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krazylegz 1970-01-01 0123748809138
ppi idiots
Floe 1970-01-01 0123748809138
Having registered for no telemarketing calls some 16 months ago these pests will not stop. I've reported them countless times to no avail. There staff are very rude. Avoid like the plague.
PASSR 1970-01-01 0123748809138
Quizzed me about what depts he said I had! When my daughter was asking for the loo. He wanted my address to send supposed paperwork. He said he was going to send a copy of the recorded call to all creditors and my bank! I asked him to call back in 2 weeks and I could work out how much I may or may not have. Then he started accusing me of waisting his time. Call me something I guess is insulting in his own language and muttered go away before he hung up!
WAconcerned 1970-01-01 0123748809138
Nuisance call
ruggles 1970-01-01 0130065355413
A debt collection company!
LesAnne 1970-01-01 130-030-632526
Not commercially used number
kvan 1970-01-01 0179452741188
ringing me once a day for past two weeks. im just declining the call
JSix 1970-01-01 01132083110235
tried to tell me l had a rebate ,they gave my old address and l never corrected them ,When l said l dont believe a word of it he hung up!!
AppBuilder 1970-01-01 0113208012715
Called whilst I was abroad, in the USA. No message so assume this is telemarketing or potential scam
manikinxvx 1970-01-01 0208073314791
Keeps phoning
femmy 1970-01-01 0113208182513
harries me and want to money.
EDPERS 1970-01-01 0208077154883
Sales for energy supplies
fluffymuffin 1970-01-01 0179473440313
pretends to be a local number
msheaff 1970-01-01 02080785629257
calls continuosly four time today and several times over last week. London number unknown to me. Scam
MFBF 1970-01-01 0208077032079
Very woolly, hard to understand recorded message claiming to be HM tax and revenue. I called back and talked to a person, who did not want to say what the call was about, but wanted me to put my wife on. Finally hung up.
MeishaRenee 1970-01-01 0208077032079
The call purpoting to be from HM Revenue dept was suspicious. The correct name Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, commonly abbreviated as HMRC never initiate communication by telephone, only by letter. Call not returned.
Degan 1970-01-01 0113235916520
Rang my ansafone 30MAR16 did not leave msg. Rang back (local call) and was told they were Greenserve with a special free goverment scheme for homeowners over the age of 55.
Moonlightidea 1970-01-01 02080775249195
Hangs up instantly. Probably one of those "I believe you've been in a car accident recently" scammers.
Desmend 1970-01-01 0208077990698
Fake claims line
LeeInAZ 1970-01-01 0113223794418
Lawyers chasing debt
chem 1970-01-01 0179430174424
Very reliable
innafunk 1970-01-01 0179430174424
Golfpccc 1970-01-01 0179452722764
no idea where they got my number from but I've had numerous calls daily for about a week now
barelegs 1970-01-01 0208077161660
Fraudulent loans being offered, requesting upfront fee and loan monie never arrived then would not refund the fee. SCAM.
mystikal 1970-01-01 0208077669121
Fraudulent finance company , Way to Finance they are not registered with the FCA and the company house number is for a different company
Denan 1970-01-01 0179484016848
PPI twonk - adding to do not answer file. Polite enough but accent meant I could only understand one word in three anyway. Mind you one was enough
Sourmash 1970-01-01 0179484016848
Annoying harassment call
islandxbeauty 1970-01-01 0179484016848
PPI call despite me being registered with TPI.
nurseshark 1970-01-01 0113223798326
said he was from british gas but wouldn't confirm any information i asked, he said they would write to me because i couldn't provide a full postcode
Hildeswede 1970-01-01 01132230180144
Lloyds TSB SCAM will ask you for your DOB, name, address etc. DO NOT TALK TO THEM, it's a SCAM, not from Lloyds TSB at all