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mltn 1970-01-01 02071936574573
Caller rang then hung up. Checked online brought me here. Obvious spam caller. I have also recently registered a domain name. I have now blocked the number.
gaybitch 1970-01-01 02071936574573
Called and left no message. Checked on here and it appears that its relating to registering a domain, which I have done quite a bit of recently!
Marten 1970-01-01 0844521117718
Bogus caller claiming to be Sky. On being asked for my Sky account number gave me a "Sky" customer ID number - Sky don't use customer ID numbers.
TTaos 1970-01-01 02071936574573
Just received a call from this number on my mobile. I answered, said "hello', there was a brief pause but background sounded like an office, then an English guy said, "Donna?". I said "yes", thinking it was someone I knew. Then the line went dead. I typed the number into Google and got this site. They have not contacted me again. I see many people talking about domain names. I have not recently registered one, but have just cancelled one.
Cowgirlmary 1970-01-01 02071936574573
Had a call then got cut off. I have just registered a new Domain name on 123Reg - so ties in with a previous comment re telemarketers calling re web service
Humes 1970-01-01 02071936574573
Keep on getting calls, they will ring, wait for me to answer and then hang up - very unclear line. Have now blocked the number. I transferred a domain earlier in the week to a new host.
yanketxan 1970-01-01 02071936574573
Reading the notes left by others, this is related to web domains. I have bought a few domain names, all through the same company called I've also been getting a few emails from people I don't know offering to build my sites and also a few emails about paying money to be able to register in google search engines. Can only assume someone is selling my details.
rodz 1970-01-01 02071936574573
Illegal call. Scammers
samolita 1970-01-01 02071936574573
Got called after we secured some domains. Said that they would like to help us with website design and "they have done many many trustworthy website designs" that sentence itself rings alarm bells! Definitely an Indian gentleman that phoned,which suggests they're calling from India and not the normal London number. To add to frustration, he didn't understand me and when I asked questions such as, but what is this regarding he just answered "yes"
unlv 1970-01-01 02071936574573
started calling after I registered domain and hosting.
PRMOM 1970-01-01 02071936574573
Called me after registering domain name to sell their services.
Moxus 1970-01-01 084453030307
unsolicited marketing call for accident claims recovery. Call is a recorded message.
Dayvid 1970-01-01 084453030307
seems to be for an accident helpline
stopcalls 1970-01-01 084450481147
This number is annoying me for quite some time. The call on my home number and leave a message. If I take off, put on. What are these people?
swayla 1970-01-01 0844512013110
It is an automated system in regards to lone workers. The system will call specific numbers to perform a welfare check and to make sure the lone worker is safe and well.
wpa 1970-01-01 0190557023633
Said I’d been involved in a car accident when I had not!
NPI 1970-01-01 0190557023633
They "heard I was involved in an accident that wasn't my fault".
BaconsBabe 1970-01-01 0209424472412
Don’t answer
BilliyBadass 1970-01-01 0209424447278
Don’t answer
TheSmartestOne 1970-01-01 02038207742302
This number belongs to domestic and general insurance company, rude and annoying. I´ve bought a dishwasher and they call me offering an insurance. I've blocked them.
Tulang 1970-01-01 0203948327410
Call from WSL Ltd to "Raise awareness about the importance of writing a will". Quick Google of WSL Ltd shows them to be a company that specialises in writing wills - well what a surprise!!! So a call to "Raise awareness" is just another sales/marketing call in disguise.
Apfel 1970-01-01 075538730306
PPI scamp
jeepguytoo 1970-01-01 020394968325
Currency specialists
kindnicety 1970-01-01 075540791136
personal to me
Bevey 1970-01-01 0203948833413
Company offering Will writing services
Gutzmer 1970-01-01 02038207743452
Called today and answer machine picked up the call, they hung up without leaving a message
Mindy 1970-01-01 02038207743452
I’ve been told by other people that this number pretends to be Domestic
KSchreib 1970-01-01 02038207743452
Keeps calling. Don't answer
craigdw 1970-01-01 020382930019
this is the number for GCS recruitment in London. completely trust worthy and not a scam.
Armon 1970-01-01 0781033318121
Very bad work never finished job left loads of waste not a nice chap at all