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Thorbjørn Løkslid 2020-11-11 46769446575447
11.11.2020 Received SMS with text "Your Grindr verification code is: 329495" Do not know anithing about this Scam suspicion
Sarah 2020-11-10 075234921041013
Definite cat fish sending overly flirty and complimentary messages from the start and I've checked all of the information from the below sources and they're right. He's using a fake name and is using images that aren't his. Scam suspicion
Lex - from the Netherlands 2020-11-10 02037286119310
asked if I was looking for a new job opportunity, found me via Linked in, but how the hell did he get my phone number, is not on linked in. Scam suspicion
Dee 2020-11-10 08000468386324
Dee 2020-11-10 08000468386324
I have checked this with NatWest. It is NOT their Fraud Prevention team SO BEWARE! Scam suspicion
Dee 2020-11-10 08000468386324
This number purports to be from NatWest fraud team. Uses full name. Persistent calls. Is this phishing? Scam suspicion
Date 2020-11-10 075234921041013
Catfish Scam suspicion
BB 2020-11-09 020808947032336
called me today, when i answered , they listened and hung up......... probably scam Other
h2onorth 2020-11-08 01916075899376
called me on my mobile today but luckily I did not respond Telemarketer
(don't wish to disclose) 2020-11-08 07537400417287
Got a call from this number. Don't know who it is so did not pick it up. Unknow
Dan 2020-11-08 073789031311780
LIKELY SPAM OR DANGEROUS - Text received 'Have you seen this' + link. Did not click, just blocked. Scam suspicion
Scam suspicious 2020-11-07 02070979240334
This number called me and said they are Maxen power and want to offer swap my energy supplier. I was telling over 10 minutes that im not interested, but the guy wanted to convince me very annoying. Im not sure is it a scam, but no other energy supplier calling annoyingly Scam suspicion
Caroline 2020-11-04 02033183738506
Scam call saying money owed to hmrc. Threatening Scam suspicion
Psg 2020-11-03 014556390901160
Scam caller Scam suspicion
Barry Winter 2020-11-03 015132928093832
I have been called by this number every day for the past 10 days sometimes twice a day can I report this to Scam suspicion
Hogwarts 2020-11-03 819582971584
talk so fast and hang up right after Scam suspicion
Bibi 2020-11-02 075234921041013
Please girls be carful for this man and this number!!! He is an catfish 1st class. He’s using the name Nikolai Zivan Crnojevic an is using pictures of model - called Marco Djelevic Virriat. He’s saying he’s Croatian but brought up in Wales, went alone to Londen when he was 17 years old for modeling. He will send you any pictures you want to confirm his fake identity, but when you ask to FaceTime he will come up with an excuse. I was suspicious, so I did some research and once I wanted to confront him he blocked me! He even invited me to London and he wanted to come and visit me in Europe after the lockdown in London December 2nd. Thank God I didn’t agree!! Other
Caroline 2020-11-02 034505045851339
It is scammers spoofing Barclays. Do not answer, call back or respond in any way! Scam suspicion
usb 2020-11-02 080008575951339
Calls me every day for past 2 weeks Leaves no details just contact number Scam suspicion
Anon 2020-11-01 075170824931522
Randomly messaged me saying it was an accident was messaging there friend and her name was Rosie from north east. And sent me a photo. She was going out for a run, and then later said she’d had a run and shower. Then I got this Shit I meant send pic of my bikini to my friend but sent to my uncle eeek xx so I’ve now blocked. Profile is a picture of boats. Other
Val 2020-11-01 073789031311780
Received a text saying “have you seen this #link#” Do not open, scam suspicion Scam suspicion
মাবরু 2020-11-01 01312710311181
আমার সাতে খারাপ করা বলেছে আমাকে মেরেফেলার হুমকি দিয়েছে Other
Anon 2020-10-31 02080810551780
Silent and then cleared Scam suspicion
Mari 2020-10-30 02080890861360
Me llego un email sobre una subcipcion a hatchotshop. Com. La cual yo no realize ningun contrato porque me parecia fraudulenta y aparece este numero telefono y me cobraron 55 euro Scam suspicion
Anonymous 2020-10-30 02030408307428
Call from Chesterton's about a property I had enquired about earlier that day Other
MBNA 2020-10-30 03330459531814
Seems official with female educated automatic voice. Phone enquiries re bank account enquiries are suspicious. Other
Paz 2020-10-29 01321609
silent line Scam suspicion
CKGL 2020-10-29 819582971584
I faced the same situation, he spoke so fast and when I said can you repeat he kept saying his English is not good. I asked is he Singaporean and can he speak Chinese, he said nevermind. Scam suspicion
Jamie 2020-10-28 084560211111286
I have received 3 such calls, 2 overnight. Intend to take my phone off the hook, overnight. Other
Inga 2020-10-28 01332899317276
This morning received a call from this number saying that my HMRC account is used by scammers Other