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Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 800-463-3339. Phone 18004633339 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. This number has 12 user reports. Phone number has been searched 3240 times. All reports are written by real visitors of this website.
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confirmed, this is FedEx Canada automated customer service. Other
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I had received this call twice today, I did not recognize the number and did not pick up the phone. Both times I had some electronic sounds recorded as a message. I has started receiving many strange phone calls after leaving a negative beedback on the scam web site and this is one of them. Scam suspicion
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Scam , Scam ,Scam Other
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Go Fedex pay duty and taxes Other
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Funny enough, it wasn't a phone call I received. It was a straight up delivery notice with back door circled. No one at my house was expecting a package, but I went to check fedex's website to track the package with the # on the notice. It kept coming up empty, so I decided to google the number that was on the back of the notice.
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I feel like this is legit because after I made the transaction, I went to check what happened to my credit card, and there it was. $22.38 spent. Here's the message, in case a scammer actually called you. I think you can use this to see if it's a scam. “Hello, this is FedEx express Canada, calling about a shipment that requires the payment of charges including duties and taxes. We have a shipment for *your name* from *company*. The tracking number for that shipment is *tracking number*. Payment should be made to FedEx for the total amount of $22.38. To speak with a customer service representative, call 1-800-go-FedEx. That's 1-800-463-3339. When you call, follow the instructions to choose your language options and then say "make a payment" or "pay duties and taxes". Please have your credit card and tracking number ready, and we will connect you with a customer service representative who can process your payment. If you've already paid FedEx for these duties and taxes, please disregard this message. if you would like additional information or have questions about your shipment, please visit, or call 1-800-go-FedEx. that's 1-800-463-3339. Thank you for choosing FedEx! Goodbye!" *repeats the message in French*
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Scam. scam. scam
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FedEx calling me back about an undelivered package to reschedule the delivery and confirmed my buzz code ( didn't ask anything ) just saying to have someone available between 12-5, its also the number that was left on the slip they left when I missed them that I called to reschedule it
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At work, this number called once, then again, then it lit up all four of our lines at once. It said Fedex but then the recording was in chinese. SCAM
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I returned a missed call 18004633339, girl had Swedish accent, asked for my name and address to verity a delivery. I don not recall waiting on any delivery. So I told her you have my cell phone number look it up and she said no I need your name and address so I hung up.
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Caller ID said FedEx so I answered it. Heard a recorded massage from a female voice saying something about FedEx in English then started speaking in a different language. I didn't hang up so it started the message over again. Call ended when I dialed #9.
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Received robocall from 800-463-3339 on 8/12/19. caller was chinese-speaking female. i haven't any business with caller. scam! file complaint with ftc, fcc, state attorney, file private lawsuit and collect money damages!
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No answers seems to be spam
03333381017 Scam suspicion 232
Spamknobs. Never answer numbers that start 03
01613941169 Scam suspicion 4
Answered call and nothing, rang back to listen to overseas ring tone so hung up, didnt realise Manchester had an international ringing tone when ringing it from Wigan
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03332074219 Scam suspicion 3
Some indian guy clearly not from experian. Utter nonsense about account insurance.
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I received a text stating "The purchased item has been shipped, please confirm". There was also a link to confirm which of course I did not click on.
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Dead air
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I had a call from this number after setting up insurance for domestic kitchen appliances. The Warrington number 01925939976 relates to Domestic and General Insurance, which automated feedback call after registering a new domestic appliance for an ... read more
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Repeated, suspicious calls from this number. Blocked.
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Text claiming to be from British Gas; suspected scam. Blocked.
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Well, there's a shocker! I just rang Sky direct, and it was my account number as given, and they are refunding me the money. Apparently I was due to receive it but I had closed all my Bank details to them.
03332029524 Scam suspicion 24
This number appeared on my threatening debt letter from Scottish Gas,i have no intention of paying it as i paid last week and will contact a gas office.
Unknown no calledme
03306781097 Scam suspicion 3
Rang landline, then immediately on my mobile. I didn't answer.
Its perfectly safe, this is the sms system used by medical centres.
01614448416 Scam suspicion 10
Claimed to be, 'On the Beach' Holidays. Be very careful. complete scam
02893443299 Event reminder 6
BT Openreach calling to confirm engineer callout.
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Caller hung up immediately.