger the company the worse they are. My bills are under review by the Ombudsman and have been for several months, I pay bills that are correct and dont if they are not. Despite being assured that whilst the account is under review there would be no restrictive action taken, my Broadband has been deactivated 5 times, phones restricted 4 times. No wonder they cannot get the bills right if they cannot find a suitable workforce.
Genuine BT customer support. I had logged a fault on the line and they were responding
It's a spam caller . It's NOT BT .they rang me up saying I haven't paid my bill but it my bill goes out on direct debit and they kept say there's no direct debit on the account . So I rang BT up and say said it's a spam caller. So watch out . ?
Genuine BT customer service. They rang my landline after a call re mobile problem.
It is bt and it’s about accounts I’ve had 10 calls in 3 days and every time I’ve threatened ofcom as they won’t stop harassing me even when customer services have told them to stop
They called claiming to be from BT, however I haven't been with BT for over 5 years now. They claimed to be from the billing department and say I owe them money. I explained the reasons I had left previously and asked them to valid that they were in fact BT. At this point the Indian sounding fella hung up. I checked the number here and seen comments confirming that it was a genuine BT call. So I called BT and they explained they were getting a lot of calls of this nature. They explained that their system leaves a 'foot print' each time a BT adviser accesses an account, however there was no evidence that anyone had accessed my old BT accounts. The person that called me was asking for my card details.
Missed several calls from this number within an hour. When I finally answered nobody spoke! Suspect this is some sort of scam.
Just don’t answer if it’s important they will write to you if you are a genuine customer of theirs
It is BT. Bur I cannot answer when there is a ring. When I ring back, a recorded voice tells me that I have not been charged for this call. BUT: This call came noe fewer that sic times in less than an hour.
It is BT. Bur I cannot answer when there is a ring. When I ring back, a recorded voice tells me that I have not been charged for this call. BUT: This call came noe fewer that sic times in less than an hour.
bt direct debit department. well if it is i'll eat my hat! scam number to get your banking details. i have checked with bt, they told me to report it. be careful out there!
There is only crackling on this line, they left 2 (crackling ) messages in less thank 5 minutes today.
Definitely from BT, rang to update me on a fault on the line that I'd reported, didn't ask for any sensitive information.
It is about BT direct debit. I cancelled my direct debit earlier in the week and was expecting contact from them. Poor quality of voicemail so can't ring back
Just be aware that the number displayed can be false so that spam callers may display a genuine bt Number.
They said it was about a problem with my direct debit and to call back “and have my PIN number ready”. I haven’t called back!
Ok so checked online with BT help and I found this on an article on their website. It does claim that this number IS from billing department but there are fraudulent canners phoning their customer which they are aware about, however, to make double sire and to offer yourself price of mind, when they phone just say thy it's not convenient and you call them back, if there is a problem with your account then there will be a note on there. Hope this helps xx
Keep phoning me claiming my direct debit has been un paid I have called bt as I know my bill has been paid told this was a scam number and no log on my account of them calling me I have blocked the number but they are still trying to call me
There is only crackling on this line, they left 2 (crackling ) messages in less thank 5 minutes today.
Definitely from BT, rang to update me on a fault on the line that I'd reported, didn't ask for any sensitive information.
It is about BT direct debit. I cancelled my direct debit earlier in the week and was expecting contact from them. Poor quality of voicemail so can't ring back
Just be aware that the number displayed can be false so that spam callers may display a genuine bt Number.
They said it was about a problem with my direct debit and to call back “and have my PIN number ready”. I haven’t called back!
Ok so checked online with BT help and I found this on an article on their website. It does claim that this number IS from billing department but there are fraudulent canners phoning their customer which they are aware about, however, to make double sire and to offer yourself price of mind, when they phone just say thy it's not convenient and you call them back, if there is a problem with your account then there will be a note on there. Hope this helps xx
Keep phoning me claiming my direct debit has been un paid I have called bt as I know my bill has been paid told this was a scam number and no log on my account of them calling me I have blocked the number but they are still trying to call me
It's BT Customer Service.
Getting daily calls from this number which is identified by a 1471 check. When I answer the call, there is no one on the other end. Treat with caution
fed up of this number ringing me!
SCAMMERS USING BT NUMBER! Had 2 calls in 10 mins from this number, didn't answer. Called back to be told it's BT. I called BT on an official number & told them I have never had an account with them so why are they calling. The girl seemed confused & searched my mobile number & my postcode & confirmed there was no trace of me or my number on the system. She asked me for the number that called me & apologized & said they've been getting calls like this recently & was going to pass it to thier fraud team. Usual advice about not answering numbers I don't know & not giving personal information.
Nasty sounding Indian voice. Should never be allowed to ring customers if it really was a BT call. Even if it was a BT number I think some dodgy business going on. The voice I am certain that I have heard before. Anyway he was rude and demanding and typical of a scam call and I am certain it was not a genuine business call
First call asked for me and as I was out asked my wife if she had permission to use my credit/debit card. She reported it as a scam. Just had a second call and did not pick up. Blocked the number.
I have been receiving numerous calls a day for weeks now from 08000285085 I do not normally answer any 0800 numbers but eventually gave in and answered got some totally incomprehensible ignorant moron claiming to be from BT, I said ring back when you can speak English. this morning it has been ringing again this time they left a message which is inaudible due to all the crackling on the line. so I would say block it.If it is a genuine BT call they should be ashamed of themselves.
