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DocGeorge 1970-01-01 01733308635248
Clearly cold callers/scammers, so do not answer!
Iralee 1970-01-01 01733308635248
yeah telesales for insurance. very pushy.
egadz 1970-01-01 01733308635248
This is a company called Our Insurance Vault based in Chorley Lancs so dont know why they using a Peterborough number. It is run bt James and Natasha Slater who also own another insurance company called ST and R lTD
mllnium 1970-01-01 01733308635248
Calls constantly around 18.30 pm. I ignore the calls.
dasch 1970-01-01 0173361126071
about an accident,that never happened
Pignapoke 1970-01-01 0173361126071
Accident claim line - heard the Mrs say I think its that dodgy caller again and they hung up swiftly - get loads of these all from different numbers - can someone please put this shower out of business
Monsky 1970-01-01 0113222404197
'David' called regarding cavity wall insulation and hung up when I told him my house doesn't have cavity walls.
zhonglei 1970-01-01 0113243808061
This was Big Yellow Storage for me in Leeds
Sound 1970-01-01 0208590864258
Silent call
Tucsonkid 1970-01-01 07810256295229
Constantly calling me and really rude, they told me they were part of a government scheme . Indian speaker, don´t waste your time, hang up
Khashoggi 1970-01-01 0173332701251
Caller listened to answerphone mesage,then hung up.
FBF 1970-01-01 019-142-561096
Energy efficiency stuff for businesses
kami 1970-01-01 019-142-561096
No means no. When will these companies learn?!
Dragoon 1970-01-01 0781022550179
This is a blind calling and texting service to illegaly flog life insurance. Add to your "do not accept calls/text" list. They have a web site www.lifecover2day. if you realy want to find out more about them.
legubreous 1970-01-01 07810257600117
told me he received my crefit profile today and wanted to talk to me about my unsecured debts. i have non but chose to play along whilst I had my coffee break. i asked which debt in particular because I have so many. he mention my credit card and a few more then just hung up. such a shame I was starting to enjoy myself
vjjhmf 1970-01-01 07810257600117
Indian accent telling me he was calling about taxes. Since when did the tax office use a mobile number.
goodideas 1970-01-01 01916404749115
I answered a call from 01916404749. A man said its the Football Pools company but he wasnt able to tell me where he got my number. Seems to be untrustworthy.
bluefawn 1970-01-01 01916404749115
I have had two calls from this number to my old mobile , I have two mobiles. I have never had a conversation, the caller rings off before I have chance to answer.
JENNIinPA 1970-01-01 01916404749115
call ended just as i answered. rang back but gets cut off as soon as connected. strange.
texaswind 1970-01-01 01916404749115
This number belongs to the National Careers Service. I have been on holiday and was getting a number of calls from them and accidentally answered one. Turns out all they were doing is a follow up survey on how welll I thought the local careers office had helped me. Just wish someone would train their staff to recognise international dial tones as answering their call cost me money >:-(
fgsdf 1970-01-01 01912479995167
More calls from the tynesdie area, telesales, maybe the AA as I have not renewed my membership recently and I keep recieving insurance pest letters.
fatgoalie 1970-01-01 01912479995167
This number is re-registered as a cell phone number. I found out through net. It also charges a fee even if you dont get through. when rang it states that the number is no longer available
Melcom 1970-01-01 01912479995167
I don't know all the answers above as I missed answering the call. However, as this is indicative as already being a problem, I am just saying that they are now ringing Surrey too.
mdawn 1970-01-01 01912479995167
Pretty sure its the AA. I have spoken to them a few times but cut them off as I was abroad or busy.
pookergirl 1970-01-01 01912479995167
I have been abroad for a month and mobile switched off. Inundated with missed call alerts from this number on a daily basis. What is so urgent that they need to call like this. Can't phone back as number unobtainable and texts asking for I.D. not answered. Infuriating.
Pjams 1970-01-01 01912479995167
It's the AA ,tried to ring back but number not recognised!
Aarif 1970-01-01 01912479995167
Constant ringing despite being told to stop ringing me
cdickson 1970-01-01 01912479995167
This number is the UK Automobile Association (AA), it is one of I imagine many tele-sales numbers. I requested quote online for breakdown cover and now in undated daily for last two days with calls. They ring right up to viocemail service but leasve no message. Either a sales agent is trying their luck or an auto dialer is trying for them.
Trinetta 1970-01-01 0792064598773
It's registering as a mobile number but sounds like a call centre. Something about a refund
debski 1970-01-01 0792064598773
PPI !! I never give response to my name , just find out who they are and hang up!