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Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 08000304516. Phone 08000304516 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. This number has 7 user reports. Phone number has been searched 16 times. All reports are written by real visitors of this website.
Phone number formats: 08000304516, 0800 030 4516, +448000304516, +44 800 030 4516, tel:+44-800-030-4516
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Just remove yourself from their list using - get passed the bs spam filter and it will take you to a page to remove your number - thank me later
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I do not Bank with HSBC but have a letter saying they will close my account if I don't ring them to make an appointment before 31st July. They do not quote any account numbers, account names. If this is a genuine HSBC letter it is very unprofessional and gives the impression that it is scammers phishing for information. I'm very suspicious.
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Bank confirmed this letter is correct. (But have had lots of people looking at it and thinking it is a fake). The phone number matches the HSBC wesbite contact for safeguard.
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As 02/02/2018, signed for Royal Mail letter supposedly from HSBC with genuine Box No. on the envelope. This is a scam asking to update security details. These people know your name, address and probably your account number and sort code. If you phone the number on the letter they will ask you security questions to confirm it's you, they then have every thing they need to clear out your bank account. My bank has confirmed it is a scam and have passed the letter on to their fraud dept. Don't phone the number and if you do, don't give out any security details. And if your bank says it's genuine, I suggest you move bank!
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Reported by my local HSBC branch as genuine, however if you call expect to be held in a queue for the forseeable future, with no indication of where in the queue you are.
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A banking scam number provided by letter BEWARE
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I got this number to phone given in a letter that was sent to me which was supposedly from my bank asking me to update my records by phoning it - BEWARE I believe that this is a scam.
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calls about emergency on your electric, complete spam call and keeps ringing.
Not sure how my # got into this Thailand spam system. Calling in middle of night.
02037693108 Scam suspicion 6
**WARNING SCAM** They will call and offer you a great phone deal, they will ask for all your information such as full name, date of birth, address and bank sort code, account number, cv2, expiring date. They will then process a new contract on ... read more
09011190901 Scam suspicion 4
Got charged for ringing this number , never did ring it , no one else has access to the phone , catch and string these ba####ds up , I work to make a living , you do the same instead of taking off others
As above. Text received this a.m. advising suspicious transaction on Amazon Marketplace and they would contact me. They rang and hung up, leaving a message advising to ring back on this number and input a 3 digit code which I should not pass to ... read more
0288753480 may i know who's calling me??
02081331422 Scam suspicion 5
Scammers acting as solicitors
01162160387 Scam suspicion 3
Phone spamming clowns who keep changing their number each time they have been blocked by a certain percentage of people and then start harassing all over again with a different number. You would need to be a halfwit to trust an outfit that operates ... read more
07187853450 Scam suspicion 2
This number called me. I let it go to voice mail. It left a message : "Has been deducted from your account if you wish to stop the payment. Please call us back on our help line number 1-718-785-3450 and our helpline number is 171878553450." ... read more
01529469505 Scam suspicion 2
01529469505 Automated voice called my landline today and said my Amazon prime account will auto renew tonight to the tune of £39.99. Press 1 if I want to speak to an Amazon person...or words to this effect. I dont have Amazon Prime but I do have ... read more
He tried fishing fraud on us.
07740595244 Scam suspicion 12
Paula ask if i could do some painting for her phone shop I try call her said she was working !!! Book to see her at 5.30 no address sent by Txt no info Just a time waster playing games blocked lol i win
01615187064 Scam suspicion 2
This is a company called Premier Protect and nothing to do with Sky. They offer Sky insurance but they are not calling from Sky or their registered insurance provider D&G who charge £9 per month for a priority repair / replace service. They will ... read more
01273977458 Scam suspicion 4
This is a company called Premier Protect and nothing to do with Sky. They offer Sky insurance but they are not calling from Sky or their registered insurance provider D&G who charge £9 per month for a priority repair / replace service. They will ... read more
Why should it cost £10 to call Hertz for 15 minutes in order to rent a car ??? Absolute rip off !!!! Avoid, there are so many other car rental companies out there folks !
07520631699 Unknow 3
I get this number every 2 days I am feid up with this number I don't answer numbers I don't now 07520631699
01174090627 Scam suspicion 7
Sean, some nonsense scam. Has made several ring offs in recent days. I asked for my number to be removed from their records.
07783283369 Scam suspicion 4
Scammers, wanted to buy a switch from her. Things began to smell fishy when she kept messaging me whilst at work. Gumtree then emailed me warning of her item being a scam/illegitamate so i decided not to buy. Now she is threatening me and my family. ... read more
016-372-3533 Unknow 5
Assalam..Semalam no ne kol cakap ada hutang tertunggak singer yang perlu dbayar sebelum 12 tengahari ni kalau tidak tindakan mahkamah akan di ambil sedangkan saya tidak ada loan singer tertunggak
617-202-2356 Scam suspicion 3
This number text me saying my order what ready at Turkey Leg Hut. There are none in my state.