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Johnny Briggs 2020-01-08 01418103233104
Foreign accent. Telling me my tv/ sky deal is to become cheaper........?????? Other
eric gendle 2020-01-08 01138592140940
Call similar to others, from Northern Powergrid, enquiring if any one who would be vulnerable in a power cut lived at this address. Could be genuine but in view of similar calls in this listing, I am very suspicious Scam suspicion
MazJ 2020-01-07 0785243131333
Pest. Nuisance calls. Other
Worried son. 2020-01-07 01138592140940
My mother got a call allegedly from northern grid about vulnerable users on a list needing extra help in a power cut. When she asked questions they hung up. Says it all, really. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. SCAM!!!! Scam suspicion
Brian cooper 2020-01-07 0792150622640
Scam number. Hmrc. Not. Scam suspicion
Michael 2020-01-07 07973100606384
This is a genuine EE outbound call number. I requested a callback and this is the number that called. I discussed my tariff and everything we spoke about I verified with EE direct. Other
John Stuart 2020-01-07 03333448524352
Scammer Scam suspicion
Jay 2020-01-07 07858826404271
Called following a settled claim where my car was written off overnight by a hit and run driver. The number called several times over 2 days before i answered the call. A very pleasent lady with a liverpool accent asked me details about the claim, hirecar and injuries (or lack of). She had details about Myself, the Car and date of the incident which was concerning and could only have come from the Insurance community. As presumably I had nothing of interest in pursuing, she finished the call quickly. Other
Not important 2020-01-07 0791983848856
Not giving call back. Scam Scam suspicion
Just me 2020-01-07 0791983848856
Scam asking to call back: Scam suspicion
Peter 2020-01-06 01983405463106
Clara called, thinking she was speaking to my wife. She said she was calling about our telephone number, where we were still receiving those unwanted calls, so what they were going to do was to put us on a more secure (line? - I didn't catch the word).so we don't get any more unwanted calls. I said 'you mean like this one?' and she said 'you're absolutely right. Goodbye.' - and hung up. Scam suspicion
Maggiemay 2020-01-06 016357926201121
Had a call from this number it is Vodafone from their Newbury Store offering special deals etc. I am not on vodafone network and told them not to ring again and have now locked the number Telemarketer
Iris 2020-01-03 03456006423336
This number has called 3 times in last hour or so, when I picked up phone it went dead Scam suspicion
Emma Knowles 2020-01-03 03456816200519
Called our business pretending to be from E-ON, to renew our contract over a period of days. Said they were from a company called Global discount Hub (it does not exist). And gave me a password, saying if someone quotes this, that is them, and it is secure. Total scam of course, got the name of our CEO-s too somehow, but it is all mashed together. Called E-ON, and have been assured that they have not tried to contact us in any way, and they never use third person companies. Very persistent and aggressive, even after we told them that we know it is a scam, and not to call again, they keep calling. Scam suspicion
Renalds 2020-01-03 01489778257115
Hung up when answered. I expect a con company. Will add to my block list. Scam suspicion
Dudu 2020-01-02 +442049015906111
the number does not exist Scam suspicion
HELEN HOWARTH 2020-01-02 03456816200519
this number has called my business premises 30 times today , saying they are from eon, saying that my contract is up for renewal . They have been asked several times today to stop calling,and still carry on . Very convincing After speaking to eon directly they have assured me that Eon do not call and that I should ignore these phone calls Telemarketer
Mmm 2020-01-01 077113372954388
Avoid......... Other
Elaine Paton 2020-01-01 03330459577238
Claiming to be from my Sons bank Bank of Scotland to say someone has used his credit card he doesn't have one so know its a scam Scam suspicion
Debbie 2020-01-01 02033227375123
No issues Other
Kezza 2020-01-01 03330459580314
Automated call supposedly from Bank of Scotland about possible fraud on account. Hung up. Later checked bank balance which was normal with no suspicion activity Unknow
piss taker 2019-12-30 0773077345170
Time waster books then ignores you when he 5 mins away Prank
N-J Kanava 2019-12-30 0013476699085253
received a message on my landline on December 25th to say i'd won 2nd prize of $500,000 in the American Lotto (never entered) They left me a claim number and said I had 18 days to claim. Definitely a Scam!! Scam suspicion
Tony 2019-12-30 07860015173326
Text from Santander about a recent transaction, asking to reply with Y if it was me, or N if it wasn't. Didn't recognise the transaction, decided not to answer text, but ring number on back of credit card. It was a genuine text from Santander and the transaction was fraudulant. Other
vladimir yano 2019-12-29 07496872306186
lovely man Unknow
Rangers 2019-12-28 077113372954388
Know him and his children from football,we all avoid them ........ Other
George Sharpe 2019-12-27 07378903141291
I received the below message-: Your PIN is 1545. Please enter it on the site now. If you did not request this please ignore this message. Powered by LevelVerify Scam suspicion
mormah 2019-12-27 447438950475180
i got call from this number and marriage proposal from this number with the name Lakshmi Precious. i am feeling this is unsafe and fraudulent. Scam suspicion
hannah 2019-12-27 07378903141291
I received a phishy msg "Your PIN is ****. Please enter it on the site now. If you did not request this please ignore this message. Powered by LevelVerify", i wonder if someone tried to have an account connected to my phone. Or maybe the scammers want me to call back Scam suspicion
Judy 2019-12-27 972-752-0422252
Called and said my boyfriend stood a tranny up and threatened to put up all his info on social media. Didn't fall for it. They called me but I didnt answer. They stopped texting. Scam suspicion