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Park 2020-07-16 020807755643350
An Indian woman called me at half 1 in the afternoon, stating they are from Carphone Warehouse but the call then disconnected. Scam suspicion
Elly 2020-07-16 032-614-59202017
Don't know who, but call many time. Unknow
jason J 2020-07-16 032-614-59202017
sound like scam Other
Some Canadian Guy 2020-07-16 844-277-6920362
Hello. This number has called several times leaving a message saying that I needed to press #1 before I was arrested or something..... Scam suspicion
vicky 2020-07-15 01702440227162
enterprise car Other
Niyi 2020-07-15 50017882
Text me saying she wants to be a friend that her name is Maya Other
Niyi 2020-07-15 50017882
The number text me a message saying it's Maya and she wants to be a friend Other
Rosen 2020-07-15 020807755643350
They pretended to be Carphone Warehouse offering a deal and called multiple times. I told them that I am not interested. You should be very wary of providing them any personal details. Scam suspicion
Southeastern Health Trust 2020-07-15 02892633500495
Southeastern Health Trust appointments line. It's a safe number 02892633500 Other
Mand 2020-07-15 07790926151225
Delivery time confirmation from B&Q Other
J Met 2020-07-15 020332223053269
Amazon delivery man and sent he missed me and package I had ordered was left at my front door. A photo confirming was also received through Amazon website my notifications of the package at my front door. Other
Catherine ong 2020-07-15 032-614-59202017
I received this call so many time , difference days Other
ann 2020-07-15 028-875-34805040
Received phone call from this number but didn't answer. Can't seem to find this number for any registered company. Potential scam. Unknow
linda bilow 2020-07-14 888-811-23231969
calls numerous times last tume was yesterday, I didnt answer Shows up as TELUS INTERNET. I dont deal with Telus never have never will. Blocking the number Unknow
Sarah thomas 2020-07-14 01792940120380
Has Rang land-line and mobile when answered recorded message says its a research centre does not have operate available Unknow
J T 2020-07-14 020872779502982
When calling back - the number doesn't exist - do not answer Scam suspicion
Maureen 2020-07-14 014822469471046
This caller rang a number of times about our current BT package and to be honest I was nearly taken. He sounded very plausible and was very friendly. I asked him to call back because I wanted to check out what I was currently paying. He rang again but I was busy and not able to talk to him. I was slightly suspicious that he didn’t know when my contract expired and I decided to check the telephone number. I am an intelligent person and I often wondered why people got scammed. I now know that you have to be extremely vigilant to avoid being scammed as it can happen to anyone Scam suspicion
Cyril 2020-07-14 020872779502982
Pretend to be from British gas SCAM Scam suspicion
Thiruselvi gopalan 2020-07-14 032-387-4000209
I received a call from 0323874000 which is unknown to me.. Unknow
DAB 2020-07-13 01473855179360
This number has called me over 25 times today. There were 25 missed calls on my phone and when I checked back everyone was this number. Needs reporting for harrassment!! Scam suspicion
Abby 2020-07-13 07491163045695
MOT reminders: Your MOT reminder activation code is: 69405. The code expires after 24h. BUT I DONT HAVE A CAR Other
Laura 2020-07-13 03301000222180
Supposedly from my electricity company called Dual. !!! COULDNT make out what she was saying and she didnt know the password I had set up with my supplier who said anyone from their company would know my password so...... Scam suspicion
Sc_ 2020-07-13 07520660033500
This number is claiming to be BT. It has called us. My mum answered and since English is our second language she isn’t as good. The caller hung up because he couldn’t understand her. I had also received several texts from him saying he will be confirming the landline connection. I looked back at the texts and noticed he was using the word “Pls” instead of please. He also had no name, just his number. This was also sketchy because companies have names instead of phone numbers. The phone number was also a private number, it shouldn’t of started with +44. But The real BT had already messaged me! And I don’t think they have 2 numbers. Scam suspicion
irish 2020-07-13 052-754-93922916
This number is calling me numerous times every month Unknow
winson 2020-07-13 032-614-59202017
Icon kuala lumpur, miss call Unknow
Sushi 2020-07-12 02071889613485
Rang for less than 5 seconds then stopped. I don't even live in London or require a hospital appointment! Scam suspicion
bob 2020-07-12 008821622776288
Scam / spam Scam suspicion
Wsasd 2020-07-12 048314194384
Keep calling Scam suspicion
John Conner 2020-07-10 080008032421633
They called me yesterday i did some digging i see the comments here and on other similar sites. Mostly saying its a scam caller so i thought id do some investigating. Im ex police so i played along today and its actually genuine. They are registered company with companies house and on hmrc's website too. They can be persistant and invasive but they are ligit. I didnt think banks still did this nowadays. Survey
D Shaw 2020-07-10 020702379561512
this is go daddy customer services Telemarketer