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Care Worker Tax Rebate 2021-07-30 01162964334 42
Genuine caller Other
Roy Davies 2021-07-28 07378905498 1425
Claimed to be working for DPD. Sent a text informing me a parcel would be arriving between 11.30 - 12.30. Naturally parcel did not arrive. Reported as scam. Scam suspicion
Martin 2021-07-27 01159657444 103
Unknown number from the UK. Unknow
Kal 2021-07-24 02031298164 20
Scammer rings and just hangs up Scam suspicion
Kal 2021-07-24 08001218149 867
Scammer rang and hung up Scam suspicion
A Black 2021-06-19 02085193999 125
Phoned rang briefly then hung up Other
SCAM 2021-06-18 03457771632 131
Scam pretending to be Royal Mail! Scam suspicion
Colin Jones 2021-06-18 03457771632 131
caller said he was from Royal Mail and wanted me to pay online for a parcel waiting to be delivered. Scam.................... Other
warren Millington 2021-06-18 07443 548
07443 789164 and 07443 569134 continue to call me with phishing calls saying if i do not reply my broadband will be cut off Scam suspicion
Jay 2021-06-17 888-811-2323 4391
Thick accent talks very fast asks you questions regarding cable services if you are happy with current provider etc. Called me twice over period of 24 hours but seemed strange as I don't usually deal with Telus. Pushy. Scam suspicion
Irving J Forbush 2021-06-17 01527583069 383
Missed call, but simultaneous advertising text from Johnson's cars. Had my skoda serviced there and this is the second number I have blocked since. Telemarketer
Anon 2021-06-17 07345077924 332
U nknown caller, rang briefly , just 4 rings, then rang off before voicemail service activated. I ddnt call back. Unknow
Mark 2021-06-14 08001218149 867
0800 121 8149 called and then hangs up. The indication on other websites indicate it "may belong to legal and general2 which might be true because 2 days before I cancelled a direct debit to legal and general. I have blocked the number now so ill never know for sure Telemarketer
jon 2021-06-08 03301538535 1568
Calls from this number every day, but never anyone when I answer. Really annoying Unknow
Seb 2021-06-08 080-028-1801 2618
This is nationwide building society. Other
phil 2021-06-07 03451120123 1051
Actually the caller is energy provider Eon (or their engineers Morrisons), usually chasing up installation of smart meters. If you don't want a smart meter, simply don't answer. Event reminder
Kamran Qayyum N0nce 2021-06-05 09828792021 559
It's Leicester N0nce Kamran Qayyum chasing children in Spinney Hill Park with his N0b hanging out. Unknow
canuck 2021-06-02 800-463-3339 1603
Go Fedex pay duty and taxes Other
Don't answer 2021-05-26 888-811-2323 4391
Falconhoof 2021-05-25 09098790879 409
It's a bloke named Benny Harvey Other
Selina Poole 2021-05-25 866-433-7216 667
There is no bigger coward in all of Leicester than this dog Kamran Qayyum. Scam suspicion
John 2021-05-24 08009247365 1393
I was rang at 17.39 on Sunday 23/05/21 the call purporting to be from Barclays Fraud Department and they wanted to check that 2 Direct Debits and a £12k loan application were made by me. I challenged this and they said they would put me in touch with their fraud department. I challenged this as that is what they said they were at the start of the call . I said i was hanging up and would ring them back. I did but not on this number (it is a Barclays number but has been hacked) and using a different phone. Barclays eventually confirmed the call was a fraud and the questioning was all wrong Scam suspicion
Kamran Qayyum 2021-05-19 01277355668 1364
There has never been a bigger Bender than Kamran Qayyum in the History of Leicester. This Coward is responsible for organising Tranny Nights in Spinney Hill Park then sukking off the participants. Scam suspicion
Kim Mueller 2021-05-19 866-433-7216 667
Calls everyday. I have blocked the number but it still shows up as a missed call but blocked. Beyond annoying. Wish they simply would stop. Literally told them I do not need their services as I run my own business and have all I need to take care of it. Scam suspicion
Sharon 2021-05-18 888-811-2323 4391
I answered. It was TELUS calling to say they see I have fiber optic for highspeed internet and such but have to change my landline to the same. I have made an appointment. I don't think this is a scam. They DID ask for my pin to verify. Telemarketer
Angela 2021-05-17 08456006156 1760
Raging. Charged £64 calling BT business to try and sort out a huge issue I have going on between them and Vodafone. At no point was I advised that I was going to get my eyeballs pulled out by calling this number. No landline or broadband since 6th April due to the incompetence of both BT & Vodafone. Not only an I footing the bill to the done if £200 and climbing for nothing I still have no freakin service and my business is losing out big time. Not only from the financial aspect but the fact that I am losing long term customers who will not be coming back. Thanks to BT & freakin Vodafone you’ve both well and truly stuffed me. Incompetent load of vultures. Other
Rach 2021-05-17 07473 655
SCAM - Fraudulent call from HMRC Scam suspicion
Serena Tsukino 2021-05-17 920-246-7394 450
This was the number given for Ted Anderson Attorney at Oshkosh by Chong Tracy Lor. She also gave the phony address of: 383 Central Avenue Oshkosh Wisconsin 54901 If you look up that address on Google Maps, you get an image of a trash can in an alley. In reality, Ted Anderson is one of Chong Tracy Lor's other personalities. This number used to be her home number, now it belongs to an innocent old lady who doesn't even know Chong or anyone named Ted. If you get any threatening messages from Tracy Millosovich/Tracy Howard/Chong Lor claiming this man is coming after you, call her bluff and call the police. She has warrants out for her arrest because she is a known scam artist. Google "Cutechong" for more. Scam suspicion
FSlater 2021-05-14 01604954976 2903
Annoying sales call - Even though we are on the TPS 'do not call' register... Telemarketer
Georgie 2021-05-13 07341 692
07341 256985 called me and is a nasty recorded message claiming to be a 'criminal investigation bureau' (or something similar?) and saying my national insurance number was about to be suspended due to criminal activity! I put the phone down at this point so did not hear the rest of the message. So fed up with these revolting scammers! Clearly targeting those who are vulnerable and may be scared and confused by such a message and respond to it. Scam suspicion