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Shaha 2019-08-22 682-223-402876
Robocall spam junk junk
HPC 2019-08-22 0121667907553
Rang my landline Which i didn't answer then they phoned mobile which was on silent didn't leave any message
Keko 2019-08-22 800-692-7753134
Keeps calling-I don't answer. Annoying.
jfgrace 2019-08-22 800-692-7753134
I got the call this am for this number. A recording said my Apple had been breached and not to do anything online. Also said to press 1. I didn’t get to it fast enough and they hung up. Seemed weird so I google the number and got this site. Feeling much better knowing the call was a scam.
bobinsanteeca 2019-08-22 01964212013133
Cold calling about financial market
frooog 2019-08-22 0114399177040
Keeps me so l have blocked the number.
dutxhie 2019-08-22 02871030776116
2 phone calls saying " you need to stop putting rubbish in my bin!" Found it quite funny but wondered if it was a virus that could get into my phone accounts ??
Goslowla 2019-08-22 447378903127147
I was sent an unauthorized link
hsarestore 2019-08-22 01453128888134
Hi had a missed call from this number in durnsley when I'm in Colchester Essex? Is it a scam?
rhondas 2019-08-22 202-630-511536
Scammer. Don't bother to talk to them.
bzmom 2019-08-22 6015145312351971
Unsolicited phone call 22/8/19@1842
Musican 2019-08-22 0161884161146
Company called RNC, I think that’s what he said. They said they can write off debt so you don’t have to pay it back. Told them I wasn’t interested and hung up.
ByeNow 2019-08-22 01453126153102
I couldnt answer in time, then I called back twice, but each time the call instantly hung up.
fbush 2019-08-22 0800041806093
Scam number , stole £1600 .
Hmkl 2019-08-22 01902296291148
Keep calling when I answer they put the phone down.
Ewdogger 2019-08-22 0287900320924
Automated call saying that £600 had been taken out of a card abroad. No other details given.
mzrokcy 2019-08-22 607-821-443431
Received phone call and I let it go to voicemail. The message said that my sister had put me as a reference, and they asked me to call back. I called my sister, and she hasn't put me as reference for anything. She called the number under a *67, and discovered that it was for Direct TV.
dodgeman 2019-08-22 01240351711324
This # calls my cell everyday and never leaves voicemail. Was silent on the other end when I answered the first time they called. Very annoying!
Mathia 2019-08-22 01453121765140
Dont know who they were. Missed their call. No voice mail left
Solmyr 2019-08-22 0203095477524
This number persistently calling home phone about about a lawsuit against me it’s very annoying after 3 or 4 times a day
Buddynbritt 2019-08-22 0203318550665
Telling you that you’ve won the lottery and you can enter more. Scam.
Chrigou 2019-08-22 918-526-172036
I’ve already reported this caller previously and they simply will not quit calling me. It’s a robo call from someone named Sarah with a medical alert organization. They are trying to sell me a medical alert bracelet. I block their number when they call and they simply call from another number in the next day or two. How can I get this stopped? Please help!
Manklin 2019-08-22 0145312110935
Never answered in am a bit had of hearing but it is not any of my saved numbers
AICRsucks 2019-08-22 646-632-412552
please stop this number
plantman 2019-08-22 954-437-527189
No one answers when you call back. Busy signal.
martystax 2019-08-22 917-719-2583114
Same here. Made submission through our "Contact Us" form. Scammer.
Mussarut 2019-08-22 0751734948596
got this thought it was my neice so txt back once checked number then they txt again i blocked them will this stop them charging to my phone?
kristenlaw 2019-08-22 800-622-623252
Spam call, SIN number scam, They will tell u they found suspicious activity on ur SIN number. Then they will trick u with all fake police case trick. After that they will told u to transfer all money to digital account. Don't do it. They also told to verify this number on google maps. but they are calling VOIP with this fake number.
Kinch 2019-08-22 01453121787122
Did not answer as unknown number
J. Giles 2019-08-22 0203887281763
Rang late afternoon asked, in foreign accent, (mispronounced) rang off, ,without comment, when told they were not available butmessage could be taken for the person requested. Scam suspicion