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Yorick 1970-01-01 01256306910238
Ever time there call I ask them if they recording me, their always say yes I say you don't have my concent their put the phone down
LifeAndTimes 1970-01-01 01256306910238
Debt collection agency for car insurance company's
Kaziah 1970-01-01 01256306910238
i receieved an email form 'CARS' that they were collecting debt on a canceled insurance company, now this number is ringing? assuming its them? i didnt think a policy cancellation was a debt and they just no longer provide the service when payment stops
mcblais 1970-01-01 01256306910238
CARS again, wanted my details, bit moody on the phone but bound to be since I wouldnt give them my details, wouldnt bother phoning them back
Noureddine 1970-01-01 01256306910238
ASked me to confirm my security details wouldnt say what the call was about. Said my details were referred by a business partner - I asked who? they couldnt tell me. I asked what type of business they wouldnt tell me - I refused to provide any information told them to write to me. Agressive stroppy male!!
Malenka 1970-01-01 01256306910238
Left a recorded voicemail message to my Mum (my contract is in her name) regarding debt for cancelled car insurance. Obviously a scam as she doesn't drive haha
ShirlAnb 1970-01-01 01256306910238
Said they had a business matter to discuss with me , but called in error as they can see its been resolved but wouldn't give me any other details
Kmrcry 1970-01-01 01256306910238
a person called lucy rang me and said i owed money to cars i replied back saying can i have your full details of your company cause this is getting reported to actionfraud,ha she soon hung up so its deffo a scam
cpak 1970-01-01 01256306910238
I've had so many missed calls of these people then they send me a message which came up just a number and asked if they "can call me later"! Well I thought it was someone trying to get sexual with me until I put the number in here and seen,realised these ejits had text me twice of different numbers!!! The other text actually came up as CARS and was asking me to call them urgently!!! ,not after reading these comments!!
ssf 1970-01-01 01256306910238
Answered call asked if I was Mrs .... responded yes and asked if I had an road traffic accident in past three years. Told them no and they hung up. Called number back and CARS answered they are denying it's them
Melhop 1970-01-01 01256306910238
They also use the ending 911
TGIFAB 1970-01-01 01256306910238
Called to discuss with me matter of their business partner and requested all my personal details. When I refused to identify myself unless I hear from them what the phone call was regarding - they refused to talk. Scam or fraud - be warned.
inosence 1970-01-01 01256306910238
enterprise rent a car informed me they would be sending the outstanding balance to this company. but i am currently in dispute with enterprise regarding this small amount.
siffax 1970-01-01 01256306910238
Rang back and spoke to Dawn. Wouldn't give me any details about the company "due to data protection" but if I provided her with my address, postcode and DOB she could tell me! I hung up in the end because I couldnt stop laughing at her :)
yukimi 1970-01-01 01256306910238
Samme as above, numerous calls, just blocked the number
Quecono 1970-01-01 0207763992335
Keeps calling at the weekend, won't leave a message. Annoying. If it is Laithewaites I am already a customer!
Sjackett 1970-01-01 0207763992335
Annoying call that goes dead as soon as you pick it up
KTCM 1970-01-01 0207763992335
Called me then noone there when I answered and calling them back just get the continually engaged tone.
vsa 1970-01-01 0207763992335
Keeps calling but never leaves a message. Getting annoying
montanan 1970-01-01 0207763992335
tried to call back, engaged. they never let the phone ring long enough. if it is Laithwaites they are doing themselves no favours, I used to buy from them and then asked for my number not to be contacted, obviously they took a lot of no notice!! I am going to e-mail Laithwaites and complain,
Jaxyn 1970-01-01 0207763992335
Missed call on my mobile (I'm fully registered with TPS and opt out of everything). No message left, ringing the number back I just get an engaged tone. Annoying.
Elias 1970-01-01 0207763992335
Regular calls - never leaves a message. Called back line always busy. Urgggggh
Plainojoe 1970-01-01 0207763992335
This is a genuine number for Laithewaits but just unobtainable when you call back and keeps ringing up only to hang up on reply! Bloody nuisance but not a scam. Just want to sell you expensive wines.
Exbrit 1970-01-01 0207763992335
Daily call to my mobile ..nuisance ,used to be a customer of Laithwaites but not any more and have requested to be removed from their customer list they clearly are not listening!
svlkid 1970-01-01 0207763992335
I bought wine once from this company and have been persistently harassed by them since. I am sick to death of receiving calls from the,.
KJB 1970-01-01 0207763992335
Absolutely piss takers I do not even drink wine I take lots of drug..and they are trying to turn me into Phil mitchel piss off harassing me
Artieberg 1970-01-01 0207763992335
This is a genuine number for Laithewaits but just unobtainable when you call back and keeps ringing up only to hang up on reply! nuisance ..... Just want to sell expensive wines. I cancell d my order with them because of these calls!!!
Simangaliso 1970-01-01 0207763992335
Beer52 subscription company calling previous customers
RedWolf 1970-01-01 0207763992335
I am a customer but did ask not to be telephoned! I am with TPS and exdirectory. I just enter the number in my phone blocking list, to join all the other nuisance calls!
Xulu 1970-01-01 012564428502
Access self storage Basingstoke. Completed an online quote and received 7 calls in 6 days thereafter, no messages left. Confrontational when questioned why so many calls.