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S Price 2020-12-03 033334422651632
This is the message I received, had not been buying anything so is a scam. Your One Time Passcode is 73824 for APPLE 255.53 GBP. If this wasn't you please call 0333 344 2265 Scam suspicion
Andy 2020-12-03 819582971573
Machine bodoh he talk LOL Other
Rebecca 2020-12-02 033334422651632
Scam text message. Beware! Scam suspicion
Lisa 2020-12-02 033334422651632
Looks to be a scam! Dont call Scam suspicion
Dave 2020-12-02 033334422651632
Got text from 86434- "Your One Tiem Passcode is 73823 for APPLE 255.34GBP. If this wasnt you , please call 0333 344 2265 Agree this is a scam- dont call Other
Eason 2020-12-02 033334422651632
Received a text message saying ‘ Your One Time Passcode is 73824 for APPLE 255.53 GBP. If this wasn't you please call 0333 344 2265‘ and then I haven’t purchased anything online recently, I checked my balance, nothing’s in or out. This is must be a scam. Be careful! Scam suspicion
Not on my watch! 2020-12-02 033334422651632
A scam Scam suspicion
Diana 2020-12-02 07829700191819
I don’t know who this number belongs Unknow
Pest 2020-12-02 00601113002052375
Got a message from this number, giving an OTP to activate the account of group chat (Voope*) never heard or use before. Suspicious. Immediately blocked the number. Scam suspicion
Howell 2020-12-01 033334422651632
Apple scam stated one off Apple code sent in relation to purchase. A lie Scam suspicion
Cathy 2020-12-01 033334422651632
Apple scam tries to give you one time code Scam suspicion
Malaysia 2020-12-01 019-205-9920652
This number always sent this message Sir/Madam ABC, pls call back NORBAINI: 0355171180 ext 4049 or whatapp 0192059920. urgently regarding Celcom. TQ And they will also use this number to send the above message too. 019-2059920 & 019-2417921 & 019-2417585. Scam suspicion
Veron 2020-12-01 819582971573
talk very fast and hang up right after Scam suspicion Scam suspicion
Reeee 2020-11-30 02080892308505
Spam! Telemarketer
Ms. P 2020-11-30 033334422651632
Apple scam Scam suspicion
Dave 2020-11-30 033334422651632
Apple scam Scam suspicion
Ekaterina 2020-11-28 043402525321
Abusive scam Scam suspicion
Rob 2020-11-27 02382351751317
I'm not sure why this is marked unsafe. Picador Vauxhall, after I left an online query for Winchester branch Other
TG24 2020-11-26 087082002481408
This men call me 2 minutes before ask me i m next door he said there is canabis come from my house i ask him I never smoke these also i ask him where you life then he hun up he make me scure Other
Money Matters 2020-11-26 01414455221184
Money matters are a fake debt charity. Better off going to Stepchange or a local citizens advice bureau. These rockets just want to sell your details onto other companies for a profit. Scam suspicion
Robert 2020-11-26 079035947751068
Got a txt messages from this number it was NHS for the flu Jag Other
Joe Bidened 2020-11-26 02082394996480
Muppets! Scam suspicion
Not Saying 2020-11-25 080019786181739
I don't talk to robots, period. Unknow
Meh 2020-11-24 033002446371537
I've never given out my number and I don't live in Wales....scammers will change the CLID (Caller Line Identification) so it appears to you they are calling from within the UK,when n fact it could be anywhere in the world! It may also be Royal Gwent Hospital, but the number is compromised....if you have a Hospital appointment, phone the hospital direct....don't use this number!! Other
Abush Girma 2020-11-24 4420394499901182
Sorry, who is this? my phone was in charger while you were calling. Please can you call me now. Thanks. Other
Sionnach 2020-11-24 01215120700256
It's a pension scam linked to GCM and GMC. MD possibly named Susan Scales. Other
Adam 2020-11-24 03454042002561
Called me but I have sky screening service they didn't give a name so I didn't answer. Scam suspicion
Ricky Rat 2020-11-24 800-449-2559291
A bear named Wally called me wanted to talk to me about drugs and alcohol got really pushy and made me uncomfortable Scam suspicion
John 2020-11-23 314-582-7302476
Call unsafe ,always calling no answer, Other
Nasrin 2020-11-23 035-039-6791206
Dont know who is this.. and other number.. similar like this number Other