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CTodd 1970-01-01 0844357465390
Pretending to be Barclays. Wanting call back.
SadMom 1970-01-01 0190373276049
Littlehampton Leisure Centre
Skyez 1970-01-01 0190373276049
Littlehampton Leisure Centre returning my call
KristiG 1970-01-01 01895566942104
Called me today at 11.43am. I didn't answer as in work.
StolenID 1970-01-01 01895566942104
Called at 6am. Didnt answer as asleep
sxbrown 1970-01-01 01895566942104
Didnt answer in time - tried to ring back - call did not go through
xcheatahx 1970-01-01 01895566942104
Called me at 1.56pm but didn't answer as was feeding my baby. Don't know who this is.
Hildagar 1970-01-01 01895566942104
unknown number. no message left.
alemap 1970-01-01 01895461320140
Didn't answer but they left a message saying they were from Virgin Media re my request for a new service and could I ring them back. I haven't requested anything so definitely a scam
dolf 1970-01-01 01895461320140
Getting a call every day
tconway 1970-01-01 0189571421477
Rang several times but nobody there when answered. Have now blocked this number for cold-calling.
Cheriti 1970-01-01 0189571421477
Called calling pest
Bruneau 1970-01-01 02032900238172
this is a scam
mnkzzz 1970-01-01 0203290008689
Ask for personal information, sells travel services under pretended name
Pimpwanda 1970-01-01 00020329005165
Looking at other sites, this appears to be an Insurance scam for RTA's. Q. have you had an accident within last 2-3 Yrs? Callers have received this when even XD & TPS. Not to be trusted.
washie 1970-01-01 0203290123881
Selling iPhones
Makenzie 1970-01-01 0203290722286
Mind this company that is stripping curriculum vitae's e.g. at Dutch internetsites. Can be easely notified by the bad use of Dutch language. For me the Transport Branche, but it even smells to Nigerian Fraud when an offered contract is being read. Possible active too on Xing Website for the consultantcy of 2nd hand printmachines. So watch out, they want your identity; High income offered (5000 € + bonusses and not a full-time function), bad telephone lines and no proper use of the English language.
Parks 1970-01-01 0203290722286
Called and said successful PPI claim for £3,600,but had to purchase £200 Ukash voucher as the cheque had to be delivered by hand. Sounded dodgy so googled number. Their contact was Maria Taylor ext 1015
Despair 1970-01-01 0203290722286
Tried to get £200 out of me to release a £3600 successful PPI claim
wsroldr 1970-01-01 0203290671088
Loan and credit solution don't give them a penny filthy scum
Blankit 1970-01-01 0754622081059
Guelphite 1970-01-01 0754779023565
Achtung: Mark Walker agiert auch unter dem Namen Dennis Beich bei Auch hier die gleiche Vorgehensweise wie bei Tindra: Tragische Geschichten und Sohn "Richard". Auf keinen Fall Geld überweisen. Vorsicht!!!!
Cerebraljungle 1970-01-01 01922619640102
Insurance broker and they look after my shop and trade policies
erdenebaatar 1970-01-01 01922619640102
Hung up as soon as I said hello.
Gramzy 1970-01-01 01922619640102
Constantly phoning for PPI will not leave us alone
escriteur 1970-01-01 01922619640102
Insurance broker, not cold callers, i actually applied for insurance online and called me quickly.
CRYSINLOVE 1970-01-01 0845557634785
SCAM... Claim to be SKY TV needing to confirm your bank details. They are actually a company called SAT TV who have been on watchdog. They offer sat insurance products. You will find a monthly direct debit set up with your bank EVEN if you expressly tell them not to. Give them no info, best not to even answer the phone, if you do they are likely to keep harassing you.
pogbobo 1970-01-01 0845557634785
Had a call from this number, asking to speak to my mother. I explained that she is 90 and deaf so could I help, to which I received a very arrogant response that he could only speak to my mother. I told him again she was 90 and if he couldn't speak to me I wasn't going to let him try to speak to her. He said (very arrogantly) he would send her a letter rather than talk to me, so I told him he could do what he liked and hung up on him. Totally untrustworthy and the person on the other end (a young-sounding but well spoken male) was a complete arrogant w****r.
kuykendall 1970-01-01 08455578218108
utility smart have conned me into a 3yr electric contract at 60% higher price. I am currently in 1yr contract ending on 30/09/17 when I phoned to ask about prices for next yr on 28/06/17 I was told acontract had already been set up since January. I had been duped into a verbal LOA by Nina Jarrett on the pretence of wanting authority to obtain prices and audit my bills.
Jwatrlily 1970-01-01 08455578218108
Aside from murdering the English language ("I've spoke to you before about your electric". No, you haven't. My electric what?) Nina was offering me an audit of utility bills so she could save me money. Not so much expecting me to be born yesterday as in the early hours of this morning. Blocked.