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Sonia 2021-11-17 919917750529
Llaman fraudulenta e ilegalmente. tienen mis datos ilegalmente. Scam suspicion
Jack Levy 2021-11-17 088-888-8888275
Paul 2021-11-16 604-296-3234200
Probably a racket/scam Scam suspicion
Anin 2021-11-15 02080898611290
robot validating numbers - don't even answer it! Scam suspicion
Chrissy Jones 2021-11-12 033002446371544
This is a perfectly legit number. It is the Health Board for Aneurin Bevan. They rang my partner 3 times in the space of 5 minutes - he ignored the first 2 calls but thankfully answered the third. It was to book an important hospital appointment. Other
M.Re 2021-11-09 866-310-2355702
this number is persistent and keeps calling but nobody on the other end... Scam suspicion
Alyth 2021-11-09 078600285601190
Text message reportly sent from BoS reporting a declined purchase of £99.99. Knew the last 4 on my debit card. Requested confirmation. Did not reply and deleted the message. Other
kjkjuk 2021-11-07 2447782333123121
Phoned me 4am sat morning pleased to say i have my mobile set not to accept phone calls between 10pm and 8am got no idea who it was but Uncalled for at that time Scam suspicion
clive 2021-11-06 01273762844230
I was called by this number however as I never answer the phone because if it is important they can leave a message on my answerphone and I am sick of scammers trying to con people so unless It is important or I recognise the number there is no need to answer Other
Paul 2021-11-06 202-455-88881486
Scam scam scam Scam suspicion
Three customer 2021-11-05 03333381040377
Three returning a call. Didn't answer, but returning the call has taken 17 minutes so far and not got through to the right clowns. Other
Dr David McNally 2021-11-05 02031296276185
They phoned me about my Amazon Prime account, but I have never had one. My number is registered with the TPS but U still get these calls. Why can't TPS or BT something to end this. Can they not prosecute the people behind this Scam suspicion
Dick Balls 2021-11-02 07918173173329
Arse Reconfigurement Other
Michelle 2021-11-01 888-811-23239364
I answered the call. "Hello this is *garbled* calling from *garbled*, may I speak with Michelle?" and then the line promptly disconnected. Whoever it was they knew my name. Unknow
Matt 2021-11-01 01225666032269
Called my number without time to answer, didn't even hear it ring and the phone was in front of me. Other
Deborah 2021-11-01 07860010193502
text message claiming to be about TV Licensing asking for a rating - total scam Scam suspicion
Kasi 2021-10-31 01246541007117
Scam call from Indian callcentre. Hung u. Other
Maša 2021-10-27 014714767390
014714767 je fon številka Petrol Slovenija ... ni krize,varna. Lpn. Other
Christy 2021-10-25 202455888318
Please help me this phone ! Mines been hacked Other
Christy 2021-10-25 202-455-88881486
I think my phone been hacked thx you I am afraid for my life ! So if any thing happens to me it all about Dave Anderson thayer has Troyes to kill me but he said the cops are stupid ! The number is2024558888 ! I’m getting rid this phone to many apps to hake! Unknow
TSBCustomer 2021-10-25 03453561034884
TSB fraud automated call checking that card payments were genuinely made by the cardholder. Other
Joe Edwards 2021-10-25 00089466299419
i'm trying to report this to Action Fraud - but it 's hard. Scam suspicion
Sean 2021-10-21 03345439007302
Just received a call from this number claiming my Scottish Power account needed to be reviewed. They then immediately asked for my full name, address and post code + date of birth. When asked what the issue with my account was, I was just told that I needed to provide these details to load up my account. Considering that I have a payment plan arranged and have had no notice of a call, I refused to give further details. The call was also made at 7:24pm, which seemed unusual. Scam suspicion
Sam L 2021-10-19 02033076103332
Cold call from an overseas call centre, hung up after I said they have the wrong number Other
Anne 2021-10-19 01793596931682
Liars / scammers / Almost every day an Indian woman calls & tells me I have an internet problem. Irritating & harassing. Just put the phone down on them. Scam suspicion
Alex 2021-10-19 07404060361114
Random message on WhatsApp - picture of attractive girl - likely a scam Scam suspicion
Noddy 2021-10-14 01633986865204
Loft insulation. Noisy office, sounds Asian Scam suspicion
Shane 2021-10-14 07741639122174
Beware - We also had the same guy asking for the Transport Manager and asking if we have any vans for sale. The person who deals with our vans was out of the office so I asked him to email the relevant person or ring back next week. He said he doesn't do emails and then became very rude. I wouldn't even sell a matchbox van to this chap. Other
amanda ford 2021-10-14 07970137745139
who are ring today ask dad draught complant should who are ok dad ill ok you course stess ok Other
Glenn 2021-10-13 02031295671191
Apparently this number is from a phone server, can be used by random callers / company to cover their own number. My caller claimed to be employer of JetCapitals, brokers. Very annoying this way of using a random number. They never speak into your voicemail, so better don't pick up. By the way, i live in Holland, so this activities is not restricted to GB only. Scam suspicion