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Simone 2020-02-27 705-780-400181
They keep calling...I keep ignoring... Other
dfdf 2020-02-27 +442036081362103
autodesk support Other
n/a 2020-02-27 01912594965115
Calling to talk to IT contract support team Telemarketer
Meand Others 2020-02-27 07903589714245
Hi, a harmful text message including a web link, do not click on it. !!! Fake regarding Corona virus!!! Other
Miss A Harcourt-King 2020-02-27 02038969795249
Had a call on my mobile from this number 02038969745 claiming Inland Revenue about my tax Other
Paula 2020-02-27 02038791975175
020 3896 9745 Other
Jana 2020-02-26 800-622-6232670
I just got a call from this number on my cell at 5:52 pm. I answered it and the message said my SIN number has been blocked and to contact them. I thought it was a scam. Scam suspicion
kuldip kaur 2020-02-26 01707692879306
o17076979is not safe the person who ring say it from paypoint Other
Peter 2020-02-26 016357926201367
4 times in the last few days. Number not recognised so deleted. Scam suspicion
Lindsey 2020-02-26 00180001631164
Don't know who this is. Getting to be a joke as constantly ringing everyday. Tried to have it blocked. Other
Bea 2020-02-25 07944862710243
Received text messages from someone calling themselves "Sam". Knew I was a councillor so presumably got my number from the council website. Asked when my next surgery was but when I asked for an address, couldn't name a place in my ward. Unknow
unknown 2020-02-25 07928900787455
Such a scam. Similar as below. Asking to text, fell and now in hospital. Named emma. Scam suspicion
Betty Boop 2020-02-25 02080220024823
This number only rings me when I go into overdraft, & usually at about 8 a.m. when I'm still in bed ! It's a recorded message & quotes the last 4 digits of my account number. The message says "this is a message from Imodium (?) Bank" . I've called my own bank twice. The first time they told me it was a new policy the bank had just started, but they could turn off the message so I don't get any more. I said "yes please", but 2 weeks later I've had another recorded message, phone the bank again, & again they said they'd turn off the message, but then said they wouldn't make this sort of call anyway. Is this a case of the right hand & the left hand ? Other
LAl 2020-02-25 01425283253139
This called me at 7:24am. Didn’t answer as don’t recognise it; glad I didn’t as it seems to be a scam. Duly blocked Scam suspicion
Sophie 2020-02-24 0208144209028
Called twice this morning. Called back and realised I had sent a call back request on their website on Saturday so a genuine number. Other
Dave 2020-02-24 033344396561425
Wanted me to change my gas electric, They would pay for exit fees. I told them I never give my details over the phone. You dont know who you are talking to. I also told them they would have to pay a fee of £200 if they want my details. Just give them fake details that will get them frustrated or just put the phone down Other
Katie 2020-02-24 0800358791257
24 Feb. Called saying they were Barclays and noticed a rogue transaction on my account. No prescreening questions asked. Unknow
Garr 2020-02-24 087-900-4346127
Excellent, legit, legal document signing service Unknow
Tom 2020-02-24 08001218149286
Wasting time Spam Scam suspicion
Steve 2020-02-24 0793120609377
Business Other
Beckett 2020-02-23 0197062156875
It's Aber Uni alumni fundraisers. Fine if you're wealthy, not if you're not. Telemarketer
John 2020-02-23 08082802070618
Just paid on line to JD sports with Santander card 1 hour later received call from this number which I ignored then googled number obviously unsafe number Other
Peninsula care 2020-02-23 0758724888739
Peninsula Care Care company Event reminder
Potential care 2020-02-23 0758724888739
Peninsula Care Care company Event reminder
Clive 2020-02-22 02037695275243
Called 3 times, ditched the call and must be waiting for a call back. Blocked. Other
Brendan mc cabe 2020-02-21 0031103003126174
Called me and said noting. I quickly hung up. Unknow
Robert Brain 2020-02-21 03306781390288
Robinson way are a bunch of stroke pullers, they lie to you, promise they can help you and work out a payment plan you can afford. The spill they give you must have been written by a top Hollywood screen writer. As soon as you give them your debit card, bang, that's it. They take as much as possible and leave you on the floor. Even if you owe money and you wanna start clearing the arrears, do it yourself at the Bank Under "NO" circumstances do not give them any card details! Debt collector
Simon 2020-02-21 0203817371055
Sovereign International cold call - asks for accounts payable Other
Anny 2020-02-21 0037167058047214
silence. moved to blocklist Unknow
Tricia 2020-02-21 223-204-2150412
Text me asking if I was me but by my maiden name and I asked who it was and no response. Scam suspicion