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Phone number formats: 08004643136, 0800 464 3136, +448004643136, +44 800 464 3136, tel:+44-800-464-3136

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This is not a scam. I called back from my mobile, said 'Welcome top Nationwide' and then tied my caller ID to my name. Automated system advising me that I am over my limit. That's all.Nothing dodgy as far as I an tell. Other
100% Not nationwide, I've just rung them to check and they've confirmed that it wasn't them and that it's a scam.
Recorded message saying nationwide building society -- ignoring it and blocked number ...... little bit stupid in this day and age if it is really a call from the nationwide
Dangerous number - Its a robot voice call from nationwide - Ignore it
4 f*****g times in 2 days now , wish the little morons would kindly **** off now
IGNORE the comments in green below, as it is the scammers. NOT NATIONIDE AVOID AND REPORT
Not answered, was expecting a call from nationwide though, so presume it's them. Keep ringing.
Its an automated system - It took 30 minutes and 3 calls but confirmed its a number used by Nationwide - not brilliant practice however and leads to a lot f confusion.For example they were not aware that if you google the number it shows scam warnings. Best advise go to your branch or call the number you usually ring - never get involved with callers is best advise, seems an odd way for a bank to contact customers...
Claiming to be nationwide building society. However extremely doubt that. Out of curiosity continued with call. Then caller started fishing for personal information. Inc account numbers. Be extremely careful.
I do not think this is Nationwide. They never call, they send email. Plus they called a second number I have immediately after the first, and I know Nationwide do NOT have that number. I logged into my Nationwide account and reported the number.
Had a missed call today from this number, when I called back it didn't say welcome to nationwide, but press 1 if your responding to a letter, 2 a missed call, 3 a voicemail etc... I called nationwide directly who said they've not tried to called me & they can't verify the number so to ignore... no reasons for a collections dept to be calling me either ...
Have had 3 calls from this number, left no message. I do not have any Nationwide accounts, so cannot imagine this is genuinie.
Been getting missed calls from this number I don't know what this is or who
Automated voice claiming to be from Nationwide suggested they wanted to ckeck some transactions on my account. Offered to check for authenticity by offering year of birth - 1 if 1977 2 if etc. Hung up. Got another call later to answering machine. No message. If it's Nationwide they should be using humans to do the calling.
It is nationwide even though it looks dodgy. If you're not sure call nationwide yourself on a number you know.
I've been getting calls from the number 080046433136 for almost a year asking for someone called Julian Brown. I've tried to have my number removed and blocked from these people calling but it hasn't done any good. I've had four calls today alone, 2/11/2016. These have been from 8 am until 7 pm. I'm getting sick of it. I'm reporting it to the police if it doesn't stop after I call the number but how do I know it's safe to call and I'm not being set up for a scam? So intrusive.
Nationwide do have an automated call / text service for fraud prevention but the number 0800 4643136 is NOT this service! The Nationwide web page holds the details of the only two numbers they use for this service.
I answered this call today, it is genuinely Nationwide (I knew this before answering the call because they sent a tweet confirming this number is theirs). It's an automated service, you have to confirm your DOB using the keypad, and the reason for the call was because my account was in unauthorised overdraft. You then use the keypad to confirm how/when you intend to bring your account up to date (i.e. I chose the option where I would transfer money within 7 days)
I should have added below, you should answer the call otherwise it will keep calling you multiple times during the day.
Definitely Nationwide. Sent the Nationwide twitter account a PM myself and enquiried. They replied and said that it was 100% one of their numbers, and if you were ever unsure, call 0800 30211 to check a number's authenticity.
Yes this is Nationwide Nationwide UKVerified account ‏@AskNationwide Hi , thanks for the tweet. This is one of our numbers so you would need to call it to respond to the voicemail. Sean
Keeps calling & leaves a voice message & says it's Nationwide but I called Nationwide customer service number & they said it's not them- haven't called back as scared I'll be charged for calling- beware!
Bogus number
Asks me to call a Nationwide High call date number. Not returned call as if someone wants me urgently enough they'll call back.
Supposedly Nationwide, its not them! Bogus call although worries me they have info on us as they know our full names and that we bank with Nationwide...
Telephoned at 8.00am in morning - husband answered - recorded voice informing that it was Nationwide and that they needed to speak to either him or myself urgently - needed to press button to call back- when my husband did this the phone went dead- upsetting as they knew both our names and at one time we used to bank with Nationwide!
