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Tony 2022-09-26 020-457-9911 193
This number called me. As it is unknown to me I did not answer. They did not leave any message which I view as very unprofessional. Unknow
Doctors 2022-08-31 01782679285 391
Royal Stoke Hospital Imaging department Other
lol 2022-06-29 041-412-1001 637
blocks my calls and syncs my data lol no way get lost. cancel all diversion vodafone call 1213 and 1214 Other
ray 2022-06-25 08003896655 1355
had the letter saying owe money on credit card, i have an account so thought genuine.balance mentioned is correct tried pay £50 on details neentioned last week. had texts and calls on phone saying expect a call from us santander but never answer them. just had letter from santander saying cannot pay as account does not exist. maybe theyve blocked it or had it taken down. lucky for me. first time ive been caught out. Scam suspicion
Mike 2022-06-24 +447035973578 562
Er wollte meinen Anhänger ungesehen kaufen. Wollte meine Adresse und Telefonnummer und mir einen Bankscheck schicken obwohl ich eindeutig in der Anzeige geschrieben hab "Bar bei Abholung". Ich habe aus Spaß nach seiner Adresse gefragt für den Kaufvertrag: Allison Craig Hillcrest, Princes Tower Road, St. Retter, Jersey, JE2 7UD Vereinigtes Königreich +447035973578 Die gibt es natürlich nicht. Ich warte jetzt mal ab, finde das schon lustig. Mir war von Anfang an bei der ersten Mail schon klar das es Scam ist. Kennt man ja schon von diversen Berichten. Bin gespannt wann er aufgibt. :-D Scam suspicion
Kevin 2022-06-22 447782333123 1855
Never answer this number - nuisance spamalot. Other
Naw 2022-06-22 141-020-0500 829
UPS scam with link. Scam suspicion
Benny F. 2022-06-19 07927135561 198
Undelivered package scam with a dodgy URL.. Scam suspicion
M J 2022-06-18 07927135561 198
Claims to be about undelivered parcel Scam suspicion
Linda Ryan 2022-06-17 03453003898 457
I can confirm this No. 03453003898 is belonging to John Lewis Financial services. Scam suspicion
Peter 2022-06-10 +447426244252 927
beware this number is scam Other
Anonymous 2022-06-09 03458500633 310
HSBC mortgage team Scam suspicion
jule 2022-06-01 0038970121319 452
my fone call this number 10 times a day and i didnt know that Other
Myself 2022-05-30 912135900 611
Electricity supply rate scam. Scam suspicion
R Fearn 2022-05-20 08004790758 1029
This number has been a total nuisance, calling daily never anyone speaks, NEVER redial. This is a very useful site, thank you Scam suspicion
Richard 2022-05-13 07451282385 219
No answers seems to be spam Other
Moi 2022-05-07 03333381017 1392
Spamknobs. Never answer numbers that start 03 Scam suspicion
Andy 2022-05-05 01613941169 283
Answered call and nothing, rang back to listen to overseas ring tone so hung up, didnt realise Manchester had an international ringing tone when ringing it from Wigan Scam suspicion
Daniel siah 2022-05-03 07440 1400
Leave a comment about 07440: Scam suspicion
Sean 2022-04-19 03332074219 1271
Some indian guy clearly not from experian. Utter nonsense about account insurance. Scam suspicion
George 2022-04-14 07440 1400
I received a text stating "The purchased item has been shipped, please confirm". There was also a link to confirm which of course I did not click on. Scam suspicion
Lena 2022-04-14 844-522-9355 351
Dead air Scam suspicion
Donn Jackson 2022-04-08 01925939976 2335
I had a call from this number after setting up insurance for domestic kitchen appliances. The Warrington number 01925939976 relates to Domestic and General Insurance, which automated feedback call after registering a new domestic appliance for an extended guarantee. I didn't answer as I was on another call when I called back they identified that it was to carry out a survey on my experience with them on an earlier call to them that day and that I didn't need to do anything this was an alternated call answering service. Survey
BC Resident 2022-04-06 888-811-2323 9476
Repeated, suspicious calls from this number. Blocked. Scam suspicion
Jay 2022-03-31 07786202241 459
Text claiming to be from British Gas; suspected scam. Blocked. Scam suspicion
kavana 2022-03-28 08081014437 429
Well, there's a shocker! I just rang Sky direct, and it was my account number as given, and they are refunding me the money. Apparently I was due to receive it but I had closed all my Bank details to them. Scam suspicion
jum 2022-03-27 03332029524 412
This number appeared on my threatening debt letter from Scottish Gas,i have no intention of paying it as i paid last week and will contact a gas office. Scam suspicion
Carole Bell 2022-03-15 03330004966 875
Unknown no calledme Other
mpo 2022-03-10 +442031291544 851
unknown Other
Nick 2022-02-25 03306781097 685
Rang landline, then immediately on my mobile. I didn't answer. Scam suspicion