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Heda 1970-01-01 084433730381124
08443373038 migrant scammers and possible links with terrorists.
looserthiefs 1970-01-01 084433730381124
Just been called by this number, no idea who it is
Walnut 1970-01-01 084433730381124
Tossers do not call theses scammers back
BansheeCupcake 1970-01-01 084433730381124
Houg 1970-01-01 084433730381124
Premium rate number. Needs blocking
mober 1970-01-01 084433730381124
Scammer, don't reply or Call back
hostage 1970-01-01 084433730381124
Automated message going on about an urgent need to speak to me about reducing my life insurance
Bunnyyes 1970-01-01 084433730381124
Total scam
Srfmrf 1970-01-01 084433730381124
Called my mobile wanting to speak about reducing life insurance. Since I've registered my mobile with TPS I've had more of this type of call on my mobile than I ever had before registering.
bonifiedguy 1970-01-01 084433730381124
Life Insurance scam.
emmertz 1970-01-01 084433730381124
Just called me, didn't answer
sonpo 1970-01-01 084433730381124
Active aggressive advertising
Kedunk 1970-01-01 084433730381124
Keeps phoning at different times of day and keeps getting blocked.
bflow 1970-01-01 084433730381124
Seems to be an auto dialler, just got call and all I heard on voicemail was "to opt-out"
Onejessi 1970-01-01 08443373047299
more savings companys trying to cash in any way they can jokers
Tonia 1970-01-01 08443373047299
Recorded message about reducing life premiums costs.
Bhatt 1970-01-01 08443373047299
several calls I didn't answer, thanks for the warnings here
DPetry 1970-01-01 01895677739144
Woman claimed I had an accident that was not my fault! I did not know what she was taking about and she hung up after saying my telephone number would be removed from their database!!!
ewercrazy 1970-01-01 01895677739144
Just had a missed call from this number, tried ringing it back but it says the number doesn't even exist
NotAsucka 1970-01-01 01895677739144
Missed Call a few moments ago. Called back and it says the number is not reocgnised? I wish these companies would serious just F off!
appylvr 1970-01-01 01895677739144
Caller hung up as soon as I answered
RCall 1970-01-01 01895677739144
They always ring my mobile saying I've been in a car accident is that right I just tell to fuckoff block the number as it is a scam I recentley found out as I am with 3 mobile they sell there numbers on to these company's for a nominal fee so I made them give me a new number as three are well known for passing you a number that's already been used in the past
Singletonian 1970-01-01 01895677739144
Said I had been in a car accident that wasn't my fault, told them I hadn't and in fact don't even hold a driving license. She quickly put me through to a colleague who tried asking again...I repeated so he asked if any family member had been in an accident. Told him no... They said they'll remove my number but I get constant stream of them from various numbers. They always seem confused when I respond that I don't drive.
jograndma 1970-01-01 0203290022778
This number calls me on a daily basis. When I have answered they launch into their usual patter. I tell them immediately I am not interested but they still keep calling!
harrington 1970-01-01 0203651124158
I blocked a number earlier this week now getting calls from a similar number with different numbers at the end. Have no checked who it is as clearly from this site they are telemarketing or something like that.
Jahaira 1970-01-01 0203651124158
Didn't take the call but rang the number back. Recorded message saying it was Optimisa Research. They are based in Leeds and the website address is optimisaresearch. com. I blocked this caller!!
mikeymike 1970-01-01 0780219969169
the Ex Wife
Arion 1970-01-01 02032913017873
what a bunch of wasters if they cant sell one thing to you then they ask if you had ppi or a old accident claim etc do not answer them they are chancers
Cantrell 1970-01-01 02032913017873
Called and didn't talk. Unable to call back.
Midiri 1970-01-01 02032913017873
Time Waster's, bunch of Crock's.