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JuliaNow 2020-01-20 01510757714162
DE19700222000073250033 FDDODEMM Debt collector
JuliaNow 2020-01-20 01510757714162
5352631000015185 01/2021 613 Other
Jay 2020-01-20 0785577079079
Received two sexually explicit message from this number just before 4am. Looks like it’s from a porn sight. Blocked! Prank
anonymous 2020-01-20 061280062293221
i got a call from this number looks like sales for a finance company, calls started coming after i gave my number for a real estate application to harcourts real estate.. Telemarketer
fizzie 2020-01-19 479-991-0901258
scammer Scam suspicion
Tessa 2020-01-19 08082802070513
Just paid for a holiday by Santander credit card and an hour later got called by a recorded message saying they were from Santander on this number I put the phone down. Checked on Google and wont be ringing them back. Other
W Brown 2020-01-18 03002004582229
HMRC telling me i had a tax fraud investigation against me, press 1 to continue(automated) obvious scam. Scam suspicion
Lulu 2020-01-18 07378903130390
I received a dubious text from this number. It looks very suspicious. Other
V Smith 2020-01-17 0155376330634
I answered and caller hung up. Before I even said anything. Scam suspicion
Elliott Ableson 2020-01-17 0199252222159
This is our Number - 01992 522221 MAC Container Company Ltd - but has been used by Scammers, apparently asking if you've had an accident in last 200 years, and if so, they can help you. Please realise it is NOT us, as we are a highly reputable Container Homes Manufacturing Company. BT have now stopped these calls, and we can only apologise to anyone who has been inconvenienced. If you have any queries, please feel to (safely) call us. Unknow
chibbed 2020-01-17 0791341726972
just been ripped off by MILLIE, im coming for you ya pri*k Scam suspicion
MrsFroo 2020-01-17 03309952077299
SCAM - Lead generators pretending to be calling from charitable money advice organisations (StepChange, Money Advice Service and Citizen's advice) to con you into applying for an IVA. BLOCK IMMEDIATELY! Scam suspicion
arthur jones 2020-01-17 02039723701241
they phone and do not leave message Other
Josip 2020-01-17 442038076963266
I got a call but I don't answer. I am also from Croatia. Unknow
J.hng 2020-01-17 479-991-0901258
it sent me the verification code for my Apple id and google verification code. A spam!!! Other
Pam 2020-01-16 07378903130390
07378903130 sent texts to my mobile twice recently. Scam suspicion
Steve 2020-01-16 07984356561556
Scam . Hi Steve If you are SELF EMPLOYED you QUALIFY for Unlimited Mins and Text & MASSIVE 72GB of Data!! ONLY £13.97 Reply YES if you are interested. Scam suspicion
jack 2020-01-16 09011190907494
dont ever recall using this number or hanging up called supposedly within 17 days ago had to call to make sure who i called you know being 6 pounds to talk to a robot welpp now ive jst payed 12 and dont think i called them on this number they need hounded for this. Other
Andrew 2020-01-15 02081444467165
Attention, scammers! Telemarketer
Lynne Fitzgerald 2020-01-15 03330164282375
This number called me twice but didn’t leave a message, I have now blocked the number Unknow
James 2020-01-15 07984356561556
I was sent this text message from this number +44 7984 356561 Hi James If you are SELF EMPLOYED you QUALIFY for Unlimited Mins and Text & MASSIVE 72GB of Data!! ONLY £13.97 Reply YES if you are interested. Scam suspicion
Malky 2020-01-15 0125223632690
Same as all the other reports from gumtree same cancer story but contacted via email not phone gave details but suspected a scam so cancelled the deal Scam suspicion
Jon Stephens 2020-01-15 0120670222239
Bespoke software for business Other
Michelle 2020-01-15 01512271299426
Got called from Liverpool about a school initiative for anti bullying in my area which is Worthing Sussex but don’t worry they don’t need any money from me! Asked why someone in Liverpool would be dealing with something apparently intended for Worthing, got told fine you’re boring!! SCAM Scam suspicion
Anne 2020-01-15 02039723702201
Says they’re windows internet support and I have a problem with my pc Scam suspicion
Tony S 2020-01-14 0207048485997
GREAT Scammer....asked for a phone number of a 'C' level exec stating he was a co-worker from an over seas office who was traveling and his phone was dead and needed their number. Had a valid name of someone I have spoken to, the accent, and knew which office I was in....DAMN....he got me Scam suspicion
Anon 2020-01-14 01315070396493
I received a call from this number on my mobile, I called the number back from a work landline and without saying anything I was transferred to a male who claimed to be from a company calling themselves "AMG". Again, without me saying my name or giving any details he immediately thanked me for calling back and said that it was in relation to an accident that I was involved in. This is clearly a scam operator and you should block this number and any others that they might use. Scam suspicion
Anon 2020-01-14 01315070396493
Received a call from this number, asking about a road accident that I was involved in. Clearly a cam call as I have not been involved in any motor vehicle accidents in years. Other
Anna 2020-01-14 0744703910549
Forex and online trading. Scam suspicion
J P 2020-01-14 323-165-2893169
Women call from this number.. She is very rude and told me if the way I answer the call was correct, I told her " you call me, I didn't call you" I hang up and she call too many times. Other