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Joycr 1970-01-01 0125036838778
Just received a call on my mobile from this number. Answered but line went dead. Searched number and found this page. When I saw they are a RTA claims company penny dropped. Someone drove into the driver's door of my car last week when it was parked outside a friend's house. I wasn't even in the car and this is being dealt with by another company so don't know why they are calling.
chsasnsc 1970-01-01 0192228416056
"Congratulations! You have been entered to win £500".... They asked for my account details, so I hung up and blocked.
anners 1970-01-01 0192228416056
I notice there are no reports of this number, therefore I called this number back. I got a recorded message stating that I have been entered into a prize draw for High Street Vouchers or an Ipad (very comparable, the two of them). Press 2 to receive a call back. I hung up and blocked.
ExIsGone 1970-01-01 0192228416056
Automated voice recording - don' t answer. Number now blocked.
WhatAcreeper 1970-01-01 0192247150046
nasty people
tomotom 1970-01-01 01922437200198
genuine number.
TheCropChick 1970-01-01 01922437200198
Rac brakedown service.very good people
LFT 1970-01-01 01922437200198
RAC. Head Office
InvisusDirect 1970-01-01 01922437200198
rings now and then
SkypeUser 1970-01-01 01922437200198
thumbs up
Yaaaargh 1970-01-01 01922437200198
I initially treated as a scam but it was the RAC responding to a breakdown request qI asked for. Point is why don't they leave a message on my phone?
Katyt 1970-01-01 01922437200198
Follow up call about RAC van been sent out
JavyReady 1970-01-01 01922437200198
Follow up call to advise help on way
Arcueid 1970-01-01 01922437200198
RAC customer service
shobi 1970-01-01 01250770097126
Didn't speak
xyzzzzzzzz 1970-01-01 01250770097126
Another PPI company in India
DCUser 1970-01-01 01250770097126
Unsolicited calls from PPI Claim people. BTC.
Goebner 1970-01-01 01250770097126
Calling about my PPI refund claim.
Randsterone 1970-01-01 0173366919948
Dial a t.v. agents.
golfgirl 1970-01-01 0845557767364
sylabee 1970-01-01 0845557767364
Glossybox beauty subscription service
Thalente 1970-01-01 01733214226325
'have you been involved in an accident that wasn't your fault'
Licorette 1970-01-01 01733214226325
Guy with an indian accent claiming he was from a variety of companies including 'the debt department' 'the debt agency' etc etc. Said he'd had my 'file' passed to him.
Amontae 1970-01-01 01733214226325
I was walking round Morrisons getting my shopping, my phone rang, I answered, a guy with an indian accent claimed he had files on his desk that had been passed to him, claiming I was in serious debt, and his job was to recover it, I said hold on, I have no credit, I have no debts, I don't even have a credit card, so take your files and go away and don't ring me again, he never said a word and hung up on me lol
PaulinLM 1970-01-01 01733214226325
If you a BT phone put in 1572 option 1 it will block future calls you need to press the 1 two times but instructions given on phone to block
GAretiree 1970-01-01 01733214226325
The woman said she was calling from citizen advice Beaureu regarding me qualifying to have 70% of my debts written off, I wasn't sure if this was a scam or not but I was under the impression that the CAB didn't make cold calls so I told her to write to me instead.
quasar 1970-01-01 01733214226325
Phoned to say he was from the citizens advice bureau and that I had huge outgoings and a new government scheme would help me wipe them all off. I told him that i had debt as did everyone. That mine were manageable and that if I did want advice I would walk into my local citizens advice centre and speak to someone about this. He had a heavy Indian accent and I just keep talking over him until he out put phone down
meschief 1970-01-01 01733214226325
Again an Indian accent. He said I have debts which I denied and when I said it was wrong he answered -what is right. I said I have no debts and he said -you haven't got then put the phone down on me. Caller now blocked on my mobile.
Libs 1970-01-01 01733214226325
They called 3 times to ask about debts - said i had none and he said he'd send the bailiffs in and put the phone down
Ninya 1970-01-01 0776989477684
Caller rung off as soon as phone was answered, have moved number to block list