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REM 1970-01-01 01267863991 233
They have repeatedly called me over a number of weeks asking for a Mrs Shirley Gibson ..... not my name. i have asked on at least 4 occasion they remove my name from their database and not to contact again. The last twice they used withheld number and it wasn't until they asked for the same person I realised who they were. When I asked them yet again to remove my number as I had told them previous times, I was called a LIAR and said they had only phoned twice. To which I asked to speak to supervisor and they hung up. I have to answer withheld numbers as my Dr's surgery and hospitals use withheld. They appear to be asking about life insurance. How do I block this number on a mobile phone??
Segie 1970-01-01 01269841476 158
Silent call
Tortall 1970-01-01 01269841476 158
Saying they are from talk talk stating there is a problem with the line and it has been corrupted. I have checked with talk talk this is not the case
visitor 1970-01-01 01269841476 158
Not TalkTalk hang up
Aprilmay 1970-01-01 01269841476 158
This was the number I got from 1471. Did not reply to caller , -- yesterday got untraceable call saying they were technical department of TalkTalk.
horrible 1970-01-01 01269841476 158
TCox 1970-01-01 01269841476 158
Keep on phoning me. Don't leave a message. I am with TPS, and am also ex directory. Dyfed dialing code.
killem 1970-01-01 01269841476 158
Same as a couple of previous posts. Indian (what else?) saying she was from TalkTalk my router is being ruined/corrupted by malicious downloads. Strange how she suddenly became lost for words when I asked, how does my router download? She tried to waffle on but I'd had enough and hung up. Got better things to do than listen to some foreigner spouting crap!
JessH 1970-01-01 01269841476 158
Something has to be done to stop these annoying calls.When I told one of these callers (Indian accent) that I did not want these hoax calls he came back at me with some very strong language.
Laurene 1970-01-01 01269841476 158
Keep on phoning me. Don't leave a message. I am with TPS!
Cepeda 1970-01-01 01269841476 158
They called today. Another dead call. Third one in 3 days from 01269841476
kynh 1970-01-01 01269841476 158
Just received a call from a female claiming to be from TalkTalk. Didn't ask any security questions. She told me that there was a problem with my router. It was downloading malicious software that could harm my laptop etc. Asked me if my laptop was on and when I said no, she told me to go and switch it on. I refused and she said something like 'Now you listen to me'. When I got cross she put the phone down. I dialled 1471 and this number came up. I've tried to call TalkTalk but can't get through. I am concerned that she knew TalkTalk is my provider. I'll be calling them later.
Harrassingme 1970-01-01 01269841476 158
Called me again today, claiming to be from Talk Talk Tech Dept saying I have a problem with my internet. Worryingly they quoted my Talk Talk account number - I am on TPS again no security questions - so I said the will be FINED for breaking TPS rules - They quickly hung up. Messaged Talk Talk via Twitter so they can investigate.
Wiscogirl 1970-01-01 01269841476 158
Block this number with Last Call Barring - FREE service on My Account with Talk Talk, so easy, just follow instructions and you can report it there too.
zxy 1970-01-01 009073554434 199
009073554434, This number called my landline monday/tueday/wednesday and thursday posing as BT... said I had downloded a virus, one more scam!!!
Lewthor 1970-01-01 009073554434 199
Don't know as was not in at the time but had a similar one yesterday saying that they were from BT and there was a virus on my computer. Put phone down!
Krystl 1970-01-01 009073554434 199
Harford 1970-01-01 009073554434 199
009073554434 claimed to be from BT who would help sort out slow internet speeds if I would log onto my Windows computer. Incredulous response when I said I didn't have a Windows computer. Heavily accented English calling from a very noisy call centre. Scammer.
aiir 1970-01-01 009073554434 199
009073554434, this is a scam saying they are from BT, got agitated when informed him I didn't, have access to the computer.
btcats 1970-01-01 009073554434 199
009073554434 Called again. I didn't say anything. Automated voice ended the call saying Goodbye. Scammer.
hmmhmm 1970-01-01 009073554434 199
Phoned twice in the last four days - claiming to be from BT. Not sure why BT are calling from Puerto Rico - must be a scam!!
grammaw 1970-01-01 009073554434 199
lots of background noise. sounded like a call centre, but no one actually spoke to me. they hung up after about 2 seconds.
fdcp 1970-01-01 009073554434 199
Called me claiming to be from BT and tried to get me to do things to my laptop under their instruction. Noise in the background but very aggressive when I refused to cooperate.
ELIAINE 1970-01-01 009073554434 199
Call from BT. OK a change from being called from Microsoft. Its a scam
jecentral 1970-01-01 009073554434 199
Called my work landline to tell me my bt internet connection would be suspended for a month because illegal images had been downloaded and there were corrupt files on my computer. When i told him the bt internet at work was only used for the cctv monitoring system he said he would "look into it" then hung up! Obviously trying his luck!
Michaael 1970-01-01 009073554434 199
Stated from bt saying Internet had been hacked....when questioned hung up
Calfornia 1970-01-01 009073554434 199
Pretended to be BT Have reported it to BT
PhillyArea 1970-01-01 009073554434 199
00973554434 called today claiming to be BT informing me that my internet service was going to be unavailabkle for one month. Assumed it was a scam, hung up, informed BT.
leebone 1970-01-01 01228809736 75
Phantom call - nobody there but hint of an automated voice that cut off
lizardking 1970-01-01 01228809736 75
No one spoke, after a few seconds there was some electronic feedback and the line went dead