I never answer the phone these days to a number I do not recognise. This number called twice yesterday and again a few minutes ago today. If they are a genuine BT number (some comments say it is a BT number) then the person calling would leave a message surely - and they have not.
Had two calls from this number in the last 10 minutes - foreign accent hardly audible asking to speak to a Mrs somebody - told them I was not this person and told them to f&^% off. The usual SCAMMERS - this is getting out of hand now as probably getting more then a dozen scam calls a week now - when are the government going to do something about this?????
Rang me 4 times today haven’t answered
I was called from 0800 0285085 today. The caller claimed he was from BT and for verification purposes wanted to know my date of birth. Having had a number of scam calls before from callers claiming to be from BT I asked the caller to tell me what my BT account number was and he said he would not provide that information over the telephone. We were then in an impasse and so I ended the call. I have had a number of such calls in the past few weeks. The genuine BT have been trying to sort out a broadband problem and have had to start and cancel a number of orders and each time they have set up a new order we have within 24 hours had a scam call from someone saying they were from BT.
Just placed order with BT now received a call from this number. Very credible chap who said he was calling from BT and knew alot about my new order. My instincts made me wary. Just gave basic info co name and address then when he wantect debit details bank details this didn't really sound right to me. So told him to hang on and looked the number up on this site. Having read comments said not prepared to give any further info. I will now contact BT and confirm what is going on. So anyone receiving a call from this number be cautious as to what info you give out, they have a lot of info which is correct.
when this number leaves a "voicemail" all there is is screeching down the line. 2 calls today in 2 minutes, this really needs to stop as is a blooming annoying. If this is BT, they should be ashamed of themselves.
This number seems to be used for a general call centre of a general purpose, they profit on marketing of any goods or services. Better refuse to answer - it should be also a silent call (testing itf the number is answering). Sometimes this number gets connected with the BT debts.
This is BT, they use this number for survey purposes, etc.
This is for BT Support when they call you to free up your land line for line tests.
this is BT call back who actually helped me fix my broadband
BT help centre returning my call
Bt team
bt call with info
Bt complaints depth.
BT returning call
good to go
BT Service Call Centre
bt engineer :-)
BT poss related to account
BT legitimate call centre responding to customers query
BT helping set up router ????
BT Tech Support
BT called centre. for me was faults team number they called me back on from.
BT help / complaints
bt complaint
BT resolution department
BT complaint resolution
bt rang on a call back when I got cut off from them
BT based in Northern Ireland in response to a complaint - they're were very helpful and were far better than the offshore centres they sometimes used previously.
BT. Call from Customer Services
Bt calling
BT Complaints, legitimate but complete waste of time.
Bt help callback
BT not negitive
BT online chat checking up on service standards
BT booking an engineer
Bt broadband support
BT calling back in relation to logged fault
BT customer service call centre
But call center very good service
Discuss to improve BT deal
it was BT. nothing to do with me but they wouldn't remove my number from their automatic calling system.
BT sales - requested call
It's BT faults etc
BT checking line fault cleared.
BT broadband call centre
spurious call back in foreign accent from BT
BT Custer service
BT fault management
BT call centre, returning my call querying my account
BT It service
A BT help line
BT responding to my query
nuisance caller
BT didnt answer
BT Helpline.
Bt retentions
BT bill reminder
Bt help centre
only called when asked to
BT to try and fix the landlines connection problem
BT calling me after they asked my permission to call whilst on live chat. not got a problem with this one
bt services
BT calling me back
BT call back as agreed
BT Business
BT, safe to answer or call
BT Rewards Team
BT call back as requested
bt callback as agreed
Pain won't give up
BT company
BT call ctr.
Bt fault centre
BT Fault Team
BT broadband helpline
BT UK Help centre
BT calling back to sort out our number
by HelpLine ok
bt callback as requested
BT callback
bt faults callback
Bt Broadband help
BT call center, helping customers with their orders
Raised a complaint and they called me back on this number after firstly advising this number was legit by text.
BT trials team
BT engineers
BT Retail fibre team
by nuisance
This is a call from a BT call centre.
BT support call centre
bt technical support
British Telecom
call was from BT to set up a new account.
BT fault reporting services
Bt customer care arranging engineer
BT follow up repair call
BT calling back regarding a fault I reported.
BT call center
bt telecom
don't have bt
BT Business installation team
BT finally getting back to me
Bt courtesy call
useless, horrible people.
BT Credit call Centre
BT calling regarding work done or ongoing
BT call centre for landlines issues
BT Billing /customer services
BT supports
data protection
By customer services
bt customer helpline service
British Telecom customer service call centre.
BT trials contact
This number belongs to the BT (British Telecom) help desk. it is a callback number for if you need help. It is NOT a telemarketing or harassment number.
BT accounts
Times & Financial Times subscribe?
block this number
Bt telecom customer services number
It's BT customer support. They ring to follow up after you've had a problem with something. They're helping!
BT customer call back helpline DO NOT BLOCK if your trying to sort out a BT problem
BT support calling back
This is legitimate call from BT call centre - Fault line, customer support department, also helpline callback + repair, and sometimes new offers + BT shop to perform security checks for an order.
BT help callback necessary!
customer help
BT help line
bt support
bt complaints
BT Service Positive Call
no one spoke
BT ball back
bt call back
BT Support Centre
BT help desk
Genuine BT call centre number
Genuine BT engineers
BT engineer
BT call centre
BT helpline
BT Faults
BT customer service
BT faults...