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alex 2020-06-25 00014029357733157
fake paypal call don't answer!!! Other
annoyinshelter 2020-06-25 855-810-2015194
multiple calls, very annoying Other
Water 2020-06-25 078600221481269
Text message We are working round the clock right now due to the hot weather and we pumped an extra two million bathtubs of water yesterday into our network to avoid those in the Ashford area experiencing low pressure. It is due to rain tomorrow so put your feet up today and leave nature to water the garden. Thank you for saving water and helping us meet demand in these unprecedented times. Other
X1X 2020-06-25 0345070011680
Automated voicemail from 'Cabot Financial'. Has called every day this week. I don't owe money to anyone. Scam suspicion
Ignore !! 2020-06-25 01212011786115
Left a message regarding financial matters for my Business !! What financial matters ?? If We did have problems first thing we will be going to will be our accountant Ignore !! Don’t call back. Other
Lisa Crivello 2020-06-25 01216291271638
This is Birmingham Hospital Staff Fund - they are a legit company, not spam. They provide health cash back plans for employers and members of the public. Other
Diane tate 2020-06-24 020342437991897
Keeps ringing me not sure who it is I answered once And they rung up !!!’n Other
Fred 2020-06-24 08007838422526
A lady asked me birthday and post code, then said call back, I worry she is cheat. Scam suspicion
Shie 2020-06-24 028-875-34805040
Also called me. pfft. might be a scammer. Scam suspicion
Shie 2020-06-24 028-875-34805040
Also called me. pfft. might be a scammer. Scam suspicion
FausolL 2020-06-24 0013156661302236
Llamó de madeugada y dejó la llamada sin sonido alguno Other
Sam 2020-06-24 236-873-5465782
Received a text from this no that Centrelink will call me from a private no. Totally scam. Morons don’t know that people have woken up to these rediculus stuff. Other
Rosa Pulu 2020-06-23 +442030510985290
This phone number been calling my niece in Guatemala to get some money scam I wish they can get this kind ripoff people straight to jail. Other
Jord 2020-06-23 02895810626684
I received a call today, couldn’t make it out properly Scam suspicion
Sudlea 2020-06-23 01253531213262
Scammers Other
Sarah 2020-06-23 08000121077375
Genuine virgin money call, rang number on back of card who confirmed is team dealing with coronavirus payment holidays, not listed on virgin website as a contact as they are outbound calling team only. Other
SDM 2020-06-23 02081940804608
Compensation for car accident. Haven't yet worked out if one company using 6 numbers or 6 different companies all trying. Won't take no for an answer. Scam suspicion
Unknown 2020-06-23 08122013883157
Annoying Other
Luke 2020-06-23 01614648414126
"Compare the Umbrella" avoid at all costs. These guys are horrendously annoying, they wont stop calling you. leaving you voice mails. texts. I've had 14 voicemails - 22 calls and 11 texts in the space of a week n half. Other
Giovanni 2020-06-23 07482651813200
Me acaba de llamar por asuntos de inversión. No quise hablar con ella, una tal Virginia, y dice que me llama más tarde. Telemarketer
Tanvir 2020-06-23 01277355668818
Dirty boy Kamran Qayyum Leicester Peedo. Scam suspicion
Jon 2020-06-22 07537416495492
Scammer claiming to be fedex, to obtain your data Other
Harriet 2020-06-22 07365478954784
Silent call. Unknow
Debt team 2020-06-22 07520645504108
Kept ringing me asking if I had debts when I repeatedly told them no it’s a scam don’t answer Other
Marie Jones 2020-06-22 03450504585878
This number called me yesterday and I genuinely thought it was a Barclays Bank colleague advising me of fraudulent activity on my account. They knew all my account numbers and personal details, I even asked them to verify my mothers maiden name! I am extremely upset how I was sucked in. To cut a very long story short, please DO NOT engage in a conversation hang up and call Barclays Bank on the number that is on the back of your debit/credit card. Our savings account was wiped of all our savings! I wish I had have been more savvy and realised the person I was speaking to was a FRAUD. Luckily he showed his true colours when in questioned him because my husband got involved ..... The abuse I got and the names he called me were disgusting, so I hung up and called Barclays straight away... hopefully we will get the matter sorted soon... Please please learn from me, I would hate anyone to go through what I did yesterday. Other
Dominique 2020-06-22 09050040315865
Coward and Pervert of Leicester Kamran Qayyum. This thief is frauding and lying to steal your private banking details, using a fake company to call you and gather your details. Pervert Kamran Qayyum is a known pusssy from Leicester. Scam suspicion
Myrna 2020-06-22 028-875-34805040
Received a misses call from this number yesterday.... Frank call I guess or some scammer ...... Other
.... 2020-06-21 448082802784375
Called me twice Saturday after 10pm and Sunday before 11 am.. Looked suspicious because companies/telemarketers dont call during these hours Unknow
Eden Basmayor 2020-06-21 02039232158596
Call me twice,dont know whos calling Unknow
Soumaia 2020-06-20 01277355668818
Leicester Pervert Kamran Qayyum who called me with an obvious scam. By then I had given him my full name and postcode without realising. After I confronted his scam, he asked me to go out on a date with him so he can show me 'The Paaki Touch'. What a disgusting Pervert from Leicester Kamran Qayyum is. Scam suspicion