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Jimbmorris 1970-01-01 019142654322387
rang several times.
Sinvex 1970-01-01 019142654322387
Had a few missed calls. So i rang it back, EDF. The automated system said please dial 0800 408 0810 if you wish for your number to be removed. I rang, got through to another auto system, it said please press 1 to be deleted from the call list. Did, then it said it can take up to 24hrs to be removed
NOTINTIMIDATED 1970-01-01 07999332786138
Spinney Hills Pervert Kamran Qayyum Leicester FAKE CHARITY Fraudster and Lying Felcher
Poopstink 1970-01-01 07999332786138
Pervert Pakistani man trying to talk with my 14 year old daughter. Kamran Qayyum Leicester
novascotia 1970-01-01 07999332786138
Dirty talking Leicester Kamran Qayyum trying to get a date. Met him off Tinder. Quickly realised he is a Liar and Scammer. Spinney Hills BullShitter.
RobertaG 1970-01-01 01914254610549
Receiving calls from this number on my business mobile... when I answer they just hang up. They're becoming a nuisance.
RonJoe 1970-01-01 01914254610549
Repeated calls from this number, despite telling them that we are not interested. Getting very stressful now!
Reberta 1970-01-01 01914254610549
Asked to speak to a male colleague claiming they had spoken to HER(sic) before.
Stanne 1970-01-01 01914254610549
Some advice for people harassed by utility callers - tell them you are in RENTED business premises and the landlord is responsible for the utility providers - they have no answer for this and are only to happy to end the call.
shitny 1970-01-01 01914254610549
I noted last year from May - August calls increase from various telemarketers. Subsequent ad campaigns on TV appear for call blocking systems to protect people from nuisance calls.
suziec 1970-01-01 01914254610549
Liars, can't understand the word no and reported to trading standards. Enjoy your day!
ktnn 1970-01-01 01914254610549
Very pushy salesman called. Said it was impossible to remove my phone number from the company wide calling list. Utilitywise need to get a grip on their callers.
CustomerJane 1970-01-01 01914254610549
Persistent vile caller needs to be dealt with as a criminal.
PeevedinNY 1970-01-01 01914254610549
As other companies very shirty gobs**** going on about our utilities and saying he wanted to speak to the M.D (acted like they knew him) as i had been most un-helpful.
djcobp 1970-01-01 01914254610549
pretended to be from British Gas
Moelicious 1970-01-01 01914254610549
utility telemarketing - polite on first but called straight back ! put phone down on them - not good
CMCDONALD 1970-01-01 01914254610549
Caller asked to speak to whoever is responsible for purchasing power for the company! I replied no you can't and put phone down. These people have been ringing my mobile and house phone several times a day. Cold calling or what!
WAH 1970-01-01 01914254610549
I had a couple call from them and they are trying to sell me utilities bills reduction scheme for free?? Whatever give me for free it must be dodgy ! Just say no and put the phone down .
Anunymous 1970-01-01 01914254610549
I don't answer the phone, I let the answer machine kick in and the person ringing 9 times out of 10 hangs up.....then I google the number, sure enough 9 out 10 are scam callers...My number is a private house number aswell as a business, if it is a genuine customer calling they WILL and do leave a message.......
Udder 1970-01-01 01914254610549
Unsolicited calls day and night to a business line that has had no contact with this company EVER and does not have any account / never has with any Utilities service as its a ghost number which is only found on our company website - its not actually linked to any address - STOP CALLING US - When calling to complain they advised I speak to Jane anderson on 0191 425 5912 - customer care !
merle 1970-01-01 01914254610549
jmack 1970-01-01 01914254610549
A complete con company do not trust anything they say!
skhloe 1970-01-01 01914254610549
The new script the Utilitywise telemarketers are using seems to have an emphasis on being your buddy. Very informal attitude. The one who called us, Daz, didn't even state where he was from, trying to make it sound like my boss was expecting a call from him. She wasn't.
vikaah 1970-01-01 01914254610549
Had a vague call saying Utility wise were biggest energy provider, not true. Also wanted to save us money-how kind! In reality they are trying to get people over to them prior to switches to different metres. Lots of bad press, and the number called is not same as on their website.
BOBJIM 1970-01-01 01914254610549
Pushy telemarketing. Asked the caller repeatedly to put us on the do not call list and was repeatedly ignored for the same question multiple times.
sanchchi 1970-01-01 01914254610549
Still receiving calls from Utilitywise, however now they are harassing about changing who our water is billed by and water rates discounts.
uio 1970-01-01 01914254610549
How do we actually hurt these b------s?
Satle 1970-01-01 01914254610549
I’ve asked these clowns several times to stop calling me. I’ve told them repeatedly that I’m not interested in switching my company’s supply. Do they take any notice? No. I will never do business with a cold caller.
Jeleffann 1970-01-01 01914254610549
no message left on answerphone.
Spya 1970-01-01 01914254610549
I have it on my do not answer spam list, they try calling half a dozen times a day, absolute jokers.