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Jbarthelette 1970-01-01 012040644554
Must be accident line or ppi keep calling and now getting a nuisance don't call back as u get huge charge
Topny 1970-01-01 012040644554
Missed call on my work phone and was unable to call the number back. My advice would be to ignore and block the number.
vondoobie 1970-01-01 01452578520100
No one spoke for a few seconds then recording said 'goodbye '
chglo 1970-01-01 01452578520100
no-one spoke then hung up
kjlk 1970-01-01 01143493958250
Utility company trying to get you to have smart meters and to change gas and electric companies. Will not take no as your answer. Calls several times a day.
rcburritt 1970-01-01 0114349395788
They’ve rang about six times a day. On ringing them back it rings once and cuts off
Tich 1970-01-01 0145237848332
Calls everyday at least 5 times. Just beeps when answered. When called back leads to Barclays Currency Helpdesk. Barclays claim to have no clue as to why this number calls. They are investigating. I await their findings.
tipitb 1970-01-01 0145237848332
I have been called 4 times today and previously daily. I called this back and it was Barclays Currencey Help Desk.They said they are a 0845 number and asked if I was a Barclays customer I gave them my number and name and the number I dialed 01452378483 and they said they would put it to their investigating team. I await to hear from them!
Coss 1970-01-01 0145237848332
Fax machine, constantly ringing. No way to stop it!
KrisWagen 1970-01-01 0145237848332
fax call
sunny 1970-01-01 0145237848332
said they were from tsb but previous comment about barclays makes me doubt it
Carmelina 1970-01-01 0145237848332
actually this was in regatd tp 01452890756
Chasesgram 1970-01-01 0145237848332
This is a fax machine. It calls most days. It is very annoying.
Roneisha 1970-01-01 01143493954260
Constantly calling me about switching to either smart meters or prepayment meters and constantly asking me to catch energy companies. They become very aggressive and irate of you don't listen or refuse to switch. They will ring you up to 5/6 times aday until you block their number. Extremely irritating.
Ebin 1970-01-01 01143493954260
Nuisance caller
sbenitez 1970-01-01 01204675409400
They hang up when you answer. Call them back and number not recognised
Duplessis 1970-01-01 01204675409400
hung up soon as answered
WWR 1970-01-01 01204675409400
Human operator saying I've been in a car crash recently which wasn't my fault. I don't even drive so told them to piss off.
Smackweather 1970-01-01 01204675409400
Several Unsolicited Calls from this Number. No voicemail messages.
miscaslyn 1970-01-01 01204238969124
Trying to send PPI information obviously reading from a script as won't let you get a word in!
PATRO 1970-01-01 01204238969124
PPI crap again
CrisMG 1970-01-01 01204238969124
Don't answer. They are crooks!!! They tell you that you have a refund from a credit card and they are full of shit. Also, they keep you on the phone to run up charges. They should be,..., well you know what I mean.
teyanna 1970-01-01 01204238969124
won't take no for an answer. phoned me about 12 times today. wont be calling back - blocked number
GrumpyMan 1970-01-01 0120476272483
Unsolicited call to mobile number. Possibly an accident compensation scam.
anonymie 1970-01-01 0120476272483
No idea what the company name was. Automated number. When asked one question the voice stated my number would be removed. Accident claims scam as always.
HillCo 1970-01-01 0120476272483
Sacm regarding accidents
JASPERJ 1970-01-01 0120476272483
Scam, auto dialling number.
BlockThemAll 1970-01-01 0120476272483
Bullshit scammers
SAWN 1970-01-01 0120476272483
Called this number back and received a voice message that the number was unrecognised.
ohmyaud 1970-01-01 012042610014
Called to say car was due for service/MOT.