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RHOACO 1970-01-01 01904403405294
well, for the first time ever, I blocked one of these annoying numbers - this one! and that was because i had to block them twice in a week (two different numbers, same town). thanks to the person who linked ICO in this thread, it was really quick.
Rajat 1970-01-01 01904403405294
Emma was a robot and kept repeating, after a short delay, the same thing, whatever my question. Told me it heard I was in a recent accident that wasn't my fault. It hung up.
survivorgurl 1970-01-01 01904403405294
So tedious - calling about the accident I had within the last two years - did I have one? I don't know - you tell me...
Ihj 1970-01-01 01904403405294
Call about a car accident. Didn't answer my question about how they get my number
Akperson 1970-01-01 01904403405294
Caller was Emma McIntyre from Proficient Helpline. Said she was informed I had a car accident recently. Sounded like a recorded message which kept repeating but did respond to my questions (sort of!). Caller then disconnected call.
hegg 1970-01-01 01904403405294
This was a missed call. After reading comments here I have blocked it.
iKILLyou 1970-01-01 01904403405294
Car accident
nancey 1970-01-01 01904403405294
Guy called Sam (Indian-style accent) called from Peer Business / Pier Business, very shouty, called with a highly aggressive sales pitch to try and get us to use his telecoms. Hung up on me. Approach with caution I'd say
karolonik 1970-01-01 01904403405294
Calling about your recent car accident...
samman 1970-01-01 0203056973070
A pest caller will I be charged if I ring that number
Schindlers 1970-01-01 0203056973070
Unsolicited calls - nuisance.
Bilb 1970-01-01 0203056973070
They phone at least once a day at the moment but don't leave a message. Have added to reject list but still manage to get through.
Micheke 1970-01-01 0203056973070
4 calls within last hour, hangs up with no message.
britinindy 1970-01-01 01904207037885
phoning about my recent accident (
IamLaur 1970-01-01 01904207037885
Really rude and hung up once I told them they were too late to chase me for an accident claim that happened over 2 years ago!!! VERY unprofessional. Havent blocked them as I would love them to call again! :)
LSBK 1970-01-01 0190472871317
This is my phone number it has been spoofed by some company by are changing my number in a few days sooty but no one from here has called you
jessiesgyrl 1970-01-01 019045441808
This is a company in York who deal with automative parts in a warehouse situation.
EastAsh 1970-01-01 0844533287566
fake compensation outfit
freebirdgoose 1970-01-01 0844533287566
I wish they would just leave me alone, I tripped over my dog running to answer a call from them this morning at 9.42 thinking it was my daughter returning my call and typically it rang off as I got to it. Please somebody stop these people intruding on our lives, day to day living is stressful enough without this harassment.
ormond 1970-01-01 0844533287566
I'm looking for there address, because if it's uk based I intend to drive up there and stick my foot in every employees ass!!!
dollerschell 1970-01-01 0844533287566
these guys have called my daughters mobile phone 10 times I pressed 5 and spoke to a guy who said his name was tom I told him im reporting this number he just said good luck with that mate want a good kicking he does I hate scammers
dockit 1970-01-01 0844533287566
claimed to be direct line, got fidgety when I challenged them
Yahaira 1970-01-01 0844533287566
Scumbags pass the phone no's number on to other scumbags claim sites on the internet make them pay then they will get harassed of the same scumbags
Melowl 1970-01-01 0844533287566
CALLED AGAIN TODAY. today they are Direct Claims
santinette 1970-01-01 0844533287566
Asian woman called. thankz to tellows app I cut through the formalities and assaulted her with my 143db attack alarm. The clueless twunt hung on the line for a whole minute and then she called again on my landline. I swore at her and set the alarm off again and she hung up right away. Where ever she is in the world, I wish a huge natural disaster on that part of the world.
msmar 1970-01-01 0844533287566
trying to see if i'd receive/was entitled to compensation re a minor car accident 2 yrs ago. Told them i'd report them to the police if they hassled again
JrMintAddict 1970-01-01 0844533287566
This number has rang me everyday now for months! I either miss the call because they ring at stupid times or when I have answered it is an automated machine which gives me the options to press 1 for a call back or press 9 to unsubscribe from these calls, which I have done about 100 times and they still keep phoning me daily! Whats more annoying is I cant get through to an actual person so I can tell them to piss off in person!
Patria 1970-01-01 0844533287566
i had an minor traffic accident and they wanted me to make a claim, askiung for bank details, said that they were from swinton insurance
notinjersey 1970-01-01 0844533287566
Called repeatedly (up to 5 times a day) even though I asked them to remove my number from their systems. Completely untrustworthy.
Charnell 1970-01-01 0844533287566
Pretended to be from Direct Line - said they had put money aside as compensation for my accident. Refused to say where got my details.