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cherry 2020-07-21 028-875-34805613
it did call, wasn't able to answer...just wondering who this might be Unknow
Kumar 2020-07-21 032-387-4000337
Why do I get a call from this number all the time. Sounds like scam. I never answered Scam suspicion
MOI 2020-07-20 073789031301923
Received a text regarding an important coronavirus update in your area and a google link - DO NOT HIT THE LINK Scam suspicion
Kenny 2020-07-19 01266605556196
Fraudsters Scam suspicion
Brown 2020-07-19 447537400713283
Fake text ref contact lens order Scam suspicion
Salma Amjid 2020-07-18 00130720040801161
I have received number I am from social work ladie I don't know really Other
Joe a 2020-07-18 08000014001582
All fine is genuinely from rbs, rang the number on the back of my card and they confirmed 0800 001 4001 is their number. Other
April 2020-07-18 028-875-34805613
This a call from this number, didn't bother to pickup. Why it happened? Called me for 4 times. Unknow
Rick Torres 2020-07-18 913-568-3106166
Constantly calling. I accidentally answered but no response from the caller. I hang up immediately Other
Esmerelda 2020-07-17 918-228-0116228
Caller left voice message, "hey, (my name)". Probably thinking I'd call back or something. My guess is this is a telemarketer or some other kind of scam. Fekerz!!! Scam suspicion
gaz 2020-07-17 17766633479434504
this long number is popping up on my daughters phone and mine Scam suspicion
Chris 2020-07-17 0031524820395444
Haulage Company organising delivery of my log cabin from Tuin. Safe. Other
zenelaj 2020-07-17 01458281
A chinese voice, someone saying from my internet provider. i said who did you say you are from bt ? again she said your internet provider, i said yes do you mean bt? then the phone went dead Scam suspicion
Park 2020-07-16 020807755643714
An Indian woman called me at half 1 in the afternoon, stating they are from Carphone Warehouse but the call then disconnected. Scam suspicion
Elly 2020-07-16 032-614-59202359
Don't know who, but call many time. Unknow
jason J 2020-07-16 032-614-59202359
sound like scam Other
Some Canadian Guy 2020-07-16 844-277-6920570
Hello. This number has called several times leaving a message saying that I needed to press #1 before I was arrested or something..... Scam suspicion
vicky 2020-07-15 01702440227271
enterprise car Other
Niyi 2020-07-15 500171281
Text me saying she wants to be a friend that her name is Maya Other
Niyi 2020-07-15 500171281
The number text me a message saying it's Maya and she wants to be a friend Other
Rosen 2020-07-15 020807755643714
They pretended to be Carphone Warehouse offering a deal and called multiple times. I told them that I am not interested. You should be very wary of providing them any personal details. Scam suspicion
Southeastern Health Trust 2020-07-15 02892633500854
Southeastern Health Trust appointments line. It's a safe number 02892633500 Other
Mand 2020-07-15 07790926151320
Delivery time confirmation from B&Q Other
J Met 2020-07-15 020332223053944
Amazon delivery man and sent he missed me and package I had ordered was left at my front door. A photo confirming was also received through Amazon website my notifications of the package at my front door. Other
Catherine ong 2020-07-15 032-614-59202359
I received this call so many time , difference days Other
ann 2020-07-15 028-875-34805613
Received phone call from this number but didn't answer. Can't seem to find this number for any registered company. Potential scam. Unknow
linda bilow 2020-07-14 888-811-23234395
calls numerous times last tume was yesterday, I didnt answer Shows up as TELUS INTERNET. I dont deal with Telus never have never will. Blocking the number Unknow
Sarah thomas 2020-07-14 01792940120655
Has Rang land-line and mobile when answered recorded message says its a research centre does not have operate available Unknow
J T 2020-07-14 020872779503416
When calling back - the number doesn't exist - do not answer Scam suspicion
Maureen 2020-07-14 014822469471356
This caller rang a number of times about our current BT package and to be honest I was nearly taken. He sounded very plausible and was very friendly. I asked him to call back because I wanted to check out what I was currently paying. He rang again but I was busy and not able to talk to him. I was slightly suspicious that he didn’t know when my contract expired and I decided to check the telephone number. I am an intelligent person and I often wondered why people got scammed. I now know that you have to be extremely vigilant to avoid being scammed as it can happen to anyone Scam suspicion