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Just me 2020-07-07 073789031301534
Very dodgy looking coronavirus link in text message. Do not hit the link! Other
Partyboy 2020-07-06 26553284667218
Confused say I owe money when I ring back it sounds like a recording about a footballer Debt collector
Anon 2020-07-06 07517082493936
Messaged me pretending to be 17 and said my profile picture was good Started conversation saying he was going for a run but it is raining now. Blocked and reported Scam suspicion
Jonny T 2020-07-06 01212854827602
This is EasyFundraising help and support no Other
Ma. Cristina M. Arenas 2020-07-06 02039232158596
im reporting this number keep on calling me here Other
annonymous 2020-07-06 040-148-8830447
Mathew Douras is scam artist - did not show up to court matters - we are hunting him for unpaid fines ( money owing ) this man is dangerous. heard he tried to stole a bike and sell in it on FB market place apparently foots cray police knows him very well. last jobs he did while tenants present- tenants reported over 3K worth items went missing form the house. Debt collector
amod 2020-07-04 014-208-5999342
Call came on my international number . did not speak a work .. when i rang back in 20 mins said the office is closed Scam suspicion
Ashleigh Barbara 2020-07-03 08455280146727
same as Mad, rings once and hangs up, number wont connect to call.... Telemarketer
suzuki 2020-07-03 01614647782191
blocked Scam suspicion
Dany 2020-07-02 02078479269308
Blocked Other
Susan 2020-07-02 02081444283284
People's postcode lottery. Please don't ring it s a scam Scam suspicion
Watch out 2020-07-02 01212011786115
They left a message regarding financial matters for my Business aswell! What financial matters? Don’t call back. Other
Kim 2020-07-02 08000857595765
Leaves the same voicemail everysingle day 7595 do not answer Other
pring 2020-07-02 028-875-34805040
me too but i didn’t answer Other
franois 2020-07-02 024659900303
0284659900 Same here... receiving repeated very bothersome calls, calling even during wee hours very early morning Prank
May 2020-07-02 98884589111
Called to impose as local internet security to obtain data Scam suspicion
may 2020-07-02 81958297686
Called to impose as local internet security to obtain data Scam suspicion
Morgan 2020-07-01 020807755643350
Same happened to me today didn’t ring but popped up Scam suspicion
Franks 2020-07-01 02034552922329
I rang the RAF Benevolent Fund on their website number, and they confirmed it is one of their outgoing numbers. Other
John 2020-07-01 0203936315858
Called four times and immediately hung up four times Other
Minela 2020-07-01 0007985725100124
A indian guy calling for my mobile... lolllllll Scam suspicion
Ann 2020-06-30 0203476963884
Don't no who it is Scam suspicion
Olivia 2020-06-30 07944862710883
I too have had numerous messages from this number - they say they are Becky Stevens. Literally no idea who they are and then they say they want to meet up... blocking them. Other
Adam Bens 2020-06-30 01616960137153
Some feminine guy called tom who gets bossed around by his mrs utter cockwomble and would rather spend my time watching a bloke go through my wife Telemarketer
Unknown 2020-06-30 032-614-59202017
Don't know who's number suspect scam number Unknow
anonymous 2020-06-30 028-875-34805040
yes just now and as i answer it suddenly end call. Unknow
Chris Bromwell 2020-06-29 03330148000106
It says its Mark's and spencer calling about my recent order 306-0014216-3617352,I've looked on website for this number,no such order number Other
Possible scam 2020-06-29 020807755643350
Didn’t even ring, but showed up as missed call Unknow
RLawrence 2020-06-29 019259399761523
Numbe relates to Domestic and General Insurance, automated feedback call after registering new domestic appliance for extended guarantee. Other
Sandy McCann 2020-06-29 08000094818203
I hope nobody believes the posters - Anonymous or strange names - who say this genuine. Scam suspicion