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nibble 1970-01-01 0190440340712
'new' green deal for windows
Merline 1970-01-01 020388988389
want to ma.age money
alwaypeace 1970-01-01 020388398077
Fake modelling agency who scammed lots of people.
Hiland 1970-01-01 0781133008819
Mathews Coventry
Particia 1970-01-01 0781131027340
non-stop calls along with a lot of others.if you need any more info on the numbers let me know.
Dcornel 1970-01-01 0781131027340
Caller stayed silent and didn't speak. Hung up after 15 seconds and didn't say a word but somebody was definitely on the other end and wasn't an automated call........creepy!
Carrin 1970-01-01 0781131027340
Capquest debt recovery
Heights 1970-01-01 0781130860967
Capquest debt recovery
LiedToo 1970-01-01 0781131013848
Debt recovery agency
berkhippie 1970-01-01 0754415664611
Spam text message about 'compensation for your recent accident'.
clorrisa 1970-01-01 0754415664611
cold call through texting another accident claims company
Yanitssa 1970-01-01 07542916726203
An asian person caller contacted me to ask my opinion on something -saying he wasn't selling anything I quickly said no & he hung up
Laboo 1970-01-01 07542916726203
Im assuming it was a survey . an asian phoned me on my mobile to ask my opinion on something stating he wasn't selling anything -I said no & didn't get a CHANCE TO ID himself & hung up
Manj 1970-01-01 07542916726203
This number called me with a statement they wanted to do a survey but didn't identify themselves. They then stated an old address I no longer live at and when I said I had moved asked (quite aggressively) for my new address. I asked who they were and they responded "I told you, are you deaf? Are you deaf?" Nice! I must admit I did hit back with "no, I just don't hear rude people and your diction is bad"... they then hung up!
MNHJ 1970-01-01 07542916726203
some Asian woman doing some silly survey
caig 1970-01-01 0781131039228
Capquest debt recovery
motomom 1970-01-01 020842804037
asking for a name of someone made up. Then said who pays for the gas and electric in the house. ? Sounded like a child or very young woman. Never said who they were or what company. Very childish.
Augusta 1970-01-01 020842804037
Asked for wrong individual, over two years out of date.
OBXGal 1970-01-01 0781131036054
scummy debt buyers
Friar 1970-01-01 0781131036054
Debt Collection Company!
Hoon 1970-01-01 0781131036054
I get about 3 calls a week from these debts collectors called Capquest. They are silent and harassing calls to do with student loan repayments. Ignore all calls and tell tem to put everything in writing, then you can use the paper as fire starters......job done.
Dria 1970-01-01 0781131036054
usual b*ll*cks debt purchase agency, i have no debt so this was surprising to say the least! bad at scripts/sales. asks personal details, wouldn't expand why they were calling or the nature and made false claims. I enjoyed grilling them being an ex telesales a$$hole.
pitagoras 1970-01-01 0781131016343
A missed call from these people which I returned. They have also tried contacting me from other numbers. I refused to confirm any details or give a reference number (I don't have one - I've never heard of them till yesterday). I've been contacted in the past by debt collectors looking for Steven Griffiths (who isn't me) so I assume this is what this is about. The guy wouldn't continue the call so I advised I would be blocking them.
missmoni 1970-01-01 0781131016343
claims to be a debt collection agency. threatens to screw up your credit rating if you don't start paying. apparently you can screw up a person's credit rating without reason or evidence and it's legal. it's the new PPI.
sawrat 1970-01-01 0781131016343
Yet another call from Capquest on yet another mobile number about a person who is not me. Have not answered a single call.
damilfefa 1970-01-01 0208421241114
Good company
AKoch 1970-01-01 0120658512313
Obtained a price from their website and they called to ask if I wanted to proceed.
Ziegler 1970-01-01 0120639122211
Caller claimed to be a pensions "specialist" and wanted me to transfer my pension fund to her company. Wouldn't give a straight answer to my questions, insisting I provided personal information "for data protection purposes". I suspected a scam so ended the call.
Skepticlove 1970-01-01 0120670031062
Claimed I was on their system for taking a loan or credit card out with barclays. I said they must be mistaken because I've never been with them and he said "I'm never mistaken" I pointed out several reasons why they were wrong and he hung up.
Mylage 1970-01-01 0120670031062
I suspect this number has some access to Barclays. Very suspicious