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MightyMtross 2019-10-22 01273568007120
I keep getting calls from the Brighton area. This is latest one. I blocked them.
morningcoffee 2019-10-22 090158
Uvtilihta energy supplier advantage of switching
LockNLoad 2019-10-22 0173317801822
Accident claim line!!!
Dmoe 2019-10-22 0745122657472
This person requested to talk on whatsapp/email regarding an eBay item. they then said the item on eBay is a gift for their cousin and also requested me to buy £300 worth of steam gift cards and send it altogether with the eBay item. they sent a fake email pretending to be from PayPal saying I've received money but the funds would only be released once receipts for the steam gift cards are shown.
Angelsmithy 2019-10-22 003304689568928
4 calls this morning, no answer when phone picked up.
Guangxun 2019-10-22 01273762611104
Robocall with nobody speaking when they call you.
Mariett 2019-10-22 0124609346479
Answered the call and it immediately cut off. Tried to call it back and it said invalid number so I blocked it? Can't find information about the number anywhere!?
dltn 2019-10-22 0127376267660
01273762676 plus these numbers 0127376XXXX 0127376XXXX 0333212XXXX are most likely Italk Telecoms using automatic robocall dialler - frequently no-one speaks even though they are calling you. Recommend report to Oftel as nuisance caller.
rugbug 2019-10-22 0207183014520
Got the call as a no id no first and spoke to the person and then he called back on this number I did ask where his calling from and said Gibraltar but it said it’s a London number. Confused as how this can happen
Romilla 2019-10-22 0120715746023
Said I'd had an accident
mrshalla 2019-10-22 001442033221133119
Didn't get the complete gist. Automated call said that something to do with my National Insurance Number, the Government had issued a warrant for my arrest. To avoid arrest press one.
frmsg 2019-10-22 01273030816106
Car accident scam
mudmonkey 2019-10-22 0156537164276
Foreign female maintaining there were problems with my broadband
shsg 2019-10-22 0786398543131
Don't know
Sterre 2019-10-22 0144444916535
they were looking for a Garry Layton , the search from CRS was made using my home number, wierd.
Interrogation 2019-10-22 01159186600143
Fed up with this caller
alnian 2019-10-22 0796322162388
Returned call and response was very defensive . Why are you calling I don’t know you!? I said that is what I am about to say to you .Take my number off your list! Doubt that worked !
moonwalker 2019-10-22 07515698562123
Cold caller
slindyl 2019-10-22 03002004820145
Tax fraud - do not press anything hang up
Nouvelle 2019-10-22 0127479003050
Nuisance calls
Arsforsa 2019-10-22 0156658167
saying they are templestreet fundraising but phone number does not match templestreet had my contact name also
sherrimca 2019-10-22 0741835086514
Scam ! Hangs up when you answer in order for you to derail and be put on immediate hold .
Gking 2019-10-22 0113320387369
These people will not stop calling. I decline the call and still they ring back not once but several times a day every day.
patelA 2019-10-22 0203966813339
Hung up as soon as answered.
Thumbs 2019-10-22 01525377383116
This identified itself as Amazon Prime - and £39.99 would be debited from my account per month unless I pressed "1". I didn't. I don't have such an account, but it was quite worrying. A similar call from another number followed within the hour!
Timmbow 2019-10-22 0300200548074
Recorded message claiming to be from HMRC states that there is an open fraud case in your name and if you do not press 1 you will be arrested. HMRC will not call to discuss such things.
alumtoo 2019-10-22 07782333123163
I've no idea who keeps calling me from this number and now that I've read the comments on this site, I'm glad I've not been tempted to dial voicemail to listen as per the 4 messages I've received telling me to do so. This kind of phone pestering was made illegal in recent years yet whosoever is doing it seems to think it's ok. I'd love to know exactly who it is so that I can do something about it within a legal capacity and try to get them to stop once and for all.
blues 2019-10-22 012172626809
Said I'd requested a call-back (which I hadn't)
StJohn 2019-10-22 0152257767045
Said they are Castle Carpet Cleaning. Seemed to claim that we have had some sort of previous dealings. The usual untruths to try to get round the cold calling restrictions/
Luzbeth 2019-10-22 0203966814682
Picked up and they hung up