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RecorderMG 1970-01-01 01825591104226
Rings daily, I do not answere. Hangs up when answer machine kicks in. A great nuisance and I am sometimes frightened to answer the call.
lukcharm 1970-01-01 01825591104226
I got a miss call on the 21/08/2017
Kittea 1970-01-01 0182574463911
Disgusting Telepests
PRBrown 1970-01-01 0182574463911
Julious 1970-01-01 0113300600011
Just called to say there was a recorded message for someone. Didn't leave a name so is an anonymous call.
Toneman 1970-01-01 0208077290111
Scammers be careful people don’t waste your time answering them plus don’t accept to pay no advance payment towards any loan repayments
bighd 1970-01-01 0208076246913
Usual I have been told you have been involved in an accident.....
lorettakarnes 1970-01-01 011-330-014912
When my phone rang this evening, before I could give my number as I always do, female operative launched into spiel starting with "this is an urgent message" The call was something to do with pension and being under 60 and gave me option of starting process. I ignored this as I'm over 60 and don't press buttons on any number that could leave me with an expensive phone bill and I also don't deal with cold callers.
Ccccvvv 1970-01-01 0208077202123
Scamers u do not give ur details at all
kardash 1970-01-01 0208077202123
This company are a fake loan company that ask you to deposit money into their bank account and then they can release the funds for your loan. But they don't do this they then ask you to give them more money before you get your loan. But they are SCAMMERS and there is no loan. They are fraudsters!!!!!!!!!!
sedazapata 1970-01-01 02080739042204
no idea who is calling, or why
BatMar 1970-01-01 02080739042204
Accident claim line
jminn 1970-01-01 02080739042204
I don't answer numbers I don't recognise.
Superrob 1970-01-01 02080739042204
Unknown callers
PHUCUBO 1970-01-01 02080739042204
automated call where you think youre talking to someone but its just a recording
mencar 1970-01-01 0208077630713
It was about a loan I said no,was told he was fucking my mum who is dead,then my aunt then my sister. Someone do something
BillMcMc 1970-01-01 0208077630622
Fraud do not listen to anything they say to you
Chauni 1970-01-01 0178290609210
Supposedly someone called Simon from who want to sell subscription to their "service" but seems once they have your payment details they help themselves without further contact!
Sarkitodedom 1970-01-01 0773347999726
Oh my days! Another lemon from a doggy company! Avoid wherever possible! Don't give him any details!
Raelee 1970-01-01 0773347999726
Mr Collins! A fake and a fraud!
asht 1970-01-01 0773347999726
A woman rang on this mobile number claiming to be from "UK AdviceLine" and asking qusetions about a recent No-fault Car Accident a member of our household had been involved in. Who gives these ambulance-chasers our private details; the police? the insurance company? It's not worth picking up the phone to any unrecognised number!
Lizelle 1970-01-01 0178241039911
Spaniel Rescue, so probably about an adoption or hand over
Vykis 1970-01-01 0207016549946
Probably a legal firm. Started asking whether I had recently had an accident and hung up when I said I had not.
ladyseawolfe 1970-01-01 02070195039115
I am vetting thus caller every day for last two weeks. It turns out to be USDAW shop wormers union trying to contact my son who had a temp job with Sainsbury's during Uni break so no real problem
BBesq 1970-01-01 02070195039115
Don't answer unsafe
Terrymum 1970-01-01 02070195039115
This number is USDAW Protect.
EcoQuest 1970-01-01 0207202680077
They will contact you on this number to let you know about jury service matters.
lookingforblood 1970-01-01 0207202680077
Calling to check info on form
Dpfernz 1970-01-01 0207011306622
One of a stream I have blocked... fake car accident scam
jaymal 1970-01-01 0207011306622
Calling about a car accident I supposedly had, didn't listen when I said I hadn't had one and refused to answer when I asked where they got my number from