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Ruth 2020-03-11 020332223051023
Amazon delivery. Comes through London number but was genuine. Other
Just me 2020-03-11 0796768473988
Jacob's removal team debt collector Debt collector
Julie 2020-03-11 01274250549114
Just had a call from this number. It is Yorkshire Water. Other
Georgina 2020-03-10 01903768600528
I received a call from this so called financial service company claiming to be from Halifax banking. The call went to voice mail which was from a Dylan, claiming he was calling from Halifax Banking due to a refund I was expecting?!!! immediately I saw a red flag and called the actual Halifax Bank. I explained the situation to the CS adviser and she called this scam company to enquire if they were part of Halifax Banking and what services they’re part of. During the call the Halifax adviser asked the scam adviser for a ID verification. Which is the protocol system for Halifax CS advisers when wanting to share information. They didn’t have such a system and no secure protocol to follow. So please do not give any personal information to these people!!! Scam suspicion
Jen 2020-03-09 01245950967126
Told me my home discount vouchers were ready for dispatch and tried to convince me I'd spoken to them before Christmas. Just told them I had no recollection of this whatsoever and put the phone down. Definitely a scam. Block the number. Scam suspicion
Swh 2020-03-09 07378903131336
Just got a text a video link from this unknown number. DO NOT OPEN, it's a virus Other
Sf1 2020-03-08 0121204349937
Aston University in Birmingham Unknow
Mohamed 2020-03-07 001240428662864
What this number Survey
No longer and Eon custmer 2020-03-07 02922229994295
It's Eon. Have received several silent calls from this number since I switched energy providers. Have now blocked it as it's becoming a nuisance. Telemarketer
Dave 2020-03-07 01302 112
Block it Scam suspicion
Dave 2020-03-07 01302 112
Block it. Scam suspicion
sandra barnet 2020-03-07 02036593222175
I did lost exactly about $37,000 to a SOLID C F D broker with their website. There are certain mistakes we all wish we had the power to prevent. Sharing my experience on this; Unfortunately for me I joined the queue of Solid C F D brokerage company. I was approached through a call, convinced they were genuine and Invested all my hard earned savings with them. Look there are so much list of these brokers to avoid. I can only enlighten newbies and brighten up everyone that has fallen for this cheap lies…However, I have been able to recover all my money i lost to solid c f d with the guidance of an orientated Financial Management/Recovery expert from cyber operative frirm I'm open to share my experience you can also reach out to them at info@ cyber-operatives; org they strongly came through for me and dissolved my worries. Other
Omoplata 2020-03-06 07517082493201
WhatsApp message similar to the one below. Said it wasn't meant for me. Scam suspicion
Mark 2020-03-06 02035143835267
Scam, financial offer, person was not from UK, They got my contact details illegally. Scam suspicion
Tom Franklin 2020-03-06 0845602111232
This number keeps calling Scam suspicion
Les 2020-03-05 0142483920267
Even if it is the NHS not happy that you are asked for your date of birth - not necessary. Other
DeeB 2020-03-05 0800845620288
This number called me stating they were Apple and informing me of illegal activity on my account. Informing of password usage, etc. I have dealt with Bits and Pieces in the past. Had no problems with my orders. I disconnected from the caller with no exchange of words. Scam suspicion
Alex 2020-03-05 0203769657568
Maintenance services Event reminder
Kay 2020-03-05 08000271310332
Thought it was a scam at first but it was just a follow up on a refund they had sent through the post. I had received a cheque about a month before and not paid it in yet Unknow
Annon 2020-03-05 01913013808399
Called me many times but didn't answer then answered the call told me they are Careers service but this is not the careers service number. Careers service number is 0800 100 900 so this is a scam Scam suspicion
Lisa 2020-03-04 0161393645048
Rang me 5 times,one after the other,I didn’t answer any of them. Said they left 3 voicemails and nothing was said on any of them Unknow
Andy 2020-03-04 0203322887170
Taskrabbit Other
Shelagh Weston 2020-03-04 0198066908371
This is Connells Estate Agent, nothing sinister. Other
Wen 2020-03-04 0345121345635
Did not answer first two calls and no message left. Third call starting to leave a message, answered as it was NRS Healthcare! A safe number!! Other
Tia 2020-03-04 03457034034231
Just called Barclays who confirmed that 03457 034034 is Barclays Collections Other
Clark 2020-03-04 07378905544109
Purported to be Talk talk. They have the leaked list with my details which is the subject of a class action court case against TalkTalk - it could just be them harassing me I suppose! Scam suspicion
Kevin Joselyn 2020-03-04 63772432898140
I want to report I receive serval calls from this phone number a day from 63772432898 , I answer and no one speaks ... I have better things to do without having to answer the phone to this caller ... 🤬🤬 ( it comes up as a private number , but I can actually ring it back but then it tells me this number is not available !! Kevin Scam suspicion
Elle 2020-03-03 01172448469410
Fundraising call from Anthony Nolan charity Telemarketer
savvy sue 2020-03-03 0207043192868
A guy claiming to be from Merrill Lynch called out of the blue regarding AirBNB IPO. Suggested that I should buy some shares. I should sell some of my other investments to pay for them. Treat with extreme caution. Scam suspicion
L0ve 2020-03-03 033344396571279
Lokesh Kumar Other