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Plemmons 2019-10-21 01983266583
I am receiving messages and he is getting my recovery codes and using my Facebook and constantly trying to hack everything in my phone!
Epidemic 2019-10-21 01612259980100
Said they were from Microsoft and that I had a problem with my computer. Utter rubbish. Just another scam.
edvic 2019-10-21 141-020-050495
Received 2 different text messages from this number today. One says an invalid log in attempt occurred from Wells Fargo (I don't have any accounts with WF) and then one with a nonsense link. SPAM!
NotARedneck 2019-10-21 951-220-836552
We want to know who are you
DeltaV 2019-10-21 866-759-333683
I have been receiving numerous calls from this number also.
Eggle 2019-10-21 0117336122897
I had a call from them today offering a better deal than what i would get instore (carphone) they told me they were Carphone Warehouse head office and they had called me because i was due upgrade and i had been looking online at Carphone last Friday....and i was. If you google the number it tells you it IS Carphone.
SeymourIN 2019-10-21 0018054199444138
If it sounds to good to be true-- it's generally a scam, just as in this case! ---- I've never participated in the lottery!!! . Scammers!---why not get a real honest job?
MINGLY 2019-10-21 705-675-2237100
nusence call bill colector
praxis 2019-10-21 0162568368315
Didn't answer but there desperately calling every hour it's annoying
chaonation 2019-10-21 0333320185047
This is a number of a company called NSGL Parking who falsely claim your car has been illegally parked and try to claim between £40 and £80 from you. Don't believe them it is a scam. They send you photos which have been doctored and were not of the place they claim you were parked at.
KevShas 2019-10-21 331-200-4330101
advertising call for home security.
Annabarr 2019-10-21 800-967-068159
Scam, fraud on calling and asking for your social security.
yamanam 2019-10-21 0208144782635
Don't stop to call me, I stop to answer at this number mouths ago
huhu 2019-10-21 2655328466794
had a collections notice from this number and cannot reply saying they will visit my property
Baghdad 2019-10-21 212-801-604374
its very possible it is them. I had a scheduled call and missed it from that number. they have multiple departments that do not communicate with each other.
BabblinB 2019-10-21 646-883-200847
Telemarketers call everyday all day long for ASPCA
idolor 2019-10-21 6044187
I've had several texts about winning a voucher I do not want
DBirch 2019-10-21 0789307284764
I keep getting calls from this Number but as I don't now the Number I do not answer the phone may be one Day they will get the Point I am not going to Pick up the Phone
Tarheel 2019-10-21 574-363-531176
Fraud wanting to lower your credit cards report
Ndt 2019-10-21 912-205-530362
Fraud pretending to be Social Security Ofc wanting social security number and info
Grazel 2019-10-21 048030627702117
Liga mais de 19 vezes no dia e não fala nada
jstuhl 2019-10-21 01510603570103
PPI Harrassment
Avalonbob 2019-10-21 337-492-0411102
They keep calling me to try to get me to change my Medicare health provider I will not do it
astair 2019-10-21 226-811-9461135
automated voice : ... Department o Justice ... against my social insurance number - must hit 1 ... or I will be prosecuted ... and on and on with more threats.
Cibernetic 2019-10-21 0191671999416
I receive 4 calls daily from this number and I've been at work each time they've called.. tried calling back to see who it was and doesn't even ring.. starting to become a daily thing.. what can I do to stop this!!
ZannWalker 2019-10-21 03450783248130
They keep ringing but never leave a message. I'll keep ignoring their calls.
kaykaydee 2019-10-21 017-677-471697
Scam scam scam scam
Vikmen 2019-10-21 415-935-325150
This person is the contact person !! Is a man and is name is olajide famakinwa! I have been tracking him for so long and now he’s living in Indianapolis!!! I don’t know if they can do something about him since is been some years now
Adolph 2019-10-21 0175326097168
Spammer dont answer it at all
Veilma 2019-10-21 844-320-6431104
Block this number!! it's a scam call saying that it's Scotia Bank