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jstabyer 2019-08-22 01285853427136
scam claims to be bt openreach
hubanunny 2019-08-22 0151601759328
01516 017593 called me today. Who are they? Dainty 22 August 2019
bgcraig 2019-08-22 0183869607887
Scam involving automated voice telling me that my BT broadband and phone would be disconected and to press button 1 to get it restored.... Im not with BT!
JimboJones 2019-08-22 033334400001285
This number calls our landline 0208 402 5558 on numerous occasions stating that it's a call from SMF but is pre-recorded!
Caitljn 2019-08-22 01453127442147
Should not have my mobile number in the first place then they ring but do not pick up
Moops 2019-08-22 0202568358636
Just had a call, saying my Vodafone internet was not secure, Scammer, Hung up, Sounded like an overseas call centre (ASIAN)
Klehar 2019-08-22 0228340607517
my card made an overseas transaction
manjunath 2019-08-22 0141600338656
Callcenter, brief burst of Russian language, disconnection. So, the usual rubbish and a slightly incomprehensible usage of a fake Glasgow number. I wonder if they make their dinner by throwing the ingredients through tne kitchen window and setting fire to their garden gate expecting that to produce useful results?
Princiss 2019-08-22 0125241768131
Recording claiming to be HMRC..... I hung up and blocked the number!
biggiepac 2019-08-22 0019451
contacted today stating 600 pounds had been taken out of our account this is a scam do not press no 1
BleepBloop 2019-08-22 0145312193890
cold caller reporting ive been in an accident not my fault..
GroggyOtter 2019-08-22 0195956241659
Recorded message claiming to be from visa,money taken from account please press 1 to speak to somebody but the voice on the message sounds like the woman from B.T who says our internet will be cut off.
Mecks 2019-08-22 03002002727134
Pretend to be HMRC and u will be arrested if u don't comply
GWENG 2019-08-22 01393127
01393 580994 saying from Bt
Shxn 2019-08-22 782-723-860643
This number irritating me from WhatsApp
Yazi 2019-08-22 8245094
This number took three amounts of £4.50 on pay as you go on 3 network. I phoned the network direct and they were able to assist to stop the debits. HOPEFULLY. 22/082019
GeorgiaG 2019-08-22 001942814186138
Automated voice saying they were from Visa and that there had been a £600 withdrawal on my account. Asked me to press 1 to speak to an adviser.
foxyfox 2019-08-22 08001836403721
This number calls my mobile 3times a day claiming to be Virgin Media. Very annoying!
Jeppo 2019-08-22 01914265602180
Every week they call. Don't want their 'smart' meter.
Syda 2019-08-22 01389 10
I have been receiving phone calls from 01389 485009 fortunately I have never answered obviously a scam
wmn 2019-08-22 0131233808665
Called to say our internet was going to be closed within 48 hrs for illegal activity
horsemanjlm 2019-08-22 0208567031789
I got missed call this number. I don't know who's this. Please aware this number
msdebs 2019-08-22 001556727462780
no response when answered, just silence. not even any line noise.
Boopster 2019-08-22 03982253862108
Phoned parents continuously and would not leave them alone.
Talitsflores 2019-08-22 020332221483
calling every day at same time. this number should be blocked or removed from use
Oldroy 2019-08-22 448004790758101
They keep on phoning everyday - I have blocked them but they still get through & leave a "you missed a call from me ...". They really do need to be stopped right now.
Lurch 2019-08-22 01249517413127
whose number is this I do not know anyone from this area
cmb 2019-08-22 0127376245195
They rang at 11.15 this morning I told them we were on t p s and they rang off
Dpendragon 2019-08-22 0189847996730
This number says that money has been paid into a bank account.
drbm 2019-08-22 0248331883146
this number called me at 0230! I am unable to trace it. I did not answer the call in case they wer trying to confirm it was a working line