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OregonGirl 2019-11-15 0208089363262
Another nuisance call to my landline, one of many in the past 3 days. How are the perpetrators able to make this type of call but from apparently different numbers although the area code is often the same. B.T.'s phone system is obviously being compromised by these low-lifes.
Sherchap 2019-11-15 02034176414112
English woman claiming to be from Vanquis bank and asking to speak to my partner. How the hell do they get our numbers, mine is not listed and my partner says he does not deal with them and has not given it to them.
Woolah 2019-11-15 02039668222147
This number and others associated with it are ringing me each and almost every day. I don’t know who they are but they never leave a message and I’m getting fed up with constant calls, which I don’t answer anyway.
acrisis 2019-11-15 0161513073351
They say that they are from HMRC and want to know your name
babybell 2019-11-15 0034911820281146
Received in an email stated I’m a beneficiary to over 200000 euros!
nikkisspot 2019-11-15 03002009954126
This is a nuisance call making broadband switch off threats.
Laurenzo 2019-11-15 044778620509468
Kindly cancel the subscription relating to this number ( 0447786205094 ) . it has been charging r 1. 50 per day
kathymeeker 2019-11-15 0183964
I missed the call but when I called them it was a different language on the other side, like Chinese!
Tammey 2019-11-15 01636706832111
An automated female voice saying there was unusual activity on my bank account and £600 had been taken from my account 15 minutes ago. Press 1 to sort out the problem.
sakitor 2019-11-15 044778620509468
Please cancel this subscription it has been charging me R1. 57 everyday
atck 2019-11-15 44209569477874
About a warrant and it said you will be arrested shortly (are they having a laugh) can’t wait lol x
Norrie 2019-11-15 01941127
I received a call from 0194150918. I didn't answer it as it has the wrong number of digits for a UK phone number. Clearly someone up to no good!
shortstack 2019-11-15 0754268614659
Persistent s**t eaters... wish that they’d stop ringing me. I’ve blocked their number.
hatethesobs 2019-11-15 0708446134052
07084461340 Called. Automated call. Recording says it's Amazon and they are going to take £39.99 from account for Amazon Prime, press 1 to stop payment. This is a scam! Do not press 1!
Pekka 2019-11-15 01805761918166
This number called me and it was a recorded message supposedly about my Amazon Prime Account ( which I don't have) and to press 1 to speak to an advisor. I immediately put the phone down
LOOOOL 2019-11-15 01473181778134
Unknown no. Possibly spam.
Beesla 2019-11-15 0151808019444
Unknown number to me so did not answer
Valeeda 2019-11-15 01227201050141
On behalf of Invicta Ford Canterbury - phoning to remind our car service was due.
FMB 2019-11-15 0740386570093
alleged car accident scam
PISSEDBITCH 2019-11-15 02039734828130
Scam number from a fake modelling agency, Don’t answer!
rafmal 2019-11-15 0749479570881
Me get cancel form this waeaea www a
MMMAAADDD 2019-11-15 02154785631220
claims to be nuisance call blocking, then goes on to ask for bank card numbers and account details threatening to disconect phone line
SPICOLI 2019-11-15 020369157
This number is just so annoying just wish they would leave me alone
crydawn 2019-11-15 01160369143154
alleged car accident scam
edmonster 2019-11-15 0740386226581
alleged car accident scam
doloresp 2019-11-15 01514386589131
called my landline at home went onto auto answer phone but left no message.
FLH 2019-11-15 0203440788550
Spam caller, just ignore
Crowblog 2019-11-15 03002009480118
Pretends to be HMRC and makes threats of imminent arrest. definitely a scam!
Racer 2019-11-15 02071839068158
Spam call. ignore it
Gaborina 2019-11-15 0754268614659
a** holes who keep ringing. Scammers