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EnragedHuman 1970-01-01 0192264565073
To arrange delivery day
stalker 1970-01-01 0192264565073
Home delivery
foradoll 1970-01-01 0192264565073
Would never order anything or recommend this shit delivery service
Missez 1970-01-01 0192264565073
home delivery for catalogue item.
WowKid 1970-01-01 0196285750067
Peter Symonds College, must call you if they have something to do with you i.e. you are a student at the college/waiting for an appointment/has applied.
deesse 1970-01-01 02085935376117
Unknown number. Rang off before I could answer.
Doyl 1970-01-01 0208591465543
delivery of sofa
anira 1970-01-01 01733462700241
A call from (or in respect of) the government-backed NEST pensions organisation. They left a message asking me to call back on 0300 020 0393, which is the bona-fide NEST number. I am signed up with them on behalf of clients who use their Auto-enrolment workplace pension scheme
VersaillesKY 1970-01-01 01733462700241
Spam caller. I googled the number and after this comment and seeing others that the number is spam, I contacted NESTs online chat to check if the call was from themselves. They said 01733 462700 was not a NEST number. They never left me a message, been blocked now
Beautybeads 1970-01-01 0113213366559
I keep getting calls from this number but there's no one there. When I try to phone back it just rings out.
Waylinn 1970-01-01 0191512626961
Pattinsons Estate Agents were returning a call made to their call centre on an 0845 number. Didn't recognise the number as it was the branch line.
Bootts 1970-01-01 079-975-8969113
This is my true name
pagosabart 1970-01-01 01914186061169
Only a computer voice said "hello".
ajyagiyul 1970-01-01 01914186061169
Constant automated spammer for insurance claims. The number gets through to you as a private, unknown number but I was able to trace it to this number: +441914186061
SecurityAgent 1970-01-01 01914186061169
Spamming my phone and hang up after a few seconds, constant harrassment multiple times a day.
RubyRainsong 1970-01-01 01914186061169
Why can't these people get a proper job and stop these harassing calls
isepiq 1970-01-01 01914186061169
Called several times,cold call pain
Aseel 1970-01-01 01914186061169
01914186061 is Spark, a telemarketing service that BT contract out to in order to sell services to customers
Arnell 1970-01-01 01914186061169
After seeing this number repeatedly on my call blocker log over many days I called the number myself as it costs me nothing. I was disgusted to hear a BT recorded message saying that it was from one of their partners and that I MIGHT be able to get removed from the list by calling an 0800 number. About time the regulator came down on the telco providers as hard as they say they are on other nuisance callers!.
JackF 1970-01-01 01914186061169
My BT phone blocks unidentified calls made from auto dial callers, so have to use this service to find the source. We had 39 nuisance calls in one day, CP's is useless in stopping them BT make money from them.
zaina 1970-01-01 01914186061169
receive calls from this number several times a day, I never answer but 1471 after each call as I never use my landline and never give it out to friends or as a contact number.
Sharonj 1970-01-01 01914186061169
Silent call
NadaNada 1970-01-01 019142654322427
Aaaand they've tried again despite being blocked and my tweeting them asking them to stop.
MariV 1970-01-01 019142654322427
That's twice today they've attempted to call: they're still blocked!
Budinator 1970-01-01 019142654322427
They're still attempting to call - at least 6 times in the past week - despite being blocked.
MGaines 1970-01-01 019142654322427
Call from a British-sounding telemarketer claiming to call from EDF. Clearly in a busy call centre - lots of noise in the background, difficult to hear him. Says he wants to "discuss how EDF could give me a better tariff" for my electricity. Told him that I don't wish to discuss this on the phone, asked to send details by post. He still wanted to talk. Told him this was bad timing, and asked him again to send details in the post. He said he'd call in the evening instead, at which point I made it quite clear that I don't want him to call me at all, asked (for the third time) to send me details in the post and hung up on him.
slsarge 1970-01-01 019142654322427
off and stop calling me
ThorOfAsgaard 1970-01-01 019142654322427
Got 20 missed calls from this number yesterday and then it suddenly stopped at about 6pm (when they finished work for the day!). Started again just now, so they must start a 10am! I'm gonna thump them bloody hard if I walk past their office today. Look out staff you are being watched ;-)
MoeR 1970-01-01 019142654322427
azspook 1970-01-01 019142654322427
im getting these calls 4 and 5 times a day ,day in and day out,its time to stop these unwanted calls