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Mindiy 2019-12-18 0124328001842
Having received a call on my Samsung which flagged the caller as 'potential scam' I did not answer and instead searched on the telephone number, I've found many reports indicating that this number is for Checkatrade and also a number of other companies so I'm glad I did not answer! I'm also on the TPS so they should not have cold called anyway!
Gigigi 2019-12-18 03002003884130
i did make a complaint but called HMRC they said no this is not them - they had no record of calling me
LLLI 2019-12-18 093-816-676251
Ktc bank sell insurance
SVS 2019-12-18 03002003884130
i did make a complaint but called HMRC they said no this is not them do not give them info
caroluk 2019-12-18 03002003884130
i called HMRC they confirmed its not them its a scam!!
jpound 2019-12-18 0111186774055
Called once. Answered by answerphone. No message left!
audrie 2019-12-18 07828525529128
Had a call from this number, when I answered I got a steady tone, before a ring tone, then an recorded message asking a outline insurance,
Mahajan 2019-12-18 01382250760349
Picked up phone and no one there!
elche 2019-12-18 0845602306921
My uncle has 6 calls charged to this number. He’s 84 and definately not making these calls as his hearing is bad and not at 2 am.
NickH 2019-12-18 036-254-599679
nmbr ni baru call..ckp i x byr postpaid celcom..bila msa i pkai postpaid..ngong..
smhostvet 2019-12-18 034560905431117
This number called me pretending to have sent a student round and asking to confirm the chosen details, I’m x directory and told him so he wasn’t sure of my name or was pretending as he said part of my name, I knew it was a fake call but luckily I trust nobody. He put the phone down when confronted about the visit.
Jooooo 2019-12-18 015214785914107
Amazon Prime scam
Gumaro 2019-12-18 02035805402244
This number rings frequently , recently at least once a day . I never answer it .
somchick 2019-12-18 015214785914107
No message. Number unobtainable on call back. No other info
KCP 2019-12-18 08443511090277
Call from "Hm revenue and custom" saying that I needed to call this number pure scam avoid!
MarcW 2019-12-18 01664322212398
A call supposedly from BT saying I had an internet security problem. Didn't believe him and hung up.
hmmmhm 2019-12-18 0061269854125134
I've had several calls from this number purporting to be BT saying I have an internet security problem. When I put the phone down he calls me back and is abusive. I've had 4 calls so far starting yesterday. He has also called on 01664 3222123
IVB 2019-12-18 01202 85
01202925607--Very irritating,at least 3 times a day.I never answer.
Michael 2019-12-17 03332200232468
1471 revealed that it was this number that called just after 6pm on 17.12.19. A woman with a Lancashire accent asked for me by name and then said that she was calling "on behalf of my Energy Supplier, N Power". I responded that NPower had not been my energy supplier for many years so she changed tune to say that she was ringing to get me a better deal. She continued with her script as I politely thanked her and put the phone down.I believe their storage of my name and linking it to NPower is contrary to Data Protection regulations. Scam suspicion
lisa 2019-12-17 02039723704170
very horrible people rang to say I had problem with my computer when I told him I knew it was a scam he got really abusive I told him I was on the phone to the police and he hung up he rang back so I gave him abuse back and hung up Scam suspicion
JOHN 2019-12-17 0208144888824
Lll 2019-12-17 077113372954388
This individual will tell everyone your business,then uses the race card when it all goes wrong for him,avoid Other
123 2019-12-17 07520636483263
He is original con man. Don't believe him Scam suspicion
Russ 2019-12-17 08082802070513
Two missed calls yesterday - don't recognise number, so didn't answer. Not expecting any calls from Santander or Amazon as no accounts with either. Unknow
Lilith 2019-12-17 019832665146
Multiple texts from multiple people I don't know with invites to what I can only suspect of being phishing scams. Just deleted a heap of them from my phone without opening a single one. Although oddly, they all had different women's names on them. Don't care what they're offering, just wish they'd bugger off. Scam suspicion
Nunya 2019-12-16 07984356561556
HI Sergio You previously applied for Unlimited Mins Unlimited text and 60GB Data at ONLY £10.97. If u are still interested Reply YES to apply FAKE Scam suspicion
Lll 2019-12-16 077113372954388
Think on your sins Other
Aaa 2019-12-15 077113372954388
Avoid this family at all costs....... Other
alfredo caccam 2019-12-15 028-875-34801595
This number called me 3x. Other
detach 2019-12-15 888-811-2323452
calls and May I speak to ……. then no more talk. silence. he calls many times. Other