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Jackie glass 2019-12-03 07520631699216
I get this number every 2 days I am feid up with this number I don't answer numbers I don't now 07520631699 Unknow
R Apps 2019-12-02 01174090627201
Sean, some nonsense scam. Has made several ring offs in recent days. I asked for my number to be removed from their records. Scam suspicion
Bh123 2019-11-29 07783283369276
Scammers, wanted to buy a switch from her. Things began to smell fishy when she kept messaging me whilst at work. Gumtree then emailed me warning of her item being a scam/illegitamate so i decided not to buy. Now she is threatening me and my family. Police are involved Scam suspicion
Aiman 2019-11-26 016-372-3533166
Assalam..Semalam no ne kol cakap ada hutang tertunggak singer yang perlu dbayar sebelum 12 tengahari ni kalau tidak tindakan mahkamah akan di ambil sedangkan saya tidak ada loan singer tertunggak Unknow
Betty 2019-11-26 617-202-2356113
This number text me saying my order what ready at Turkey Leg Hut. There are none in my state. Scam suspicion
safe 2019-11-26 03301002148514
petplan safe Other
Peter 2019-11-26 01174090627201
James just called me to introduce 'PC Shutdown', which will 'shut down the solar panels in an emergency and also save money by re-wiring them separately to make them more efficient' (which simply means that if one has a fault it won't affect the others). I listened to him for a while (stops him calling someone else!) and asked the company name. 'Nextgen'. Couldn't find that on Google so asked for his contact details, to which he said 'hasn't it come up on your phone?' I told him I'd get it from 1471 later to report the call and asked again, when he offered me details of 'some of the companies we work with'. I asked him yet again and told him that he had a legal obligation to give them - he hung up (as they usually do at that point)! Scam suspicion
Rena thoms 2019-11-25 447458333222243
It started this evening,my phone is constantly getting calls from this number ,I blocked it but now it's saying unknown,I checked and it sAys out going call ..🤷 Scam suspicion
Katie forsyth 2019-11-23 02825022901274
Had numerous calls, the woman was saying she's from 02 phone company. Saying that l can have a brand new phone, £20 a month. No phone but mo ey going out my account.. Scam Scam suspicion
loo 2019-11-23 0179260622898
why calling me? is the university selling ex student data to third party???? Other
Mstead 2019-11-23 01228596174118
Scam call pretending to be from BT. Scam suspicion
lawrence 2019-11-22 360-601-2231112
Scam - protect your id Other
Steve 2019-11-22 01174090627201
Nuisance solar scammer call. lies about regulations, warranty and "free" system check Scam suspicion
Alice 2019-11-22 01513293167125
Called out of the blue, using my online alias name so I knew they weren't legit. Mumbled the name of the company so fast I couldn't catch it but asking about a property I used to live in two years ago and something about a grant, when I said I didn't live there any more they hung up! Scam suspicion
sergio 2019-11-21 07984356561556
The message I received was: "You previously applied for Unlimited Mins Unlimited text and 60GB Data at ONLY 10.97 pounds. If u are still interested Reply YES to apply." Scam suspicion
Shan 2019-11-21 01189129131118
No voice just hangs up - also had the same number with a couple of extra zeros ring and the location showed as USA (this original one is Reading) Now blocked both Scam suspicion
Muphina 2019-11-20 028-005-1041137
I got this caller too. Said his name was David Wilson and his telstra / NBN ID pass number was TEL4100**D*. Started to get elevated and agressive tone when I informed him I did not believe him and would go into the Telstra shop and talk to them. Other
JR 2019-11-19 01417397490446
No one answered when I picked up. Then they hung up. Scam suspicion
Jones 2019-11-18 07588872766166
Silent and now no number Unknow
Beachcomber 2019-11-18 02154785631234
Asian "gentleman" by the name of Robert, telling me that he s acting on behalf of my telephone service provider and that all scam calls will be blocked as from tomorrow. Hung up when I stated that I didn't understand. Other
dougfir 2019-11-18 01218598271169
They hung up as soon as I answered.
violetamvd 2019-11-18 02039051141124
Silent long pause then like answerphone automated sound said goodbye
momjam 2019-11-18 032-614-590079
it call me just now, i tough someone important, but then i google it, it was a scammer number.
Cadreamer 2019-11-18 048-882-2648146
This number is calling me in the evenings! I don't answer if I don't know who it is, but it is a nuisance thinking it might be important.
Tsisco 2019-11-18 61291601520146
“trading” company keeps using random numbers to call people who have registered for an account. Will keep using random numbers, locally and internationally to call you
gunnersmama 2019-11-18 028-968-8516113
I get this type of number all the tome .. starts with 028 .. the ending is always different
AngieDJ 2019-11-18 44786001507389
Me and my colleagues are being charged for sending sms on this number at least once a month. But none of us have an idea about it. Also there's no record in our sent messages about it. We only see it listed in the bill with charges.
dodgechrist 2019-11-18 202-455-888878
Hacker xin hay trãnh số này nếu không muốn bị thiệt hại về tài sản......
hmmmph 2019-11-18 028-875-34801595
a sdfasd gfasd gad gasdg asdg asd fasd fasd f
Lissete 2019-11-18 829-700-1039157
Whose number is this ?