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Nagwa 2019-10-22 0140403735080
Had a call from this number today saying they were shutting down our internet service in the next 24/48 hours due to illegal activity on it. Press 1 to get connected to someone... Didn’t say who our internet provider was????
Logi 2019-10-22 07412699490134
Scam call relating to unsecured debt.
Botha 2019-10-22 0152709971088
Hung up without voice
figgyphoto 2019-10-22 03002001309144
HMRC treating
LydiaJ 2019-10-22 055-838-210085
this number is a big harassment for me
mkgalloway 2019-10-22 0741507389366
spyrose 2019-10-22 01724050313118
fed up with pest calls
morbo 2019-10-22 02076608434114
Unknown number so didn't answer. No voice email so suspected telemarketing/scam
MrBragga 2019-10-22 02080595374107
Financial services unwanted solicitation
juror 2019-10-22 07415640421116
Ppi the deadline has passed don’t think india scammers realise it lol
callmejoe 2019-10-22 0137907584250
Ambulance chasers!
sickofcalls 2019-10-22 0191313016563
Called to say due to a change in circumstances my life insurance policy payments would be reduced. When I asked where they were calling from they listed a number of insurers who I was not with. I said my policy isn’t with any of these insurers and they then hung up.
Inde 2019-10-22 01413099253154
I am sick of them phoning every day sometimes 3 times a day can you stop them.
mayonaise 2019-10-22 01924632385162
I received 12 calls within 30 minutes. Lady persistently asked for meter readings saying that there had been excessive electricity usage and they needed to change the meter. She couldn't give me a meter number or account number and only stopped ringing when I said that the line was now being monitored.
quesha 2019-10-22 0137561906344
Automated message. Saying from Amazon. When tried to call back firstly says £1.00 per minute. Second time of trying number unobtainable
Andibeth 2019-10-22 03330163544150
Called 3 times in as many hours after having an online quote for insurance. No permission for any further contact was given.
EEllis 2019-10-22 00411302855812131
I believe this is scam number as from yesterday we have been inundated with calls from 020 numbers and a call from a recorded message saying out Internet and phone will be cut off if we do not press one. Reported to BT who said is scam and all other numbers do not answer just let phone ring. Do a 1471 and if it is a number we recognise call back. Alternatively get callblocker on our phone.
vivi 2019-10-22 0798869815549
Bogus Accident Claim.
Babylonviews 2019-10-22 08456021111286
Read this was a scam so did not answer it
CMCRachel 2019-10-22 07553500285116
No one responding = Spam/scam
MSimba 2019-10-22 0014437905978365
Claims it was from BT
mickeyfinn 2019-10-22 08001697762361
Bank of scotland regarding PPI complaint I had made. Useless staff asking about a telephone call made over 20 years ago.
Beetleguy 2019-10-22 0207135207823
Calling about modelling . Need £50 deposit . Blocked it .
kazonte 2019-10-22 07949402276112
Said they were from UK Debt help. I just hung up
NATEDATKID 2019-10-22 0120287920115
Exactly the same as the others - appliance insurance can be reduced; requested bank account details etc. The got stroppy when I said I wouldn't give these out over the phone.
Burford 2019-10-22 0754476977854
Received a text claiming to be from Tesco's stating I'd won a prize and providing a suspicious link.
Suzeee 2019-10-22 0280870855822
hit answerphone, hung up
Neel 2019-10-22 01753573001104
Some energy deal apparently - pointed out they'd called yesterday, I'd said then I wasn't interested and besides I was on TPS - and now they were calling again. She apologised and said she'd remove my details this time.
wabi 2019-10-22 0130006964053
Call from this number, never answered, no message left. No idea who. Don't know anyone in Cerne Abbas
RHaywood 2019-10-22 02080402524131
Scammers, called saying they were calling about the loft insulation we had done - well we haven't had any done! Also if we had why didn't they ask for us by name, it'd be on their records? Because they don't know the name as we haven't had anything done. No doubt they'll eventually manage to contact someone who by coincidence has had something done & continue with whatever scam they're trying to do.