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Kelemework 2020-12-04 4420394499901095
Sorry, I found a missed call, can i get your id? Unknow
Suleman 2020-12-04 043402525234
Leicester Pervert Kamran Qayyum Universal Credit Fraudster spotted in Spinney Hill park chasing random young boys with his top off. Noodle Arm Coward and Loser should be locked away from decent folk. Scam suspicion
Mwah 2020-12-03 07734688053495
Gumtree scan whatsapp that saying £18 an hour trying to get me to text them back Scam suspicion
S Price 2020-12-03 033334422651249
This is the message I received, had not been buying anything so is a scam. Your One Time Passcode is 73824 for APPLE 255.53 GBP. If this wasn't you please call 0333 344 2265 Scam suspicion
Andy 2020-12-03 819582971194
Machine bodoh he talk LOL Other
Rebecca 2020-12-02 033334422651249
Scam text message. Beware! Scam suspicion
Lisa 2020-12-02 033334422651249
Looks to be a scam! Dont call Scam suspicion
Dave 2020-12-02 033334422651249
Got text from 86434- "Your One Tiem Passcode is 73823 for APPLE 255.34GBP. If this wasnt you , please call 0333 344 2265 Agree this is a scam- dont call Other
Eason 2020-12-02 033334422651249
Received a text message saying ‘ Your One Time Passcode is 73824 for APPLE 255.53 GBP. If this wasn't you please call 0333 344 2265‘ and then I haven’t purchased anything online recently, I checked my balance, nothing’s in or out. This is must be a scam. Be careful! Scam suspicion
Not on my watch! 2020-12-02 033334422651249
A scam Scam suspicion
Diana 2020-12-02 07829700191596
I don’t know who this number belongs Unknow
Pest 2020-12-02 00601113002052249
Got a message from this number, giving an OTP to activate the account of group chat (Voope*) never heard or use before. Suspicious. Immediately blocked the number. Scam suspicion
Howell 2020-12-01 033334422651249
Apple scam stated one off Apple code sent in relation to purchase. A lie Scam suspicion
Cathy 2020-12-01 033334422651249
Apple scam tries to give you one time code Scam suspicion
Malaysia 2020-12-01 019-205-9920370
This number always sent this message Sir/Madam ABC, pls call back NORBAINI: 0355171180 ext 4049 or whatapp 0192059920. urgently regarding Celcom. TQ And they will also use this number to send the above message too. 019-2059920 & 019-2417921 & 019-2417585. Scam suspicion
Veron 2020-12-01 819582971194
talk very fast and hang up right after Scam suspicion Scam suspicion
Reeee 2020-11-30 02080892308415
Spam! Telemarketer
Ms. P 2020-11-30 033334422651249
Apple scam Scam suspicion
Dave 2020-11-30 033334422651249
Apple scam Scam suspicion
Ekaterina 2020-11-28 043402525234
Abusive scam Scam suspicion
Rob 2020-11-27 02382351751221
I'm not sure why this is marked unsafe. Picador Vauxhall, after I left an online query for Winchester branch Other
TG24 2020-11-26 087082002481320
This men call me 2 minutes before ask me i m next door he said there is canabis come from my house i ask him I never smoke these also i ask him where you life then he hun up he make me scure Other
Money Matters 2020-11-26 01414455221113
Money matters are a fake debt charity. Better off going to Stepchange or a local citizens advice bureau. These rockets just want to sell your details onto other companies for a profit. Scam suspicion
Robert 2020-11-26 07903594775957
Got a txt messages from this number it was NHS for the flu Jag Other
Joe Bidened 2020-11-26 02082394996364
Muppets! Scam suspicion
Not Saying 2020-11-25 080019786181309
I don't talk to robots, period. Unknow
Meh 2020-11-24 033002446371253
I've never given out my number and I don't live in Wales....scammers will change the CLID (Caller Line Identification) so it appears to you they are calling from within the UK,when n fact it could be anywhere in the world! It may also be Royal Gwent Hospital, but the number is compromised....if you have a Hospital appointment, phone the hospital direct....don't use this number!! Other
Abush Girma 2020-11-24 4420394499901095
Sorry, who is this? my phone was in charger while you were calling. Please can you call me now. Thanks. Other
Sionnach 2020-11-24 01215120700170
It's a pension scam linked to GCM and GMC. MD possibly named Susan Scales. Other
Adam 2020-11-24 03454042002330
Called me but I have sky screening service they didn't give a name so I didn't answer. Scam suspicion