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uhno 1970-01-01 01895808363244
They claim to work with Microsoft security a scam do not confirm anything. I asked who's calling it certainly wasn't Microsoft they are trying to con people simply block their number. I did.
tontosdust 1970-01-01 01895808363244
Just had a call from this number. He said his name was Dave and told me one of my email addresses. He said that his company had detected 6 devices being added to my home computer network yesterday. He asked if I had added them. As soon as I said, "This sounds like a scam to me", he hung up. I reported the number to the ICO office.
Bile 1970-01-01 01895808363244
Asked for person who bought a PC from Curry's last week. When asked who was calling, they hung up.
Frace 1970-01-01 01895808363244
"Dave" told me 5 items had been added to my home network = when I refused to give him details of my network, he hung up. He DID have my email address though
backbeat 1970-01-01 01895808363244
I received call at 14.48 on Thur 28 Apr 2016. Caller stated gave my email address and stated that my network had been accessed from several 'unusual addresses'. I enquired company name and ID and how he was aware of the apparent breach of security. He gave the company name of PROTECTMICRO, spelling it out with inaccurate phonetic alphabet. I asked his name and he replied, 'Danish' I asked how he was aware of breach and he stated 'closely affiliated to Microsoft'. He had the cheek to suggest that I should check out the company on line and call them back!!!!
pawsb 1970-01-01 01895808363244
Someone from this number called while we were out. BT Guardian rejected the call as it had a red cross against the number. After reading the above comments, this number is now on our "blocked list."
Tasseb 1970-01-01 01895808363244
Asian sounding male called 29Apr 15:00. Knew my name & email. He told me 3 laptops 2 xbox had used my network. I said go away it's a scam and he hung up. How do they get away with this?
riblix 1970-01-01 01895808363244
"Brian" called me and advised 5 computers had been added to my home network and tried to get me to give them remote access. I told him to not be so ridiculous and all he could supply me with to prove he was genuine was my email address. Very dodgy and obviously a scam.
SyeveHV 1970-01-01 01895808363244
"Did you add Devices to your network?". NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, PAL !!!
grimi 1970-01-01 01895808363244
Caller today asked me if I had added 5 devices connected to the network.I said it was none of his business and ended the call. TELL THEM NOTHING!
Dornook 1970-01-01 01895808363244
Had a call (another one) from this number asking if I had given permission for 6 devices to be added to my network. I told him to go away as I was fed up with getting these ridiculous calls. This is a definite scam and the number is not in service when you ring back.
Sumobaba 1970-01-01 01895808363244
I was told the call was from Microsoft/Windows and that progammes had been added to my computer. I have a good security provider and presume this person to be a scammer.
wanetadrift 1970-01-01 01895808363244
Just had a call from these toss pots, which went like this - "Hello can I speak to (My Name) YES they knew my full name, which I replied yes who is this they told me who they were but to be honest I wasn't listening (as I couldn't give a shit who they were) anyway they said did I know 6 Devices were added to my home network yesterday! Which I replied YES.... They then said I'm I aware it was 6 External Devices were added to my home network yesterday! Which again I said YES..... The line then just went dead. So the moral of this story is DON'T give anyone over the Phone any of your Details or let them into your home network as it's one BIG SCAM. Just tell them to go and FUCK THEM SELF'S or better stil tel them to FUCK OFF..... They'll soon get the message. If you do fall pray to these shit heads well then its your own fault........
hicham 1970-01-01 07736832571128
Scam saying from windows technical support
IsraelBear 1970-01-01 0190461224720
who is this. which company could be ?
Paal 1970-01-01 0773606405542
Ben Smith newlyn bailiff
wilton 1970-01-01 0783126151433
This man came to my mums address and coned her out of over £18000 for repairs to the roof I called the police and they called trading standards and the work should only have cost less than £1000 so I'm very keen to catch this vilan if any one can help please leave a comment would be great thanks Robert
alibaby 1970-01-01 0783126151433
90 Main Street longriggend
WillC 1970-01-01 084-428-432133
0844284321 lowel dca use this number to send sms to home or mobile phone and want you to call back , well if your in debt you cant afford phone calls to these low lifes
hyoung 1970-01-01 08442843421536
calls at all hours of the day leaving a message to call back
sherrybp 1970-01-01 08442843421536
all the time calling
balbalbal 1970-01-01 08442843421536
phoning my landline number at all hours ,when i answer the phone get a "this is a recorded message,press 1 to hear it"-never have n don't intend to
Itjules 1970-01-01 08442843421536
These people have called me about 8 times today. The first call was at 8:02 am. So much for being on holiday). Last week it was the same thing. Every single day they called. When I answer the phone its a message saying I need to contact them ASAP and the number is a premium rate number. When you do speak to them they do nothing but threat you. Something really needs to be done about these people.
Fufs 1970-01-01 08442843421536
Silent calls and threatening SMS text messages at all times of day/night - if Ofcom and the OFT were doing their jobs properly, these bloodsuckers would be fined out of business but, unfortunately, neither has the will or the teeth to bite. Spineless and utterly pointless.
TheOCBlonde 1970-01-01 08442843421536
Constant harrassment calls that are requesting an unknown person to call 01133086108 today. I am not the person they are looking for and this is extremely irritating. I am requesting a change of telephone number because of them. Lowell purchase assignment debt for 8p in the pound for anyone who does have any current debt difficulty. Only give them what they paid, ask for the assignation note!!!
Schildkrote 1970-01-01 08442843421536
This number calls asking for a person that is unknown to us, we have tried explaining that they have the wrong number, but they wont accept that and wont take us off their calling lists. At times they have been quite aggressive and insisted that we were lying and even shouting at my 11 year old daughter when she explained they have the wrong number
annoyedinphilly 1970-01-01 08442843421536
keeps phoning, nobody on the other end of the phone
Amici 1970-01-01 08442843421536
Just had a message left from this number saying 'SMS text delivery service from 0000 000 0000 - your account is now due for recovery action which may result in your goods being removed. Call 0844 5763620 now to make payment £2,150,539'. I have no debts and know nothing about this.
jculver 1970-01-01 08442843421536
calling5x a day!! im ill at home..they ring for ages...really persistant and harrassing! Some regulation of this company and others is desperately needed..wat is wrong with the U.K? I never answer my paying for a service i cant use freely!! me and countless others noy answering our phones..our service should be half price as not using it fully!!
mismo 1970-01-01 08442843421536
These people ring daily with recorded message 'urgent message... ' as per other comments. Only listened to message once, telling me to call some people about a debt which I don't have. I owe nobody except for my building society and have no court orders against me, so I ignore them, but there should be some way to block them/stop them calling. I've never had a real person on the phone even.