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Ltnenbolt 2019-08-22 01990829530133
Automated voice telling me my Mastercard had been charged £600 15 mins ago, press 1 if that transaction was not mine. Nice try - I don't have a card. Hung up and blocked number.
parkyoojin 2019-08-22 0111228100633
When I ask where they got my number from they hang up
lillagard 2019-08-22 649-801-262654
Seem like nz has telly market or scamers ringing australia now
Moniqie 2019-08-22 44795322222278
This is simply harassment. I blocked the number, but calls continue to arrive in my voice mail. Not sure why. Anybody any idea how to stop that?
buddygrant 2019-08-22 01515702210144
Received recorded calls saying money being taken from credit card and sent abroad.
VTXOWNER 2019-08-22 622-129-925530
this is a motherf***er. He using bad word. I don't know who is he. I'm gonna report this numbe.
nopeers 2019-08-22 07891 12
Had a call from this number ..arsking me about a claim for a accident ...he was pak*stan asian spoken ?? SCAM
skamdeth 2019-08-22 07537161497146
Unknown number. Calls repeatedly.
Laleh 2019-08-22 01459137
Scam call supposedly from BT (I’m not even with them) saying my broadband will be disconnected!
adarian 2019-08-22 25887000164349
I keep getting these call from all over the world everyday and there all different I am sick of it ‭+258 87 000 1643‬ ‭+355 67 206 3419‬ ‭+355 67 206 3411‬ ‭+962 7 7005 1644‬ Here are just a few
chuviduvi 2019-08-22 020332221483
Another bogus call from Hmrc !!!! This time from a different 0203 number 02033222148 automated message advising that they have been trying to contact me and a law suit has been raised against me press 1 to contact my case worker previous number was 02030954620. Just hang up on them
marcene 2019-08-22 0128213255550
Recorded message reported to be from Visa and said I needed to press a number to cancel a payment of £600 from my account.
kwarto 2019-08-22 01983266517
They have hacked & taken over my Facebook account pretending to be Facebook who is sorting out a security breach. I am not sure what to do next? Help!
Jackelope 2019-08-22 0139310699965
Sounded like an automated BT marketing call.
anonymousSTL 2019-08-22 0746735095235
Recorded voice said was from BT and that hacking activity had been detected on my IP address and my internet was going to he disconnected, I assume it is a scam so hung up
ZaiPie 2019-08-22 00702477665844
Have received several calls from this number over the last few days. If you pause before speaking the number goes dead, so assume it's an automated call? Very annoying!
janetbonita 2019-08-22 0203856872518
Don’t know who they are very irritating
Neako 2019-08-22 0141457706538
Debt collection company based in Glasgow, UK. Appears to be a registered business and holds a valid consumer credit licence. Will stop calling if you request to remove your number.
paries 2019-08-22 08443570221128
this number left a pre recorded electronic message saying that i should call the number immediately, or face serious consequences of a lawsuit from H.M. Revenue. They said it was my last chance. It must be a scam.
Deeddra 2019-08-22 01024861049131
Rang before 8 am, didn't leave a message. Decided to ring back and the number isn't recognised!!! Sounds like spam or fraudulent call.
MrChili 2019-08-22 00112164260222076
scam, ignore and block. dont bother
ManiacMan 2019-08-22 01268107812145
Woman says shes from talk-talk and says my internet is going to be disconnected. Another scam call.Hang up
DDT 2019-08-22 0185913293146
Pertaining to be a bank - so beware = possible scam
Groves 2019-08-22 0186171485780
Recorded message saying they were going to cut off my internet because of illegal activity. Press 1 to find out more. Didn't respond. Got a call from another 081 number a short while later.
executescammers 2019-08-22 00112164260222076
Same as everyone else...
tthm 2019-08-22 01816123626110
Recorded message saying they were going to cut off my internet because of illegal activity and to press 1 to sort it out. Obviously I didn't do anything of the sort! Followed by a call from 01816123626 - didn't answer that one.
BigIan 2019-08-22 01983266517
They sent me message whilst on Facebook and said that there was a security breach & that I had to send them code back & a photograph to verify my identity. I did & now I can't get back into my account as they keep saying that my photo is being verified. How do I undo this damage & recover my Facebook account ?
Arlingtonian 2019-08-22 01530 8
01530 619891 called today at 9.00am This is just one of many I am receiving this has got to stop No one answered but it sounded that it was a very busy office environment.
CJGolden 2019-08-22 029-015-380424
No one responds
leang 2019-08-22 80321781218110
them said call from OCBC BANK Unknow