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Julie K 2020-02-18 02078165445426
This number has called me on my mobile twice this morning so far whilst I have been on a conference call. Scam suspicion
AfiqRosli 2020-02-18 479-991-0901824
It sent an SMS to me, saying that "I am among the three lucky winners whom have won iphone 11. At first it seemed so real. But, after checking here, I found that others have received it too... Yeah.. "three lucky winners.." that's so true.... If it's too good to be true, most probably it isn't. Scam suspicion
Farah 2020-02-18 479-991-0901824
This number contact me and inform that i have received Iphone 11. And it urgently want me to give my personal information to ship the phone. Scam suspicion
Jenny 2020-02-17 033344396561736
Scammers. Call my private unlisted number daily. Try to catch you by pretending to be a friend "Yeh I'm just calling for Paul". Blocked immediately but call log shows they are calling several times a day. Male with Australian or NZ accent. Telemarketer
Tabbycat 2020-02-17 0092331130895646
This number called my O2 mobile. Did not have the common courtesy to leave a message - how dam rude! Scam suspicion
Annymous 2020-02-16 08000466134128
Scam number pretending to be Natwest mastercard fraud Scam suspicion
Eric 2020-02-16 020332223051678
Claiming to deliver my passport. I was not due to renew my passport so asked to return it. Other
seniahs 2020-02-16 0127345845863
Texts received for car parking for a vehicle that does not belong to us Call a number to extend - its a Brighton number Seems like a scam to get you to call the number at high rate? If this was a proper parking service and they allow users to register un verified mobile numbers then they are pretty shoddy in this day and age Scam suspicion
Aya Abalos 2020-02-16 028-875-34802751
this no 0288753480 is always calling me Unknow
Bettyboop 2020-02-15 0778620970556
I dont have talktalk landline or anything else and do not give this number to ANYONE as I use it to donate its a SCAM Scam suspicion
Dragonfly63 2020-02-15 03333447858326
Someone with a heavy foreign accent started talking about iPhones for £40 a month??? I hung up. Telemarketer
justme 2020-02-15 01202026667661
This is Marshall's the Nissan dealer ...... genuine number Other
Dave 2020-02-15 03452962834268
Populus Data Solutions Limited Apparently trying to collect market research data using random dialling Other
Ciera 2020-02-14 02080875525386
Claiming i have signed my name up for educational course. No I haven't. Very rude when I called him out on scam. Told him I would report the number. Said I can do whatever the hell I like. I'll not repeat what I said to him and then I hung up. Scam suspicion
Fiona 2020-02-14 040-175-3327194
Psycho. Sends disturbing and suggestive texts to many people. This is harassment. He is with optus so just call optus and report him there so they know and will cancel his number. Also it is okay to contact police as harassment is illegal in Australia. They will look into it. Scam suspicion
Warning 2020-02-14 00447774218991325
SCAM alert. This phone number IS associated with a letter (yes, snail mail) letter protruding to an inheritance. Needless to say, caution. Scam suspicion
Race enthusiast 2020-02-14 0739937562085
responded to my wanted add very convincing although suspicious. Now reported to police, site owner and bank. Will continue to track my money down until its returned. Other
aishah samad 2020-02-14 037-959-1888207
scammer.. Other
dar 2020-02-13 01472246795106
Repeat fish orders Other
Amanda 2020-02-13 0798290037677
Silent call. Prank
Tony smith 2020-02-13 08008838879127
It'll be piano finance, I've just signed up for a heating loan Survey
DeeM 2020-02-13 01253308000142
It's a private hospital number. Other
Peter 2020-02-11 001777940000192
Share buyback scam - they gave up when they realised that I knew what they were trying to do. Scam suspicion
Trust Deed Scotland 2020-02-11 0141221099996
Trust Deed Scotland on these numbers: 07537156292 01412210999 07418342619 01413005656 01414566825 Other
JRM 2020-02-10 03300183832317
Is this really RAC? Scam suspicion
Ed O'G 2020-02-10 033344396561736
Called 3 times from this number - didn't recognise so didn't answer - read the comments here so have now blocked it. Unknow
Jon 2020-02-10 03300271433463
Scam scam scam. Scam suspicion
Andy 2020-02-10 07957443211121
Silent call ... hang off once I replied Unknow
Isabel Nogueira 2020-02-10 +447520660715386
Silent call. Unknow
someone 2020-02-10 07860028482754
It is saying it is from Lloyds Bank has noticed your Lloyds Debit card ending.... was used on ... a JIGSAW INS for £29.00. This payment has not been debited from your account. Please confirm if this transaction was made by you by replying Yes o No. Replying Yes will NOT cause the payment to lave your account. Scam suspicion