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CynR 2019-09-23 018-320-0264114
Keeps ringing me saying from British telecom just put phone down rings me three times a day getting blocked
Elmtre 2019-09-23 0097812209470955
nigerian computer scam
Jamesmom 2019-09-23 0125473494218
The caller said he is from BT saying the internet will be discontinued and suggested for me to press number 1 on my phone. I refused and then cut the call.
Kenitra 2019-09-23 00194684142098
I did not pick up the phone.
provence 2019-09-23 01322644094100
They said someone had spent £500 on my credit card and that I was to dial "1" to deal with this.
Josiah 2019-09-23 0901151
I have been charged for a call I did not make
Staphie 2019-09-23 0125164006534
Female recorded voice telling me that they were debiting (I think she said) £39.99 for Amazon Prime and to press 1 if I wished to discuss it. I am NOT an Amazon Prime subscriber, so had I pressed 1, which I didn't, I wonder what might have happened??!!
Leftyman 2019-09-23 0332691634292
Rings everyday when we answer they just hang up.
FredF 2019-09-23 08456021111277
I think yhis is too much a coincidence, twice now recentky I have ordered a meal through just eat, both times within the hour start to get calls from this number, they go on for hours, even into the next day. Anyone else experience this? Anyway, this number had the honour of being the first number I ever blocked.
Ivaylo 2019-09-23 01689247845107
Silent call. No response when answered.
kdrills 2019-09-23 07557 36
keep ringing with different phone numbers
Warinxs 2019-09-23 954-769-096830
Fraudulent call threatening with arrest
Matet 2019-09-23 0126567933780
no one answered then it hung up so i will add it to blocked calls as it is not likely to be anyone i know
Coranne 2019-09-23 089-591-340046
Entered a competition thru these people,saying I would win 700 photo shoot.. but funny thing is 4 other family members entered in different locations around the Bunbury Busselton areas... And the won to lol it's not a competition it's just a scam tbh
dennypeters 2019-09-23 034507307859
This is actually a legal and general phone number, it can be found on their website if you navigate to login > retirement > workplace pensions > register. I guess the confusion is because this isn't the main contact number displayed on their site. That being said it cost me £10 on my phone bill to call them twice this month, so maybe try a non premium rate number if they have one.
Darlingdino 2019-09-23 987-080-4455111
As soon as I registered my mobile number with mi pay app, two messages sent automatically to this number. I was anaware of this till I checked my messages after two hours. Is it risky? What to do now?
joyfulpixiegirl 2019-09-23 0171470733508
phones early morning also late in the evening , most annoying.
Motar 2019-09-23 628-466-943397
Had a text saying there wasn't enough money in my account and there was a payment of £163 coming out tomorrow and I should text stop to 65037 What are scammers getting out of this?
rourke 2019-09-23 028-437-264171
No one on the other end when I picked up - just sounded like someone breathing. Tried to call back but msg said number was unavailable.
Cristiano 2019-09-23 516-231-6438131
Please Stope harassment.
nnps 2019-09-23 024-302-483987
I didnt answer the call because i do not know anyone in NSW .
Pelluson 2019-09-23 038-843-047323
Keeps calling me and hanging up
HREAPR 2019-09-23 073-073-424873
They don't answer just hang up on me without saying any thing.
Jbusy 2019-09-23 00092334942385584
Rang at 06:42. Phone disconnected when I answered after two rings. Annoying!!
Iye 2019-09-23 028-836-430876
They are scammers and asking personal details.
Dragonwing 2019-09-23 6019609055143
Faclon & Partners collection scam
ktscheese 2019-09-23 086-280-2108107
Returned missed call, voice recording indicated that assistance is available to help me with a car accident I was involved in, next thing... A man with an accent, Scottish or Irish answered and offered to help me.
golwjes 2019-09-23 028-310-880442
Called asked to speak to a member of my family. When asked where they got my number they said its confidential. Asked what's it in regard to told can't tell you - just need to speak to my family member. Sounds suspicious - if they need to speak to someone other than me then call their number.
IrritatedEasily 2019-09-23 032-783-236299
promoted the insurance coverage.
Marzzi 2019-09-23 07852 27
Sent a picture message to my friend.i don't know anything about it.