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djsumners 1970-01-01 02080486923 195
Hung up right away - classic scam where you call them back to find out who called and get slapped for £1.50 a minute. Tsk Tsk.
romandawg 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
9:45 AM call. Not recognised. Googled it. Plenty of others have received the same. Scam artists. Blocked it.
Destrock 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
Same here and block it
bevery 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
Didnt answer, I dont asnwer unknown numbers.
AKM 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
Called at 9:42am. Didnt answer. No voicemail.
Gismad 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
09:51, Tuesday 22/09/15, Googled it, came to this forum, Life insurance marketing call. BLOCKED.
letsgetem 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
Automated call at 9:50am, should be banned.
soultaker 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
Didn't pick up as in a library. Left a voicemail but it was an automated call.
Mosubang 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
Cold Calling d*cks
Schorschi 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
Automated call at 9.54am -Blocked
kmengelstad 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
Called today for the first time. I have an app on my phone which blocks 08********* numbers but it shows up as a negative call.on it
Aquimini 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
Several calls from the number this morning alone. I've not answered any, but i'm getting so fed up that I think i'll need to install a call-blocking app to deal with them
poorerboy 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
Missed call for me this morning 22/09/15 I don't answer these numbers, if it's important, they'd leave a message. C***S
bushey 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
Compo about delayed flights now haha they must never heard of google blocked.....
cherylk 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
Had a call at 0947 today(22/9). didn't answer for same reason as others on here. I am subscribed to TPS, so how come I am starting to get random stuff ????
margess 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
Same this morning, luckily I missed it. Seems like a scammer
Nitendo 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
Got a call at 09:39. At work so didn't answer. Didn't leave a voicemail. I miss the old-days when it was a human-being cold calling me - at least I could tell them to stop calling me!
vittorio 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
Missed call at 9:11am this morning. Glad I didn't answer!
FoxTales 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
wow looks like tey are seriously busy annoying people this morning, missed call at 09.41am will add to block list on my iPhone
rhgiui 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
This number called me at 10'oclock thank god I didn't answer. Seems they are annoying loads of people
Bestin 1970-01-01 08439801295 1070
If you have an Iphone, you CAN block this caller. Just go to Information on that call, scroll down and click BLOCK CONTACT. Simples!
TMedz 1970-01-01 02081448904 632
Called this morning, about car accident, now blocked.
vegasvice 1970-01-01 02081448904 632
They called about my car accident. I can't drive anyway Block the number
Macleod 1970-01-01 02081448904 632
Called, then hung up when I answered.
IrishinToronto 1970-01-01 02081448904 632
vernandshawna 1970-01-01 02081448904 632
Rang my mobile, I didn't pick up.
jpprods 1970-01-01 02081448904 632
Called twice. First time I didn't answer, called back immediately and then they hung up when I actually answered.
txnf 1970-01-01 02081448904 632
Called twice. First time I didn't answer, called back immediately and then they hung up when I actually answered.
iMac 1970-01-01 02081448904 632
called this morning hung up when i answered
Krizziefied 1970-01-01 02081448904 632
Called Didn't answer, hung up