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RedWolf 1970-01-01 0207763992335
I am a customer but did ask not to be telephoned! I am with TPS and exdirectory. I just enter the number in my phone blocking list, to join all the other nuisance calls!
Xulu 1970-01-01 012564428502
Access self storage Basingstoke. Completed an online quote and received 7 calls in 6 days thereafter, no messages left. Confrontational when questioned why so many calls.
sjee 1970-01-01 02077635160207
It's Hello Fresh trying to sign up for their services.
nanaga 1970-01-01 020776351703
So persistent!!!
lolasted 1970-01-01 016398122029
Not the first time I've got a cold call from the Neath area.
Cootiebug 1970-01-01 0163954011024
This number is uncle buck (payday loan company)
nicejewishboy 1970-01-01 0289097100012
Queens University calling from their Alumni Fund looking people (ex students) to donate as a single payment or sign up for a DD. Legit but still annoying.
youngju 1970-01-01 020776347007
I travel abroad a lot and this is just a nuisance, I do not want telemarketing call me on a business mobile, which mine is, I do not know how this mobile number has been gained!
ConnieJ 1970-01-01 020776347007
Received call from caller with information on me relating to Virgin Wines. Purported to be Virgin Wines trying to entice back ex customers
LuigiP 1970-01-01 020776347007
I've done some research on this number and found out that it is a call centre called RSVP, based in East London. Not only do they offer wine club memberships and MCN motorcycle subscriptions, but also services from Hillary Blinds. Called me about 5 times before I picked up. Wine club offer in my case. Unsolicited, annoying call.
Jawuan 1970-01-01 0207763890058
cold random calls
ssnb 1970-01-01 0207763890058
This number is on my reject list, I keep getting text messages to say I have a missed call from them!! It is driving me mad!!!
jekins 1970-01-01 0207763890058
Calls every day but I dont answer because I know it's a telemarketer. No good asking them to stop, they are idiots.
Baddogxx 1970-01-01 0207763890058
Missed calls, no message
gayalltheway 1970-01-01 0207763890058
Very annoying people with poor communication skills. It's on my reject list.
Cashier 1970-01-01 0207763890058
Calls every day at least once. Have blocked number.
pDale 1970-01-01 0207763890058
Calling me 2-3 times a day. I don't answer but are a real nuisance
tawanda 1970-01-01 0207763890058
I believe this is from who run calling campaigns on behalf of a bunch of people, but they nearly always end in ghost calls. Take your complaints to them.
Shakespear 1970-01-01 0207763890058
always asks for someone with the right surname but wrong Christian name.
monilove 1970-01-01 0207763890058
Got a VM from this number with just someone saying Row20! very strange, have now blocked it.
DaMamma 1970-01-01 0207763890058
please stop ringing my mobile number I do not except your calls you are becoming a nusiance
jilandro 1970-01-01 079264318572
came on blabbering on about my car for sale on ebay,he offered me a swap for his car but i didnt want to know,then he sent me offencive text about it,and my car isnt for sale
Militarywife 1970-01-01 0283441902225
Fed up with all these calls from people who do not leave messages but continue to call .
Autotrace 1970-01-01 0776326987521
Have Answered the phone and asking the company name then went and cut me off. Now put on blocked list.
Iah 1970-01-01 0776326987521
Missed this caller. Tried to call them back. Immediately cut off
punjavi 1970-01-01 02890438150140
Danbie 1970-01-01 02890438150140
Got two calls from this No. recently including today (29th Oct. 2012)
SIGNORIA 1970-01-01 02890438150140
Got 2 missed calls from this number. about a week apart. I live in ireland.
nuissancecaller 1970-01-01 02890438150140
Rang me twice, don't know who it is
Cesca 1970-01-01 02890438150140
Got 2 missing call from this number at 6:02 p.m. Tried to call back but sounds busy