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Karena 2019-10-22 020775595577717
I was given this number to call from someone supposedly from Barclaycard. They said they were Visa security. I gave them no information and telephoned Barclaycard direct myself They said it was a scam call. Be careful people very convincing and even transferred me to a supervisor trying to get information about my mobile phone particularly.p
digimo 2019-10-22 0201575213389
Hang up as soon as you answer
GregoryD 2019-10-22 075510057075
Keep receiving calls from this number between 8-9am most mornings. Never leave a voice message or call me back later in the day so no idea who they are!
premg 2019-10-22 0127358800382
Hung up on me when I said hello
Pogee 2019-10-22 613-506-6741101
I suspect this is a scam
telepi 2019-10-22 0238098672748
Car accident scam
Blugns 2019-10-22 01160199795130
No idea who they are especially as I don't give my number out
maderchood 2019-10-22 0151558120222
Loft insulation sales
ludy 2019-10-22 21642602314102
Scam call from Tunisia. Don’t call back!!!!
balepattinson 2019-10-22 01522579777150
Male voice, human rather than robot but didn't speak straight away and spoke so quickly that I couldn't catch where he was calling from. I was busy so I terminated the call. He didn't ring back.
Beaucaire 2019-10-22 0188856009341
Automated call. Told of having internet cut off and to press 1 to speak with internet provider.
callet 2019-10-22 0126817929473
Can you please identify this number, they keep phoning, but leave no message, I don’t answer if I don’t recognise the number, as I had unwanted calls before who wouldn’t stop calling even after me telling them to stop
ratf 2019-10-22 0785882640492
Phasing for car accident details, scumbag!
Birdbrain 2019-10-22 01376331507148
Call silent when I answered couple of seconds and they hang up.
WiseEnough 2019-10-22 0131684785292
Thy are a pain ,every day even 3/4 times a day they call saying internet will be turned off, they say they are BT, and to call a number to find out what to do next, we have not done this or even thinking of doing so, how to stop them ?
RubberCrutches 2019-10-22 0913598013040
This number cost me £14 for a very short call and I can't tell who it was to ! must be one of those numbers on the internet that pretends to be the real government department and is instead a con !
hospitality 2019-10-22 0203476915054
scam number linked to bogus washing machine insurance - linked to 0203476 (9147,9149) dont answer just block immediately
ilope 2019-10-22 0208103255354
First Response team cold calling
meanhateful 2019-10-22 628236565060690
Saya ketipuuuuuuuu ?????? sama agen dokumen abal abal ini
GOTTABEASCAM 2019-10-22 017-625-475330
Beware this is a Fraudulent caller!! Gentleman called saying he was from BT Broadband. He sounded like he had and Indian or pak*stani accent. When I asked why he had called us (because I suspected it was a fraudulent call), he tried to ask me questions. Eventually he said he was calling from pak*stan, and asked me how I was doing. He again asked for my name and details, and when challenged, he then hung up.
cutetnkrbelle 2019-10-22 0116019805433
anyone know who this number is, it just keeps ringing me out of the blue at all times, 01160198054
Markel 2019-10-22 0173390759165
Caller just hangs up
Shadeisjaded 2019-10-22 0300200390435
Robot called saying to press one and i pressed one and it transfered to another one 020 7947 6000 and he said is from the Court of Justice. And he said a warrant for my arrest was dispatched and I need to pay today my taxes if not I will be brought to justice. I said I don't believe that and he said to check the number 02079476000 in google and I saw is the Court of Justice but then I saw that some fraudsters are using a mimic of this phone number to commit frauds.Do not fall for this bullsh**.Tell them to f*** off.
Moomma 2019-10-22 0300200390435
got a call now asking me to press 1 or an arrest warrant will be issued by HMRC. I disconnected the call.
crokagator 2019-10-22 0144283581028
I was expecting a call from xln but gave them my landline. They have rung twice now but hang up when I answer. Really annoying. I have named the number 'do not answer' so I will know for next time.
aeroladyny 2019-10-22 07580494253120
Thus number has called several times and leaves no message..
virtualhorizon 2019-10-22 0135829028495
keeps ringing as though from a mystery service provider, rings off, then says please ring back
togo 2019-10-22 0741507389366
Unknown caller
DEK 2019-10-22 02031502234127
I receive calls from this number almost every day. When I answer there is no voice but noise from the other end.
SBen 2019-10-22 0784039088543
this is a number I know, who is harrasin me, hopefully this app will block his number