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Neo 2020-05-09 0208164797092
Just called then hung up Unknow
Lin Farrell 2020-05-09 01865587284107
I believe this is the number used by WhatsApp to validate a second device (eg laptop ) for paring. I have done this for video calls. The problem is the service asks you to put your number so if its typed incorrectly others could receive rogue calls. Other
Martin 2020-05-08 02081444467259
Fake number and doing fraud Scam suspicion
Anon 2020-05-07 01212601014224
why are these people not being investigated, i have blocked them, but what about more vulnerable people who fall for scams, why are people still not being protected by fraudsters?????!!!! Other
Darren 2020-05-06 01753804600538
Claimed to be the NHS blood team booking future appointments because ‘they’ve got loads of blood stocks right now’. Hung up as soon as she asked for my year of birth. Scam suspicion
Paul Davis 2020-05-06 07470 117
Had a call from this number and re of used the voice .he says he is lewis and is in fact floyd Lewis who owned a company called solar technik and then advanced solar ,both in poole Dorset .if you google advanced solar poole he comes up on the search,he is a rogue and a thief and has been to jail because of his illicit dealings DO NOT USE Scam suspicion
Cass 2020-05-06 02080507986158
I reckon this number is a scammer as I got a text message from a someone or a company called 'Riverside' saying the below: "Hi -[my first name] If you would like to be on our appointment waiting list for treatment as soon as lockdown is over Please call 02080507986 thank you!x" It's obviously someone praying on people's insecurities and they want you to call the number so they can 'hack' you. I mean what organisation would put an 'x' after the message if it was professional?!! When I texted back 'F*** Off scammer, it didn't go through!! I would definitely avoid calling this back if anyone else gets a message like this! Scam suspicion
B bugs 2020-05-05 01733907889135
Silent call to mobile Unknow
R sole 2020-05-05 0113821461052
Silent call Other
coates 2020-05-05 01315365032139
NHS Lothian, usually trying to offer out patient appointment, but no reply on phone back. Other
Phil 2020-05-04 07365478954222
Asked me how I was, hung up when I asked what it was regarding Scam suspicion
sarpong3alex 2020-05-03 02036593222344
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Annonymous 2020-05-03 0127422125097
Time waster set up IVR Scam suspicion
Kat 2020-05-02 479-991-0901828
This number sent me a whatsapps business code and asked me to click the link. Scam suspicion
Rich 2020-05-01 223-204-2150510
Called and asked if I was my wife's sister who I know isn't paying her bills. Debt collector
Edward 2020-05-01 07902869904174
Dangerous they stalked me making out she liked me and stole money from my account. Scam suspicion
Sam 2020-05-01 07860063995156
Seven trent water Other
knlknklnknk 2020-05-01 01618147813325
lmbkhhkb Other
Dooms 2020-05-01 08151308207757
MarvelX 2020-05-01 081297029799128
Guru preschool PELAKOR. Psycho Other
Gertrude 2020-05-01 01245348594237
Picked up very quickly but number hung up. Why is the number rated dangerous, and who owns it? Other
JLM 2020-05-01 07782333444200
Annoying repeated calls Scam suspicion
William Cook 2020-05-01 07927348914289
Caller from this number told me I had fraudulent activity on my bank account and wanted me to open my on-line account. Didn't know any of my security questions so I refused. Confirmed later with my bank that they had made no such call and there was no fraudulent activity. Scam suspicion
Scadycat 2020-04-30 03445439009418
Caller said she's from Scottish Power. Wanted to ask me some security questions b4 proceeding. I said why should I answer any security questions and what is this call about? She said in that case she can't discuss any further. I told her SP billed me when I'm not even their customer and they've now removed my name from that account and will contact me via email. She hung up. Other
temu bizuayehu 2020-04-30 +441143597079278
why did this phone number call me? Other
Peter 2020-04-30 03450130151126
If this is a bank procedure I’ll close my account and move to another bank. Other
Sandra McCabe 2020-04-29 08001615163153
Just got a call from 0800161 5163 it’s 9 pm saying my one time security code for account will expire in minutes I never asked for one it’s a scam I don’t have account with Bank of Scotland SCAM SCAMMERS Scam suspicion
Cazza 2020-04-29 07517349549434
It’s a Emma scam Scam suspicion
JC1 2020-04-29 0151289574528
Claiming to be from Amazon Prime and my account has been charged press 1 to cancel the charge... Scam suspicion
Roger 2020-04-29 0161414005842
Rang off when I picked up Other