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Emoneyblue 1970-01-01 0203051575326
unwanted caller keeps on ringing asking for a lady that does not live at my address, will not accept that its the wrong number and that i have nothing wrong with my pc ! claims to be a Mr Mike Johnson, however can hardly speak english and has a very strong Indian accient.timewaster!!
Eucch 1970-01-01 0203051575326
Unsolicited call from Indian guy who called himself "Alan". He said they were supporting the Windows operating system globally and I had this "privileged" phone call so he could check my system for errors with me. He wanted my computer switched on so he could discuss with me. He said many others were having problems with their systems running slow, and that there are problems with malware on my system !!!! I put him off saying I haven't time just now, but having "googled" the helpdesk number he gave me - 02030515753 - I am certain now it is a scam. Besides it would be a mistake to trust a total stranger calling the house just because he got my name from somewhere.
whatisthepoint 1970-01-01 0203051575326
My mum has received a call from a man named Ricky. I warned her about these scammers but she did not think about it properly. The accent was somewhat indian origin. He first claimed he was with windows, but as the call progressed it seemed that he wasnt from windows. She has allowed him to scan our computer through a administrator. Can you please tell me what this man has done. Will this lead to him taking any personal information. Very worried. They have taken the name care your PC.
Akoni 1970-01-01 0203051575326
had another call from company claiming to be 24hr Support - lady became very rude and obnoxious when I did not do what she wanted and questioned who she was and her company. i asked for a phone number and given 0203 0515753, said they were based in West Yorkshire - told her that was not a West yorkshire phone code - got rude again with me and after asking her for website details and additional company info she refused. kept insisting I get her to go through my computer system with her commands and then I could see for myself that they were a cosha company. NOT!! rang the number back after getting rid of her and the man told me completely different information and that they were not based in the UK but only a phone number gave website as being to verify they were legitimate - on asking for company registration number details etc - could not give me this info -asked them not to ring again - chance will be a fine thing. My only major concern is that they have my phone number, name and address details - I dont feel very comfortable or happy about this at all considering they are aggressive when questioned.
Trezise 1970-01-01 0203051575326
I love your site I have been able to find out who has been prank calling me from a moblie phone number and told them to stop it .. they freaked out when I called them because I knew their name , it was a idiot from high school.Thanks for this service as calling telstra to complain they do nothing so you have helped me a great deal from being woken up late at night from prank calls.I wish I could donate $$$ to you people I owe you big time..
Reneda 1970-01-01 0203056688032
26.9.17 I was told that I had been in an accident. I said pull the other one. Response was to ask when did I have the accident. When I asked if she couldn't hear my reply, the phone went dead. Calls like this are very annoying. This one came when I was expecting an important call and I was an invasion of my privacy.
Larryparker 1970-01-01 0203050714120
Call to mobile from unknown number - no message left
PattyDaddy 1970-01-01 0194557306815
Very concerned about this call. Worried about what the reason was for this call.
tattoodi 1970-01-01 0194557306815
No one on end of phone, thought I'd missed it so I called back. It just says 'goodbye' and thats it.
Mindtracker 1970-01-01 02030557029115
unsolicited call about a recent car accident. When I asked them to confirm the date of the accident they hung up.
aChildOfEarth 1970-01-01 0203059183631
I answered and the call was terminated - think I'll block it.
VELTAN 1970-01-01 0203883260826
No answer probably an autobot call
Sokho 1970-01-01 0203056107055
I actually like the idea of solar panels if they werent so expensive. This number has been trying to ring me. Maybe I can bargain with them
HavveK 1970-01-01 0203056107055
calls my mobile but I don't answer. Searched online and it appears lots of people get calls and it's possibly a PPI company? Have no idea how they got my number
Wiggly 1970-01-01 0203056107055
another mystery caller who diverts me from a possible dangerous job in hand and must be stopped.
laugh 1970-01-01 0203056107055
The company who called today are called Bank Refunds. The number on their website is 0844 5048114. They did have a record of the cold call.They claim I gave them my info via their website when I was at sea with the Royal Navy, where I have no access to the internet. I would suggest they are a marketing firm that act on behalf of a number of organisations, not just one, if you ring the above 02 number back it just rings out. Very suspect. Have reported to TPS.
limpopo 1970-01-01 0203056107055
very rude and aggressive DO NOT have any business with them, they should not be allowed to do this
Mustafiz 1970-01-01 0203051556571
BJo 1970-01-01 0203051556571
this is a firm called G31. they are a call centre tracing people who have owned timeshares in the past.
ebirn 1970-01-01 0203051556571
I do not appreciate cold calling on my personal number.
ebaygolfer 1970-01-01 0781164992426
relative personal
Jeeminy 1970-01-01 0781164992426
relative family
alsounknown 1970-01-01 02038875187545
Asking about an accident i was involved in.. Politely told her to go away
ktrapp 1970-01-01 02038875187545
Unsolicited call stating they got number from RTA database. Called the number and not available. Scam!
JttE 1970-01-01 02038875187545
Insurance scam!
ahoffmann 1970-01-01 02038875187545
called regarding an RTA which is already fully settled. No idea where they got my number!
IanK 1970-01-01 02038875187545
"Laura Parsons" cold calling about accident claims
skeleturk 1970-01-01 0120661822628
PPI number regarding car accidents.... Didn't pick up but googled it and blocked it.....
HGL 1970-01-01 0120661822628
told them their info was bollocks
rparkins 1970-01-01 0120661822628
Call in the middle of the day. Didn't recognise the number or expect a call so didn't pick up.