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Abrams 2019-09-24 0309130
0309, Phone Number, UK 0309 is a fake telephone number. Please note that all numbers generated by Fake Number, including 0309, are fake so won't work for phone number verification. If you have been contacted by 0309, you ought to be extremely cautious about answering their calls. The caller ID has almost certainly been spoofed with an officially reserved number, either as part of an elaborate prank or worse yet, a malicious scam. Be vigilant and don't let fraudsters con you out of your money. Don't accept any calls or text messages from 0309!
newsreader 2019-09-24 0127994343234
this number has phoned us numerous times over the last 4 days claiming to be amazon prime
Landog 2019-09-24 020367096764
The caller just hang out after confirming name.
wjennings 2019-09-24 0737890312768
Scam text with a link. Do not open!
Oztiks 2019-09-24 0172381843839
Two callers first Male , then female, Said I'd won a 2/3 night holiday, through survey, would need to go to Cayton Bay, Filey and take photographic evidence in. Asked for email address and home address to mail details. I said sounds too good to be true.
Swampmama 2019-09-24 02038687543146
I get called 5 to 10 times a day. I had to block this number. I cant call back, because it does not ring.
warden 2019-09-24 02080899632114
Obviously got my number from somewhere via 3rd, 4th, 5th party. Usual spam & scam nonsense.
chrstphr 2019-09-24 0745922571624
Cryptocurrency scammers. Dangerous. AVOID!!!!!
rabsmom 2019-09-24 0808280040165
Didn't answer, left a message on VM. Always suspicious if I am asked to call a number I don't recognise
Dansar 2019-09-24 020367096764
Spam and nusience
grulew 2019-09-24 018693218002
Telemarketers. Lil GDPR breach for unsolicited contact. Reported to ICO??
srcrosby 2019-09-24 03333448524124
A nuisance company boost for energy provider told them not interested still calling.
Raybear 2019-09-24 0333202947019
British Gas calling to arrange a repair
boeve 2019-09-24 0753741649519
Thought it was a phone scam due to a mobile type number. I never use phone links so used my PC to check he tracking number given. Turned out to be a perfectly legitimate FedEx delivery contact for a paint I had ordered from a UK company.
MrLiMBO 2019-09-24 0737890312768
Said look what you’ve done and sent link to song ‘look what you’ve done by Drake. Have blocked.
writerj 2019-09-24 0411750154
Answered today after many missed calls. Some guy selling van insurance. Very rude shouldn't be allowed. .
PsychGrad 2019-09-24 0141500913371
automated voice telling me that £600 had been transferred to another country from my account, and to press 1 to access the info.
azmissmona 2019-09-24 080000939534
This is the number to get your free 3 day drive away insurance when you buy a car from a Toyota dealer.
tacotim 2019-09-24 0161609063929
unwelcome cold call from someone call Dennis Riches of Commercial Surveying Office on above number
rangeer 2019-09-24 0800856140632
Energy telesales
Davidlh 2019-09-24 0130259092693
EE telesales, time wasting reprobates, about they got a real job instead of wasting honest, hard working peoples time!
Caloo 2019-09-24 07441399106110
Claims to be either Alex or Pierre offering free boiler. Five calls in two days so far.
edgedwill 2019-09-24 0126126817080
twice rang and no answer
sarikiz 2019-09-24 0162583984179
Hung up
AnotherAnon 2019-09-24 078600174524
I received a text message reminder that I had a appointment with COS??. But I don't know who they are.
BHW 2019-09-24 01256591956136
Received calls from this number this morning, no message left on my answer machine, it's annoying as I am ex directory
LivF 2019-09-24 0149701067021
When answering machine comes on the phone goes dead
SDolan 2019-09-24 0158335035079
Particularly nasty scam purporting to be BT
BubbaMcBubba 2019-09-24 01234216796138
No one speaks when phone is picked up.
nonstopcalls 2019-09-24 0148606250459
When answering machine comes on the line goes dead