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Marije 2019-08-22 0142038356130
Won't stop calling. Nuisance number, seems to be telemarketing but came home to five missed calls during 6 hour window. Two of which were a few minutes apart.
yaaa 2019-08-22 01748327426156
This number rang me, when I answered there was no reply, after a few seconds of silence I hung up
Embroidme 2019-08-22 03344000011
This number called me earlier. I picked it up and there was no response at the other end. I have just been rung from the same number. The ringing went on endlessly but I didn't answer it this time.
MsPixz 2019-08-22 0145312035723
Asked me if I have been involved in a car accident. They ended the call when I asked them how they got my number.
Shonniepir 2019-08-22 0203095477524
Message on answerphone purportedly from HMRC filing a lawsuit against me
MtgPlnr 2019-08-22 888-930-429740
do not bother me again. no idea who u r
Ggrif 2019-08-22 0163296084227
Continuously tries to call at all times I have not and will not answer to a fake number
manstuff 2019-08-22 1324185098
get lost don't bother me. no idea who u r
creditidol 2019-08-22 0300200831786
can any one tell me who it is
Junga 2019-08-22 07549983194142
No one speaks several calls
TJTC 2019-08-22 509-213-354028
These ripple are demostrating shawty &shady business practices.
AngS 2019-08-22 0300200059419
This no has phoned me a few times but first time i have actually answered ..says l owe money for taxes ?????????and lf l dont press one l will be arrested No l never pressed one it hung up
mpiggy 2019-08-22 518-300-132630
Please look into this number; I have reason to believe that they are scammers.
UGTBK 2019-08-22 6863001200324
Receive a call every week from this number. As soon as it rings it instantly hangs up - now blocked
LelandJim 2019-08-22 0207133850038
9 calls in 2 days please leave us alone trying to block number now.
Beapbl 2019-08-22 0145312017350
Instantly hung up, I tried to call back with my number withheld but it’s apparently an "incorrect number".
Kassadi 2019-08-22 800-642-767696
This computer interruption was disguised as being from Microsoft. Had computer interruptions before like this and always rebooted. I called their number this time and a man named Robert Dsouza answered. He said my computer had been infected, that I had firewall issues and he wanted to take control of my computer. He said this was a free Microsoft service. I did not want him to get control of my computer. I rebooted my computer while he was on the line. I checked my firewall security and did not have any firewall issues and everything was ok on my computer. I hung up when he said he wanted to take control of my computer.
pbrit 2019-08-22 0300200995361
Sick of this number calling me on a daily basis and if it's not once its 2 or more time I could same some nasty language but I wont so just do one
thisissandy 2019-08-22 216-875-0237149
missed this call, when I called back it's a disconnected number
JoLoGi 2019-08-22 0800369993356
Claims to be from Essex & Suffolk Water, in respect of the Every Drop Counts Survey, which we never replied, but insisted we make a booking for a Personnal Survey or they'll cut our water off!
wsaver 2019-08-22 002482691413113
i dont know this number and he is missed called me
Johnworth 2019-08-22 214-380-155198
sick of these spoofed calls, robo calls.
patriciaf 2019-08-22 0016010000234112
This is a regular International caller that disconnects when it gets the answer phone. It has rung nearly 10 times but not getting a response does not deter them.
zinka 2019-08-22 02476681732145
Another of the calls around same time which disconnect after getting the answer phone.
richl 2019-08-22 01553338656107
Answered the call and immediately they put the phone down, the third time this has happened, very irritating.
justpassingby 2019-08-22 0162084240695
Call came from a foreign person who asked who I was, when I asked who she was she hung up.
Dionne 2019-08-22 0161439633235
Was supposed to be BT telling me that either my phone or computer had been used by someone abroad. I didn't press any buttons and it was a recorded message.
SSaf 2019-08-22 01244166758106
Another of the International calls pretending to be a UK number which disconnect after getting the answer phone.
misangie 2019-08-22 001518507013388
Another of the International calls which disconnect after getting the answer phone.
SaraJayne 2019-08-22 0122522412550
Another of the calls around same time which disconnect after getting the answer phone.