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Unknown 2020-08-20 0162327501885
Answering Machine Saying They Would Call Me Back Job Offer Prank
Unknown 2020-08-20 0162327501885
Company said to be offering me a job Scam suspicion
Tony 2020-08-20 08009172779826
This is pay pal Debt collector
Millar 2020-08-20 01413679969271
Purports to be calling from UK energy-dont think its genuine Other
who else? 2020-08-19 033320295141654
British Gas Other
Philimon 2020-08-19 442039449990667
I found a missed call can l get your ID Other
Ann cook 2020-08-19 01727823986139
This is an electrical component company I've no idea why they would be calling me I think they could be scammers don't answer your phone if they call I'm also ex directory I would love to know how they get my number Other
Tamara Sleem 2020-08-19 0971527549392311
this number called me and i tried to back but it showed that this number is not working. I guess it's unsafe as in Dubai you don't have 0971 code it's 00971 Scam suspicion
Paula 2020-08-17 07554271100868
Texted me asking for a restyle from long to short during lockdown & called herself Jodie. Seemed over friendly but as soon as she asked me to send my photo I felt it creepy, she texted me again towards the end of lockdown & I cancelled. Scam suspicion
Amy 2020-08-16 800-262-0000261
Getting calls every 10 minutes (ON A SUNDAY) with the caller ID saying "Saskatchwn Call" and a different number every single time. Message says my Apple ID is compromised and to call back 1800-262-0000. Happened last week, too. Getting very annoyed. Scam suspicion
Anthony 2020-08-16 07860039609185
Looks like a scam text Scam suspicion
409 eater 2020-08-15 03450719631462
Unsafe number. Scammers Scam suspicion
Dobby 2020-08-15 07598922328248
I'm taking the job in NY. Flying over with Simon tnite. Was hping - this weekend would be a chnce to make up for all the weirdness. But clrly the fact you brought J proves you can't handle intimacy. I'm sorry J has issues with drug addiction and being 80% gay. But this was not the weekend to address them. Unknow
John T. 2020-08-15 01253530342498
Bt messaging service - survey of satisfaction after dealing with Bulb utility Survey
Rahul B Naor 2020-08-15 052-754-93922916
The number in which i got call from shows 0971527549392. Since i am in Dubai i thought its a local call. But local call wont show 0971. Also the code should be 00971. Hence i feel that this is an internet call and can be spam. What do you think Scam suspicion
Christine 2020-08-14 07495504597282
Thankfully was on another call so didn't pick it up. Scam suspicion
CDB 2020-08-14 08443820000834
Legitimate number from Lloyds. Was having system problems with Lloydslink banking system - this was the incoming number from the helpdesk. Other
Xxx 2020-08-13 07557634151342
07557634151- text saying my prescription was ready for collection- im on no medication Other
Karen 2020-08-13 447458333222573
Call logged as Virgin Media, recorded message however is in Chinese! Presumably a scam, certainly not Virgin Media. Scam suspicion
Benne 2020-08-12 020309220101464
Pc world/currys online team checking about an order before trying to sell me insurance ... Telemarketer
Tina 2020-08-11 08006783477455
this is not clydebank bank!!! Its a scam!!! They called me and spoke to them.and I actually called my own bank and asked them what the form was for that I just filled out over the phone and guess what they had no clue what I was talking cos clydebank didn't call me!!! Scam!!!! Scam suspicion
JoJo 2020-08-11 0179106760760
Scam Amazon call Scam suspicion
John Bennett 2020-08-11 01612263431431
Yes it did call me at 7.32pm last night, I saw this on my work phone, so i know this is a sales call, no one calls me at work at 7.30pm. Scam suspicion
Paul 2020-08-10 01983218080196
Only one short ring and then stops so no chance to answer. Happened a few times today. Did not try to call back as it might be a call-me-back scam. Scam suspicion
Samuel 2020-08-10 07913130866545
One belled and then hung up. Bit of research led me to a marketing website for a company based in Manchester UK but not sure if it was them so I'm not naming them Unknow
Yen 2020-08-10 032-614-59202017
Call 2 time but dont know who Other
MR.ETHAN PHILIP GEORGE 2020-08-08 +447404465822284
he scam money more than 3,375GBP from me I was supposed and expected that he will be my employer and he will do arrangements for my documents he use agency to pretend that the original process my documents,but all pretend and scammer Scam suspicion
nur 2020-07-25 032-614-59202017
This number call me 6 times today, when I picked it up, the person on the other end was asking for someone else. But later on the number calls another 3 times. Other
Margie swift 2020-07-24 800-642-8595217
They said that they are from Apple cloud and that they have found suspicious actived on my account. Scam suspicion
kasia 2020-07-23 00447781470659409
texted me with yahoo verification code. scam Scam suspicion