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Possible scam 2020-06-29 02080775564 2868
Didn’t even ring, but showed up as missed call Unknow
RLawrence 2020-06-29 01925939976 1265
Numbe relates to Domestic and General Insurance, automated feedback call after registering new domestic appliance for extended guarantee. Other
Sandy McCann 2020-06-29 08000094818 125
I hope nobody believes the posters - Anonymous or strange names - who say this genuine. Scam suspicion
Trevor Gillings 2020-06-29 236-873-5465 523
Yep scam just got one then saying they are Centrelink and they will ring on a private number lmfao and to have all my details ready wtf you dumb shits Scam suspicion
Seb 2020-06-28 08082800901 384
Scam. Scam suspicion
Dr Gill Gregory 2020-06-28 08003281700 395
I was just called by this number. They phoned twice leaving a message to call 08003281700. I did not phone back as it seems to be bogus. Gill Gr4egory Scam suspicion
K m 2020-06-28 07492882034 343
He call Other
Chloe 2020-06-27 02895810626 486
Rang me at 4 in the morning, didn’t answer because I was asleep, so didn’t know who they were or what they wanted. Unknow
marcus southgate 2020-06-27 01202222999 298
Dorset police driver awareness scheme left a message advising they are offering an online version. Legit. Event reminder
Chloe 2020-06-27 02895810626 486
Rang me at 4 in the morning, didn’t answer because I was asleep, so didn’t know who they were or what they wanted. Unknow
Lindy 2020-06-27 01244432708 235
Jaguar Chester. Asking if I want to arrange a service for my car. Event reminder
Jyc 2020-06-27 028-875-3480 4105
Can this number be reported? Scam suspicion
Mohd Rosli Alias 2020-06-27 032-614-5920 1106
Receive this call twice Scam suspicion
Anjum 2020-06-27 02087804180 828
Anjum 2020-06-27 02087804180 828
‭+44 20 8780 4180‬ Threat Children And Very Abusive Other
Bloke 2020-06-26 01255755945 181
Claimed to be Vodafone. Scam suspicion
Eddy 2020-06-26 66998 46
Is this google number for verification code? lm not sure becos another number plus4799910901 sending me this google verification code...what should 1 do to sign in the account? Unknow
Aidin 2020-06-26 479-991-0901 1129
l have received google verification code through this number more than 4 times this no safe.. Unknow
Yong 2020-06-26 032-614-5920 1106
Received miss call from this number many times. Unknow
JaneJ 2020-06-26 02030569449 766
Called me, then rang off. Suspicious. Unknow
Neil Carnall 2020-06-26 03330164289 1087
Silent voicemail left Other
Kris 2020-06-25 114035366372 833
They were silent when I said hello several times. Finally they said something like "Hello, sir. How are you?", then went silent again. The didn't end so I hung up. Unknow
alexo 2020-06-25 00014029357733 76
llamada falsa de paypal Other
alex 2020-06-25 00014029357733 76
fake paypal call don't answer!!! Other
annoyinshelter 2020-06-25 855-810-2015 163
multiple calls, very annoying Other
Water 2020-06-25 07860022148 768
Text message We are working round the clock right now due to the hot weather and we pumped an extra two million bathtubs of water yesterday into our network to avoid those in the Ashford area experiencing low pressure. It is due to rain tomorrow so put your feet up today and leave nature to water the garden. Thank you for saving water and helping us meet demand in these unprecedented times. Other
X1X 2020-06-25 03450700116 46
Automated voicemail from 'Cabot Financial'. Has called every day this week. I don't owe money to anyone. Scam suspicion
Ignore !! 2020-06-25 01212011786 57
Left a message regarding financial matters for my Business !! What financial matters ?? If We did have problems first thing we will be going to will be our accountant Ignore !! Don’t call back. Other
Lisa Crivello 2020-06-25 01216291271 250
This is Birmingham Hospital Staff Fund - they are a legit company, not spam. They provide health cash back plans for employers and members of the public. Other
Diane tate 2020-06-24 02034243799 1521
Keeps ringing me not sure who it is I answered once And they rung up !!!’n Other