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Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 844-556-7666. Phone 18445567666 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. This number has 4 user reports. Phone number has been searched 622 times. All reports are written by real visitors of this website.
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Scammer called from this number and stated I needed to purchase upgrade security for my computer. I called McAfee and was advised my computer has no security issues and advised me to block this telephone number on my phone. Scam Suspicion per McAfee. Scam suspicion
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I had opened a ticket with Comcast regarding my TV service and there is supposed to be a tech dispatched tomorrow. Anyway, I get a call from the above number and he asked what the cable box was showing. He then stated that he saw someone trying to hack my PC and that could cause the problem. Now, I have been in IT for 35 years, and I knew he was BS'ing me. He asked me to download software to allow him to take control of my PC. I did this and let him have 30 seconds access to my PC and then I shut him out by shutting down the PC. He had opened a command prompt and I knew he was going to try to syskey the system. I then told him that I had problems with the TV not my PC and he was not to have access to my PC again. He said "Goodbye" and hung up. Beware of these calls. Scam suspicion
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A couple weeks ago I called Norton from my Norton website about a minor issue. The guy answered had an Indian accent (no I'm not xenophobic) who was professionally very helpful and kind. Anyway, he said I should let him take over my computer and see if I had any compromises. Believing he was a Norton tech, I allowed him to do so after going through the process. He found a lot of commercial sites that I was unaware. To make along story short, I was impressed with Norton's assistance until he gave me a price for the service. I almost defecated a gold brick. I hung up and called Norton and they said I was scammed. I got several phone calls from the above number telling me they were Norton affiliated. I called Norton back to complain, and once again I got the same accented voice from Norton's phone no. on their website. I discontinued my service with Norton and called my bank and changed my account status. Other
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Received this number this evening and was suspicious it was from a call centre outside the UK. Possibly a phishing site pretending to be Norton security.
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I've never given out my number and I don't live in Wales....scammers will change the CLID (Caller Line Identification) so it appears to you they are calling from within the UK,when n fact it could be anywhere in the world! It may also be Royal Gwent ... read more
Sorry, who is this? my phone was in charger while you were calling. Please can you call me now. Thanks.
It's a pension scam linked to GCM and GMC. MD possibly named Susan Scales.
03454042002 Scam suspicion 3
Called me but I have sky screening service they didn't give a name so I didn't answer.
800-449-2559 Scam suspicion 4
A bear named Wally called me wanted to talk to me about drugs and alcohol got really pushy and made me uncomfortable
Call unsafe ,always calling no answer,
Dont know who is this.. and other number.. similar like this number
ضيفي فاروق من موليد14/06/1981 من الجزاىر. ولاية ميلة. بلادية واد العثمانية
Alliance Medical Healthcare, contracted to carry out NHS waiting list reductions
01183374159 Scam suspicion 5
Leicester Bumboy Kamran Qayyum offering GayLord services. WTF???
01277355668 Scam suspicion 57
Telephone scammer and Universal Credit Begger Kamran Qayyum Leicester preaches Muslamic but begs infidels to feed him and pay his rent. What a shame of a grown man who can't support himself yet steals off vulnerable taxpayers. Spotted Spinny Hill ... read more
07557634151 Scam suspicion 12
+44 7557 634151 I have Emailed you re Scallop Production please respond ASAP. Thanks Steph
08001036408 Scam suspicion 6
Nobhed Leicester Scammer Kamran Qayyum asking for my bank details. This Benefit Scrounger from Leicester Qayyum Kamran is a Liar, Thief and research on Internet shows Kamran Qayyum is is a Dangerous Pervert. BEWARE. Reported here and blocked.
robo call do not answer
Received two Covid warning messages today relating to testing in the area and requiring me to click on a link for further info. You must be joking!!!
07860010193 Unknow 3
I have the same as minimimi, a text from TV licensing asking me to rate their servce as I called then, but I haven't called them. So deleted the text
016-372-3533 Debt collector 7
Kata pasal ade orang hutang. Tapi nama affandi bin rosdi. Dah lama dah dapat mesej dapat call. Katanya affandi ni guna number start 2016 tapi saya pakai number ni start 2010 lagi. Adelah dia kata number yang lama tak pakai direcycle semula. Hahaha. ... read more
81958297 Scam suspicion 15
random call trying to sell “investment”
It's the Coward of Leicester Kamran Qayyum Pervert and Fraudster chasing random little boys in Spinny Hill Park.
07980765493 Scam suspicion 7
Gaylord services from Leicester kamran qayyum