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spmack 1970-01-01 0190333703462
Ambulance chasers very annoying and will not go away. They call me when I'm travelling so I'm getting calls during the night.
kalib 1970-01-01 0190325319630
bluecrest health head office
Debgot 1970-01-01 0844330801645
I also had the text - have you been charged for calling? Are you an O2 customer, and is this a legitimate advertisment?
Butcher 1970-01-01 0844330801645
SMS from this number - same 16gb ipad for additional line. Unknown if it's a telemarketer (most will lie and say they work/act on behalf of) so beware in case it is.
droidx 1970-01-01 0844330801645
Scam its not 02 premium line DO NOT REPLY
cheddar 1970-01-01 0844337300861
Automated call telling me I COULD get a new boiler but you you have to be in receipt of benefits !!!
nathanel 1970-01-01 084433739632479
Phoned, but didn't leave a message. Strange number, as only has 10 digits, not the usual 11.
Begoner 1970-01-01 084433739632479
I have two phones and keep the numbers very discrete from each other, got a call from this number to both of mine within 3 minutes, tried a call back from a landline with blocked outbound and got a connection failure, very suspect.
Sattle 1970-01-01 084433739632479
unsolicited call I didn't answer but needed to check the caller wasn't legit. Leaving a comment here to thank you for this service. Given the implications for people temporarily needing a mobile roaming service this looks to me like a reason to ban all premium rate numbers in their current form?
Till 1970-01-01 084433739632479
08333373963 rang my mobile, I didn't answer. The scammer then left a voicemail message that I have also ignored.
Celestea 1970-01-01 084433739632479
Don't answer....put on your reject list in settings.
sutrt 1970-01-01 084433739632479
Automated message saying I've been selected to win £500 and an iPad mini... Scam. Are now blocked.
whtver 1970-01-01 084433739632479
scam call. wanting call back to claim a ipad
Iclal 1970-01-01 084433739632479
Galeeb 1970-01-01 084433739632479
blank call or asks for survey
mummmy 1970-01-01 084433739632479
Once again the mobile telephone I keep only as a spare rang. In fact it had not rung since I got another call from the same number. Today I had only just finished dealing with two nuisance calls on my landline when I was disturbed by this call. At least I know my spare is working! I did not answer, after checking to see whether it was anybody I knew.
dvaey 1970-01-01 084433739632479
didn't answer call, searched number whilst it was still ringing, and got here. Now blocked
Sharicka 1970-01-01 084433739632479
This number should be closed down.
NSDMsM 1970-01-01 084433739632479
Just had this number call my mobile. Didn't pick-up as it was an unknown number. Checked on here. Thanks for the warnings. Now Blocked.
bertin 1970-01-01 084433739632479
This was 3rd time I had a call from this number (did not answer as number not recognised) - thankfully I checked it via Google and found this site. Thanks for info and number is now blocked.
AndrewFromMA 1970-01-01 084433739632479
zoooma 1970-01-01 084433739632479
These people had the audacity to make another call on the mobile telephone I never use except for a spare in case of emergency. Needless to say, I did not answer. The person or persons are guilty of the same crime that got someone arrested and taken into custody recently while his home was being searched. I think the police are now giving these people a lot of attention following so many complaints - and they have the power to act because these calls are coming from the U.K. Meanwhile vulnerable people are being exploited.
LibraryLadyFF 1970-01-01 084433739632479
Didn't manage to answer my mobile. Glad I didn't. Googled the number and read the comments. Thanks everyone
bastic 1970-01-01 084433739632479
Calls me constant but I have an app called true caller and it doesn't allow the phone to ring. It will just tell me I have a missed call and say identified as spam with the number next to it. I used to get calls constant from all diff nos then I got this app and it really does help. I do still get the missed calls but at least the phones not ringing and I just clear the missed calls once I notice it.
Raaaalph 1970-01-01 084433739632479
Why is this number not closed down? It's clearly a scammer so shut it off
Tillye 1970-01-01 084433739632479
Blocked by an app on my phone, still get the last part of an automated message. Called a few times a week by variations on this number.
JimmyCricket 1970-01-01 084433739632479
I was in the middle of an important call on my landline when interrupted by this call on the spare mobile I never use except for emergencies. I broke off to see who was calling and was able to quickly identify it as yet another call from these criminals. I waited for the mobile to stop ringing. Then I was able to resume my conversation.
Klingbeil 1970-01-01 084433739632479
called multiple times, number is blocked now but still calls at least once a day (i can tell from the app) and they always leave a voicemail but with nothing recorded!?
stowsea 1970-01-01 084433739632479
Just had call from this number never answer them until ive checked they left message about opting out better still just dont ring me
lelat 1970-01-01 084433739632479
Didn't answer the call on my mobile and after checking this out online glad I didn't . Number now blocked on my mobile.