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politicalHACK 2019-09-13 0117990164819
Recorded message telling me a warrant for my arrest has been issued for non-payment of tax!! Similar calls - same voice, over last few weeks! Redialled the number- not recognised!!
Rachabeth 2019-09-13 0130511406923
Called, then hung up.
Lithopedion 2019-09-13 0179272002696
017 9270026 this number offe red me new boiler for free is it true they have been to my house
wajid 2019-09-13 0207266028246
Asked to confirm my name and address. Said I had won £25 hamper. I said I didn't shop at the supermarket he said which I couldn't understand his foreign accent. I said I didn't believe him and that it was a scam and put the phone down.
Xanthor 2019-09-13 00863428838466
Telemarketing incomoda muito.
shelvis 2019-09-13 0208550001972
computer generated voice message saying from BT and that my computer has been accessed online by someone overseas. it sounded very official and told me not to use my computer for financial transactions. they did however then ask me to press 1 to speak with a BT technical person which is when i hung up
homelessjones 2019-09-13 01617919797127
Recorded message on answerphone. Robotic message saying they were from HMRC and threatening serious trouble if I did not call back. I ignored this.
Persok 2019-09-13 01220623546114
Silence and i put the phone down
cagway 2019-09-13 0798833795624
This number is showing unknown and is a scam 07988337956
TKWS 2019-09-13 01249192644144
spam call... waste of time
Angelito 2019-09-13 00173107
No one on line strange connection type noises
heartofstone 2019-09-13 01507094551120
Not sure who called from this number as I missed the call but when you dial it back it says number not found.
BugMeNot 2019-09-13 02033898363118
Advised that a 'lawsuit by HMRC' was being issued and to 'Press 1 to speak to my advisor' ... We get this call quite frequently, sometimes more than once a day. Why do people do this, have they nothing better to do?? I just hung up, but did a 1471 to record the number contacting us.
LVmaddy 2019-09-13 0122384734130
Recorded message at 13.16 on 13/9 . Visa Seccure to report "unauthorised item of £623 on your account - press 1 if you did not authorise this payment". I did not press 1 needless to say! What is BT doing leasing lines to scammers? It's difficult enough to get a land line for "normal" customers
mistertones 2019-09-13 0125423043489
said there was a problem with my broadband and that it would be terminated and i had to press 1 or 2 to be directed to bt
UEB 2019-09-13 0137708890093
Car accident wan**rs.
queene 2019-09-13 02476685024142
This number called me and when i answered hung up.
bethw 2019-09-13 303-847-252425
It calls me private I don’t want it to get threw period.
mattcolorfinger 2019-09-13 01511825682149
Left no message
sherryg 2019-09-13 01950152113110
Silent call, call ended sound but line still active...beware, make sure you press hangup!
MindGraph 2019-09-13 004-974-683744
Missed the call it was on my answerphone said someone had spent £600 on my card abroad and tried to get me to press a number on my dial
kindaCunfuZZled 2019-09-13 01333 14
013339123202 told our broadband was unsafe and we would be cut off
Newsdrifter 2019-09-13 080-098-08514
calls constantly but cut after couple rings, it's extremely bothering
senger 2019-09-13 0172726304596
Charged on bill for call not made - 1hr 46mins
jopps 2019-09-13 0190272151975
The caller claimed to be from the telephone preference service but needed bank details. He also contacvted me from 01189 666372
Kdogg 2019-09-13 03335776156149
pain just stop cos I won't answer
Cactuskim 2019-09-13 01326069649119
This is the first time I ever received a call and they introduced themselves and when I was a bit off with her she just hang up on me. When you call the number back it is a dead number
getfuzzyrocks 2019-09-13 0120903579284
Don't recognise so never answered
Homles 2019-09-13 0208089650583
Tom called my mother yesterday from this No. saying needed to check loft insulation for condensation and mould. Called again this morning to say they would come out today even though not encouraged by my mother who did not want an appointment.
jakya 2019-09-13 0844351068764
This presumed scam number triggered an automated message saying they are from HM Revenue and Customs saying if that if you don't ring them back on the above number, on a matter of urgency, there will be serious legal consequences.