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smal 2019-12-18 03450520000112
Rang today to inform me my landlord had sold my business and that as from 16 Dec,a Joanna Smith had changed everything to opus energy. Not true, he said he was ringing from e.on. I told him he was scamming and I'd phone eon myself which I did. They are very convincing .won reassured me no one had cancelled my utilities. The scammers said they were forwarding my taped recording to opus energy. I told them to do it.
spook 2019-12-18 0129225616482
this number keeps phoning me can i stop it
MrsWright 2019-12-18 02072009622148
Recorded message. Middle aged man with mild Midlands accent. Definate Phishing call. Recorded voice claims to be HMRC contacting me about a tax fraud claim, and to dial 1. HMRC would not contact anyone this way. Check on my real tax profile at HMRC shos no messages. Blocked number.
Stromy 2019-12-18 0125333174076
Came up as withheld on handset, claimed to be DWP and said to call on this number
Evor 2019-12-18 01138592140941
Had a call from the above number on Wednesday 18th December 2019 at 3.00pm, a recorded message saying it was The Northern Power Grid. Could be a scam number.
Roxxane 2019-12-18 08456021111414
why do i keep getting calls from this number at al hours some as early as 7am. how do i stop it.
bigsue 2019-12-18 08456021111414
can you help me to stop this number calling me at all hours
Muis 2019-12-18 0738552481281
Saying its Amazon
Carnagey 2019-12-18 015-384-881459
Rang off as soon as the ansaphone cut in. No idea who it was
Allexandrya 2019-12-18 647-383-2333138
Visa scam. My card has been compromised. Don’t have a Visa card
emilee 2019-12-18 0345600897240
Keep receiving SMS messages asking me to ring this number to discuss my TSB account. I know TSB would never contact me in this way so have not called the number but checked it on the web and it is identified as a phishing scam
CDinNJ 2019-12-18 0145313329128
first time must be a mistake but will report back if any further call come in Thank You
RJAN 2019-12-18 0156635245350
Recorded message saying that my Amazon is expiring and will need to press 1 to speak to and advisor to rectify. have never had an Amazon account and certainly not a prime account. Another cold call to interrupt my day? just put the phone down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mechie 2019-12-18 01255 80
Calls appear to come from Amazon prime, or so the message left says. 01255 751130
Nuadormrac 2019-12-18 0203080031057
It's the North end medical centre, there is nothing to worry about.
fedupinmissouri 2019-12-18 07771 33
They called, i answered they said nothing then i heard good bye.
TEY 2019-12-18 097145548003125
Didn't answer as looked like a scam number.
nokolane 2019-12-18 0247693054932
This Number Has Called 3Times On The Trot and Puts Phone Down Before I Have Chance To Pick Up ! I Have Called Back and A Voice Tells Me "You Cannot Return A Call To This Number ! ?
Adhi 2019-12-18 0175326081597
Called 10 times in 1 day
xyn 2019-12-18 0800161515418
Beg to differ - its a scam call. Hang up.
Mulva 2019-12-18 0344209047647
They are pretending to be Lloyds Bank. I keep getting calls from them as I was involved in a car accident ans they are pushing for me to use injury lawyers. I have checked with Lloyds and this isn't one of their numbers. Yes they have an answer phone message sounding like Lloyds but it isn't the one you get when you have a phone about a claim. The girl was very rude and Lloyds advised they didn't have anybody with this name within their insurance departments and the number ISN'T ONE OF THEIRS !! Please only phone the original number on your policy.
TinaSpirits 2019-12-18 0115993660026
Nottingham NUH phone. Pick up, it might be about your appointment which you waited for.
cisley 2019-12-18 0125295403856
Phoned today asking for someone that I have never heard off. Then asked me for my name. This is fishing, I just put the phone down and blocked the number
Madonald 2019-12-18 0125295403856
Got a silent call from this number today ,never answered as think it’s a scammer
kimnerly 2019-12-18 07922171227165
why do i keep getting phone calls from this number and it is a recorded message. i am 71 years old and it is very worrying. i have blocked this number.
iflyvfr 2019-12-18 0300790614339
Tried to renew my TV license, but payment was refused. Asked me to ring a random unknown number - together with warnings about phone scams?
Labassistant 2019-12-18 02392662159110
I did not answer the call as not sure who this was and they did not leave a message on my answerphone. I have had harassing calls from similar numbers. Could possibly be Vodafone.
korman 2019-12-18 49302016494135157
Wiederholter Anruf und beim Abnehmen Besetz-Zeichen -was kann man tun??
Jim 2019-12-18 0139433135853
Says there from Amazon prime and I don't even use them plus my number is ex directory??? Scammers
Fedup 2019-12-18 0192432851928
Has called me four times over past 20 minutes. Sounds like someone trying to send a message to a landline phone. Other