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DEEJCanada 2019-08-22 0141600338656
Gobby female asked if I was mrs watson I said no then she asked to speak to the owner of such and such and address I hung up these idiots need to find a proper job
imahaint 2019-08-22 03300434137127
Received call from someone claiming that husband (and gave his name) had spoken with them in the spring and agreed to sponsor a book on anti-bullying and asked which school we wanted it to go into. Said we knew nothing about and they insisted our name would go in the book. Told them it WAS NOT as we hadn't authorised (can see the way this is going - agreed and they'd want money). Asked them what they had down as our local school & it wasn't our local school! THey weren't entirely stupid though & got a relatively local one. When refused to let them put name in they said they'd ring back with the recording of the phone converstaion with my husband !!!
bibliotec 2019-08-22 447860054507105
Genuine number asking me to confirm that I will be attending hospital appointment
ammali 2019-08-22 032-020-160273
I want to know who is this
Ptor 2019-08-22 0208792700541
Asian sounding female called me saying that she wanted to talk to me about my internet connection. As soon as I started to give her my 'Telephone Preference Service' lecture she hung up.
poisonfrog 2019-08-22 0151237730536
I had a nasty experience from this number they threatened me and the would not give me there name or company I then looked it up and came across this he called me a idiot and said the bailiffs would be with me friday then I got call today and he was threaten again and said they would be with me monday If this is a scam they are nasty people
Derric 2019-08-22 0133954450276
they have rang twice i have ignored
Lennie 2019-08-22 01453120421149
Dunno...some plonker
renusick 2019-08-22 01453122436146
Pathetic lying cold call “we believe you were in an accident and it wasn’t your fault “ “ is that correct ?” didn’t catch the name but it definitely had the word Alliance in its false title .
Delphinium 2019-08-22 0145312224646
Recorded voice on other end
RUEN 2019-08-22 0177779011744
Not recognised.
Maithi 2019-08-22 01289 2
Told me ihad used my card for £600 to Western Union press 1 to speak what a scam
mamacologist 2019-08-22 01048391049109
Says our Internet is risky, will be cut off, press to talk to engineers
Clapper 2019-08-22 02078855311612
They didn't leave a message when my screening call and answering machine kicked in.
Valcourt 2019-08-22 0191250974062
constantly rings
Erjohn 2019-08-22 01912 40
Said they were from visa with serious info. Put phone down
Allessa 2019-08-22 001865772604140
Automate voice claiming to be from VISA saying large sum of money taken from my account and asking you to press one to connect to services. Assume it is a scam.
spuzzo 2019-08-22 044345112887643
Called this morning but I was out. No message left. The number was unattainable - surprise!
doubtnot 2019-08-22 01798278035125
Recorded message claiming to be from BT saying my service would be cut off and to press 1 to continue. Clearly a scam.
GOTANNOYED 2019-08-22 00190447012818
Didn't leave a message on my answer phone
MCastillo 2019-08-22 01339599595145
Recd a call from Aboyne. No idea who it was
Jdjsksjsjs 2019-08-22 0192675810864
Phone every day I blocked about 5 weeks ago right hassle
hojay 2019-08-22 0754562267348
Very bad line - couldn’t hear a clear word said.
Allmont 2019-08-22 408-841-258375
yes calling me foul names and thriets to me my life tell him to leave me alonnow
rickbrent 2019-08-22 0145312509237
Dont know who this is, but tried to call back, there was some strange dial tone and then it cut off after a few rings.
Small 2019-08-22 01234249097119
Harrasing me non stop calling
asaens 2019-08-22 0195956241659
said to press any key as there was a visa payment pending and they wanted confirmation sounded suspious so put phone down
Konstanze 2019-08-22 006198
Over the last 2 days I have received a number of calls from 0061279210783, 0061290428744 and 0061295781776 my call blocking phone has answered the calls but clearly none of them answered the question asked as they didn't come through to me. What is happening here? Has Australia suddenly gone rogue?
bagofrocks 2019-08-22 0125149406596
This caller swore at me continually when i told him the name that he was looking for was not at this address
luiska 2019-08-22 0109494725820
Telling me my visa card has been used in a foreign country.