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Tiemjo 1970-01-01 0189554707116
Was my mortgage company - not spam or harassment.
Rockinrob 1970-01-01 0190461869144
Rate 6 annoying!
Defiant 1970-01-01 02030540020333
Dear fellows, could you please help me to figure it out who is hiding behind this number ? Recieved couple of missed calls and I am not able to call back. I will highly appreciate your help!
DBP 1970-01-01 02030540020333
I changed my number only yesterday and managed to get a call from this number. I lived in London in previous years but talking over 5 years ago. Could understand if I still had the same number but due to me only changing it not even 24hours is worrying.
bwjenkins 1970-01-01 02030540020333
Return call from TfL responding to an email query I raised with them.
Ithildyn 1970-01-01 02030540020333
TFL calling up about a customer servce inquiry
Brewtalboyz 1970-01-01 02030540020333
TfL transport for london internal office
DickW 1970-01-01 02030540020333
Called me to find out where to send my refund!
Peruchita 1970-01-01 02030540020333
Transport for London (Tfl) called from this number to my mobile in response to my email query made earlier. Perfectly safe.
Coomer 1970-01-01 02030540020333
Reply about TFL complaint
DOmzig 1970-01-01 02030540020333
dialed my nimber and asked to speak to someone who has no connection with my phone number
rayski 1970-01-01 02030540020333
This is transport for London's genuine number although my ex works on the underground and calls me from this number regularly at night! So annoying! Blocked it now haha
ZBHasan 1970-01-01 02030540020333
Called in regards to a lost property enquery i made ( more information needed)
Malbert 1970-01-01 02030540020333
Return call to an email I had sent to customer services for a service delay refund
Tift 1970-01-01 02030540020333
Transport for London - arranging refund for Oyster card as requested.
novagarsa 1970-01-01 02030540020333
Genuine TFL call
Yankeefloridian 1970-01-01 02030540020333
British Transport Police (BTP) calling back regarding an incident I had reported. Confirmed with them that they are based in a Transport for London (TfL) office which explains why most reports state that these are TfL calls, but may in some cases be BTP.
jenohio 1970-01-01 02030540020333
This is tfl but beware if you try and call them back on your regular number you will be subjected to the answerphone from HELL. Expect pointless long menu options, with your choice most certainly last, expect pointless interruption messages in an ultra slow voice, and lastly, expect to be on hold with a message that makes it sound like someone has cut through the hold music to pick up your call.
Krysmarine 1970-01-01 02030540020333
TFL calling to confirm an Oyster refund.
kscalifornia 1970-01-01 02030540020333
Refunds department used to investigate claims.
bathalomme 1970-01-01 02030540020333
TFL calling about a refund
Pinupgirl 1970-01-01 02030540020333
This is TFL wanting to apply a refund. I did get worried when a voice similar to the program Phonejacker' asked for my sort code and account number. But it's fine.
IBAH 1970-01-01 02030540020333
This number is left on your phone after any LU of TfL office or station call you. Nothing sinister.
BCW 1970-01-01 0844324933224
Silent calls at 6.30am in the morning - there should be a law against it or someone who can help. Telecoms company somewhere must know who it is because they sold them the number!!
ThunderB 1970-01-01 0844318641334
When phoned back a message said the number was not in service. So either they don't want to accept calls, or they're spoofing the number in the first place.
Roxinsfbay 1970-01-01 01904453001330
yet another of these blasted compensation claim companies. Unsolicited calls, despite demanding removal of number from their databases.
dawnphd 1970-01-01 01904453001330
This number calls me and asks whether I'd like to meet them at the McDonalds in York town centre to discuss 'the battle against Wasps'
BobJHouTX 1970-01-01 01904453001330
is Premier Inn ringing to see if you are still turning up for your booking & whether you need car parking & breakfast etc
omitoy 1970-01-01 0754555010724
another number being used through a call centre.
Sharalee 1970-01-01 0754561212725