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DNUYORICAN 2019-09-15 943-122-4365 98
I received a call from this number. No identification found
Katchem 2019-09-15 81619 84
feelgoodwizard premium rate scam
Jennene 2019-09-15 676-875-5314 60
I received a brief missed call from this number - didn’t answer it nor called back as i am assuming it’s scam
jisab 2019-09-15 243829246189 150
Information required on who this number is from
I.B 2019-09-15 07787119386 62
07787119386 used this on EBay to sell phone!! Not answering texts or call messages . Scam suspicion
flew 2019-09-15 202-455-8888 25
Please tell me anything wrong is happening I feel sacred ??
DuctScamBuster 2019-09-15 900080006205 54
Why would I have a text message regarding my VM password has change when I dont even have Verizon as my phone carrier. There has been confidential information exchanged on my phone so another words my phone is compromised and information is also being shared to a third party and I have no idea of whom it could be. What can I do to stop this illegal action. Who can I contact to pursue and have justice served. Please i would like feed back. I WANT TO SERVE JUSTICE TO WHOM EVER THIS PERSON/S BUSSINESS ETC I DONT CARE WHO IT IS SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE
redbed 2019-09-15 321-392-4724 75
asked me to confirm my personal info. another scammer, beware!
pgmurphy 2019-09-15 01733224330 141
I called this number to get in touch with Thomas Cook Airlines customer service about a reservation
kahuanwood 2019-09-15 01619427163 2
received a call from an unknown recruitment agency without even applying for a job!
JRRS 2019-09-15 02038375525 2
call back from Buy to Let after filling an enquiry about their services
imkeyfur 2019-09-15 02085940430 9
this number belongs to the company Armstrong York, environmental consultancy
Webpager 2019-09-15 039-465-7766 74
got a call from Harcourts Thomastown real estate about selling my property
FauziaMRose 2019-09-15 07508864878 77
appointment reminder from NHS Hockley Dental Care
Annonymousb 2019-09-15 212-608-1520 43
this number belongs to Casey Neistat
Louienyc 2019-09-15 01344481111 106
unsolicited call from real estate agent Sears Property. no thanks
ABBTECH 2019-09-15 028-199-2453 111
asked my personal details, wouldn't say from which company he was calling. sure scam
PoorButHappy 2019-09-15 615-864-9590 39
it's so irritating! getting so many calls from this number and it hangs up when I pick up
Magval 2019-09-15 01142537890 1
cold call from Health Insurance Group to know if I was interested in their offers. I was not
Shanoa 2019-09-15 01666841488 10
legitimate call from the maintenance company GWorks
kevinofdayton 2019-09-15 02079444300 6
this number comes from the UK department of Transport. legit number
mudpuppy 2019-09-15 03335565836 18
multiple calls from Lowell debt collector. stop harassing me!
lyd 2019-09-15 086-245-0526 26
another unwanted call from Open Colleges selling course. so annoying
noncentz 2019-09-15 031-302-8000 109
this number belongs to the company Mass Discounters- General dealers
MommaNixon 2019-09-15 029-262-2802 85
cold call from CCUSA promoting working holidays abroad
lyndajh 2019-09-15 02072915700 5
this number belongs to ForceSelect, recruitment agency specializing in jobs for veterans
scammersblow 2019-09-15 01858414650 6
Rundles bailiff company. Called me and spoke to me in a very inappropriate and aggressive tone. They told me that if I didn't pay the debt via card payment over the phone they would seek an arrest warrant whilst they took control of my goods. I was left in a state of anxiety and fear after the call. These people are disgusting and rude.
Jdsx 2019-09-15 035-945-0600 16
telemarketing call from Southern Peninsula Advertising for magazine subscription
SeanM 2019-09-15 01132238227 6
cold call received from a recruitment agency called Logical PS
Scranie 2019-09-15 07458012654 1
unsolicited call from company called Evolution Money. I asked them to not call again