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Norman G 2020-01-30 447378905544418
Received message asking for my full name. I did not respondNorman g Other
James 2020-01-30 07517349495649
Its Emma. I don't know if you will get this message cos signal bad in hospital. I had a bad fall this morning & need op. Can you text me if possible. Poor Bastard... Scam suspicion
Paul Wilderspin 2020-01-29 07378905499155
This (in my situation) is a number from Amazon repair for their computer repairs at “ Olympic Shaver Centre” I had a laptop repaired and received a text from this number confirming my return delivery details. Other
jojo 2020-01-29 0018445369502541
Received a call from this number today.Did not answer. Scam suspicion
Jeremy Greenough 2020-01-29 07903164376215
Call from Patient Services UK guy called Carl. Left a message with regards to forming a working relationship with the hospital and then went on to explain how they would navigate patients and business over to our business. I sat an appointment but did not take it up as it did not fit in with my business plan but would definitly be worth a look to any business in aesthetics or microblading fields. Telemarketer
kalimera 2020-01-29 01614328685176
This number phoned me at work at 12.25. I did not answer, since I think it is Scam Scam suspicion
Elkzabeth 2020-01-29 447507319812839
New tactic. Instead of a call had a text message saying ‘Hello Thank you for the contact’ I deleted the message immediately Scam suspicion
Tricia 2020-01-28 013150703901643
Scam call. Not a valid edinburgh code. Scam suspicion
Emma 2020-01-28 01480400494285
this number has called 5 times over the p=oast few days and does not leave a message Debt collector
Security Specialist 2020-01-28 01252765511384
Security Specialist When you answer your phone and if it's a number you don't recognise, DON'T SPEAK JUST LISTEN! Wait for the caller to speak first and then decide whether to simply put the phone down. If it's a recorded message, it'll nearly always be a scam or a computer dialling a batch of numbers in sequence and trying to ascertain if the number they have just dialled is a voice line. i.e. a private phone number. If the system recognises a voice line then that number will be added to a list for their agent to call you back. NEVER EVER give any personal information. If they say it's important, then tell them to write to you, but don't offer your address. They will almost certainly start fishing for further information and may ask things like, "Are you Mr/Mrs ......?" Don't give any information! "Do you live at...?" Again don't give any information! You can ask who they are if you wish and why they are calling you? Don't worry about being impolite, you can just put the phone down at any time, don't even say goodbye. If you're game, try and waste as much of their time as possible. A good ruse my neighbour often uses is to pretend you're nuts or have dementia , i.e. reply to their questions with things like "I don't know, my neighbour is leaving soon for today's moon flight and I have to take his sandwiches." or another is, "My nurse is arriving soon, I'll put her on the phone when she arrives, just hang on please." - then just leave the phone off the hook. It's absolutely guaranteed that any responses like this will drive your caller crazy as it's becoming clear to them that they will be unlikely to ever scam you and usually don't phone again. These parasites are trying to make so many calls an hour, so the more of their time you can waste the better for everyone. Wasting their precious time is a really great way to get some payback for all these nuisance calls, and believe me it really does (excuse my French) piss them off! It's worth making a list of all unknown numbers that call you, it's the area code being used that's particularly important, for example "01252" of say 01252765511 is the area code for Aldershot. The scammers will often use different numbers but the area code will 'usually, but not always' remain the same. I hope this helps. Finally, if ever they pretend to be from your bank - never give any information. Use your neighbours phone not your own to call the bank. Never call any numbers the caller may give you. It's always best in these circumstances to go into your bank and speak to someone. Debt collector
Pu Kio 2020-01-28 0034951120911998
Calls multiple times and when answered caller hangs up. Scam suspicion
Terry 2020-01-28 07517349495649
Scam... Message received as follows.... "Its Emma. I don't know if you will get this message cos signal bad in hospital. I had a bad fall this afternoon & need op. Can you text me if possible." I didn't bother to reply Scam suspicion
John 2020-01-28 02071124
Answer and no reply so hang up. Scam suspicion
PMM 2020-01-28 01970814111228
Keeps ringing then do not speak when answered Unknow
Arj 2020-01-28 028-875-34802760
It called me 4 times but didn't answer when I respond to the call.. Annoying Other
GBbbb 2020-01-27 02922229994402
unidentified so no answer. no message Scam suspicion
Christopher 2020-01-27 07486485125229
Keeps ringing then hangs up if you answer. Get messages saying “hello xx” when I asked who it was they didn’t reply. Blocked Prank
Mabel 2020-01-25 01752875436355
Received 3 calls to my landline from this number this evening: between about 1815h and 2015h. I ignored all three. Call activity as shown on this website: zero between Jan 18 and Jan 23, the only use this week being today Jan 24, when at about 2100h the activity was 1. Looking again at midnight, I see activity has increased steeply to 6. This is ostensibly a number assigned to Derriford Hospital, Plymouth for appointments but I very much doubt that it is being used for this purpose on a Friday night. In any case, I live in Sussex and can think of no legitimate reason why Derriford Hospital would call me. Scam suspicion
JP1 2020-01-24 01618089570109
Hang up when answered. Use also these numbers. 0161 808 9570 0161 808 8341 0161 808 2379 0161 808 9572 0161 808 8338 0161 808 9983 0161 808 0892 0161 464 0563 0161 464 9938 0161 464 8646 0161 826 0360 0161 660 3189 0161 820 3476 Prank
C G S 2020-01-24 03334438860256
No one on line when answered Other
Jon-Willie Hatband 2020-01-24 0345587341084
This is a HSBC Customer Services ((Recovery) number. Other
Trev 2020-01-24 028-011-0708121
Scamming fu..wit Other
Leon Blank 2020-01-23 03451120123299
This is a follow up scam number from a follow up scam email. They are pretending you need a smart meter and scaring people in to getting one saying it is contractual. Avoid at all costs. Ripping off the vulnerable as per usual scamsters. Scam suspicion
Amy Anderson 2020-01-23 07193570623205
Do not answer any calls from this number. This is the number to Chong Tracy Lor, a woman who has been scamming people on Instagram. She also uses the names Tracy Millosovich, Sakura Zakarian, Cutechong and Sailor C Chan. She has been stalking and harassing people left and right. Scam suspicion
htInEdin 2020-01-23 08000803242555
Called repeatedly today, nothing said, disconnected after 10 seconds or so. Callback is a high-price call, presume they're hoping people will call and pay for nothing. Scam suspicion
Scam Buster 2020-01-23 03303530243496
I heard they have an informant within their organisation for action fraud (Thank God) - how are they still in business with this scam. Scam suspicion
Shuk 2020-01-22 01753202273903
Jeep dealership - they dont help things by not leaving a message so you dont know who called. Their lack of message leaving has left me buying a Mitsubishi, hey ho! Other
LaiB 2020-01-22 800-622-6232755
An indian guy trying to take my NAS/SIN. It is a scam. Scam suspicion
Eva 2020-01-22 351300509001193
It's a call from Portugal. They called me twice, but I didn't answer them. Other
Rajat 2020-01-22 07520636483327
He is a con man. He is a big big fraud. He says his name as Aaron lukes from anywhere in UK. TO me he said manchester and trapped me in his love game and offered em a job in UK. be aware. Be safe. He is a fraud. Debt collector