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Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 60886. Phone 60886 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. This number has 22 user reports. Phone number has been searched 246 times. All reports are written by real visitors of this website.
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This is the number used by HMRC for informational messages - its not a scam. This week (13/5'20) its being used to text self employed about the Income Support Scheme claim they can make on the HMRC web site. Other
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Recieved a text at 7pm Monday 7/10/19 HMRC saying a letter is on the way and to contact them about a tax credit claim I have not put one in
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I phoned HMRC to inquire about my claim for tax credits,,a few days later I received a text from this number 60886 that said they have received my claim form and I should not phone or contact them as they will let me know in 3 weeks. I had a new tax credit form sent through the post a few days later, I looked on this web site to see if the number was genuine, after reading the reviews for this number I was confused so phoned HMRC, they told me they had text me and had received my original claim form and to ignore the new claim form. On this occasion it was all ok but if in doubt phone HMRC to make sure.
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It's a scam, don't whatever you do return a call. The real HMRC are asking people to report via email to: include the number it was sent from (60886) and also the contents of the text. HMRC don't text you. Report immediately, that way there's more chance of catching these scumbags.
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HMRC: Thanks for renewing your tax credits claim online last year. Renew online now to avoid your payments being stopped. Search for Manage Your Tax Credits
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Marketing for Papa Johns again. Called the marketing office through the number here and explicitly requested that they stop all texts. 1 week later and I have revieved FOUR more marketing texts. As promised, I will now be ordering 4 pizzas for cash on delivery and not paying for them until PJs ensure they remove my phone details from the service. Would appreciate anyone else in the same boat to do the same thing.
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Claiming to be HMRC, Google'd the number and even HMRC have stated this is bogus. The guy below claiming this is legit is clearly either sending the messages or is a gigantic moron. More than likely both. Just send a complaint to your network by forwarding the text message to 7726. Simples.
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Papa Johns sent me a marketing SMS with this number to text "PJSTOP" to stop texts. As they are the best (if dearest) local pizzas, rather than cut my nose off to spite my face, I rang the very nice local franchisee, who noted my mobile no, and said he would remove it from marketing sms list. I notice it is also used by HMRC to message me when needed. So more fool anyone who pays up and uses it to send messages to.
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HMRC: Thanks for renewing your tax credits claim online last year. Please do so again before the deadline: 31 July. Search for Manage Your Tax Credits.
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HMRC: Thanks for renewing your tax credits claim online last year. Please do so again before the deadline: 31 July. Search for Manage Your Tax Credits.
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Papa Johns are using this number for their spam texts. Have reported to the service provider as instructed and they cannot get the details properly so that doesnt work. Also the contact number given here "Contact Details 0207 7296496" is wrong. Have sent STOP a number of times and am not prepared to pay anymore to do this. Am refusing to use Papa Johns again, and have told them that the next time I get spam I will order pizzas to my old address and not pay for them.
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I just got a text from this claiming to by HMRC about having renewed my tax credits, except I don't get any tax credits, nor have had any in the last 5 years? Replied STOP and got a bounce back so just deleted.
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HMRC 2 factor codes sent though this number
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Claimed to be HMRC FOR TAX CREDIT. Have never had or applied for. SPAM
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Claimed to be HMRC regarding Tax Credits . I don’t get Tax Credits nor have I applied for them. So dodgy.
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Receiving repeated marketing texts from Papa Johns. I've sent PJSTOP as the text states. I have gone on Papa Johns website and opted out there. I've called the local PJ outlet and asked them to stop also. Still getting annoying texts. I even explained that this is why I dont use Dominos anymore and that this is why I will never use PJ again. Still more spam. I am now boycotting Papa Johns for life since phoning for a pizza delivery is not the same as opting in to spam. The pizzas are not that great and if I get another text I shall start reviewing that pizza I had online, just as repeatedly.
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Claim to be HRMC
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HMRC sending verification code.
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It doesn’t charge you, it’s legit
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This is Legit, HMRC use this code to send 2FA codes and alerts.
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HMRC “apparently” sending an access code? This is a 2 step verification process and I hadn’t accessed my account so have send an email to HMRC just incase
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HMRC: Thanks for sending us your Self Assessment return. Don't forget to pay by 31 Jan. Paid in last few days? You don't need to do anything else.
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Called my number on 27/05/2020. I hav the opinion that it may be suspicious.
07554271100 Unknow 10
This number has been contacting me via text regularly over the past month, continually asking questions about a restyle. I'm a mobile hairdresser. Asking strange questions and said I am very pretty after looking at my whatsapp photo! I just ... read more
81958297 Scam suspicion 3
Machine firing talk with no breakdown of what is the call about
Be aware of this number.
07786201716 Scam suspicion 8
Text suggesting that electricity may be turned off. Suggests they are some sort of welfare.
03450522989 Scam suspicion 13
This number called my parents scamming £50 for maintenance on sky, know there passwords and card details - reported to the banks
This number is used by Parcelforce to text advice on their parcel deliveries! It is perfectly genuine and trustworthy. I have never had any voice calls from it though! It is always possible that scammers are faking it and using it for ... read more
000-000-0000 Unknow 207
07517896157 Scam suspicion 10
Dodgy dodgy dodgy uses fake names
Crank! Offensive language. Strange questions. Called for someone by different name.
01245348594 Unknow 6
Rang my number briefly but hung up when I answered.
This number is of company called FAZONS. Deals with (Residential & Commercial Property Management, Maintenance, Letting and Sales) all kinds of Repairs, DIY to loft conversion and extensions at extremely reasonable and competitive price with ... read more
03456032775 Scam suspicion 292
We received a call from this number today. The young man addressed me by my full name, but when I answered & asked who was calling the caller hung up.
I have had numerous amounts of text messages over the passed few days first asking for a price for a hair appointment and then messages ‘Hya how’s your day? Jo XxXx’ ‘ Hya are u enjoying the weather lol xxX Jo’ Just to list a couple. ... read more
reporting this number , keeps on calling
Je to podvodníčka a klamárka...
03300580661 Unknow 13
Wrong number . I’ve had this number for 6 years . I’ve never been a member of this club. Odd.
01253530342 Survey 4
If you have phoned BULB it is a survey about how helpful they were. Your choice to reply or not. it leaves a text message on your phone. I was confused as I called from a landline .
07537416555 Scam suspicion 3
Called just before 10am, phone reported it as Potential Fraud. A similar number called yesterday and left a message telling me to "press 1 to be connected or a warrant would be made for my arrest by HMRC, I've blocked & reported number. After ... read more