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Bamatide 2019-07-17 01772280024 103
ECNY 2019-07-17 01202326589 80
Jusr don't answer ny number not in your contacts.
LSCM 2019-07-17 001564826779 74
Same as everyone else - claiming to be Visa re £600 through my Visa account - did I authorise it? Blocked the number.
lilzinni 2019-07-17 01925741865 44
jiga 2019-07-17 02039363588 111
Lottery scam
Fear 2019-07-17 01158390262 86
Indian guy from the generically named Energy Council in regards to "the over charging issue".
Rasila 2019-07-17 01617897259 57
They called regularly and said I had a loan outstanding when I informed them I owed nothing they put the phone down
wvpctech 2019-07-17 07946752879 32
they called me on mobile and landline at same time. I don't know this number. I suspect it is harrassment
Spearscence 2019-07-17 03300102317 47
Text claiming to be from NatWest
MamaCots 2019-07-17 01750310074 45
This number has rung my husband's mobile several times, and when picked up after a couple of rings the line goes dead. Very few people know the number. Weird!
Jakkie 2019-07-17 01246020933 125
Missed call, number not recognised an no message left.
ksue 2019-07-17 01143034865 130
Claimed to be from a company called 'Quote for Life' (or maybe Quote 4 Life), asking me if I wanted to put my life insurance policy (which I don't have) in trust, then started asking for personal details. No sign of company website to verify who they are - assume they are scammers
gmailsdf 2019-07-17 00923014687198 63
Random person messaged me on whatsapp and pretending to be my cousin.
orlandogirl 2019-07-17 07747238664 19
Spam touting for business
KeriLyn 2019-07-17 01903905156 22
This is subcontractors to the nhs they get paid to do what your doctor should be doing Wrong , just wrong Plus it's cold calling which is supposed to be illegal ???
Stenny 2019-07-17 01772280024 103
Ellfin 2019-07-17 01202326589 80
Scam caller claimed to be from BT, said our computer had downloaded a virus. When we said we didnt have a computer or the internet he told us his records showed otherwise. He must secretly know I use the library computers but unsure how he thinks phoning me will get him anywhere. When i told him not to phone again or Id report for harrassment and that all my calls are recorded. He there becqme threatening and abusive saying he would come round and pay us a visit. Definately not to the standards of BT.
JLew 2019-07-17 01234781249 15
Payment on Visa card, if unauthorised press 1
Suzanne 2019-07-17 07786440538 59
Wanted to ask 3 household questions and it would only take up 1 minute of my time. Told them no they hung up.
calmarn 2019-07-17 001564826779 74
Same as the other reports at 10.19 today
LaCie 2019-07-17 01925741865 44
Insurance scam very rude. I have added to my blacklist.
Harresed 2019-07-17 01254452143 54
1012: Landline. Did not pick up. Left no message. Five 012 numbers called yesterday. Did not answer any of them.
zamantusi 2019-07-17 02039363588 111
Its a callcentre, I used to remove myself from their database that they have access to. Would recommend doing the same thing If I was you!
Sismama 2019-07-17 01616268245 114
Leilani 2019-07-17 01246020070 37
Missed call, number not recognised when dialled. Suspicious.
dessabelle 2019-07-17 01903905156 22
Sick to death of calls like this - must be about 6 I have received in last 2 days - now blocked
cyclist 2019-07-17 01772280024 103
if this is esure it is proper i insure my car with them
ieljdo 2019-07-17 01840212272 71
Picked up the call but no one answered and line went dead afters about 5 seconds
ButteB 2019-07-17 01202326589 80
Yup: BT scam - we don't even have a BT line!! Phoned 3 times today, several times in last few weeks.
VLesh 2019-07-17 01234781249 15
also using 001234781249 called 3 times today using both numbers, silence when answer machine cuts-in.Numbers now blocked.