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Doesn't give it 2020-08-28 01183374159447
Aggressive woman asking for details about me, when she's been told I are not the person they are speaking to. She continues to ask the operator who answered that they don't have that information. Other
scots 2020-08-28 08713210123264
This number keeps calling and does not stop i blocked it and still leaves voicemails but when you listen to the voicemails all u hear is a phone ringing in the background they do not give up really annoying do not answer to this number Unknow
Mea 2020-08-28 01424278103300
Called, played music, didn't speak, I hung up. Rang again I missed call. After reading reviews I will block. Unknow
M. M . K 2020-08-27 03450451309746
Virgin -(?) is what the person says : but not convincing - line kept cutting out same if I dialled back been getting lots of these pester calls since I gave notice on my number. Not sure how genuine or spam they may be. Other
Mrs Hodge 2020-08-26 07903594390342
This number keep calling me. Even I have blocked. Other
Rkizzle 2020-08-26 01234844999432
BT local business office Other
wissam 2020-08-25 05555555555212
we receive today a call.from this number 055 5555555 is it fake one or any further details related Other
Laurence Lameche (also known as Moore) 2020-08-25 07518572950135
it's my mobile number Scam suspicion
Alex 2020-08-25 01847196059222
Recorded message to state I had 2 unauthorised transactions on my Visa Card, one for £400 with Western Union and one for £700 - press 1 to accept, 2 to refute and 3 to listen to the message again - pressed 3 and heard an asian sounding voice saying "hello, hello" - hung up, I don't have a Visa card anyway. Scam suspicion
Emvh 2020-08-24 073789031301923
Says important coronavirus update in your area doesn’t look right has link to click I haven’t Other
Jan 2020-08-24 819582971194
Machine firing talk with no pause. Not sure what he was saying. After 10 sec of talking, he put down rhe phone. Scam suspicion
Nathan copley 2020-08-21 046-003-4866339
Builder who takes money but doesnt deliver service Scam suspicion
steve 2020-08-21 01956510630136
Automated message saying they are my internet service provider and will cut me off in 24-48 hours Scam suspicion
Unknown 2020-08-20 01623275018223
Answering Machine Saying They Would Call Me Back Job Offer Prank
Unknown 2020-08-20 01623275018223
Company said to be offering me a job Scam suspicion
Tony 2020-08-20 080091727791127
This is pay pal Debt collector
Millar 2020-08-20 01413679969492
Purports to be calling from UK energy-dont think its genuine Other
who else? 2020-08-19 033320295142377
British Gas Other
Philimon 2020-08-19 4420394499901095
I found a missed call can l get your ID Other
Ann cook 2020-08-19 01727823986221
This is an electrical component company I've no idea why they would be calling me I think they could be scammers don't answer your phone if they call I'm also ex directory I would love to know how they get my number Other
Tamara Sleem 2020-08-19 0971527549392388
this number called me and i tried to back but it showed that this number is not working. I guess it's unsafe as in Dubai you don't have 0971 code it's 00971 Scam suspicion
Paula 2020-08-17 075542711001151
Texted me asking for a restyle from long to short during lockdown & called herself Jodie. Seemed over friendly but as soon as she asked me to send my photo I felt it creepy, she texted me again towards the end of lockdown & I cancelled. Scam suspicion
Amy 2020-08-16 800-262-0000352
Getting calls every 10 minutes (ON A SUNDAY) with the caller ID saying "Saskatchwn Call" and a different number every single time. Message says my Apple ID is compromised and to call back 1800-262-0000. Happened last week, too. Getting very annoyed. Scam suspicion
Anthony 2020-08-16 07860039609305
Looks like a scam text Scam suspicion
409 eater 2020-08-15 03450719631675
Unsafe number. Scammers Scam suspicion
Dobby 2020-08-15 07598922328369
I'm taking the job in NY. Flying over with Simon tnite. Was hping - this weekend would be a chnce to make up for all the weirdness. But clrly the fact you brought J proves you can't handle intimacy. I'm sorry J has issues with drug addiction and being 80% gay. But this was not the weekend to address them. Unknow
John T. 2020-08-15 01253530342728
Bt messaging service - survey of satisfaction after dealing with Bulb utility Survey
Rahul B Naor 2020-08-15 052-754-93923353
The number in which i got call from shows 0971527549392. Since i am in Dubai i thought its a local call. But local call wont show 0971. Also the code should be 00971. Hence i feel that this is an internet call and can be spam. What do you think Scam suspicion
Christine 2020-08-14 07495504597390
Thankfully was on another call so didn't pick it up. Scam suspicion
CDB 2020-08-14 084438200001098
Legitimate number from Lloyds. Was having system problems with Lloydslink banking system - this was the incoming number from the helpdesk. Other