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kmengelstad 1970-01-01 08443373021424
This seems to be the 1st time I've had a call from whoever it is. I can't see the number till I open the phone and, because it was 1900hrs I answered and immediately hung up.
GregoryF 1970-01-01 08443373021424
only rang for a short time presumed a nuisance call
Anjelina 1970-01-01 08443373021424
Damn these guys never let they want my bank details as according to them my bank owes me money...scam calls.
Anonymom 1970-01-01 08443373021424
This number will cost £0.05 connection and £0.05 pence per minute
cschell 1970-01-01 08443373021424
Constantly calls me telling me they have a record of an accident i had last month...i never had any accidents atall last month...scam call.
dthurney 1970-01-01 08443373995164
Only hear the end of the pre-recorded message asking to call to opt out. Don't answer and don't return the call as its spam.
RealRick 1970-01-01 08443373995164
Didn't wait long for me to answer cellphone. Obviously this caller wants the more-curious of 'victims' to call them back. Being an 0844 number it will earn them money ! BEWARE !
kuta 1970-01-01 08443373995164
Recorded message talking about insurance refund. Scamola.
fedx 1970-01-01 08443373995164
One of cold callers that just hang up when answering call
JANEWW 1970-01-01 08443373995164
Criminal activity
kimbayah 1970-01-01 08443373995164
Spam call. Didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. To protect myself, switched phone off and rebooted it. Blocked it.
Gunnersmum 1970-01-01 08443373013459
Call about claiming for compensation if your flight has been delayed
oreck 1970-01-01 08443373013459
calls saying I've been selected to win an ipad if i ring back the number within half an hour
tmbtwcot 1970-01-01 08443373013459
Just got missed call from this number - looks like they are telemarketers.
hister 1970-01-01 08443373013459
Thanks all - had a call at 1017 and didn't recognise it so didn't answer it. I've blocked it.
bizriak 1970-01-01 08443373013459
Called me at 10:45 - recorded message saying I had been chosen to win an iPad or £500 of high street vouchers... dont want either, so now blocked
Skullet 1970-01-01 08443373013459
Say i have won an ipad & £500. As others have said, bugger off !
KolostomyBag 1970-01-01 08443373013459
Automated message claiming I'd won £500 or an iPad. Did not reveal identity but wanted me to press button on keypad so, obviously, I did not do this. It's a SCAM. BLOCK.
FDL 1970-01-01 08443373013459
Called me today 1st June at 18:00 but missed the call. Luckily saw on here its untrustworthy so didn't call back.
Babagascooties 1970-01-01 08443373013459
iPad giveaway
Kuti 1970-01-01 08443373013459
They want you to press a key on the key pad and call back. hang up and block
Cossy 1970-01-01 08443373013459
Long silence then "Sorry this number is permanently barred"
Gusmo 1970-01-01 08443373013459
husband had missed call but didn't recognise the number. Thanks to Tellows & the community on here, identification of scammers at large, means we can block further calls from our phone ~ thanks Everybody!!
Lolodog 1970-01-01 08443373013459
Rung me Weds 1st June 11am. Missed call but didn't ring back when read others comments here. Added number to my blocked list now. Why do they bother, the number of people who fall for these calls must be reducing fast thanks to sites like this.
Polu 1970-01-01 08443373013459
Missed call, but guess what?....I won't be calling back! Thanks
FLToddy 1970-01-01 08443373011154
Hastings direct insurance
Broadway 1970-01-01 08443373011154
I am glad someone has identified this number as originating from Hastings direct insurance, though it is not clear whether that is a company. It is a new number so far as I am concerned but I have received the same recorded message hundreds of times month in and month out. They obviously pester hundreds of thousands of people, causing great inconvenience and disruption to legitimate businesses, with their lies and false claims. Yesterday, using this then-mysterious number, they called when I was out. Suspicious, as I get so many nuisance calls on similar numbers, I did not call back. Today the same outfit called at a particularly inconvenient time when I was expecting someone important to ring. As soon as I found it was to do with p.p.i. I hung up. I am looking forward to the day these people get appropriately fined but I suppose they will have made their fortune by then as it obviously pays to call people indiscriminately or they would not do it.
Argggggg 1970-01-01 08443373011154
These people called me yet again with their recorded message. They have the audacity to address me as "Dear Customer". I hung up as soon as I recognised who was bothering me.
Mchlothin 1970-01-01 08443373011154
Another call was received from the same dangerous pests. I only knew about it after I had returned from a family funeral. I will not be calling them back.
nananpapi 1970-01-01 08443373011154
Yet another call attempt was made from the same number. I was not available. When I checked, so I could call back, I found it was these pests again; so I did not call back.