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Ray 2020-09-07 03453511498774
This is 100 per cent genuine. If you get a call check your bank account straight away. Other
Sinan çetinkaya 2020-09-07 00252651114571921
Orospu çocukları sabahın köründe aradılar kontörü nereden bulmuş ta yurt dışını arıyor lanet olası kamış etek giyen kabile üyeleri Unknow
6263665847 2020-09-07 00252651114571921
6263665847 Other
OMAR 2020-09-07 00252651114571921
+25265111457 Unknow
Masha 2020-09-07 00252651114571921
Spamm report please Scam suspicion
Salih 2020-09-07 2526511145748
+25265111457 hergun gece gunduz arayip kapatio ice skldim nerden buluosa nomu sovecem artik Scam suspicion
yup 2020-09-07 00252651114571921
From somalia. Scamming and fraud. Scam suspicion
James 2020-09-07 00252651114571921
Spam!!! They called me like 4am in the morning. Scam suspicion
वतनदमद 2020-09-05 0937298642412283
रदमदम Other
Ian 2020-09-04 02034165001891
Have received several calls from this number purportedly about Natwest business profiles. Appears to be a phishing exercise. Very persistent calling and when you call back they ask for security information, which I am not going to give Other
Barbara 2020-09-04 01216476315426
Called from this number this morning person mentioned my name then got cut off. Other
Arcus FM 2020-09-03 015279185201197
Arcus Facilities Management Other
CLAIRE SCHOFIELD 2020-09-02 02081444283171
Postcode Lottery Scam they ask you to phone them and pay a processing fee to receive your winnings. Scam suspicion
Didn't call the number 2020-09-02 888-531-123856
This number came up to call after my computer locked up. I couldn't unlock it so I had to hard shut it down. Didn't call the number Other
Alex 2020-09-02 020807755643211
this guy named azid has offered a phone upgrade i gave all personal details he sent me twice times as phone arrived with wrong colour and now he just disappeared no answer my calls and when the realise it's me they hang off! Scam its fraude been reported Scam suspicion
Phone 2020-09-01 07522673015761
SCAM same story as other reports on here some billionaire who is going to pay millions for 5 days but wants photos and videos first wouldn’t even pay £10 first!!! So doubt his going pay 500k Scam suspicion
Gio 2020-09-01 88753480551
I dont answer calls not in my phonebook. Unless informing me 1st hand that I will be receiving call from their numbers. Scam suspicion
Gail 2020-08-31 07860015166385
Suppose to be from Santander. Returning the call number comes up as not known Scam suspicion
s thethi 2020-08-31 07757309062193
Nuisance call regarding car sales Other
kimberly 2020-08-29 17766633479434290
hi i want to call you on the chrome Other
Graham 2020-08-29 01462167170190
just hung up.... Unknow
Doesn't give it 2020-08-28 01183374159202
Aggressive woman asking for details about me, when she's been told I are not the person they are speaking to. She continues to ask the operator who answered that they don't have that information. Other
scots 2020-08-28 0871321012373
This number keeps calling and does not stop i blocked it and still leaves voicemails but when you listen to the voicemails all u hear is a phone ringing in the background they do not give up really annoying do not answer to this number Unknow
Mea 2020-08-28 01424278103196
Called, played music, didn't speak, I hung up. Rang again I missed call. After reading reviews I will block. Unknow
M. M . K 2020-08-27 03450451309452
Virgin -(?) is what the person says : but not convincing - line kept cutting out same if I dialled back been getting lots of these pester calls since I gave notice on my number. Not sure how genuine or spam they may be. Other
Mrs Hodge 2020-08-26 07903594390127
This number keep calling me. Even I have blocked. Other
Rkizzle 2020-08-26 01234844999247
BT local business office Other
wissam 2020-08-25 0555555555597
we receive today a call.from this number 055 5555555 is it fake one or any further details related Other
Laurence Lameche (also known as Moore) 2020-08-25 0751857295047
it's my mobile number Scam suspicion
Alex 2020-08-25 01847196059151
Recorded message to state I had 2 unauthorised transactions on my Visa Card, one for £400 with Western Union and one for £700 - press 1 to accept, 2 to refute and 3 to listen to the message again - pressed 3 and heard an asian sounding voice saying "hello, hello" - hung up, I don't have a Visa card anyway. Scam suspicion