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grime 1970-01-01 0120668800278
calls me
jcaliforn 1970-01-01 0120668800278
Rung a work mobile - I rung back got through to Jamie and was asked how he can help I explained I had a missed call and he hung up!! will Keep calling now just to get a point across.
PhillipsHQ 1970-01-01 0120668800278
re 01206688002. their latest trick is to call your number one ring, then hang up. they do it every day via an automated system and people call them back to see who it is, reason being two fold..first they dont waste time manually cold calling and second if you call them back you pay for the call
Cybert 1970-01-01 0120668800278
Keep ringing me and hanging up. Wish someone would do something about these people
hvfttyfy 1970-01-01 0120668800278
Just had missed call to glad i googled number bloody timewaster
DebitSam 1970-01-01 0120668800278
Rang once, dialled off. Junk call
Carolind 1970-01-01 0120668800278
I thought I'll add this. All the replies are recent (nov 2013) I got one ring then it went off. This has happened twice on one week. Timewaster.
ynotCallThem 1970-01-01 0120668800278
Missed call
GHZ 1970-01-01 0120668800278
One ring to mobile and then hung up.
fignewton 1970-01-01 0120668800278
rung my mobile twice , called them back but no answer IDIOTS
Bobsyouraunt 1970-01-01 0120668800278
Rang me, google the number, read the comments, rang it bk on the work phone & said is that Jason, said no its Jamie so hung up on him lol
trstrongman 1970-01-01 0120668800278
Rang & hung up immediately.
HEMENDRA 1970-01-01 0120668800278
This company Is probably collecting phone numbers that are live which is why they hang up.
anjmh 1970-01-01 0120668800278
Rang my mobile once then hung up. They do this to save on the phone call knowing that you will call them back. Cheeky gits.
DaveC 1970-01-01 0120668800278
Similar experience to many others on this page - rang briefly than hung up. As it was not a local number (I am self-employed) I did not call back as I get a lot of calls from timewasters - seems I was right with these clowns too.
bratticia 1970-01-01 0120668800278
rang my mobile let it ring once then hung up! Glad i googled the number first they have been added to my blacklist!
kliddane 1970-01-01 0120668800278
rang off immediately when I answered
LittleBee 1970-01-01 0120668800278
Same experience as many of you - Called today by 01206 688002 - soon as I answered my mobile they hung up. I won't be calling them back.
ksdglkj 1970-01-01 0120668800278
Colchester phone numbers for a Swansea address and they cut you off when you ask the fiurst question. Sounds like a scam.
Bobbu 1970-01-01 0120668800278
Caller rang twice and hung up before I answered, no message left
alsdkjf 1970-01-01 0120668800278
missed call on my nobile, glad I Googled it and found this site.
PBridge 1970-01-01 0120668800278
missed call, no message, glad I checked here
DrWalliott 1970-01-01 0120668800278
This company seems to be a telemarketer for ppi claims. They are using a list containing contact details without direct consent from the recipient. I self registered my details as a 'saleable commodity' With a prohibitive high cost for non authorised use for commercial gain. I have now invoiced them for this amount. Lets see what they do now!
ARB 1970-01-01 0120668800278
Yes another call and hang-up before I had chance to answer.
xxkillerianxx 1970-01-01 0120668800278
Called me in the middle of an important interview. Very unwanted and not the first time.
Anonymizz 1970-01-01 0120668800278
Rang twice and hung up. Googled number before calling back. I shall be ringing them a few times and hanging up.
MeTN 1970-01-01 0120668800278
I called back the number after abvout the 10th missed call. They are a company called MJE who want me to make a claim for missold PPI due to a loan or credit card. I didn't take PPI so told them they were wrong. Asked how they got my number, they get their phone list from a company called DLG Marketing. Told them to take me off the list, we'll see if I get anymore calls.
geee 1970-01-01 0120668800278
They called my mobile but rang off immediately,probably in an attempt to get me to call them back.
Straz 1970-01-01 018322356847
I had a call from this as well. I did answer and they asked for my husband. I said they had the wrong number and put the phone down but it was an indian sounding man so obviously a foreign call centre. Dont ring them back even if you get through as sometimes you may get charged for the call.
Tersulp 1970-01-01 018322356847
ok, thanks very much! i wont call them back! guys, check this website first before you call back unknown numbers!