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Muphina 2019-11-20 028-005-1041 108
I got this caller too. Said his name was David Wilson and his telstra / NBN ID pass number was TEL410056DQ. Started to get elevated and agressive tone when I informed him I did not believe him and would go into the Telstra shop and talk to them. Other
JR 2019-11-19 01417397490 139
No one answered when I picked up. Then they hung up. Scam suspicion
Jones 2019-11-18 07588872766 115
Silent and now no number Unknow
Beachcomber 2019-11-18 02154785631 154
Asian "gentleman" by the name of Robert, telling me that he s acting on behalf of my telephone service provider and that all scam calls will be blocked as from tomorrow. Hung up when I stated that I didn't understand. Other
dougfir 2019-11-18 01218598271 132
They hung up as soon as I answered.
violetamvd 2019-11-18 02039051141 71
Silent long pause then like answerphone automated sound said goodbye
momjam 2019-11-18 032-614-5900 54
it call me just now, i tough someone important, but then i google it, it was a scammer number.
Cadreamer 2019-11-18 048-882-2648 123
This number is calling me in the evenings! I don't answer if I don't know who it is, but it is a nuisance thinking it might be important.
Tsisco 2019-11-18 61291601520 127
“trading” company keeps using random numbers to call people who have registered for an account. Will keep using random numbers, locally and internationally to call you
gunnersmama 2019-11-18 028-968-8516 93
I get this type of number all the tome .. starts with 028 .. the ending is always different
Jacars 2019-11-18 028-875-3480 243
Ib icak. w k. win. i. w i wi. iw o s
AngieDJ 2019-11-18 447860015073 54
Me and my colleagues are being charged for sending sms on this number at least once a month. But none of us have an idea about it. Also there's no record in our sent messages about it. We only see it listed in the bill with charges.
dodgechrist 2019-11-18 202-455-8888 48
Hacker xin hay trãnh số này nếu không muốn bị thiệt hại về tài sản......
hmmmph 2019-11-18 028-875-3480 243
a sdfasd gfasd gad gasdg asdg asd fasd fasd f
Lissete 2019-11-18 829-700-1039 133
Whose number is this ?
Jasone 2019-11-18 829-700-1039 133
Whose number is this
OregonGal 2019-11-18 028-875-3480 243
This number was calling me many times. Its annoying.
Vailton 2019-11-18 039-021-0346 116
VinoMofo sales rep
Katnisspeeta 2019-11-18 073-144-6330 33
To many of these calls have had 11 different numbers in the last fortnight reported to dont call register takes amonth to take your number of the mailing list they got it from if this doesn't work will change mobile number
kiesling 2019-11-18 01924634019 144
PPI scam message asking for the "accident i was involved". Scam.
nilknarf 2019-11-18 6285592000448 93
spam disturbing don't know who ?is he or she
YOUcallmedme 2019-11-18 026-188-5658 53
Becoming harassing now. I do not answer and have now blocked. Persistent and am truly fed up.
AnnoyedinBoston 2019-11-18 018933002422 141
Banco bmg oferecendo financiamento
inspecter 2019-11-18 360-601-2231 41
Wow I just got the call from that number as well. 13606012231 She said “ hi this is Pam, oops, let me call you right back. And hung up. It rang again I told here there was no one here by the name she said and hung up.
Renetta 2019-11-18 414-978-9557 109
Fake Radio station number. Scams people with Fake offers
SLady 2019-11-18 414-875-3742 88
Calling about a fake charity. A total scam
Ilexh 2019-11-17 877-710-1116 32
Says something about a pre recorded message for an inmate. I have it blocked but I still get voicemails
cbradford 2019-11-17 447931110266 78
Pestering phone calls and text
dosobilera 2019-11-17 08008838918 7
This is a dangerous scammer, beware, unfortunately I was caught. Sent me a SSE text to pay my bill- everything looks authentic, but its a hoax.
DDH 2019-11-17 540-287-1995 42
phone call spamming