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cos 2020-10-09 07876871348236
Had a text message that read: Hi there, I have found your CV online, are you looking for Perm cus(.....) role in NG20, £18.5k. Pls call for more info 07876 871348. Unfortunately, I can find no evidence that the job exists, or that the phone call is attached to any sort of employer. Suspected scam. Scam suspicion
Lloyd’s bank 2020-10-09 08009177017167
This number called me exactly at 1:00 am said he calling from Liverpool and asked me to make a payment of £250 Scam suspicion
Topsausage 2020-10-08 01304690926750
Didn’t leave a message! Scam suspicion
Ina 2020-10-08 888-288-210671
After getting tons of messages,I just called this number and the Fido representative told me that it's a scam going on... Scam suspicion
Tahleeya Rex 2020-10-08 07510367461152
This person is a fake and a fraud. Be careful. Scam suspicion
Veronica 2020-10-07 0304537733664
Finally blocked this number, they call never leave a message. Unknow
ZagZigg 2020-10-07 03335565842272
Nuisance spam callers Scam suspicion
Rashid 2020-10-04 07958035023227
Law abiding Other
Nasira 2020-10-04 07958035023227
True caller Other
Easirent 2020-10-04 07958035023227
Genuine. Other
Scout 2020-10-04 +447426244252273
This is someone asking for a picture and personal information. Bad writing and no brain. this may be dangerous for your kids please block this number on their phones. +44 7426 244252 Unknow
Brigitta 2020-10-04 +447452041862262
High tariff phone. Do not answer and do not call Scam suspicion
KKS 2020-10-03 07943337
Text message pretending to be O2 asking for personal information. Blocked. Scam suspicion
Mr J 2020-10-02 0386595192474
Recorded message supposedly from internet service provider warning you're going to be disconnected within 24 hours unless you press 1 to speak to them Scam suspicion
SHANKAR. 2020-10-01 0937298642412598
8849892772 Other
Black Jo Jo 2020-09-30 02079935960279
Avoid giving them any personal data, you will get your bank cleaned out! Reported to the police Scam suspicion
Ddd 2020-09-29 07378903126742
Unsolicited advertising trying to look like a message from a friend. Other
Alex Quenault 2020-09-29 01234480504266
Should be the Autoglass text message contact number. Other
Keith 2020-09-28 0789848579274
Txt message said it was PayPal asking me to check an issue with my account by clicking on a link in the message Other
Ruai 2020-09-27 011-354-997681
Call me back Other
TESHOME 2020-09-25 442039449990667
Sorry, who is this? my phone was in charger while you were calling. Please can you call me now. Thanks. Other
Aus 2020-09-25 888-811-23231969
Banking credit card fraud Ask to verify personal ID and banking details. Scam suspicion
Stuart marritt 2020-09-24 01912297480398
This is 111 return call number not spam but an important call to take if you are waiting.. Other
Ken Barlow 2020-09-24 0741834261985
This is a text message from trust deed Scotland network. About my protected trust deed Other
M. Gee 2020-09-24 08727370000342
Called 0872737000 which is customer service number for Studio. I was placing an order, for which I was charged £10.75 from my phone provider, as it was stated as a 3rd party service and included an access and service charge. I WINT BE USING IT AGAIN!!! BEWARE Other
Anon 2020-09-23 07517082493936
Same as the other comments. Someone called Rosie messaging ‘accidentally’ and trying to keep the conversation going. Blocked the number. Scam suspicion
Madeleine 2020-09-23 016237818851365
To all those worried about not getting through on this number - If this number is from Hospital etc then you will probably not be able to ring back as it will be outgoing calls only. Other
Phixer 2020-09-23 01202800136173
'renewable energy' sales pitch Telemarketer
karma 2020-09-22 01922720189933
people solutions - some rude guy named mike lancaster Prank
Brian Happy 2020-09-22 03300165109627
Audi marketing call, be aware they are 300-400% the cost of other garages offering the same services £364 to plug in diagnostics Which takes less time to fill a kettle. Telemarketer