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Lucch 1970-01-01 01895344889257
Got called by this number and spoke to a Woman (which I believe was actually an automated system and not a real person) claiming that I had a car accident.
shaymama 1970-01-01 01895344889257
01895 470817 - lady calling about an accident I've never had. HATE THESE PEOPLE WITH A PASSION!!!!
Jwo 1970-01-01 01895344889257
I read the above comments and decided not to pick the call
shaikh 1970-01-01 01895344889257
Female voice stating that they had been advised that I had been involved in an accident - Told "Fuck off you Slut" Not sure if that will stop the calls but made me feel better :-)
rfbf 1970-01-01 01895344889257
A call from Julie in.' Uxbridge 01895 344889. She said she had been informed I was in a car accident... I said 'Yes!! yes i was.. it was awfull.. fatal in fact - I didn't make it I just haunt my mobile phone.. and a message from the other side sod off and leave me alone (I paraphrased there).. She only hung up on me.. shall I call back and make ghostly wailing sounds down the phone?
DomS 1970-01-01 0189559015424
Annoying as always, it's the same annoying woman's voice on the phone which starts with, hi and how are you today, and I put the phone down
roc 1970-01-01 0189559015424
call to my mobile which only my family know the number for so didn't answer. fed up with cold callers.
grin 1970-01-01 0189559015424
PPI sales. to a number not advertised.
Bong 1970-01-01 0189559015424
I answered and when they just started talking saying about ppi I just left my phone on the side on mute
junkmann 1970-01-01 0189559015424
Alot of back ground noise, man named of Sam called, mentioned about accident claims
PTMONO 1970-01-01 0189559015424
unwanted call
Froy 1970-01-01 01904891553219
call themselves UKL a loans company, they have also called me from 0161 814 5966
nscalledme 1970-01-01 0189520182216
Ffjyd vgef
Penpen 1970-01-01 0189571421326
unsolicited "you are a lucky winner" call. Go away you ignorant people and stop intruding!
dyva 1970-01-01 01895845420309
Tebian 1970-01-01 01895845420309
asking me to confirm if I'd been in an accident recently.
Dawm 1970-01-01 01895845420309
Telemarketer. Advising I've been in a car accident that wasn't my fault.
incawarrior 1970-01-01 01895845420309
Robot Ambulance Chasers
deltam 1970-01-01 01895845420309
Car Accident scam but was a polite young lady who said she would remove my number from their list.
yournurse 1970-01-01 01895845420309
Car accident claims scam. Reported to .
cdjrvs 1970-01-01 01895845420309
Scam, Telemarketing
MRK 1970-01-01 01895845420309
Called me twice in 2 minutes, same girl 'Julie', advising me I had a car crash and did I know about it!. Ended the 1st conversation, saying I have never in a crash, ever, then was told she would take my number off their list. 2 minutes later she rang again, same girl, saying the same thing :(
Nojodamas 1970-01-01 01895845420309
asking if ive been in a accident rings 2 to 3 times a day very annoying block them
Niecee 1970-01-01 01895845420309
"You have been in a car accident" scam calls
wyoprariedog 1970-01-01 01895845420309
Nuisance call don't answer and block
RANDJCAPPS 1970-01-01 0189539998960
Accident management company... They have been advised that you have been involved in an accident!!!!
Sdauwer 1970-01-01 0189539998960
I haven't had a road crash, number is fake, you cannot dial back
hendowg 1970-01-01 0189539998960
Phoned up asking for me by my name, said I had been in a road traffic accident. No I have not!! Blocked the number from calling me again.
Macdog 1970-01-01 0189539998960
I get very few calls from numbers I don't know so tried to ring back. Interested to see it's one of those claims companies
Lindday 1970-01-01 0189539998960
fraudulent accident claims caller