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Administration 2020-03-19 077113372954925
Hardeep is the Troll His home Address and other various Important info to follow.......... Other
Administration 2020-03-19 077113372954925
Hardeep we now have the MAC address for all the devices you are using to victimised other people. We will now send this file to The Cyber Crime unit Regards Admin Other
Jeffery 2020-03-19 +447516068493103
This woman jenny Wong lim used divorce as an excuse to transfer money to defraud other people's money and disappeared. Please don't believe her any words and avoid loss of property. Scam suspicion
The Investigation Team 2020-03-19 077113372954925
The racist troll is Andrew Johnson from Audio Visual Facilities Limited. 24 Boyes Crescent Saint Alban's Napsbury Park AL2 1UB Other
Martha 2020-03-18 0843874725820
This number also charged me 65p without me dialing it. Use phone for YouTube only Unknow
Martha 2020-03-18 0845134174423
This number charged me 65p but I did not dial it as I don't use this phone for calls - mainly use for you tube Unknow
HospitalPatient 2020-03-18 0180365600064
From Torbay Hospital in Torquay Other
Josh 2020-03-18 02080896505134
Trying to sell boiler cover. Hung up after I questioned them. Telemarketer
adie 2020-03-18 01189115367452
repeat calls from this number no message Unknow
Jackie butler 2020-03-18 36367236368101
This no has text me twice once yesterday and this morning it looks like it’s coming from hungry what should I do Scam suspicion
Tina 2020-03-18 02037699035280
I wanted a loan they took £70 off me and now want me 2 send them a photo off my bank statement to get a refund Scam suspicion
Richie 2020-03-18 02077635188215
Mindful Chef attempting to get me to re-activate my membership. Telemarketer
Yog 2020-03-18 02031294291225
Missed a call from this number. Tried calling back. No response. Scam suspicion
TI The Inverstigation Team 2020-03-18 077113372954925
The troll below has been identified. He is a known racist and his name and home address are included in the leaked BNP list. If he continues we will publish his home address and criminal records. M Michaelides. Other
Joe 2020-03-17 01619388257310
Claimed to be a researcher asking probing questions. Gave him the runaround. That. Scam suspicion
The Investigation Team 2020-03-17 077113372954925
The troll below has been identified. He is a known racist and his name and home address are included in the leaked BNP list. If he continues we will publish his home address and criminal records. David Johnson from Audio Visual Facilities Limited. Other
rholthu 2020-03-17 141-020-0504117
Msg says that is SEEMS to be from 'WF Alert'. Don't fall for itMany reports, even from a year or two ago, stating that this number is used by Scammers. DELETE IMMEDIATELY. Scam suspicion
Kroket 2020-03-17 +448000588712206
Kroket Scam suspicion
Pooh 2020-03-17 02031294291225
+44 20 3129 4291 these people called me many times today. And yesterday someone from United States tried to log in my yahoo account. I dunno what's happening Unknow
Pamela Gray 2020-03-17 03334432823684
This number is on my blocked list, why is it still calling me Scam suspicion
Tezz Williams 2020-03-17 0151268106077
Safe to answer, it's West Derby Jobcentre on Eaton Road, they contacted me about a recent appointment. Other
Feyisa abebe 2020-03-17 442039449990249
rang two times but I did not see who are you ? Event reminder
SR1 2020-03-17 077113372954925
Hardeep Lota Liar Cheat Harassing Other
Hank 2020-03-16 0161864323140
Gm police Other
Hatfield 2020-03-16 07860054507394
Got text today reminder 'my APPOINTMENT' which I don't remember made one. Obviously scam. As tried to call back the number doesn't exist. Unknow
Katherine 2020-03-16 0208233220066
IKEA Customer Service (Collection reminder) Event reminder
George 2020-03-16 039-566-6266172
Mercedes Benz brochure request follow up Other
ADM 2020-03-15 0762480050066
Phishing text. Scam suspicion
And 2020-03-15 0786002126282
Claim to be from apple and said that my billing details are out of date. Complete scam as I dont have an iPhone nor an apple account Scam suspicion
James 2020-03-14 01707692879306
PayPoint Technical Team Other