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Frosy 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
Someone saying he's from Microsoft and that there were some security issues. I suspected a scam and asked him if he's going to ask me if he can get access to my PC. He of course declined; I asked him to give me his name and number to ring him back (said his name was Mike Thompson but he didn't sound British) and then told me ring him on 020 32869239 and ask specifically for his name.
waygallo 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
Non-native speaker, claiming to call from "Microsoft" and trying to get remote access to my "computer". Obvious physhing attempt. Reported to Police.
tikibugg 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
Took a call from this number today, he was using really old information going back several years (wifes maiden name and our old address) and hung up when I started challenging him on how he knew we had a virus on our machine and that I didn't want his help!!
ibcnu 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
Someone pretending to be from Microsoft Tech Dep. They are real timewasters. I reported this number to today. If you want to do the same, call ActionFraud on 0300 123 2040.
ericpdx 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
Keep getting calls from this number late evening. I don't answer as I don't recognise number on phone. I do recognise the number though is a Middlesbrough area code. I am sure that police or BT know who this is so why don't they stop him?
mikenohio 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
Fed up with these calls from 'Microsoft'. Yet another scam.
jakamo 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
11pm call, when answered nobody was there. Surely they can't be allowed to call people this late?!
demb 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
I was called from this number just after 8.00 this morning. The same Asian caller called me several times last week telling me that I was having problems with my computer and was verbally abusive to me when I told him to go away. He actually told me that he bet I really wanted to s**k his c***k. A nightmare. I'm broad minded and not upset by this language but if an elderly lady was subjected to it then I imagine that she would be extremely upset.
Tenko 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
Man with strong Asian accent claiming to be from Microsoft, alleging I had been the victim of hackers. He asked me to turn on my computer. I hung up on him at this point.
redamp 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
Also had call around 12:40 today from someone with an Indian or similar accent saying he was from Microsoft. I hung up.
Tooner 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
Called at 11.00pm. Said something about Microsoft software. I said how dare you call me at this time of night. He told me I was a 'stupid woman' ! When I said what did you say , he repeated it. Put the phone down worrying as I am recently wido wed and living alone.
clairtza 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
Called at 11pm last night. Hung up as soon as he said Microsoft, thanks for this website!
FeyP 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
We get calls in a foreign voice asking for Mr Brown. Do they think we are that stupid ? !! Bank details etc.
Cavalry 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
empty call
Chijeff 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
Call received this afternoon. Man asked if he could speak to owner of the phone line. Wanted to talk about Microsoft on computer. I ended the call. I have phoned council for Trading Standards/Consumer direct phone number.
RStas 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
Called at 15:30 Asian sounding man claiming to be from Microsoft. Obvious scam, I hung up.
onegreatmom 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
Picked up & no response from the other end of the telephone. Hung up
anc 1970-01-01 01642878714 1613
09/06/2015 woman called at 11pm said something about computer, asked if she knew what time it was, she said she was sorry for the late call, I said not as sorry as I was, then put phone down. How are these people allowed to ring at such a late hour causing anxiety.
ratandrea 1970-01-01 02079461552 358
Don't know
Sandrag 1970-01-01 02079461552 358
Persistent pests
GramaKatie 1970-01-01 02079461552 358
Missed call and when I tried returning the number dials out. Looks dodgy.
Deletham 1970-01-01 02079461552 358
Can't return the call. Have had lots of calls from this number. Now blocked.
Skypefraud 1970-01-01 02079461552 358
Missed called, came here
iwasacaller 1970-01-01 02079461552 358
Missed call
chaljenmari 1970-01-01 02079461552 358
Hung up once i requested who it was calling.
beki 1970-01-01 02079461552 358
Received a missed call from this number. No VM and unable to call back. I've received multiple calls from this number and believe they are one of those "You've had an accident that wasn't your fault and we're going to bully you into making a claim" calls.
XMVA 1970-01-01 02079461552 358
Usual stuff after an accident then?
Geebo 1970-01-01 02079461552 358
rang off before I could answer but phone flagged number as scam
Topo 1970-01-01 02079461552 358
call many times over last few weeks but thanks to your service I was warned early on.
NPMNH 1970-01-01 02079461552 358
Yet another silent call from an 020 location.