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.... 2020-06-21 448082802784 277
Called me twice Saturday after 10pm and Sunday before 11 am.. Looked suspicious because companies/telemarketers dont call during these hours Unknow
Eden Basmayor 2020-06-21 02039232158 432
Call me twice,dont know whos calling Unknow
Soumaia 2020-06-20 01277355668 593
Leicester Pervert Kamran Qayyum who called me with an obvious scam. By then I had given him my full name and postcode without realising. After I confronted his scam, he asked me to go out on a date with him so he can show me 'The Paaki Touch'. What a disgusting Pervert from Leicester Kamran Qayyum is. Scam suspicion
Steve 2020-06-19 08456006156 363
Just got a charge for £18.00 on this number, trying to sort out my BT business bill. What a RIP OFF do not call it Other
Dan 2020-06-19 03300888999 478
Tried offering an upgrade and better tarif on EE, but the bloke kept saying “init”. Very unprofessional and you can tell it’s scam straight away, wouldn’t even go through security questions to verify who he’s actually speaking too. Scam suspicion
Martin 2020-06-19 03331368920 120
O2 drive, car insurance Telemarketer
xxx 2020-06-18 02038652541 48
Indian recruitment agency Prank
Rince Penice 2020-06-18 02087277950 2505
British gas Debt collectors Debt collector
Stef 2020-06-18 014356702137 64
They calling serveral times a day - very annoying Other
Camelia Jones 2020-06-18 09050040315 499
Do not ring back these numbers they are charging high rate Scam suspicion
rebecca 2020-06-18 07944862710 568
Contacted about a hair appt saying its jo really weird asking if i have been baking i have blocked the number Other
DARRYL 2020-06-18 236-873-5465 523
Receive text message at 4.59 AM Claims to be Centrelink, will be calling today Need to have ID ready SCAM: No record of message in Centrelink inbox They would never do this. Any phone appointment/interview would need to be officially notified first by LETTER Scam suspicion
Jill 2020-06-17 07426894278 52
Fleeced me and didn't complete work. Promised to come back saying he never let's people down - but he did. Caused me no end of trouble, wish I'd never given him the job. Other
Stasys 2020-06-17 0013072004080 608
Was call from City Hospital. 0013072004080 Other
Nik 2020-06-17 07800002204 245
Had a text drom this number claiming a virgin media engineer will be round to fix the problem and to text back if problem is fixed. I am not with virgin. Other
Abbas 2020-06-17 043888518 135
Keeping looking for MD or Owner detail.. It's fraud i guess... Scam suspicion
Naina 2020-06-17 55690204605 258
Getting unwanted messages from this number Unknow
Chris 2020-06-16 03456002323 233
These are scammers pretending to be Barclays. They'll usually approach you saying there are some fraudulent activities on your account; lead you through some Basic security then attempt to get you to enter your details in your pin sentry. If you're unfortunate enough to hand them a code back they'll have all they need to scrape as much money from you including taking loans out in your name and filtering the cash to their accounts. Always be vigilant; no Barclays employee or other bank employee will ask you to use pin sentry over the phone. What made me suspicious on this occasion was the woman on the other end appeared to become a bit flustered/ aggressive when I was taking my time to think before I answered and this is a classic sign of scamming; no banking professional will get angry at you for taking your time; they are required to remain professional at all times as all calls are usually monitored for training purposes. Be careful; look for the signs; if you're unsure hang up and call your bank to verify (if you call your bank and not the other way around; you can always trust you will be connected to your bank and not scammers). Scam suspicion
Jason 2020-06-16 00447774218991 965
Yeah got the same letter.He is not very smart same inheritance value and death date as others on this page.what a f$&@wit. Scam suspicion
Enaj toribio 2020-06-16 028-875-3480 4105
This no. Called me today and when I called back they either it's ringing or bc Other
Selina Poole 2020-06-15 01277355668 593
Leicester Coward and Lying Dumfuuk Kamran Qayyum who scams Government benefits to feed himself and his family whilst stealing bank account details by blackmailing innocent victims by telephone. Kamran Qayyum and his Pussssy gang in Leicester are a menace to decent people. Kamran Qayyum Fraudster brings shame and embarrassment to his community. Noodle Arms Priickk. Scam suspicion
Igor 2020-06-15 060-003-6010 1068
Personal info scam Scam suspicion
Khadija 2020-06-15 01277355668 593
Leicester's favourite Wankar. Thief and Liar Beware of Kamran Qayyum Leicester TossPot. Scam suspicion
Khadija 2020-06-15 01277355668 593
Leicester's favourite Wankar. Thief and Liar Beware of Kamran Qsyyum Leicester TossPot. Scam suspicion
Masry 2020-06-15 052-754-9392 2027
I received a missed call at 9AM when called back at noon, this number was out of service. Help block spam callers! Other
Sarah 2020-06-15 03333381035 194
The exact same thing just happened to me. I'll be giving three a call myself too - I said that I had a meeting and if I could ring them back to confirm the details later. They didn't seem too pleased and then gave me this number to ring them on. I can't find this number anywhere on the 3 website. Scam suspicion
Andrea Duncan 2020-06-14 07843059100 97
Badly worded/grammatical errors text saying they're called 'Sam' and they're from a company looking for 'massures'. They probably got my number from the web as I am a professional massage therapist. I blocked immediately! Unknow
Jessica Bearley 2020-06-13 03333218817 147
Nhs 111 Other
Shafkat 2020-06-13 01914265602 294
It's the Pusssy of Leicester Kamran Qayyum Frauding Dirty Fookwit. Pusssy Kamran Qayyum is a well known pervert from Highfields Spinny Hill Evington area of Leicester. His time is coming soon. Benefit Scamming CNUT. Scam suspicion
Jessica 2020-06-12 877-204-6553 457
Called stating they were trying to settle a debt. I couldn't really understand him, strong middle eastern accent. I asked if I could just call the company specifically to settle the debt, he insisted to the point that it was almost rude, that I settle it while on the phone right then. Asked me to put in my card number on my keypad, I declined. He was aggravated. After 13 minutes of him trying to convince me it was safe, I disconnected. Other