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Wsasd 2020-07-12 048314194 266
Keep calling Scam suspicion
John Conner 2020-07-10 08000803242 1272
They called me yesterday i did some digging i see the comments here and on other similar sites. Mostly saying its a scam caller so i thought id do some investigating. Im ex police so i played along today and its actually genuine. They are registered company with companies house and on hmrc's website too. They can be persistant and invasive but they are ligit. I didnt think banks still did this nowadays. Survey
D Shaw 2020-07-10 02070237956 1161
this is go daddy customer services Telemarketer
Hhhhhj 2020-07-10 080-040-0100 236
This number is it a scammers, I received call few days a ago he sayed that is it calling from Barklays annd made transfer my money.... 0800400100 was duplicated Other
Preeti 2020-07-10 01277355668 593
Noodle Arms Kamran Qayyum from Leicester called me and demanded the long number on my Credit Card to pay for a virus scan on my computer. It's a SCAM. Scam suspicion
Quick Quid 2020-07-09 07885215056 215
Quick Quid. American company. Other
Louise Rees 2020-07-09 07860022148 768
Text to say scheduling test at 10am did you get it? Scam suspicion
ajamshaz 2020-07-09 032-614-5920 1106
I think this number are scammer . Just call in a few seconds . Other
Clara 2020-07-09 03453511692 623
This is legitimate, it’s TSB calling to alert you to suspicious activity on your account. I was so worried after looking at this page I rang them back the next day (using the fraud team number on their webpage) to double check it was really the bank I’d spoken to. Websites like this are so useful but only if we combat the spread or misinformation. In this instance it’s really important that you DO answer the call/ring then back so they can get your card blocked. I don’t know I can demonstrate my non-scammer credentials but please take this call seriously and at least call TSB using a different number if you’re worried. Scam suspicion
Dorothy Daly 2020-07-08 07485787854 248
I had the number 07480046415 ring me today about PPI, said she was from the National Refund Dept, she got my date of birth, name she knew already. I asked her to send a cheque, her answer was that due to Corvid virus it wasn’t possible, it’s when she told me it would have to go into our bank account. I just told her I needed to ring to confirm who she was, she seemed ok with it, told me she would ring me back. I rang a number that dealt with scammers, she gave me the number for Lloyd’s Bank, as the Asian lady said where the PPI was coming from. Scam suspicion
Random guy 2020-07-08 410200502 179
Just text( this format) FRM:.... MSG:.... And a link DONT CLICK THAT BLOCK IT That’s all you can do unfortunately Scam suspicion
Heena 2020-07-08 02080775564 2868
Called me just before 6pm. An Indian man pretending to be from car phone warehouse and was offering me an amazing deal to get it and wanted all my personal details. Was too good to be true and I just knew it was a scam and called them out on it and they hung up! Do not give any details to them! Scam suspicion
Wammer 2020-07-08 07782000808 60
Got a SMS / text from UK-PayPal re unusual activity resulting in my account and services being restricted, with a link to a resolution centre. I have reported it to my provider as spam by forwarding it to 7726 (spells "spam" on your keypad). You can do this with any mobile provider. Scam suspicion
mercy 2020-07-08 07860028560 519
Send from Halifax but it was not Scam suspicion
BRM 2020-07-08 01793317571 242
Called every day this week. I’ve answered once and nobody there. Must be a spam caller Scam suspicion
Homecover Discount 2020-07-08 01242964113 70
Home insurance brokers who saved me money Other
Angie 2020-07-08 08000150050 800
Lloyds Bank (local branch) telling me someone had handed my bank card in to them . Genuine call - I had dropped my card outside my local shop. Other
Gary 2020-07-08 02033222305 2770
Amazon delivery driver Other
Trisha 2020-07-08 02039232158 432
Yes this nymber called me but i didnt answer Unknow
Jane 2020-07-07 800-711-9946 272
This is a 100% legitimate auto-generated security call from Royal Bank. The call sounded fishy and unprofessional with no caller-id. Instead, I called RBC's number on the back of the card and spoke with an agent that confirmed my credit card was compromised and they reissued a new card. The agent confirmed the auto-generated phone call is legitimate. It is not a scam. To further test, I called the number left on the voice mail and spoke with a different RBC security agent, and they confirmed a scam call would never name the bank and leaves a generic message, while the RBC call that I received did list the last 4 digits of my credit card, both names attached to the joint account and identified it was Royal Bank of Canada. Other
Oliver 2020-07-07 02080775564 2868
said they were carphone warehouse but the awful call connection and strong accent combined with the unsolicated nature makes it seem like a scam Scam suspicion
SP1 2020-07-07 01206805157 244
Telemarketing cold call pushing energy saving. Obnoxious caller who demanded to know why I didn't want to talk to him. Other
Yana 2020-07-07 0037167058047 586
Called me 2 times. Don’t know this number and didn’t answer the call Other
Just me 2020-07-07 07378903130 1216
Very dodgy looking coronavirus link in text message. Do not hit the link! Other
Partyboy 2020-07-06 26553284667 167
Confused say I owe money when I ring back it sounds like a recording about a footballer Debt collector
Anon 2020-07-06 07517082493 495
Messaged me pretending to be 17 and said my profile picture was good Started conversation saying he was going for a run but it is raining now. Blocked and reported Scam suspicion
Jonny T 2020-07-06 01212854827 309
This is EasyFundraising help and support no Other
Ma. Cristina M. Arenas 2020-07-06 02039232158 432
im reporting this number keep on calling me here Other
annonymous 2020-07-06 040-148-8830 300
Mathew Douras is scam artist - did not show up to court matters - we are hunting him for unpaid fines ( money owing ) this man is dangerous. heard he tried to stole a bike and sell in it on FB market place apparently foots cray police knows him very well. last jobs he did while tenants present- tenants reported over 3K worth items went missing form the house. Debt collector
amod 2020-07-04 014-208-5999 266
Call came on my international number . did not speak a work .. when i rang back in 20 mins said the office is closed Scam suspicion