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Mark 2020-05-26 07537416555268
Called just before 10am, phone reported it as Potential Fraud. A similar number called yesterday and left a message telling me to "press 1 to be connected or a warrant would be made for my arrest by HMRC, I've blocked & reported number. After checking, lots of reports of Bristol based scam Scam suspicion
jay 2020-05-26 0203384941662
keep calling but not answering ??? Why Scam suspicion
Marty 2020-05-26 00447774218991334
Letter in mail , such a rort and ridiculous, if anyone is smart this is a scam , but some people are so Gullible that this happens , go with gut instincts Scam suspicion
LHJ 2020-05-25 08003683261297
I received a text message from Sainsbury's bank saying my credit card transactions needed to be checked. Then this automated number called asking me to confirm my DOB, which is when I hung up. It could have been real. I will have to confirm with the bank tomorrow. They did mention an additional cardholder, and I don't have one, and I wasn't about to give my DOB over to an automated machine. Scam suspicion
Ian 2020-05-25 0018554247262215
I had an online chat to air bnb to try and sort a cancelled stay and have been charged over £20 for 3 supposed calls to this number Event reminder
Oliver Mboya 2020-05-25 07928900787962
This Emma on number +44 7928 900787 is not real she claimed she had fallen and is now in hospital and requested me to call her I don't trust it because as you can see in the other comments it's more or less the same story Scam suspicion
Green 2020-05-24 01179038030124
Claimed to be Sean from Bristol “operations centre” left a voicemail asking to be called back in reference to a “comms failure”. Scam suspicion
Liv 2020-05-24 07378903131497
Sent me a link saying important coronavirus updates in your area however the number did not come up as UKGOV and the website is not UKGOV either DO NOT CLICK THE LINK Scam suspicion
Javeria 2020-05-23 01277355668151
Oh No, Noodle Arms Kamran Qayyum from Leicester called me and demanded the long number on my Credit Card to pay for a virus scan on my computer. Looked up good ole Noodle Arms of Leicester and had a good laugh at him. Now his threats on the phone to me seem even more pathetic. Kamran Qayyum Leicester Bozo and Frauding Fool. Scam suspicion
John D 2020-05-23 07517082493288
Same as the other comments. Rosie trying to ask who I was. Scam suspicion
Anna 2020-05-23 01158960488285
Likely Loans are genuine, call if you've missed a payment or have an enquiry. Other
Nakayama 2020-05-23 0557820322
+674 557 8203 This is another number that they call to me by calling once and hang up immediately. Now I have blocked. These two phone numbers are done. Other
Nakayama 2020-05-23 006745578203114
Spam nauru 100 % Do not answer, do not call back it. Call two numbers twice by pressing and ending annoying calls. ‭+674 557 8207‬ ‭+674 557 8207‬ Scam suspicion
Anonymous 2020-05-22 876-429-1321139
Publishers Clearing House scam call. Scam suspicion
Giles Hudson 2020-05-22 01482456273454
I visited EE website this morning to check their broadband offers. To quote you, they need postcode and ideally phone number too. Annoyingly they rang me on that same number unrequested just now, to try and help me. It is real but it was annoying. He apologised and rang off. This number does belongs to EE. Anyone who calls you from this number should be knowledgeable about EE, and able to provide you with contact details to confirm that their call is genuine. Fraudsters can 'spoof' phone numbers, this means they make it look like they're calling you from one of EE numbers. If you receive a call and you're not totally sure it's genuine, end the call and ring them back using official telephone number. Telemarketer
Rosemary Walker 2020-05-22 09040124108196
My 89 year old mother with severe dementia has just reported that she has been charged £20.80 for a call lasting 5mins 16 secs. I think this may be a scam. Other
Nunya bizznizz 2020-05-22 080-008-759530
Scammers pretending to call from PayPal. A foreign sounding female voice UST says "again that number is...." DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER its Chinese scammers .there have been newspaper reports about Chinese scammers trying to get PayPal customers account details. Scam suspicion
Clement 2020-05-22 +442031293503192
This number called me but when i picked up it immediately hung up. Tried calling it back but its not going through. Unknow
Ian 2020-05-22 02039232158221
I'm from Philippines and the number +442039232158 called me with London as a location. It was suspicious so I didn't answer it. Unknow
Robert 2020-05-21 +4474182
+447418342561 unknown caller where this number? Unknow
John 2020-05-21 0127476191021
Christians Against Poverty - thanking me and updating me on the amazing work they are doing! Other
Clarissa Seleena 2020-05-21 01277355668151
Leicester AsssWipe Kamran Qayyum Universal Credit dependent and thief. Kamran Qayyum and his Benefit Scamming gang are under observation by Local Authorities. Won't be long before this Pathetic Begger is caught. BEWARE of this thief and liar Kamran Qayyum Leicester Jester. Scam suspicion
Rosehearty 2020-05-20 01612745200125
Manchester City Council Care Team Other
Hardeep Bellend 2020-05-20 077113372955323
Hardeep (neither hard nor deep) thinks he is a duck! Scam suspicion
Pamela Mcdowall 2020-05-20 09050040350292
This number was called from my telephone according to my talktalk account for telephone, it has cost £23.19 and I did not make the call , yesterday at 1.10pm, Unknow
Pete 2020-05-19 0017147073350242
Its used by hotmail if you forget password sends you a code Other
Kamran Qayyum Leicester 2020-05-19 0756182314543
Leicester Pusssy Fraudster Kamran Qayyum Scam Organised Gang Thieves. Scam suspicion
Michele 2020-05-18 08000163111295
Keep ringing but not speaking Scam suspicion
Christine 2020-05-18 0756182314543
I told him politely what I thought and told him he was a scammer but in certain swearwords and out home down Told me he was saying about my computer isn’t secure and needed sorting out. That’s when I told him Other
Trevor Yerlett 2020-05-18 0345300010179
Text message 18/05/20 claimed to be from Lloyd’s bank about a foreign currency transaction on 12/12/19, asked me to phone on 03453000101 or 1413011061 and have answers to security questions ready. I did do a foreign currency transfer on that date (over 5 months ago!) which went through ok, so I suspect a scam and will not be phoning them. Scam suspicion