Dangerous not nationwide
Rang house phone, left it to answer phone then it rang my mobile number straight after. Checked on here so now blocked
Not real have been calling me for months now over the same issue that I'm not involved in
Interactive Voicemail response that asks for various details such as date of birth. Rang me, then sent a text "explaining" about the voicemail thing, but didn't explain anything further. Then rang me a further 4 times in the same day - they might call again, for the day is still young. I'm really glad I'm not completely stupid and looked up this webpage. Anyone can have an 0800 number, after all, and I've received no emails from nationwide so I'm gonna leave it well alone.
Left message saying they were Nationwide and that it was an urgent call asking us by name to contact them. Worrying that they knew our names. Ignored message.
Says it's nationwide but I don't believe it is. I do not believe they are in the habit of doing such calls randomly. Beware, cut the line and don't give any details. Really disturbed that they know my name and who I bank with as well as my number.
Keeps phoning and will leave a voicemail of 1s getting really annoying.
It is definitely Nationwide because I just spent a couple of hours tracking it down. It's from Nationwide's Collections department, which seems to operate in isolation because the ordinary customer services person I rang didn't know that this was their number, nor that they had been ringing me. I eventually tracked them down by going to their Fraud department and asking whether this number belongs to Nationwide. The girl checked and said they had indeed been trying to contact me. It seems utterly barmy to me that they think people will respond to an automated service and give away personal information without being able to verify that it is genuinely Nationwide!
Just a hoax call don't believe for a second it's really nationwide
It definitly is nationwide, gave me free 500 quid in my account:). In overdraft form :(
Very dangerous
nationwide clearly called, come on guys and gals whats with the paranoia. im late on my credit card payments and they called to ask why and if i could pay it, which i couldnt so they helpfully set me up a short term plan to get back on top. Its nationwide for absolutely sure
It IS Nationwide. I had a call from this number, made a note of it, and took it to my local branch who confirmed that it was indeed their Collections department.
Had 4 calls today from them..only 3 went to voicemail. Only a few words of the message.."...building society" then. next message .."press any number" 3rd message mentioned my daughters name then cut off. 4th call no message but traced this number.
Yes this is Nationwide Nationwide UKVerified account ‏@AskNationwide Hi , thanks for the tweet. This is one of our numbers so you would need to call it to respond to the voicemail. Sean
Currently on the phone to nationwide after recieving a call from this number and it is nationwide calling, its from current accounts as i'm overdrawn.
I had a text saying that I would be called using an automated service... and later received a call. I refused to give any information, and then called Nationwide on their fraud prevention number who had no record of making any contact and believed it was a scam. Avoid contact like this.
This IS Nationwide
Been calling me non stop. Says they're from Nationwide and cleverly use a similar number but they're FAKE FRAUDSTERS.
Received a call from this number today and after reading the comments was concerned that it could be a scam, however after trawling the Nationwide website I actually found this number on it If you're still sceptical just go to the Nationwide homepage and search for it yourself under money worries.
Nationwide Collections Department. It's an automated message that keeps calling requesting you make up your overdraft balance. If you have a Nationwide account I advise you answer as it will keep calling you.
It's DEFINITELY a scam. IT IS A SCAM I visited a branch today, and they confirmed it was not a number they have. They agreed that it was dodgy. Report it.
The number 0800 464 3136 has rung several times and never leaves a message. We certainly have nothing to do eith Nstioneide in anyway what so ever.
Nationwide scammers
What get me is how come numbers such as these 08004643136 cannot be policed. If it was political the government would soon deal with it. Basically phone companies make money from people that scam others so they do not careless.
i have received calls from this number a few times but automated voice asks for someone different, i have just called Nationwide head office and they confirm it is one of their numbers. Agreed to remove my number from data base.
I bought a new mobile a couple of months ago and not many people have my number certainly not nationwide and have had a few texts saying bring my account up to date and i dont even have an account with them SCAM
This is apparently Natiinwide recovery & collections - the number isn't in their website but told they have 4 numbers. 0800 464 3136 3137 3138 3119
Nationwide to confirm I am overdrawn without their consent.
Just to text by different numbers, suspicious on my ending four digits card means hidden the retailers has late night? Means some the retailers has been scammers by card payment at the accounts? FAKE FRAUDSTER!!!
It's a scam ,also any coment stating it's nationwide is a scam comment, ive never been with nationwide. Just add number to your barred list now I have piece.
My message said they were santander on the same 08004643136. So definitely a scam. I don't have account with santander or nationwide.
I called Nationwide today, it wasn’t a genuine call and they have reported it as fraud internally.
This number can be used by some call centre calling in the name of Nationwide bank, but not confirmed by the bank... Most users rated is as a scam call, so be aware, double check all their info provided.
rings everyday same time telesales
constantly phoning
its a trap
Nationwide Building Society automated line
poor line, hard to hear, but asking if I want to get money back
Nationwide collections
don't answer