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NCW 2020-04-16 01527918520 862
It’s Arcus FM- I had a call from them at 1am. Work for Sainsbury’s and one of our chiller cabinets alarmed out. Safe caller Other
DelfimR 2020-04-15 08005551212 107
Called me 6 times in one minute (in Portugal) , i answer the call and it was a auto "alert something" message. i don't ear it to the end, but i think it probably was a scam. I blocked the number. Scam suspicion
Jodie 2020-04-14 07486485125 352
Random texts wouldn’t tell me who it was. Blocked & deleted. Unknow
Danni 2020-04-13 07977077551 42
Rang at 20 to night at night on a bank holiday. Just kept saying hello, asked who I was, I asked who he rang for. Then just said oh forget it. And stopped talking. I hung up Unknow
GEORGE abdugwengo 2020-04-12 03303530243 677
Jail this arse wipe 2020-04-12 07520609077 196
+44 7520 609077 this is a scam this is an i dian man pretending to sell puppies Scam suspicion
Richard, Manchester 2020-04-12 02033222305 2770
This is, as others have pointed out, an Amazon delivery number. Not suspicious. Other
L.O 2020-04-11 07928900787 1201
This person sent me a message posing as a friend. She claimed she is in hospital and needs me to do a favour. When I asked for clarification of who she is, response was Emma T. Must be a scam cos I called the only Emma I know and she was safely at home. Other
chai_mohi 2020-04-11 02031294291 628
scam fake call Scam suspicion
Unidentified user from Nepal 2020-04-11 01143597079 129
+44 114 359 7079 this number called me. It had an automated voice with some 4 digit code. Location Nepal Unknow
Amal 2020-04-11 02035893100 175
This number called me today Saturday 11/04/20 They said they’re from repairs council repairs. I didn’t believe them. Other
Ali 2020-04-10 02080028719 81
Scam caller from India, pretending to be from carphone wharehouse. Scam suspicion
Adams Levy 2020-04-10 02036593222 387
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Naomi 2020-04-10 08000857595 551
Phones everyday and leaves the same voicemail. American accent and only says the phone number. Other
Sue Kem 2020-04-09 060-003-6010 1068
Someone called me from this number many time and midnight from Thailand. It is not safe any why they contact my phone number. Anyway I didn’t pick up the phone. Other
--Hidden For Security Reasons-- 2020-04-09 447507319812 1010
Number contacted me to review my Pay Pal security details. The link said words along the lines "paypaluk", "confirm", "secure". Don't trust any link that claims to be "secure". A link checker quickly showed that the website was a spam landing page. Scam suspicion
Mcb 2020-04-09 447507319812 1010
Scam scam scam Other
P. Adams 2020-04-09 447507319812 1010
Gave me a link in a text to validate my paypal account. SCAM Scam suspicion
Anonymous 2020-04-09 09011190907 1228
Its a total rip off, paid £33 for a 35 minute call, do not make the same mistake Scam suspicion
anonymous 2020-04-09 900080006205 273
Spam. Even if it is from Verizon, it's spam. We don't use and never have used Verizon. Other
Margaret 2020-04-08 01158710841 163
an Asian sounding girl Ayesha rang trying to sell me house insurance, she gave me the number and address of insurance company,but called from 01164125917,she wanted my card details and I said I wanted to see paperwork first and she could be anyone ringing, I cut her off and she rang 3 times after that Other
ANON NORTH WEST 2020-04-08 01628613064 292
SCAMMER Scam suspicion
Aly 2020-04-08 07860054507 617
NHS appointment reminder service. Event reminder
josj719 2020-04-08 078-508-0912 98
An asian sounding girl said she was from connect ?. I couldnt understand having asked twice. Told her dont know her and hung up and blocked no. Other
Bob A Lot 2020-04-07 34951120911 215
Bad people they stole my underpants a raped my watermelon. Scam suspicion
Ed dunevin 2020-04-07 02035826567 443
Dodgy service employer Scam suspicion
Kerrie 2020-04-07 0034951120911 1174
Number has called 5 times. Have attempted to block but still managing to call me. Region - Malaga Scam suspicion
User438 2020-04-07 01554536831 67
Didn’t answer. There is no reason they should have my number and no reason this number should call me. This number is not listed with any business/organisation online. Unknow
anon 2020-04-07 130-085-3834 345
predatory scum debt-chasers National Credit Limited... and they mumble their call msg so as to confuse and hope you call back thinking its a legit call Debt collector
9301155167 2020-04-07 07378903132 494
सरतचतयल कलु Other