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Arneita 1970-01-01 01792023454104
Silent Call, then hung up
Further 1970-01-01 079-957-069873
يلعن شرفك
mazakuats 1970-01-01 0189562352640
Calling to confirm home check appointment.
ramanand 1970-01-01 0189571421851
Rang it back and it was an answerphone saying I won £1000. Hope that didn't cost me to ring!
nyemtd 1970-01-01 01895344889284
Ambulance chasers - also use 02079500795
Gogna 1970-01-01 01895344889284
Rang but nothing on the other end.
lfleezy 1970-01-01 01895344889284
Uxbridge, England, but no one on the other end
wordsmif 1970-01-01 01895344889284
Accident claim spam
Gubs 1970-01-01 01895344889284
Call from Uxbridge, lady said her records showed I had been in a car accident, however I do not own a car! This is clearly a scam.
Cez 1970-01-01 01895344889284
Foreign sounding lady, possibly oriental, called to ask if I was involved in a road traffic accident. When I asked how they got my number they said from "The Road Traffic Accident Department." I queried this, they hanged up.
Bellcharged 1970-01-01 01895344889284
foreign sounding lady asked if i'd been involved in an accident in the last 2-3 years - when i asked where she got my number from, she hung up - have now blocked the number
Nique 1970-01-01 01895344889284
Claim vulture.
ddon 1970-01-01 01895344889284
Car accident robocall
QUITTHIS 1970-01-01 01895344889284
Called to say Id been involved in a car accident. This is total tosh. Told her to 'G o Away' but wish Id said more after reading these comments. Priceless!
PSYCHOFILLY 1970-01-01 01895344889284
Why can't OFCOM do something about these types of call - suggesting I have been involved in an RTA's - surely OFCOM could remove the so called company's telephone number! Supposedly from Sigma Advice Company - Joshua Simons - they ring me monthly from a different number so WTF is OFCOM for?
Anjum 1970-01-01 01895344889284
Called at work,which was awkward,got as far as telling me her name and that she was from Sigma advice company when I hung up. Am fed up with being told I have been in an accident!! Where do they get your number from?
mkenn 1970-01-01 01895344889284
Pain in the arse.
Orobas 1970-01-01 01895344889284
Almost every day I have these calls, the same voice, the same words and so many different numbers that I continually block them!!!! Always the same question about involvement in a car accident! Insane people for sure!!!
jpmo 1970-01-01 01895344889284
The company is called SIGMA ACCIDENT MANAGEMENT as far as I can tell and IS registered at Companies House who should ABSOLUTELY shut them down!
Kdboy 1970-01-01 01895344889284
This is my work phone, number wouldn't have been published anywhere. when I answered there was no-one on the other end.
Lucch 1970-01-01 01895344889284
Got called by this number and spoke to a Woman (which I believe was actually an automated system and not a real person) claiming that I had a car accident.
shaymama 1970-01-01 01895344889284
01895 470817 - lady calling about an accident I've never had. HATE THESE PEOPLE WITH A PASSION!!!!
Jwo 1970-01-01 01895344889284
I read the above comments and decided not to pick the call
shaikh 1970-01-01 01895344889284
Female voice stating that they had been advised that I had been involved in an accident - Told "Fuck off you Slut" Not sure if that will stop the calls but made me feel better :-)
rfbf 1970-01-01 01895344889284
A call from Julie in.' Uxbridge 01895 344889. She said she had been informed I was in a car accident... I said 'Yes!! yes i was.. it was awfull.. fatal in fact - I didn't make it I just haunt my mobile phone.. and a message from the other side sod off and leave me alone (I paraphrased there).. She only hung up on me.. shall I call back and make ghostly wailing sounds down the phone?
DomS 1970-01-01 0189559015444
Annoying as always, it's the same annoying woman's voice on the phone which starts with, hi and how are you today, and I put the phone down
roc 1970-01-01 0189559015444
call to my mobile which only my family know the number for so didn't answer. fed up with cold callers.
grin 1970-01-01 0189559015444
PPI sales. to a number not advertised.
Bong 1970-01-01 0189559015444
I answered and when they just started talking saying about ppi I just left my phone on the side on mute
junkmann 1970-01-01 0189559015444
Alot of back ground noise, man named of Sam called, mentioned about accident claims