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divideByZero 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
Had calls from this number. I havnt answered but block it!
Kaizee 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
I keep blocking these numbers but they keep ringing with dofrent end didgets I’m sure it’s a scam of some sort I
Remy 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
I have no clue who keeps calling me! I have a weird vibe and yeah... however when I answer there is silence and then it makes the sound of a phone call before someone answers it!
madscanner 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
I have a feeling it is a number that if you call it back, you will get some huge charge on your next bill.
momm 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
It keeps calling me and not giving me enough time to answer
nksherry 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
rang me 4 times now. In the space of 20 minutes!
JBaseman 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
Keep calling but hangs up straight away
cmcr 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
Got a call from this number called it straight back and now getting calls from my phone contractor saying that I’ve made 2,000 in overseas charges. Don’t make the mistake I have oh lord Gerald
gin 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
I tried calling back was only on phone 5 secs then thought I better hand up
Faustrated 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
Just got a call from them they’ve asked me if I want to fly to Dubai for a weird s*x party they something about camels and monkeys being involved, iron man is also going
dua 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
Hung up before I could try to do anything about it
Cjt 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
Just ended it as soon as started calling ??
Rarecatch 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
It’s a scam
meowlyn 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
It just called me but hanged up really quickly
Hemdali 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
gregary 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
It ended before I could pick it up
izitwet 1970-01-01 0088216901319 123
This number ‭+88216901319‬ just rang me but I didn’t answer then I searched it and this page comes up! Luckily I didn’t call it back! ?
Stevve 1970-01-01 01204565116 216
Called my mobile which showed it as suspected Spam, answered anyway, recorded voice tells me sorry it has not been possible to connect your call, then a man's voice starts saying Hello!!! Hit the end call blocked straight away! PPI claim rubbish as usual!!
felio 1970-01-01 01204565116 216
Called my mobile, message saying 'sorry, it has not been possible to connect your call' started playing' as soon as I was hanging up a mans voice said hello! But I'd already hit the button
ReformIranNow 1970-01-01 01204565116 216
Called, but I did not answer, no message left , which tells me its either a computer or it isnt that important, so bye bye!
Pator 1970-01-01 01204565116 216
Calling up to 6 times a day in last week, cant make any sense of the person calling blocked them
Restricted 1970-01-01 01204565116 216
Block list...!
Kayl 1970-01-01 01204565116 216
PPI call now blocked
NoniO 1970-01-01 01204565116 216
These people are going to make me have another breakdown. I've just lost my dad, am sobbing, having counselling and actually have someone sorting this out for me anyway yet no matter how much I tell them they won't go away. Maybe if I commit suicide and leave all those numbers on the list of why, people will understand what it is like to be driven mad when you are at your lowest. I hope this happens to your sister or mum. You scum!
Firegomer 1970-01-01 01204565116 216
Yep... douchebags
BigNana 1970-01-01 01204565116 216
nancylbm 1970-01-01 01204565116 216
Some claim line - unsolicited - blocked
zinory 1970-01-01 01204565116 216
Tell them to f*ck off then BLOCK111
TickedInWI 1970-01-01 01204565116 216
PPI claims company who also use a 0161 number, I had a call from 01613751069 on the 24/03/17 and it was the same lady I spoke to, they called on my mobile so I have blocked both numbers now so lets see if they use another one.
Dunham 1970-01-01 01204565116 216
don't know don't care