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Juliet 2021-09-18 01834842204243
We also had it come up on our bank statement. We think it was for when we paid for a private car park in Tenby. Other
Me. Nevermind 2021-09-16 07786202241345
Message says from British gas, says i have not given a meter reading for 12 months, I know this is not true as I have a smart meter and also on my British Gas account online it has my gas reading the same as what my meter displays! so this message is a scam. Other
Edward Jones 2021-09-16 01772 529
Received scam call from caller saying that they were from sky regarding fault on my internet had similar call about 5 months ago were I nearly had £3000 taken from my bank account how can I trace these scammers ? Scam suspicion
Amanda 2021-09-14 01476538918231
called from 01476 538918 but missed call only to find a voicemail with an automated message stating £1100 transferred on an international money transfer system and to press 1 if this was me. This came through on my office number which is not linked to any bank accounts Scam suspicion
Me I and myself 2021-09-13 01189520137258
it's a scam they pretend to be a recruitment team Scam suspicion
Pat 2021-09-13 888-688-0709543
Calls left a message claiming from ECOS research. Said i have been charge for some amount if i dont call back. definitely SCAM. So the number is BLOCKED. Scam suspicion
Hugh Shrapnel 2021-09-11 02034630738330
When I ring the number it says 'you received a call from the NHS you do not need to do anything and you will be called back within 24 hours. I don't know if it is genuine or not. Other
Alus 2021-09-11 03308082006253
This number called after another scammer called 5 min before. Other
Alive 2021-09-11 034482602021978
Called and when answered hang up. Other
Sue 2021-09-09 02031293634231
Just had a call from this number saying that my PPI claim had been settled and I was to get £3,700 in 90 days. Strange that the PPI claims finished a few years ago, he also had an address of a property that I lived in 7 years ago. Told him I had moved a few times since then, to which he said "Why do you keep moving and can I have your new address" Told him that this information had already been given to the PPI department. he asked what he could do for me? I said give me the money. He then started chatting to someone so I left my phone on the desk for a few minutes until he hung up. Scam suspicion
Clive 2021-09-09 01254 544
I keep getting telephone calls to my mobile from this area code + 369475/369476. I blocked 476 and have just blocked 475. 476 still keeps trying but as it's now blocked gets automatically bounced back. It's high time EE, O2, Vodafone, Tesco Mobile and all the other airtime suppliers used their $billions and put a stop to these constant nuisance callers. I am sick and tired of having to keep blocking numbers not listed in my contacts!! I have also reached a stage where, if a caller's number is not listed in my contacts, I will not answer the call!! Other
Ccccc 2021-09-08 080-040-01001238
These are scammers claiming to be from Barclays, do not give them any information!!!!!! Other
JinTheSilent 2021-09-07 647-700-1777542
Possible scam number. Scam suspicion
jhjh 2021-09-06 01244422037401
rang it back from a landline at work strange thank you for ringing then couldnt understand the company name said would put me through to next available agent and a flaky sounding tune started up (the signature tune to It couldnt happen to a vet in the 1980s) so I hung up in the end and will block it Scam suspicion
Kelly 2021-09-04 07537417964384
Online banking scam. NEVER click any links in the text . If in doubt call the number on the back of your card . Scam suspicion
Post Office 2021-09-02 07412 244
Text message Pretending to be Post Office Scam suspicion
gola 2021-09-02 416-466-2181172
good one Other
Mike 2021-09-01 07833743370812
Note left on windscreen in Epping saying if I wanted to sell my vehicle I should call Martin on the number. Not sure if it's related but there was guy cleaning a neighbour's patio. Scam suspicion
R Willz 2021-08-31 447376594663446
Selling scam cars online Scam suspicion
Jim Stevenson 2021-08-30 03435386666147
called today, i got a bit worried when they didn't leave a message and it kept saying "hang up, hang up" I thought it was still charging me? Scam suspicion
Thompson & Morgan 2021-08-27 08445737414180
WARNING WARNING. This is Thompson & Morgan flower order line. Didn't know it was so expensive. Other
Sam Redding 2021-08-25 07900080400166
Kennett Solutions recruitment agency Other
Dais 2021-08-25 +393930810204
Scam!!! Scam suspicion
Jules 2021-08-25 07722180367137
Recorded message Said it was MasterCard checking on a £600 international payment Scam suspicion
Tina Marks 2021-08-25 03453561034877
Been having calls for 2 days (25.8.21) from this number which said they were the TSB fraud team, i ignored it as thought it was scam, went to bank today just to check and someone has been using my credit card abroad, its a card i only use once a year, ive cancelled the card and theyve given me the money back and are now on the trail of it as i know the only place i used it was a garage in Burton on Trent, so it wasnt scam it was actually the TSB Scam suspicion
Robert (Bob) Waters 2021-08-25 01444404652134
Rang phone, no one there and when do a "who rang number is not available. A real nuisance. Scam suspicion
anon 2021-08-25 866-808-8407374
Not a scam. Call from Erin Otoole's campaign inviting to participate in a telephone town hall Other
Lorraine 2021-08-24 01875 372
24Aug21 Indian (maybe) accent telling me that they were from the Covid Helpdesk - I told them "no thank you" and hung up. As I have absolutely no intentions of poisoning myself with an experimental jab by slowly being poisoning by Graphene Oxide jabs every few months. Not recommended unless you want to go along with the Globalist Elite/Cabal Depopulation Agendas 21/30 via Lockstep (the Government/media puppets will find themselves in the Nuremberg Trials 2.0 very soon). Scam suspicion
cocksnorkler 2021-08-24 01618330181168
Agency spammers Other
kay dickinson 2021-08-20 01702278272291
attempted bank fraud pretending to be Lloyds fraud department Scam suspicion