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JJAMNA 1970-01-01 0173340520035
Hotpoint / Indesit arranging delivery or white goods
AlertLady 1970-01-01 011-323-451843
i had a missed call from this number while i was in colledge, number unknown to me, i suspect PPI
Rhianne 1970-01-01 0173380837232
Marshall Honda calling me because my car was due for a service/MOT. Called a few times without leaving a message, they eventually did leave one.
bikinggranny 1970-01-01 01914912404143
most likely to ring when mot or service due3
Braylon 1970-01-01 01914912404143
Seems to call when service or Mot is due
BobaC 1970-01-01 01914912404143
This motor company keeps bombarding me with pbonecalls at all hours and waking me up. It's an absolute nuisance and I don't even own way bloody ford car?!
SanJoseMom 1970-01-01 01914912404143
Bristol Street Motors calling again and again, despite me not owning the Mazda car anymore (not for about 2 years!), repeatedly telling them so does not stop them calling and texting me everyday.
Myamed 1970-01-01 01914912404143
Bristol Street Motors calling again and again about an old car I no longer have, telling them does not stop them calling and texting me everyday. Also dont use them the work is substandard and expensive!
mtcds 1970-01-01 01914912404143
Annoyingly persistent in ringing me in the early hours of the morning and do not leave a message. We don't own the car they are ringing about and it's for a sodding service, too!
Albee 1970-01-01 01914912404143
Ford service centre. calling from a list of car owners whos servicing and/or MOT is soon to be due
swikabi 1970-01-01 01914912404143
Ringing you when your MOT is due, must have access to database with my number on, don't ring me again!!!!
Serefete 1970-01-01 0113205418945
Dodgy as. Didn't answer, lots of negative reports when I searched on the Internet.
azroxy 1970-01-01 0113205418945
Calling to organise delivery of my garden shed.
dotswords 1970-01-01 01913400132113
Impact on behalf of Vanquis bank
Jzzy 1970-01-01 01913400132113
You answer they cut you off!!! Vanquis. No11
bizmarkiemark 1970-01-01 01913400132113
Call me everyday at 9am blocked number but seem very harassing
Faedra 1970-01-01 01913400132113
they say they are vanquis but my wife has never dealt with this company.
LearntheLAWS 1970-01-01 0191381001267
Call to confirm an appointment
OLO 1970-01-01 0191381001267
A courtesy call service from Sunderland City Hospitals, which works well. They call up to a week before your appointment. It helps to avoid missed appointments, or to start arranging for a different appointment date if you can not make it. I am a regular hospital attendee and this service has a 5 star rating in my book.
ITSec 1970-01-01 0191381001267
excellent facility. Missed original call so called them back. Amazed it recognised my number and was easy to confirm appointment.
Relative 1970-01-01 0191230000955
This is a number for NHS Business Services Authority (Help with Health Costs department). It is someone calling because they need extra information regarding a submitted HC1 application form. The number does not work to call back directly, but if they leave a voicemail they should tell you their direct extension number to contact them. Otherwise, you can call the main contact centre line on 0300 330 1343.
Bloanie 1970-01-01 01913009131129
They KEEP calling back then hanging up!! I don't even know what they want, they're just rude and not getting anywhrere!
CBab 1970-01-01 01913009131129
askin if my partner had an acident last year. told him it was a long shot and hung up
BURNsandCOONS 1970-01-01 01913009131129
Phoned and asked me loads of questions and when i would not answer them, they got very rude.
loutaylor 1970-01-01 01913009131129
This number called me telling me about an over payment I'd made on a loan prior to 2009. When I asked for more details as to whom the company was I'd overpaid, the man laughed and 'I dunno it was before 2009'. I then said I have no idea and the phone was hung up.
kvf 1970-01-01 01913009131129
Calls then hangs up. Very annoying.
keeda 1970-01-01 01913009131129
PFI caller
cleancarpets 1970-01-01 01913009131129
Calling asking personal information when asked who they are they are being rude then hanging up keep being called back by different people
doho 1970-01-01 01913009131129
I was called on my mobile by this number on Friday morning 22/11/13 - they hung up when i answered. They rang back late afternoon - but i was in the pub and it was a bit noisy so i went outside but the christmas lights were being turned on in Kikby town centre and there was lots of noise - music, kids etc.. so it was noisier outside the pub than inside. I went back inside and managed to hear something about finance - I don't have any debt and am not claiming any PPI or anything like that - so i asked the male caller what he was selling - he said he wasn't selling anything - so i gave him a few choice words and ended the call and went for another pint. I've not heard from them since.
INPRINT 1970-01-01 01913009131129
I've always had a very succinct answer to these types of calls. I do answer them, but when I actually start speaking to an op, I either spout copious amounts of four letter words or speak back to them in whatever accent they have, telling them I can't understand them and can they please speak English